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Found 5 results

  1. Pokémon Reborn Alternate Form Pack [E18.1] There is a secret power in this world. One who knows the ancient techniques can awaken the energy within the Plates of Arceus and steer the course of evolution. Few Pokémon truly exist in only one form, for ours is a world of limitless potential. Something new is coming to Reborn... You. What is this? This is a modded version of Pokémon Reborn containing over 200 new alternate forms of existing Pokémon, inspired by the regional variants introduced in Generation 7 and the shiny sprites included with Pokémon Reborn. It's a work in progress, hence versions listed as 0.X. I hope to consider it finished at v1.0, and anything added after that is a bonus. Why is this? I wanted to do two things: Play with Pokémon that looked awesome when first introduced and I loved them, but turned out to be underwhelming in battle due to crippling types, and to practice learning programming because I have a poor attention span and am fixated on Pokémon. It kinda snowballed. Expect bugs, but report them and I'll try to fix them as soon as I am able. I have a suggestion/request/complaint Let me know! I'll try to accommodate as best as I can. --- Downloads & Installation If you already have Pokémon Reborn or an older version of Alternate Form Pack, use the patch. Main (V0.5.12.1) (516.6 MB, .zip) https://mega.nz/#!bixghSAB!WfaaP1HEmAsPu_MR9rR-uIpsb2DDyFlon8rjwoo7r4E (Mega Upload) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UuM-2KuS2-1uNIsyI5yOaPpp8Yl76w8w (Google Drive) Extract and play from Game. Patch (V0.5.12.1) (33.2 MB, .zip) https://mega.nz/#!L3xEAS6C!5Qft-SXoA-nZNVu6fCEtnOslkCBaORfFbXP8J88j9lg (Mega Upload) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iB3P5oA9hmibAs4k7MSApvSG4EegE5qJ (Google Drive) Extract into Pokémon Reborn game folder, overwrite and replace files when asked, play. --- Save Compatibility Yes - Default game name "Pokemon Reborn" Want Alt Forms to be a separate save file? Use the file below! Game.ini (111 b, .ini) https://mega.nz/#!v3x3UQIJ!xxA1tkrIjC1VfeLfFPbHXl8TIn8nwxvNuTmc496WmbA (Mega Upload) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1r_ncE3JiPl-6NMBTw0EotZA8sPCqytG3 (Google Drive) Installation Add to the Pokemon Reborn directory after installing Alt Forms and replace the existing Game.ini. Mod Compatibility Tested and compatible with SWM's modular modpack [E18] v58 (27/8/2019) (Yes!) Use the scripts.rxdata that comes in Alternate Form Pack. It is compatible. Aironfaar's Mod Box [E18.1][Updated 2018-09-05] not entirely compatible (Mostly yes!) Fabulous Transformations causes problems. Use the version below for that specific mod AMB - Misc_FabulousTransformation.rb (35 kb, .rb) (Google Drive) DreamblitzX's Battle Music Pack (Pretty much yes!) Add the Audio/BGM/ from the music pack as appropriate, and use the trainertypes.dat linked below. trainertypes.dat (8 kb, .dat) (Google Drive) Pokemon Reborn: Sandbox Mode (Yes!) Add Waynolt's E18 Sandbox update as explained in its installation instructions. Not compatible with Azery's Pokémon Memeborn. Both mods extensively alter the base game. Combination mod by Specific, Memeforms, can be found here! Not compatible with Commander's Pokémon Reborn Redux. Both mods extensively alter the base game. Combination mod maybe coming E19. Additional Sprites contributed by DMBY DreamblitzX Eliseon Hellscythe Hycrox Khrona Player_Null_Name Privateer Elise Pyrromanis OldSoulja Viperio TPP Sprites designed by Hamigakimomo Additional Music DELTARUNE - Field of Hopes and Dreams Remix [Kamex] OC ReMix #3076: Pokémon X 'Forest Fire' [Santalune Forest, It's a Pokémon Battle!] by Jamphibious OC ReMix #2333: Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 'Labyrinth of Dance Floors' [Sanctuary Dungeon] Special Thanks The whole Reborn team for creating this amazing game and generous mod market! Amethyst Azery DemICE DMBY Ghost141 Janichroma Marcello Mikey57 