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  1. What you're changing is not the save folder, but the folder from which game-specific scripts are loaded. If you want to change the save folder, try this method described by Ame:
  2. Afaik, the abiltext.rb file does not perform any function in the current version of the game. You also shouldn't have to edit anything in PokemonSummary.rb. So after adding the ability to PBAbilities.rb, you have to add the ability and its description in the abilities.txt PBS file, and then compile it. Ask again if you don't know how to compile the PBS or if you need screenshots
  3. v1.10 update! This version removes the need to replace any map files, and instead comes with a modular script which can just be placed in the Mods folder. It does remove the option to switch between the default and custom themes, but it also allows me to change the music in some instances where I could not before
  4. Such passwords already exist. See https://pokemon-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Passwords#Difficulty_Altering
  5. The sending-out animation is disabled for the player's side, but not for the opponent's side. Probably an oversight, should definitely be fixed. For now, you can take this file: PokeBattle_ActualScene.rb and replace the file with the same name in your Pokemon Reborn/Scripts/ folder. Don't need to delete any PNG files for this, just need to have the Photosensitive option turned on
  6. Oh and these are some custom shiny sprites by @BurstNeon which were included in the previous download, for anyone who wants to use them:
  7. Thanks to @Aephiex for creating the original E18 version of this mod, to @BurstNeon for the initial E19 version, and to @TailsDoll2537 for helping with the sprites and icons! I tried to fix the flaws in the initial E19 version (with help from the E18 version) and added a couple features to it, and @BurstNeon asked me to post it in a new thread myself, so here it is. Description: The function of this mod is of course to implement Ash-Greninja into the game. The way it works is: Each of the Pokemon in the Greninja family now has an alternate form that has the ability Battle Bond. And each of them has a 50-50 chance of being this form or the normal Torrent/Protean form when obtained or caught in the wild. Evolutions and eggs of the two forms will retain their respective forms. However, the Torrent/Protean forms can be changed into the Battle Bond forms by using a Red-Hots on them (outside of battle), and the reverse by using a Salt-Water Taffy. Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IXZBiHQZTowtb6q6H82mkjFICzOH4GZV/view?usp=sharing (~40 KB) Installation: 1. Copy the file named "Ash-Greninja Reborn.rb" into Pokemon Reborn/Data/Mods (if the Mods folder doesn't exist yet, create it). 2. Copy the file named "658.png" into Pokemon Reborn/Graphics/Battlers/ and the file named "icon658.png" into Pokemon Reborn/Graphics/Icons/, and replace the existing ones. Compatibility with other mods: This mod should be compatible with almost all other mods.
  8. No no what I meant was that this mod specifically can be converted into a 'modular' mod, which means you just have to put it in the Data/Mods/ folder and not have to replace any files, and it will be compatible with almost any other mod. Actually the stats in the brackets are in the order of HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, SpAtk, SpDef
  9. @lookingalittlegoth Here, use this trainertypes.dat and place whichever track you want for Arceus in the BGM folder, with the name 'CLBattle- Arceus' (make sure it's an OGG file!): Edit: Oh wait sorry I forgot the music for that battle actually can't be controlled through just the trainertypes file... If anyone reading this wants this feature, just hit me up again
  10. A couple things in the Move Type Display mod: - The type of Judgment/Multi-Attack is always shown to be the same as the current type of Arceus/Silvally. However, the moves actually consider the Plate/Memory held by the user above the form of the user. For example, if an Arceus holding Sky Plate rolls Ground type on New World, its Judgment will still be Flying-type, but the mod shows it as Ground-type. Although yeah, if it did not hold a Plate, then Judgment would be the same type as it (that's a Reborn-specific thing). - Judgment, Multi-Attack and Techno Blast don't show any differences when on the moveset of Pokemon other than Arceus, Silvally and Genesect, respectively. These moves change their type according to the Plate/Memory/Drive held by the user even if it's not one of the Pokemon mentioned above. This is only relevant for very rare cases with Mimic or Transform etc. though, so not actually a problem. Also the mod does not affect Natural Gift and Revelation Dance (and Aura Wheel), maybe you can add those too if possible? Thanks for this mod btw!
  11. There is an update! Themes for Aster & Eclipse and for Solaris have been added, and some other themes changed.
  12. Yes. The ability to loop music is built-in to the RPGMaker engine. All you need to do is specify two values labelled "LOOPSTART" and "LOOPLENGTH" in the metadata of an audio file (the audio file needs to be OGG however), and RPGMaker will make it loop using the given values whenever it's played in-game. The hard part is finding where exactly the audio should loop. I had to listen carefully to the parts around the looping points many times over to find the right ones. Initially, one track took me almost an hour, but it got faster as I got more familiar with the process, although some tracks were still harder to loop than others (I hadn't worked with Audacity before so that was probably a factor too). It was still not too hard for me since the themes I worked on were already from official Pokemon game OSTs and thus had quite clear parts where they were supposed to loop. As I said earlier, I found out about this from the mod by @TheTGU. You can also read this page on the RPGMaker forums for a more detailed guide (it uses an older version of Audacity but is helpful nonetheless). Also if anyone else wants to do this themselves, I'd recommend learning some of the basics of Audacity before you start editing (unlike me), it'll save you a lot of time
  13. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

    1. Karvanha


      Thanks, I hope you will too!

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      Thanks and you're welcome! 

  14. Yeah originally I also thought of finding a different Asgore remix to replace the old one, but I haven't found any that actually fit Solaris (even after including the ones you shared here). The old theme was definitely the best of all these for him, but I'm not sure if it was even that fitting. I think Asgore's theme makes you feel sorry a little, but you are not supposed to feel sorry for Solaris, especially not in the situations in which he battles you. I also listened to the other theme you suggested, but idk, it sounds kinda horror? Like, it does not convey the immediate threat that Solaris is supposed to. Tbh I think Battle- Dramatic itself is a good fit, but I guess Cynthia's theme has also become kinda cliche over the years. Anyway, I can see that many people want to have a new theme for Solaris, so rest assured it's gonna be there in the next update. I have no problem adding back the old theme if I can't find a better one. Maybe something like Chairman Rose (as suggested earlier by @Vilrose) could work. You can suggest any others you feel are good too! (sorry for the late reply btw, it's hard to find time outside of weekends these days)
  15. I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed it! All thanks to the people who made the previous versions, since most of the themes are still from there. And don't worry, you're not the only one who likes to get immersed in great games like this
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