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  1. hi so is the concert ticket a sidequest thing or main storything.one more qns is there any story in v13.5 .its not a romance thing but is silly question does amber have a liittle crush or somethng on the mc because in nightmare realm she appears to more of a cute i mean much or relaxed around the mc
  2. it is actually right aevis and aevia only has blond hair when going super saiyen(i mean the the interceptor ;) ) the others have different shades of hair colours .one more thing i the last of mariannete's segment she says she dont want to loose/forget you again or something along those lines .there is one more thing nim acted like nymeria before she was battled as the storm .like she calls our name, anju, hazuki.it might be possible we might have one more time travel event.it is definitely possible between vivian and storm-9.because i dont remember her mentioning vivian .
  3. oh i thought u didnt knew sorry its good thing to have paint in the game
  4. actually the odds are 1/100 so its possible to get it easily for wild mon for shiny mon
  5. is there guide for pokemon location for v13 if yes do you know where it is
  6. speaking of crests will ever get sivally crest its a really good crest
  7. ok about crested mons and some can still use provide the moves for it i kept using seviper even before the crest and after the crest based ion the opponents mon crested seviper withthe right investment is a monster for example:in my poison monorun it was a cherished member due to it being a fast mon with the ability which acts like wringout.but its power is not decreased than normal when it is below the boosting health .
  8. i agree with getting more megas i lost the chance to get mega ampharos because the patch wasnt completed yet and i couldnt submit the aevium budew.i think rejuvenation is a fantastic game in terms of story i think we need is more crest to make some bad mon more good like zebrastrika by making it a special attacker or arbok or mon which perform badly
  9. it was probably a glitch but it was cool after madelis 3rd layer battle and cut scence melia suddenly turned into madelis and when use bicycle she turned back it is really a funny experience by using walking around like madelis and suddenly turned into melia
  10. ohh so i think my worrying was dumb .so is rift stakataka a collection multi pokemon may be ultra beast there are so many door which cannot be access in v13 like the gate ,and the building in gearen the back door in giratinas room in wispy tower how many more are there one i remember is bridge in yuis ranch does it have any legendary pokemon in pearl route mosely talked about the destroyed timeline wy did she say that
  11. ok hi so we know that the the siblings came archetype so which arceus became the archetype is it original arceus i think one fell on earth and is now residing in mc .one question if adrest awakens doesnt mean our consciousness will be overtaken by adrest so why are we allowing the mc friends to wake adrest up and doesnt they realise in a sense we are dying
  12. i think the castle which is blocked off should be part of nymeria castle ,during ana quest i think ana are from future .Ana also has magnezone in the bonus characters nightmare where you battle ana is it maggie evolved
  13. i said asked it bcz the crest that are given to some made them actually good mon in sense power for eg:seviper it is now faster and can hit really hard its now a dangerous pokemon if none can out speed it or tank it .another question:in the story we have seven kingdom will we be able to know more about the kingdoms and its rulers possibly meet them in the future we know four kingdom based on the castles kindom of Nymeria (name-no idea),kindom of Kasura(Kasumi the ruler),kindom of zygara(Iseil the ruler),kingdom of ghovora(Griselda the ruler )who might the others .wait a second this is aevium right but katsu said this placed where unhibited then how is it possible for the four of the seven castle to exist here if its unhabited before .
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