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  1. * Telepathy Pokemon's Speed doubles There is a file about fields in the game folder, Field effect manual, it tells you.
  2. Isn't this just about Variya however? I'm not sure where the idea of this being a separate entity even came from. Especially considering she created the whole system.
  3. Can someone remind me where characters talked about World Ender or somesuch? Hasn't been this long but this just didn't particularly land, if someone got a video of this moment would be great.
  4. Devs explained in the FAQ years ago that they gave Infernape crest only because Empoleon and Torterra received it and leaving Infernape out felt unfair. It does not boost his performance, just changes his playstyle.
  5. Madame X being an Interceptor or another version of MC is completely and fully impossible for many-many small and big reasons splattered across the game. Overlapping details can also just be part of poor writing that went on unnoticed or something yet to be retconned, also i would assume Madame X knows more than Nim about such things. But yeah Xen being alien to this reality/world/timeline is kind of a given, the issue is with what we currently know it's impossible to figure out the details, we know extremely little at the moment.
  6. Contrary Serperior is nightmarishly broken for a starter, so he will likely never get a crest. Emboar Crest i can imagine, sure.
  7. Yup, it was fixed, as well as taking extra Life orb and such during your training.
  8. You can pickup Leftovers starting from level 71, so Pickup team is the fastest way i suppose. You CAN find Leftovers somewhere too but i don't remember and o hope someone else answers this. Choice items and Assault vest are not available yet, i suppose devs consider them too strong.
  9. I did mention exceptions, some crests need tweaks and nerfs for sure, i have no objections to this. I just mean initial purpose of the crests was to buff weaker pokemon to being viable.
  10. Hisuian Samurott is strong enough, that's why he don't get the crest. With couple exceptions crests mainly exist to make underperforming pokemon more viable.
  11. You... do realise you can choose to setup on special pokemon and not physical ones? You are allowed to do that, pick at which point of the fight you want to setup. Which Mega Gardevoir does objectively better due to it's objectively better special bulk.
  12. 57 base HP with 103 base Special defense is infinitiely more bulky versus special attacks compared to M Gardevoir with 68 base HP and 135 base Special defense? I just... I don't... I'm not even sure what to say here.
  13. You don't read crest descriptions do you? Read what Feraligatr crest does, with it it's anything but dead weight. Sheer Force + Strong Jaw + priority for the first hit on switch in from 105 base attack is too strong if anything and need a bit of nerfing. 90 base speed on Lucario maybe isn't super fast, but only available fighting types who outspeed it are Primeape, Sneasler, Infernape, H Liligant and Mienshao. Fighting types are rarely used for defensive purposes in normal playthroughs and he would surely picked up a bulky one if he needed it. It also got Bullet punch/Vacuum wave depensing on the build. Hatterene calm mind is better than Mega Gardevoir calm mind? Wot? Hatterene got 136 base sp attack and 103 sp defense, Mega Gardevoir got 165 base Sp attack and 135 base special defense, so Calm minding M gardevoir have objectively much higher benefits to it. Literally only thing Hatterene got over it is slightly better physical bulk, and Gardevoir aint tanking physical hits either way, mega or not, and Trick Room viability, which i don't think it's a trick room team, just a hunch. For the topic starter however, what do you mean "fun"? In what way fun, do you have any preferences or anything?
  14. It works only with normal one, not Hisuian. They are different pokemon after all.
  15. There is one available in the entire game, i don't exactly remember where, after that i would just pick them off Hawlucha on Route 8 if you need extra. I never said anything about a Slowpoke too, you can check on Bulbapedia what pokemon or lines of pokemon can have King's Rock as held item in the wild.
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