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  1. Heracross: Sheridan Village (Past) [1%], Heracross Woods [50%], Altered Route 2 [4%] https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/57943-pokémon-rejuvenation-v13-pokémon-location-guide/
  2. Gothitelle only teleported us and doesnt have such power. Interceptor falling out of time for random periods of time is just one of his features, as Erin and Melia read in the library.
  3. For that go to Reborn's forum and create a topic in an appropriate place.
  4. Im fairly sure it's fixed. Maybe you just didnt notice and, as i said, you just looked at a higher "grade" of "a drive to hunt". Say, first stage of it gives 1, second 3, third 5 e.t.c. (dont remember exact numbers). They wont change with time to my knowledge. Every achievement got it's own AP rewards.
  5. What do you mean "some time"? AP rewards are fixed for achievements, i assume devs calculated them based off their complexity and/or availability. For example walking with time gives relatively big AP because everyone will do it anyway. Otherwise higher the level of achievement higher the rewards, there are numbers nearby for the next goal. I dont understand the question otherwise.
  6. If you go with the theme seeds need to sprout too, so much more appropriate would be Leech Seed + Rain dance to sprout a flower field. Otherwise use more thematically appropriate moves like Pollen Puff, Flower Shield, Floral Healing or Powder.
  7. IIRC it was 20% accuracy boost and 10-20% for damage. I vaguely remember it being nerfed slightly, but this was a while ago and my mind might be playing tricks on me. Also there is a possibility you didnt include some of the field effects into account, that can be a thing too.
  8. Thats what i meant, my bad for phrasing it badly. Not normal doubles. For example in Geara+Zetta fight with Melia i was stuck a bit on Intense this run since i was too stubborn to change my team this time, i repeated this fight a lot, and even when i did absolutely same moves, received the same amounts of damage and was in the same situation and followed the same patterns, both enemies and Melia used different moves at random quite a lot. The issue is a lot of times you have to switch to a backup plan if that happens, or it introduces a 50/50 situation, or you lose an important switch opportunity e.t.c. Which introduces a bigger amount of RNG, which generally will screw you. I've had couple of my own runs dead after 4-5 crits in a row. And not only that, status effects change AI patterns a lot too, and while you can use berries and all that to circumvent that on your side, you cannot do anything about random Body Slam from Melia triggering para, which will mess what the enemy sends, what moves they use, e.t.c. All im saying is it introduces way more than neglectable amount of RNG to it.
  9. Can i see a person who ever said that though? Very curious who in this topic said so.
  10. * Ghost types deal super effective damage to Normal Type Pokemon. So yeah, i would rethink about using Noctowl on Haunted Field. Also dont mean to rain on your parade, but shiny rates in Rejuvenation are severely reduced, so you gonna swim in shinies in no time.
  11. Ai can completely change what's it gonna do depending in a lot of things, especially in doubles. For example you get the unwanted crit, now enemy got 50-50 for 2 moves instead of guaranteed move you wanted. Especially sonce both Reborn and Rejuv use custom AI code written specifically for those games and we simply cannot tell how AI gonna act during certain situations, whereas it was possible to predict mainline games.
  12. Well, if you are asking for help, we at least need more information. What is your team at least and their stats? Second, most likely you mean Crested Torterra, who swaps her weaknesses and resistances with a crest. So work around with that. Most things in Rejuvenation by this point even on normal got 252 EV in literally everything, so whatever their stats on casual are they are not high. Rejuvenation is still not a game you can complete with zero effort and knowledge, how familiar are you with EV/IV, breeding and all that?
  13. For rejuvenation? Not really, especially since there is no normal calculator that will take into account all the field effects, shadow pokemon moves, unique moves, AI quirks programmed for Rejuv specifically (since they did change AI a lot), double battles RNG and all that. I personally would not do Rejuv nuzlocke since im not a lucky man.
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