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  1. OH then should start a new savefile when its releases.wasnt there change in the story flow in v13 does this mean we will get more changes in those areas like in terajuma we had thosw crystal things to enter mt valor like sorts
  2. oh you mean non battle able gy,m leader like lavender it would be cool.i think if its implemented it would be a post game thing which is little bit far of.but its sttill cool to think about
  3. Is aevium shellos fire,poison/ground (first) and grass/ground(second)?which ever types they are they are my new favourite aevium forms . OH thats why that cleffa is in jail.hmm i should be careful cleffas are more sinister than i thought
  4. Dont think so I think it was answered on previous Q/A session
  5. yes karen could be considered ally if she is in her normal mindset it seems .may be she will betrays us its kind of her character who knows .she might help mc in the endeavour against team xen if she is not under the curse she is an elite eight member and former badland citizen she might tried to create crest to fight team xen so she might really help if it comes to it and her mind is normal that what i think .i think you might not get the good ending if she is dead that what i think i may also be wrong
  6. karen is under the weird state due to the garufa magic so it might be possible she killed karrina's parents and if you allow a person to kill other then doesn't make you equally guilty even if she is a murderer and rather than getting bad ending points isnt it good to get the better ending .when you stop karrina from killing karen you acually have a ally against team xen who is really strong so it might be helpful. YEAH she acted like it its her way of thinking its how she is made. we cant change a person thoughts even if he its a fiction one.may be we will see her becoming a good character in the future
  7. oh never knew that would get bad ending points .i think i said yes or something like that
  8. what offer do you? the offer of staying with them
  9. i was baited hard but was really funny happy april fools day
  10. wow was good i really like it and it was in casual mode or else the battle would have been really long .the pokemon talking is a really good way of making out how they act .Their moves being potrayed is also good like finishing of the seviper with sucker punch and showing the field effect is brilliant this really gives an idea on how the battle mechanics in rejuv works .i really cant wait to see more ....
  11. wow it looks better than last time due to the reddish background wow well done cant wait for more
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