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  1. Haru's Mod Depot Reborn Welcome to my mod dump Mod Depot! This post will contain all of of my mods specfic to Reborn! My Rejuvenation mods can be found in the post for Pokemon Rejuvenation. How to Install: Navigate to the \Data\ folder Create a new folder named "Mods" Paste any downloaded files in that folder (unless specified otherwise) You're all set! Move Relearner Mod A Pokemon: Legends Arceus inspired mod! This mod automatically adds moves you purchase via shards to your specific Pokemon's movelist permanently! These cannot be passed down via breeding and only apply to the specific Pokemon. If you have two Torterra that you want to learn Outrage you'll still need to teach it to both of them. In addition, you can now relearn moves through your party menu! Select a Pokemon and just click "Learn Moves." Changelog: - Fixed an issue where the moves taught by TM would be added to their movelist - Fixed an issue where the game would attempt to load the movelist of a Pokemon with no moves to relearn - Fixed an issue where the game would say a Pokemon had no relearnable moves when they did Download: Google Drive EggBall Mod This time we have a returning classic of Pokemon Insurgence! When you hatch an egg, you will now be prompted to replace the default ball (Poke Ball if gifted, or whatever ball was bred) with another ball! You can give your Pokemon a shiny new Glitter Ball or you can be best of friends with a Friend Ball! This WILL remove the selected ball from your bag, so don't go using that Reborn Ball all willy-nilly! Download: Google Drive Move Display Mod This mod simply displays move typings correctly based on various parameters! Examples of which include Hidden Power showing its proper typing, Judgment/Multi Attack/Technoblast corresponding to their items, and abilities such as Galvanize and Normalize correctly showing their effective typing! Download: Google Drive More mods coming soon*! Hint: think Randomizer enhancements. *soon:tm:, finals coming up lol
  2. hiiii while I've had access to the game for longer than most I've still yet to actually really play the update. tehe~ either way. y'all are amazing (cass and ame especially mwah) and thanks for the opportunity to contribute to the game! even if I cause game breaking bugs from time to time. smile. <333 haru
  3. As someone who codes a significant amount it drives me crazy that switch cases are not tabbed when checking each value. Fun to see others also tab the 'when' statements. anyway. I'm genuinely so glad to see so much of the BC (I like this this is a funny acronym) code changed. Maruno is great for starting the Essentials stuff but aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my head sometimes. Seeing the note about digging through arrays makes me want to redo some of the viewport handling myself because it looks fairly messy. Lookin forward to E19!
  4. Ohh, that explains it. But why wouldn't make it so you just walk up to them and talk? What you did here isn't exactly the best idea, no offense.
  5. This might have been asked before, but i'm not scrolling through 37 pages to find the answer. The 2nd gym says that the gym leader is "out to lunch." I assumed this meant the cafe, and these were the only special sprites in there. But talking to them does nothing, so is the gym leader somewhere else, or is it bugged?
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