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  1. It freaks Ana out not Luna, and she freaks out only if you failed to beat Solaris's Garchomp. If you won, she says sonething about the situation being fixable.
  2. Mega ring is confirmed for v13 as part of story so nah
  3. Radomous is pretty easy tbh. Luna is a meme, how did this happen.
  4. The timeline is this: Saki and co get kidnapped. Crescent is supposedly killed. We find the remains of Saki... Mech? Whatever, we find it and after some Bladestar stuff, get to GDC and find Crescent in nightmare city. This confirms that either: A- Crescent isn't dead and "Freya" lied or B- We're missing something.
  5. I mean, these moves are kinda ass factually in a single player setting. Seriously, when are you gonna use spite, like, ever?
  6. I think Jan was asked this somewhere, and he replied with so maybe
  7. I know that Keta is like "not, not them again!" And angie is like "Get those disgusting vile things from here!"
  8. I definitely got it in e18, so no.
  9. For irony probably. Its Lin.
  10. Also, Ame's mons arent even lvl 100. Her absol for one is, like, lvl70.
  11. The document of what you described is from a hidden Garufan place, so Isiah is unrelated to that one... probably.
  12. "Such as Hippowdon for Aevia"- So that's why That message only popped up on my game and no other lets plays! Either way, thank you very much for your hark work!
  13. Zumi mentioned somewhere that they're considering doing what you said.
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