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  1. Bugfixes: Fixed an issue where Pokemon species names would be set to down case rather than proper case. Fixed an issue where when a Pokemon with the above issue evolved they would retain the species prior's name.
  2. Pokemon Storage Search Mod Another QoL mod I decided to make that probably wasn't even needed. This mod simply lets you search your PC by a text string based on species names. How it works: Hit the S key and a textbox will pop up allowing you to type in it. You must have at least 1 open party slot. You can enter up to a max of eleven characters (would be ten but Fletchinder is the only Pokemon with more than ten characters so *bleh*). Upon searching with a string that doesn't match any Pokemon in your PC it will say "No results!" This search method is extraordinarily flexible. Any casing (upper, lower, random capitalization) is ignored and you can search any part of a string. The string you pick is set as all "box" names. The only way of moving Pokemon is to withdraw them. You are able to view summaries of Pokemon from these new "boxes." Releasing Pokemon in the search boxes will not actually release them (I was too lazy to recode that, just put it in your party and release it there). To go back to the main PC, quit out of this one. Installation: 1. Go to the Data folder. If there is no folder called "Mods", make one. 2. Put this file into the "Mods" folder. 3. Start the game. Download: Haru - PCSearch.rb
  3. Hi there friends. It's ya girl Haru with another silly mod. Not a super real post this time since it's super crude but does what it needs to do. This literally took all of 2 minutes to create and creating this forum post actually took longer than creating the mod... Anyway... It's a randomizer. Woohoo....I swear it's nothing fancy this time. It just picks a random Pokemon everytime a new Pokemon is created. If you wanted to be cheap you could soft-reset on every trainer until they have only Magikarp and Caterpie. Installation: Same deal as always. Step 1: Download the mod from below Step 2: Go to the /Data/ folder in Rejuv and make sure there's a folder named "Mods". If not, make one. Step 3: Place the downloaded file inside your Mods folder. This will be in effect for all saves. To disable the mod, move the file out of the Mods folder. I recommend creating a folder inside the Mods folder called "Not In Use" or something. Rejuv will ONLY look at files in the Mods folder that have a ".rb" file handle. Downloads: Haru - Randomizer.rb You must be logged in to download files directly from rebornevo.com Google Drive
  4. Did I spend 10 minutes soft resetting for a Solosis for my PokeDex? Yes. Did I only decide to make this mod AFTER the fact? Also yes.
  5. Rejuvenation Raid Encounter Rates Mod IMPORTANT: You must be logged in to directly download files from this site. There is a Google Drive link for those that do not have accounts. What is it? This mod, similar to the Wild Encounter Rates mod from the Rejuvenation Modular Modpack, adjusts the encounters of Raid Dens to prioritize those the Trainer has yet to catch. Encounters from the Rare Dens are included in regular Dens. This mod is to make completing the PokeDex easier on people like me who decide that that's a good idea. This mod does not contain the Wild Encounter Rates mod. How to Install: Step 1: Head to the /Data/ folder in the Rejuvenation files. Step 2: Create a new folder named "Mods" if there is not already one there. Step 3: Move the file downloaded from below into your "Mods" folder. Step 4: Open the game and have fun! Downloads: Google Drive Haru - RaidRates.rb
  6. It is not future proof at the moment. Upon release of V13 I plan on making it semi-future proof. It all depends on what Jan and the rest of the team change.
  7. Ignore the previous comment, it should be fixed in a minute. Apparently I was out of my mind when coding and made a lot of typos and didn't fully test what I should've. Whew.
  8. Oh I didn't even notice that part. I did indeed fail to account for losing against Amanda/Ren due to my own preference of restarting if I lose /shrug. I should make an exception for those battles, and maybe Madame X's battle as well.
  9. @CheChaoss try using this link. The page might not have updated for some reason. Edit: I have just refreshed all the links and created another host location for the files. If they still aren't working I'll be genuinely confused. Maybe try deleting your site cookies?
  10. By any chance, does the file you downloaded say this? If it doesn't, try redownloading with the direct download. If that works tell me which host you downloaded from originally. This may be another case of Google/MediaFire being silly and me needing to create another host location.
  11. The MediaFire and Google Drive links have been updated, I will be updating the Direct Download in a few minutes. Could you provide your savefile? Thanks!
  12. Oh, it seems to have left out some colons. I'm not at my computer right now so I'll fix that in the morning.
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