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Found 11 results

  1. How to access the Sandbox: use the PC in the Grand Hall.  Pokemon Reborn: Sandbox Mode What is a sandbox? It's a place that people play in where they can let their creativity and imagination run wild and just do whatever they want. So, lets apply that to video games. A sandbox for a video game is a mode that embraces the openness and creativity of its players, and allows them to play the game however they want. It gives them access to all sorts of tools to allow the player unrestricted control over the gameplay itself. Pokemon Reborn: Sandbox Mode is made with that philosophy in mind. Sandbox Mode adds several Quality of Life features to give the player a multitude of options to customize their play-through. At the start of the game, just after obtaining your starter, you'll be able to talk to an NPC off to the side in the Grand Hall that takes you to the Sandbox's new map, where one will find several NPCs that do a variety of things. From purchasing practically every item under the sun, to being able to grind EVs off of dedicated trainers, to having easy access to the Nature Switcher, Day Care, and Move Tutors all on the same map- it's there and waiting to be used however you want. Sandbox Mode also does not modify any of the existing game content, so you don't need to worry about anything being changed at all! However, for the time being, Sandbox Mode has netplay disabled until Reborn itself is completed. This is for fairness reasons, as players who play Sandbox would have an extra advantage over players not using Sandbox as a result of some of the features. I created Sandbox Mode primarily for the people who want to do customized runs of Reborn. Those types of runs are extremely popular and prolific, and I figured that something like this could definitely benefit those who want to do something like a mono-type run. But honestly, I'm a proponent for people having fun, and giving them the tools to have fun however they want, and as long as they aren't ruining other people's runs, then why not let them do what they want? Features of Sandbox Mode As mentioned, Sandbox Mode adds several QoL NPCs to a new floor in the Grand Hall. A list of what these NPCs are can be found here, under the spoiler: And if you want screenshots of the features in actions, they're under this spoiler: And even better, it has Amethyst's personal approval! If you're interested, a download link for the mod and the online version of the guide for the mod can be found here: Primary Download Link (Mega): Pokemon Reborn: Sandbox Mode (Episode 17.1) (Build 4) Secondary Download Link (Google Drive): Link forthcoming Sandbox Mode Guide: https://goo.gl/9neDsj (An offline variant can be found in the download link) As an additional note, if you're going to promote the mod, please link back to both this forum thread as well as to Reborn itself. The first one is to ensure people download the up-to-date versions, the second one is out of respect to Amethyst and the other developers of Reborn. Hopefully you guys enjoy, and that this inspires you to do even more things with your runs than before! If you use it, feel free to post about your experiences here or across the community, I'd love to see people make use of this! NOTE: I have not tested actual game content beyond the Grand Hall, but I'm pretty sure that nothing should break. If something does, inform me and I'll look into it and see if I can fix it.
  2. IF YOU USE DEBUG MODE YOU MAY BREAK THE GAME (updated for version 13.0.5) Please use debug mode responsibly and do not report bugs if you are using it. It is very easy to break the game and your save while using debug mode, you have been warned. Debug mode is not recommended for first time players. If you were using my AutoSpeedup Mod, please redownload it. A bug caused new wild pokemon you caught to not appear in your box. - strangely enough, this wasn't caused by my code at all, and the same bug would occur if you copy and pasted the pokeBattle_Battle.rb file into your mods folder. Fellow modders beware! Make sure you are only including class, modules, and functions you are actually modifying. IF YOU ARE USING MAC YOU MAY NEED TO RESTART YOUR COMPUTER Note: the opening animation isn't sped up. I will be looking to see if I can auto speed up those animations (as well as when using HMs) in the future. Have fun and be nice to the devs. They have enough bug reports to work through, they don't need false ones caused by people monkeying around in debug. I posted this shortly after launch in the discord and decided I should probably post it here. Have fun everyone! HOW TO INSTALL: 1. Extract the mod (auto speedup used as an example) 2. navigate inside the folder named after the mod 3. Drag and drop the "Data" folder into your "Rejuvination - v13" folder. 4. Double check that you now have a "Mods" folder in your data folder to ensure it is installed correctly 5. Restart your game (your computer if you are using a mac) 6. Enjoy! (that is an order!) v13.0.5 Debug: Debug.zip Auto Speed-up: (updated due to including the wrong file) AutoBattleSpeedup.zip I have made more mods! Check them out (like my fix for the left alt speedup):
