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  1. @Gonual Which platform are you using? Cuz the method above only works for Windows
  2. It's best to just reinstall the mod every time you update the game (no need to delete anything, just replace existing files). I will try to update the mod to match the latest version of the game, but even if you just use the current version of the mod, there should be no crashes. I have never used the Mac version of the game, but I'm fairly sure it should work as long as the files are placed in the correct locations
  3. Just wanted to say there's a Rejuv version now! I've also taken the opportunity to fix a bug in the Deso version
  4. @bihh3024 The cause of the error is the fact that you've made :DefaultForm correspond to a hash (as in :DefaultForm => {PBItems::MANECTITE => 0}) instead of an integer (as in :DefaultForm => 0). If you want to use a hash for the DefaultForm, you'll have to modify the "makeUnmega" function in the PokemonMultipleForms.rb script
  5. So as far as I know, the error you encountered is caused by one of two things: either having another copy of the Magnetic Lure Upgrade mod in your Mods folder (which does not seem to be the case here), or some kind of incompatibility of this mod with Haru's move relearner mod. Although I don't know the exact cause of the incompatibility, there is a pretty simple fix for the issue. Just download this file and replace the previous one in your Mods folder: HMD - Learnset & Relearn.rb This version will be included in the next update of Reatomized so you don't have to worry about it in the future
  6. Can you share like a screenshot of all the files you have in your Data/Mods/ folder?
  7. There definitely was a league (some replays exist on YouTube: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL45C4A0457A48D84E), it's just that the leaders weren't actually real people. The league probably stopped because Ame didn't have time to manage the league after she started developing the game. It's better if you just read Ame's dev room dialogue, all your questions are answered there. If you don't know what the dev room is: In the postgame you can go to the Director's Office in the Grand Hall basement area and talk to the computer to open a second secret room
  8. Both versions work fine for me. I should clarify just in case, the items are regenerated (in Advanced version) only if they are consumed by Pokemon in battle, not when you use the items on Pokemon manually. Does that solve your problem?
  9. Had a couple new mods to post so decided to just repurpose this thread. But yeah check them out
  10. Yes, the game does have the Gen 6 feature implemented
  11. Eggs are coded to retain their parents' forms when they can (just like evolutions) so I don't think you can get a Battle Bond form by breeding a normal one. The 50-50 will be rolled only when you catch it in the wild or receive it as a gift. That's why I added the functionality of changing forms with an item for the Ash-Greninja mod for Reborn. You could also make the 50-50 roll occur for eggs by tinkering with the code in PokemonDayCare.rb I think. Edit: I had a look, I think the following should work:
  12. Yeah no Spinda does not actually have forms like that lol. I'm talking about like Unown and Flabebe (if you make the mod also consider cosmetic forms), and other Pokemon that can appear in more than one form in the same area (in base game there's only Marowak in Mirage Tower, but mods like Reatomized have more)
  13. The mod has been updated and now works for randomly generated forms (hopefully)! Yeah just forget what I said about that earlier...
  14. One solution is to manage the sensitivity itself. You can go to to Pokemon Reborn/Scripts/, open the file called Game_Player_.rb and go to line 442: @waiter = ($speed_up ? 5 : 1) if @lastdir!=dir && Graphics.frame_count-@lastdirframe != 1 Here you can try increasing the values inside the parentheses (the 5 is for when you're in speed-up mode, the 1 is for when you're not) till you are able to turn without moving
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