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  1. actually do you know the place where the wierd building with reina was captured was if you go to the entrance once again from the top by neutral fie;d then you can find hera cross
  2. if that were the case then we will get a really strong mon in our arsenal i wish it was true
  3. I was planning to do a personal normal type monorun. after the new hisiun mon (hisuin zoroark especially) have been revealed i have been wondering if i should wait till the new v13.5 updates comes and play with the new hisiuian mon if they are there or play the run now and wait for the updates
  4. she was the psychic reserve i guess lavender told something about her
  5. Yay new member to the team welcome to the team rey .good work as always funny conversation with berry emporium i thought the employee was girl. hmm not that it matters anyway .introducing venam before her pranks was really a good choice .sorry question the stick figure bayleaf what was it?i think this section is good .cant wait for the next volume
  6. Hello question :have all the gym leader including the reserve leaders have been mentioned?
  7. if you meant that intense is being removed in 13.5 then i heard about it
  8. wait only in intense i thought . im really sorry for the wrong info
  9. you finally did now you are going to have your good mon improve even more
  10. i think your team really need a centiscorch or volcorona i think volcorana is good due to quiver and fiery dance.it is really powerful bug team
  11. you should then get the pokedex filled if you dont know the location of mon ask or need any ask here and btw arent going too fight for fifth gym.it will give a lot of new pokemon to capture including some starters i think like treecko
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