  3. Hii~ Welcome to Haru's Mod Depot! IF YOU USE ANY MODS, THERE IS A POSSIBILITY THAT THE GAME MAY BREAK. Mod Sections: Quality of Life Mods Add-On Mods Developer Tools Mod List: Time Change Defunct Debug PC Search Raid Den Encounter Rates Randomizer Better Fishing NPC Importer How to Install: Step 1: Head to the /Data/ folder in the Rejuvenation files. Step 2: Create a new folder named "Mods" if there is not already one there. Step 3: Move the file downloaded from below into your "Mods" folder. Step 4: Open the game and have fun! Have fun with the mods and look forward to any other mods I add in the future! Quality of Life Mods: These mods are various little mods made because I got slightly impatient with the normal methods of doing things. Time Change Mod: to be updated This mod is based on V12 of Rejuvenation, therefore some aspects are slightly broken. I recommend instead using Gym's version instead. Link: Time Change Mod Note: Changing the time may reset the day to Sunday. PC Search Mod: Hit "S" while in the PC to search. Functions similarly to the search feature in the Pixelmon Mod for Minecraft. Link: PC Search Raid Den Encounter Rates Mod: This mod saves you the trouble of grinding out Raid Dens to get that silly Solosis you spent an hour resetting for help me. Based loosely off the Encounter Rates Mod from the Rejuvenation Modular Modpack. To use the old Encounter Rates mod, edit the file in Notepad and remove the line that just says "return." Link: Raid Den Encounter Rates Add-On Mods: These mods add significantly more to the game than just a change here and there to make life easier. Defunct Debug: This mod uses the in-game debug features with some slight modifications: You may instantly revert a Shadow Pokemon through the Party Debug option. Certain features were removed from the Pause Menu Debug screen. The original Debug menu has not been overwritten and is still accessible if Debug is enabled in the scripts. These features are: Download: Haru - Debug.rb Randomizer Mod: As it states, a randomizer! This is a simple one. Every time a Pokemon is made, be it Trainer Battles, Wild Encounters, Eggs, Gifts, it is changed to something else. This means you can reset on all those annoying battles like Lorna and Geara2 until they have 6 Pidgey! Of course it might be faster to beat them regularly than roll 6 Pidgey in the randomizer... Link: Randomizer Better Fishing Mod: This mod takes the old, boring fishing mechanics and makes them...slightly different. While facing water, press "A" to select a rod from your bag, and being to fish! There is a significantly higher likelihood of catching something, although it may be a Pokemon or an item! I would assign it another button but we don't have the entire Input module for some reason? Oh well. Features: Auto hooking! Gone are the days of having to time that pesky button press. New odds for fishing! Reel in anything: 80% Reel in a Pokemon: 65% (52% total) Reel in an item: 35% (28% total) Common: 60% Uncommon: 30% Rare: 10% Lucky: 0% (See abilities) Reel in nothing: 20% Various items may appear instead, depending on what rod you use and what abilities your Pokemon have. Ability functions: Sticky Hold/Stench/Sweet Veil: Increase the success chance of fishing by 50% Pickup/Magnet Pull: Switch the odds of reeling in an item versus a Pokemon Drizzle/Primordial Sea: Increases the odds of rarer items Common: ~43% Uncommon: ~43% Rare: ~14% Lucky: 0% (See abilities) Victory Star: Guarantees the highest applicable item rarity. Super Luck: Enables items from the Lucky pools: Common: 0% Uncommon: 60% Rare: 30% Lucky: 10% Cute fishing failure messages To add your own: Open the file in Notepad or any other text editor Find section of code that matches with: funnymessages = [ _INTL("..."), _INTL("..."), _INTL("..."), _INTL("...") ] Add in your own by following the format shown, as such (Don't forget the comma!!): funnymessages = [ _INTL("..."), _INTL("..."), _INTL("..."), _INTL("..."), _INTL("<NEW MESSAGE>") ] Download: HMD - Better Fishing.rb Developer Tools: These tools are for developers like myself who need to add things to parts of the game that Modular Mods typically cannot do. NPC Importer Tool: This tool lets you can add new NPCs into the game without owning RPG Maker XP, with a little bit of finagling. One method I got lazy for and didn't feel like coding, but I still wanted to put out the tool, so here it is :P Download: (Read the README!!!) NPC Importer.zip
