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  1. Hey! This should be fixed now, ended up mixing up variable types and did an oopise
  2. The Google Drive download has been changed to include this fix, the Direct Download will be updated in a few minutes.
  3. I made a couple little typos that I glossed over again so I'm pushing out an update now! Sorry!
  4. Rejuvenation Time Change Mod How to Install: Simply follow the directions from Dream's post for the SWM Modular Modpack, or download the Rejuvenation Challenge Pack (Currently not compatible, will be soon!) How to Download: Just click the button below! Haru - ChangeTime.rb
  5. Hey! Totally my fault, there is no confirm button. Just hit cancel and it'll work fine. I'll add that to the things I need to fix lol
  6. To confirm the selection just scroll down when selected them and press "Confirm" The Seeded Randomizer does indeed randomize starters. As for the rest of the bugs stated, those should all be fixed as well, so enjoy the craziness!
  7. More issues n stuff fixed. I see the README file might not have updated so I included it as a seperate download as well.
  8. Mmmmmmmmm things came up and I'm suuuuuper sorry about not responding to any of this. Things should be fixed now? And to the person who asked for the opposite team to not randomize, that caused a bit of an issue implementing in the old one and a lot of excess code to implement. Sorry~
  9. Could you send me your save for this? Both of those shouldn't be happening but it's entirely possible I could've missed them.
  10. For the issue with Milotic's item, I can't locate an item that isn't defined, so the only thing you can do is debug the item off of it. If you can't do it/don't know how, just send me your save. For the error with Pokemon not taking turns, I've yet to encounter anything like that on my own. Could you send me your save so I can take a look? For the Struggle error, I'll work on a fix for that now. It completely blanked my mind that Struggle needs to be banned from the movepool.
  11. Like I said, I'm working on it. Work and exams are currently getting in the way of that.
  12. You're quite welcome (apart from the smallest of typos you happened to encounter)
  13. Typos are great. I should've checked harder. Most bugs you've found should be fixed as of now.
  14. The Rejuvenation Challenge Pack! What is it? It's a bundle of various modifications made to spice up the gameplay that you can select from the start of a new save. Features: - Nuzlocke mode - Solo run mode - Pokemon Randomizer - Item Randomzier - Moveset Randomizer - Move Base Damage Randomizer - Move Type Randomizer - Type Randomizer - Ability Randomizer - Trainer Randomizer - Team Randomizer - Mystery Challenge - Brave Challenge There are bound to be bugs, so report them here or over Discord! @Haru#6175 (
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