Mu7e Player_Null_Name Pyrolusite Specific Swampellow Waynolt Reborn Discord URPG --- Future Development Sprite Status Want to help pretty it up? Check out the Sprite Status spreadsheet and let me know what you'd like to do! What's new! v0.5.12.1 Bug Fixes Floral Ninetales now has access to Nature Power by TM. Moon Bagon is now correctly bred using Spooky Plate, not Flame Plate. Earth Glameow is now correctly bred using Earth Plate, not Pixie Plate. Dread Noivern now correctly has Dark Pulse and Boomburst by level-up at 70 and and 75 respectively. Tweaks Mega Moon Salamence now has Technician instead of Adaptability Mega Positron Metagross now has Neuroforce instead of Adaptability A Ditto is no longer necessary to breed for a Wormhole Cloak Wormadam. Stinging Goomy, Sliggoo and Goodra now have Filter instead of Poison Point. Telepathic Deino and Zweilous no longer have access to Calm Mind, learning Work Up instead by level-up. New Sprites Shiny Mud Poliwag, Shiny Mud Poliwhirl, Shiny Mud Poliwrath, Shiny Mud Politoed (M&F) Shiny Earth Cyndaquil, Shiny Earth Quilava, Shiny Earth Typhlosion Iron Gulpin (M&F), Shiny Iron Gulpin (M&F) Shiny Gemstone Roggenrola (M), Shiny Gemstone Boldore (M), Shiny Gemstone Gigalith (M) Defossilised Archen Egg, Defossilised Archen, Shiny Defossilised Archen, Defossilised Archeops, Shiny Defossilised Archeops New Form Toxic Remoraid v0.5.12 Bug Fixes Engine Koffing and Engine Weezing should now breed and evolve appropriately. It also now has the correct move exclusions and can no longer learn Thunderbolt, Thunder or Shockwave. Iron Swalot should no longer revert to normal after battle. Assorted bug fixes lost to poor notekeeping. Pokémon Tweaks Spooky Venusaur now has Poison Heal for its third Ability, and Mega Spooky Venusaur now has Berserk. Draco Charizard now has Levitate instead of Solar Power. Sky Onix no longer learns Dragon Dance by level-up (or at all). Mud Poliwhirl gains Dig on level-up, and both Mud Poliwhirl and Poliwrath gain access to Stomping Tantrum by Move Tutor. Poliwrath and Mud Poliwrath both gain access to Superpower by Move Tutor. Mud Politoed now has access to Psyshock and Trick Room by TM, and Trick and Skill Swap by Move Tutor. Meadow Meganium now gains Sappy Seed by level-up. Zap Donphan no longer has access to Endeavor. Draco Ampharos now has Illuminate instead of Static, and gains access to Aurora Beam by level-up, and Dazzling Gleam and Flash Cannon by TM. Mega Draco Ampharos now has Fluffy as its Ability, and has had a small base stat change (-10 Special Attack, +10 Attack). Insect Flygon learns Dragon Pulse instead of Dragon Claw by level-up, and also has had a small base stat change (-10 Attack, +10 Special Attack). Rhybombee now has slightly higher base stats. Bubble Reuniclus has had a small base stat change (-10 Defense, +10 Special Defense) and its ability Magic Guard has been changed to Water Absorb. Armaldo now gains Compound Eyes as a third Ability, and Defossilised Armaldo has had a base stat change (swapped Speed and Special Attack, making it faster but less able to use Special moves). Stone Emboar gains access to Rock Polish by TM. Splash Feraligatr now has Skill Link instead of Strong Jaw, and has had its level-up moves changed to make use of this. Stone Claydol gains access to Focus Blast by TM, and has had a base stat change (-15 Speed, +15 Special Defense). Cybertank Hydreigon has lost access to Charge Beam and Work Up, and has had a base stat change. (-20 Speed, +10 Attack, +10 Defense) Telepathic Hydreigon has had level-up movepool changes (Calm Mind -> Mind Reader, Psychic Terrain -> Calm Mind), has lost access to Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Heat Wave and Flash Cannon, and has had a base stat change. (-5 Attack, -5 Defense, -20 Special Attack, +20 Special Defense, +10 Speed) Pixie Altaria has gained access to Water Pledge and Fire Pledge, and Mega Pixie Altaria has had a base stat change (-20 Attack, +15 Special Attack, +5 