  4. HELLO AND WELCOME TO GYM'S MOD EMPOREUM IF YOU USE MODS YOU MAY BREAK THE GAME (updated for version 13.0.5) Current Mods: Time Control Today is every day no registered speedups other mods: If you were using my AutoSpeedup Mod (it is in the mod pack), please redownload it. A bug caused new wild pokemon you caught to not appear in your box. - strangely enough, this wasn't caused by my code at all, and the same bug would occur if you copy and pasted the pokeBattle_Battle.rb file into your mods folder. Fellow modders beware! Make sure you are only including class, modules, and functions you are actually modifying. HOW TO INSTALL: 1. Extract the mod (auto speedup used as an example) 2. navigate inside the folder named after the mod 3. Drag and drop the "Data" folder into your "Rejuvination - v13" folder. 4. Double check that you now have a "Mods" folder in your data folder to ensure it is installed correctly 5. Restart your game (your computer if you are using a mac) 6. Enjoy! (that is an order!) Time Control This mod adds a new menu into your cyber nav that lets you set the time of day. I have not tested this with every cutscene so be careful. Default will set you back onto your normal clock. ClockControl.zip Today is Every Day Did you know there are certain events that require it to be a specific day of the week? What if it was always that day of the week? Well look no further! This has not been fully tested. It shouldn't break anything but you have been warned. TodayEveryday.zip No Registered Speedups When you press left alt, it speed ups the game and activates your f3 registered item. This mod stops the speed up part I can guarantee this won't cause any bugs in the game. In fact this mod may be removed later because it might get implemented, or it's reasoning otherwise made pointless. BoundKeySpeedup.zip MOD PACK! This installs all mods listed here and the battle speedup mod on my other page. THIS DOESN'T INCLUDE DEBUG. You will have to install that separately. I hope you enjoy! and more mods to come! I will make them as I have time to. Currently looking at a mod that allows you to skip all non shiny and non new wild encounters. You just can't put a price on convenience. GymsModPack.zip (updated due to having an incorrect file)
  5. Hi there friends. It's ya girl Haru with another silly mod. Not a super real post this time since it's super crude but does what it needs to do. This literally took all of 2 minutes to create and creating this forum post actually took longer than creating the mod... Anyway... It's a randomizer. Woohoo....I swear it's nothing fancy this time. It just picks a random Pokemon everytime a new Pokemon is created. If you wanted to be cheap you could soft-reset on every trainer until they have only Magikarp and Caterpie. Installation: Same deal as always. Step 1: Download the mod from below Step 2: Go to the /Data/ folder in Rejuv and make sure there's a folder named "Mods". If not, make one. Step 3: Place the downloaded file inside your Mods folder. This will be in effect for all saves. To disable the mod, move the file out of the Mods folder. I recommend creating a folder inside the Mods folder called "Not In Use" or something. Rejuv will ONLY look at files in the Mods folder that have a ".rb" file handle. Downloads: Haru - Randomizer.rb You must be logged in to download files directly from rebornevo.com Google Drive
  6. Good evening! Not sure if this is the right place to put this; I considered Troubleshooting, but I presume that is more related to game bugs which is not what this is about. I'm not sure if anyone here in the board can help me, but I find myself stuck with what I presume is a small issue with modding the game and was hoping someone could give me a couple of pointers. After playing through V13, I was hoping to mod in a couple of moves from the Sword & Shield DLC. I succeeded... except for one particular point: the text. When I compile the data through the debug menu it works fine, yet after I turn the game off and on again, it recognizes the move yet not its name or description. A similar problem occurs if I try to create a Trainer Type -- the name of the class is not shown, even though everything else works. I presume (perhaps incorrectly) that this is some issue with the text not being saved in Message.dat, yet I haven't found a way to do so; I tried to Extract, edit and Compile the text, yet the intl.txt file obtained via the Extract Text option from the Debug Menu always gives an error when I use the Compile Text option, so I can't edit it to add the new text. Similarly, if I delete the message.dat from the Data folder to try and force a rewrite when I use the Compile Data option, it still does not contain the new text I added. I was hoping for some quick advice on how to proceed, if it's not too much of a bother. To anyone who took the time to read this, thank you for your time.
