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  1. Mystery Eggs are fixed when you start a game, if you want a different egg you need to do the entire process again. It is quite tedious, i just generally turn on a background video or something for such things.
  2. Added a more convenient doc link with crests and effects to the initial post, it's better to use this one. Edit: My mistake, it was a different thing, removed from the post. Oops.
  3. Seems that way, will fix. (it does not make resetting for it better tho)
  4. In save folder (located in the game folder) you will find a list of your saves, all you need to do is to delete current Game.rxdata and rename one of the previous saves into a new Game.rxdata (different playthroughs will be labeled with a different number).
  5. It got nothing to do with the story, it just means some custom fights are reskins of this pokemon essentially.
  6. I don't see much point to be honest, there is an encounter guide at number 6, all starters besides Blaziken line are available in some way too. You can go into the guide and just look them up with ctrl + F. If more people think it will be helpful i can edit it, sure.
  7. Tower of Theolia uses Frozen Dimensional Field, on it Ice face protects against all moves. There is a file in the game's folder that lists all field effects.
  8. Check there, most guides anyone would need for 13.5 are gathered here.
  9. It changes from game to game for me but this time im going with this.
  10. Above the Teila resort on Terajuma. It was added in 13.5.
  11. You can use a website Wayback Machine to check out earlier versions of the site and by extension download links, it goes only as far back but you can still go far enough, earliest date in there is november 2016. Here is a Rejuvenation v9 link straight from the post from back then, can find other ones like this too. Earliest you can find like this is version 8.
  12. True, this time i skipped the casino section since the game allowed it, will fix. Didnt cross my mind that there will be unique mons in there.
  13. Personally i just bred one until i got one i needed on like 6th egg or so.
  14. It was available in beta and was removed in the released 13.5 as far as i know. Peat block is not available by legal means in 13.5
  15. You probably aren't far enough into the story then, it's very late into the game where it splits into 3 paths with different grops. Its the place where Melia's group go.
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