Special Defense) and now has Cloud Nine for its Ability. Positron Metagross now has access to Shadow Sneak by level-up, and has Magic Guard instead of Filter. Mega Positron Metagross now has Adaptability instead of Levitate. Earth Crustle has had a small base stat change (-10 Defense, +10 Speed). Electric Chandelure, Lampent and Litwick now have access to Dazzling Gleam and Flash Cannon by TM. Dedenne and Meadow Dedenne have gained access to Dazzling Gleam by TM. Iron Golurk now has access to Smart Strike by level-up and TM. Darkness Sableye has had a base stat change (New spread: 35,35,35,95,75,105), has gained access to Parting Shot by level-up, and now has Shadow Tag instead of Prankster. Mega Darkness Sableye has had a base stat change (New spread: 35,35,35,145,75,155) and now has Intimidate instead of Prankster. Wormhole Cloak Wormadam no longer has access to Quiver Dance by level-up, learning Magic Coat instead. Additional Mechanic Tweaks Floaty Fall, Pika Papow, Sizzly Slide and Veevee Volley have better luck with the High Striker on Big Top Arena. Synchronoise will now cause a 3-turn Psychic Terrain effect when used, unless an Everstone is held. New Plate Interaction Illuminate + Iron, Pixie or Zap Plate = increases the effect of Light attacks by 30% Relevant moves affected: Aurora Beam, Dazzling Gleam, Flash Cannon, Mirror Shot, Power Gem, Signal Beam, Solar Beam, Solar Blade Also affected: Doom Desire, Judgement, Light of Ruin, Luster Purge, Photon Geyser, Prismatic Laser, Techno Blast New Forms Spooky Bulbasaur, Spooky Ivysaur, Icicle Weedle, Icicle Kakuna, Earth Doduo Dread Gastly, Dread Haunter, Dread Gengar, Mega Dread Gengar Earth Quilava, Splash Croconaw, Mind Hoothoot, Draco Flaaffy, Zap Phanpy Dread Snubbull, Dread Granbull, Toxic Octillery Pixie Skitty, Pixie Delcatty, Sky Wailmer, Insect Trapinch, Stone Baltoy Moon Bagon, Moon Shelgon, Moon Salamence, Mega Moon Salamence Spooky Shellos (East, West), Earth Glameow Stone Pignite, Crystal Roggenrola, Earth Dwebble, Earth Trubbish, Iron Golett Desert Yamask, Desert Cofagrigus, Pixie Vanillite, Pixie Vanillish, Pixie Vanilluxe, Stone Druddigon Flame Clauncher, Dread Noibat, Dread Noivern Dawn Lycanroc New Sprites Icicle Abra Egg, Icicle Abra, Shiny Icicle Abra, Icicle Kadabra, Shiny Icicle Kadabra, Icicle Alakazam, Shiny Icicle Alakazam, Mega Icicle Alakazam, Shiny Mega Icicle Alakazam Draco Mareep Egg, Draco Mareep, Shiny Draco Mareep, Draco Flaaffy, Shiny Draco Flaaffy Dread Snubbull Egg, Dread Snubbull, Shiny Dread Snubbull, Dread Granbull, Shiny Dread Granbull Pixie Skitty Egg, Pixie Skitty, Shiny Pixie Skitty, Pixie Delcatty, Shiny Pixie Delcatty, Shiny Windy Castform Positron Beldum Egg, Positron Beldum, Shiny Positron Beldum, Positron Metang, Shiny Positron Metang, Positron Metagross, Shiny Positron Metagross Moon Bagon Egg, Moon Bagon, Shiny Moon Bagon, Moon Shelgon, Shiny Moon Shelgon, Moon Salamence, Shiny Moon Salamence, Mega Moon Salamence, Shiny Mega Moon Salamence Stone Turtwig Egg, Stone Turtwig, Stone Grotle, Flame Chimchar Egg, Flame Chimchar, Flame Monferno, Snow Buneary, Flame Mienfoo Stone Druddigon Egg, Stone Druddigon, Shiny Stone Druddigon, Desert Yamask Egg, Desert Yamask, Shiny Desert Yamask, Desert Cofagrigus, Shiny Desert Cofagrigus Stinging Goomy, Stinging Sliggoo, Stinging Goodra, Dread Noibat Egg, Dread Noibat, Dread Noivern New Icon Stone Spiritomb The following Pokémon can now be selected as Forms with the ChooseStarter mod and Sandbox mode, and also will breed and evolve into Alternate Forms without Plates if their main parent is an Alternate Form: Sprites to come over time. v0.5.11.1 v0.5.10 v0.5.9.1 v0.5.9 v0.5.8.1 v0.5.8 v0.5.7 v0.5.6 v0.5.5 v0.5.4 v0.5.3 v0.5.2 v0.5.1 v0.5 PBS Files (For modifying Alt Forms for personal use) (.zip) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hIoD5XKg1zKhkUc_qoMZbWYe3pUhVINe PBS File Changes (.zip) (To aid incorporating Alt Forms into other fangames - NOTE: Current version of Alt Forms is only for Reborn, which is made in a modified version of an old Pokémon Essentials version. Unlikely to work outside of this setting.) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1q8QMuiKSv-z4goewnhe2ph4hcTSrFCv4 Known Bugs None known. It's Not A Bug, It's A Feature Rainbow Floette evolves into a random non-Meadow Florges if evolved without holding a Meadow Plate. Vulpix is... weird? Pokémon that evolve into different forms using Plates can learn moves exclusive to one form, then evolve into another! May result in intentional unbalanced gameplay.