  7. Rejuvenation Raid Encounter Rates Mod IMPORTANT: You must be logged in to directly download files from this site. There is a Google Drive link for those that do not have accounts. What is it? This mod, similar to the Wild Encounter Rates mod from the Rejuvenation Modular Modpack, adjusts the encounters of Raid Dens to prioritize those the Trainer has yet to catch. Encounters from the Rare Dens are included in regular Dens. This mod is to make completing the PokeDex easier on people like me who decide that that's a good idea. This mod does not contain the Wild Encounter Rates mod. How to Install: Step 1: Head to the /Data/ folder in the Rejuvenation files. Step 2: Create a new folder named "Mods" if there is not already one there. Step 3: Move the file downloaded from below into your "Mods" folder. Step 4: Open the game and have fun! Downloads: Google Drive Haru - RaidRates.rb
  8. Hello, just wanted to know if there's a version of the shared PC mod that can work on the latest Rejuvenation patch, thanks !
  9. A bit of context: So I recently just got my hands on the Ash-Greninja mod made by Aephiex, and it works pretty well with rejuvenation, no problems so far, if not at all. So, being the inexperienced coder I am, I thought "Well, how hard could it be to put it on another pokemon?"... so about that attempt... I thought all I had to do was switch around the species number and and names to Luxray, but I found it wasn't quite that simple, no only being unable to make the supposed "battle bond" ability appear on luxray, but also being unable to start up the game when both the original Ash-Greninja and my Luxray mod. The main question: is it possible to code Luxray so that it has a "battle bond" like transformation ability? If not at least be able to have different stats and remain in that form if I debug it to be form 1 using the debug mod for V13 Rejuvenation? (8/4/2021) edit: well, it worker, Luxray now has my custom "Battle Bond" ability, thanks to a suggestion from @PulsarNyx it's just that now, there's an error that pops up whenever it beats an enemy Pokémon. I'm not quite sure what I did wrong, all I did was change the names of certain code lines to separate it from Aephiex's Battle Bond Greninja, but the worst I changed in the code was delete the water shuriken code. here's some screen shots of the mod I'm working on, as well as the file if anybody feels like messing around with it. I recommend you use the debug mod to give yourself a "Nemean" Luxray by setting it to form 1. DreamingDragon's Nemean-Luxray.rb
  10. LADLES, GENTLESPOONS and PEOPLE OF OTHERWISE UNDEFINED CUTLERY, allow me to introduce the latest installment of the GRIPPING Reborn Moderation Saga! In the wake of the Post-apocalypse and the Scythe of hell severing the dimensions, our BRAVE ragtag crew must continue fighting onwards. But unknown in the depths, the ABYSS is stirring.... That's right folks, Today our team has taken two small steps for Reborn and two slightly larger steps for Reborn-kind with the additions of @Kurohada Raiga (Brave) and @Abyssreaper99 (Abyss) to the Discord Moderation Team. They'll be watching... (Brave has emerged from retirement to return to the position after some time on vacation) Also, this month is bringing EXCITING updates to the discor-verse such as; - #monster-hunter is being retired due to a lack of activity (all claims of connections to the monster conservation society will be swiftly denied) - Trialing of an emotional support channel will soon begin for people seeking advice or empathy for difficult things they're going through. Respect rules will be doubly important here and justice will be swift and painful for any who break them. It will also likely require a new role to access, tentatively being named "verified 2 - verifieder" at this time. More info will be forthcoming in the future, so keep your eyes open! (except when sleeping) - If you're verified, you can now choose between different flavors of name! You won't actually be able to taste them, but check out ?rank in the #bot-spot channel if you wanna look even prettier than you already do. - *ominous party noises rumble in the distance* Also also, remember Clubs? Because it seems like most people don't. Clubs that have been inactive for more than a year are by court decree getting officially *yeeted* (technical term) into the void. But on the other hand, remember those convoluted rules about needing at least 5 people and stuff to form a new club? Now you're free to forget them completely if you did because those have also been erased as part of operation yeet. And no we will not apologize for using this terminology. To clarify, this means you're now free to make any new clubs your heart desires and don't need no approval because mom can't tell you how to live your life! TUNE IN NEXT TIME ON REBORNBALL-Z
  11. So i made a Custom Sprite for Cain today, yes he uses parts from another Sprite. I changed the hair pallet and the skin pallet, and have his shirts an overhaul turning his outer shirt into a jacket. will work on other images later if i am allowed
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