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  1. Nancy defeated Nastasia in Blacksteeple. Back then, if my memory serves me right, Nancy had a team of 70-ish Fairy pokemon. Keep in mind it's also very possible Nastasia had a bad matchup or didn't have her strongest team with her, like Tesla keeps her stuff in the pokeballs in the mansion.
  2. Nastasia and Cassandra are admins. Zetta, Geara, Neved and formerly Madelis, as well as possibly Keta (dont know his official status on the team when he was part of Xen) are executives. It is possible that character we know for a while is also a Xen admin in disguise, but also possible that Cassandra and Nastasia are just 2 admins.
  3. They didnt, it's always the last glass you break on the ground floor.
  4. Oh the first floor of Mirage Tower you can break the glass and that leads to a basement with Mimikyu and another door.
  5. Some kind of video or screenshots still would be nice, by this point people are just burnt out with all those unnecessary puzzles.
  6. I gave a link to the topic with most information we got on page 33 in here, you can check it out.
  7. Since i'm in a habit of answering my own questions today, for everyone who was stuck here as well: you can run from the status to the nearby Malamar, touch it and run back without breaking your "spectral" form. The way it works is you can have a certain amount of steps from the point you started until your spectral form dissipates. However before the limit of steps you can go and backtrack as much as you want.
  8. Feel like a big dumdum by getting stuck in here while i handled most other puzzles with relative ease, but i just dont see a way to progress in this room. It's the second room of this place where you need to combine Malamar changing tiles with walking on air with Arceus statues. If someone could point out what to do from this particular statue or if there is a video/steps for it would be great. Stuck around this statue in particular with this section only looping on itself, unless i missed something.
  9. It's a small thing, but in the doc for postgame guide for Rhodochrine Tree Noel quest on floor 7 its not Houndoom, it's Houndour.
  10. Okay so for anyone like me who missed forest behind the trees, right before the door with the deadend i mentioned you just need to move the block to the bottom-left place you can. It was that simple.
  11. So when you go with Saphira into the basement, get to the deadend and she says you gotta find a different way around. Obviously game implies i should get to this door in the other, crystal variant of this place but i'm having troubles getting to it. I get the general idea of what i need to do, but the ladder blocks seems to reset when i pass through certain doors, however i cant notice a pattern of when it happens. Anyone got detailed directions or a video to help with that perchance?
  12. Since it's a massive and unnecessary incredibly boring waste of time which consist of you just running around and writing jumbled alphabet, here is the solution to save time. First area: Sorrow = f5@@5# Anger = gmkr@ Guilt = k=xj7 Second area: Joy = %5h Passion = ygffx5m Fear = ?rg@ Love = j5tr Hope this will save people some time from this travesty.
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