  2. How to access the Sandbox: use the PC in the Grand Hall.  Pokemon Reborn: Sandbox Mode What is a sandbox? It's a place that people play in where they can let their creativity and imagination run wild and just do whatever they want. So, lets apply that to video games. A sandbox for a video game is a mode that embraces the openness and creativity of its players, and allows them to play the game however they want. It gives them access to all sorts of tools to allow the player unrestricted control over the gameplay itself. Pokemon Reborn: Sandbox Mode is made with that philosophy in mind. Sandbox Mode adds several Quality of Life features to give the player a multitude of options to customize their play-through. At the start of the game, just after obtaining your starter, you'll be able to talk to an NPC off to the side in the Grand Hall that takes you to the Sandbox's new map, where one will find several NPCs that do a variety of things. From purchasing practically every item under the sun, to being able to grind EVs off of dedicated trainers, to having easy access to the Nature Switcher, Day Care, and Move Tutors all on the same map- it's there and waiting to be used however you want. Sandbox Mode also does not modify any of the existing game content, so you don't need to worry about anything being changed at all! However, for the time being, Sandbox Mode has netplay disabled until Reborn itself is completed. This is for fairness reasons, as players who play Sandbox would have an extra advantage over players not using Sandbox as a result of some of the features. I created Sandbox Mode primarily for the people who want to do customized runs of Reborn. Those types of runs are extremely popular and prolific, and I figured that something like this could definitely benefit those who want to do something like a mono-type run. But honestly, I'm a proponent for people having fun, and giving them the tools to have fun however they want, and as long as they aren't ruining other people's runs, then why not let them do what they want? Features of Sandbox Mode As mentioned, Sandbox Mode adds several QoL NPCs to a new floor in the Grand Hall. A list of what these NPCs are can be found here, under the spoiler: And if you want screenshots of the features in actions, they're under this spoiler: And even better, it has Amethyst's personal approval! If you're interested, a download link for the mod and the online version of the guide for the mod can be found here: Primary Download Link (Mega): Pokemon Reborn: Sandbox Mode (Episode 17.1) (Build 4) Secondary Download Link (Google Drive): Link forthcoming Sandbox Mode Guide: https://goo.gl/9neDsj (An offline variant can be found in the download link) As an additional note, if you're going to promote the mod, please link back to both this forum thread as well as to Reborn itself. The first one is to ensure people download the up-to-date versions, the second one is out of respect to Amethyst and the other developers of Reborn. Hopefully you guys enjoy, and that this inspires you to do even more things with your runs than before! If you use it, feel free to post about your experiences here or across the community, I'd love to see people make use of this! NOTE: I have not tested actual game content beyond the Grand Hall, but I'm pretty sure that nothing should break. If something does, inform me and I'll look into it and see if I can fix it.
