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  1. it been some has of time since jan's last update
  2. may be in two different places with good essence of darkness and water like void place and aquamarine cave or may be dev will add a seperate place for future version
  3. it was just an idea some TR are really useful for many pokemon eg:bravebird for unfeazent gives atleast some use early game. there are some TR which give some pokemon useful moves but the since not every pokemon are in swsh it will be difficult to predict which pokemon can learn which moves( gen 8 has made many useful tms (flamethrower,thunderbolt) in Tr)this just my idea do not have to take it hardly i told tr moves can be made into RM for convinience or new tm can made into rm
  4. HERE is my idea we could change TR to RMs and and new tm to be continuation of rejuvenation tm set (Its is just my thought so don't mind it}
  5. ok i just realised the elemental punches are tm in swsh and the rejuvenation has old usum +custom moves tms so will we loose the usum tm and also there is trs .
  6. same here dont know why since i played v12 i want to continue my savefile with blaziken so badly
  7. will we get the complete story of ancient aevium story of griselda
  8. ok that an interesting idea suit and why does her yvetal has soulstone is she going to collect the souls for something
  9. wish i could get scorbunny in my old savefile as catchable pokemon for v13
  10. with the pokemon i bred grand dream city is currently facing a massive infestation of bug pokemon (still getting hyped for v13)
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