  3. LADLES, GENTLESPOONS and PEOPLE OF OTHERWISE UNDEFINED CUTLERY, allow me to introduce the latest installment of the GRIPPING Reborn Moderation Saga! In the wake of the Post-apocalypse and the Scythe of hell severing the dimensions, our BRAVE ragtag crew must continue fighting onwards. But unknown in the depths, the ABYSS is stirring.... That's right folks, Today our team has taken two small steps for Reborn and two slightly larger steps for Reborn-kind with the additions of @Kurohada Raiga (Brave) and @Abyssreaper99 (Abyss) to the Discord Moderation Team. They'll be watching... (Brave has emerged from retirement to return to the position after some time on vacation) Also, this month is bringing EXCITING updates to the discor-verse such as; - #monster-hunter is being retired due to a lack of activity (all claims of connections to the monster conservation society will be swiftly denied) - Trialing of an emotional support channel will soon begin for people seeking advice or empathy for difficult things they're going through. Respect rules will be doubly important here and justice will be swift and painful for any who break them. It will also likely require a new role to access, tentatively being named "verified 2 - verifieder" at this time. More info will be forthcoming in the future, so keep your eyes open! (except when sleeping) - If you're verified, you can now choose between different flavors of name! You won't actually be able to taste them, but check out ?rank in the #bot-spot channel if you wanna look even prettier than you already do. - *ominous party noises rumble in the distance* Also also, remember Clubs? Because it seems like most people don't. Clubs that have been inactive for more than a year are by court decree getting officially *yeeted* (technical term) into the void. But on the other hand, remember those convoluted rules about needing at least 5 people and stuff to form a new club? Now you're free to forget them completely if you did because those have also been erased as part of operation yeet. And no we will not apologize for using this terminology. To clarify, this means you're now free to make any new clubs your heart desires and don't need no approval because mom can't tell you how to live your life! TUNE IN NEXT TIME ON REBORNBALL-Z
  4. Hi there! Have you ever wondered if a run would be possible in Reborn? Is there a particular run, with a set of specific mons that you would like to see be done in record time without the use of potions, using set mode, and trying to avoid dupeclause as much as possible? Have you ever wanted to see a playthrough being beaten with only tropius, haunter, cherrim, exeggutor, trapinch, porygon, chikorita and an inkay? If you're one of those people, then I have a good deal for you! I'm a crazy idiot who likes to fool around, doing the silliest runs imaginable, and making the seemingly impossible possible through use of strategy and AI abusal! Runs that're banned: Mono little cup (has been done before, has too many mons, too much cheese, and is generally meh to be super difficult), Mono babies (the pokemon seen as being babies. Azurill, pichu, igglybuff and the likes) All classic mono types Solo runs Everything that involves an illegal pokemon (i.e unobtainable legandaries) Runs that have been done: Mono pikaclones Mono butterflies & moths (was done in altforms for alt venomoth) Mono dunsparce (was done in altforms) Eeveelution only run Pacman themed run Minecraft themed run LC bug types (this was apparently not done in altforms, because I like 18.3. It's fast, don't judge me) Runs that're planned for the future: Mario themed run LC starter only run Mono generation LC (so I can only use LC from, say, gen1) Runs that are up for consideration: Mono letter run (For example, everything has to start with the letter N) Rules of all runs: Items are banned Unless the run cannot under any circumstances do this, it will always be on set mode Dupeclause is activated, and will be follow once I can actually get 6 individual pokemon. Instances of it being lifted may occur, but that's to my judgement Every run is done in base reborn OR in altforms. Which version it's done in depends on the kind of run it generally is, as well as how many mons I generally have. This means that it will usually be done in runs with lesser mons or lesser versitility Evasion clause I stand by the word that almost nothing is impossible in reborn, at least up to episode 18, and I will do whatever I can to prove that that is the case! If you think a run is theoretically possible, then by all means, please suggest it to me! Don't be afraid to test your creativity, and my own skill! If it has a limit on pokemon, that's just fine, I'll work it out! If you want to see a 16 year old no life make the game that you might have struggled for weeks on end look like a complete joke? Well, then I'm the person for you! I hope to see some crazy ideas on here, Take care and remember the gamer glasses
  5. So i made a Custom Sprite for Cain today, yes he uses parts from another Sprite. I changed the hair pallet and the skin pallet, and have his shirts an overhaul turning his outer shirt into a jacket. will work on other images later if i am allowed
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