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  1. Valerie saves you instead of kreiss. You also get rock climb in that route. I think he also says something about wanting to fight you? There's probably some future consequences for that choice.
  2. Speaking of those things, maybe it's just me, but they kinda look like the light shards from Reborn...
  3. To be fair, that Groudon kinda killed her friends.
  4. I mean, it's confirmed that they build the pyramid, so not really
  5. I mean, it's possible he chose to shape shift into us but he just can't shape shift back.
  6. I never said I can explain why stuff is happening. I can only explain the "What" that is happening. Either way, let's speculate: 1. Considering the way they spoke of it, it seems to be whatever Crescent is trying to do. Crescent has a goal with the stoning, and it seems that if the goal isn't achived, they will be in danger. 1 bis- yeah, but I don't think that's all that problematic for them. See 1 ter. 1 ter- Maybe? But like, they (well, only Cosmia but she doesn't really seem to care about comet) can fucking shapeshift lol. How the hell will Crescent even find them? I qualify this as "getting out of the danger zone" because that literally what Cosmia said. Her words, not mine. 2. Tbh, Crescent mightve ordered her to hide Madame X identity. She wants us out of Xen's business, after all. 2 bis- ehhhhhhhhhhhh 2 ter- No shit? She does it a lot my guy. If it means we'll be away from Team Xen she'll do anything and everything, probably. 2 quarter- Crescent is occupied by the time we're in nightmare city (her so called "death") so the timeline doesn't really work. 3. Nancy is kinda implied to be famous and she's dead+ the public doesn't know about it, so she's a convenient person to use to lure people. No idea why Comet copied us though. Maybe to take the vaccine? 4. Hell if I know lol. To be fair, Axis High is sus af. The axis high penthouse being super clean despite multiple uni students living there, Talon falling to such an obvious trap, Risa living there, the Saki Twitter shenanigans, Blakeory being the principal, it's all very sus. 4 bis- perhaps all of Crescent actions are just prolonging the inevitable and Cosmia and Comet aren't aware of it? In nightmsre city, she does say that something is gonna happen soon. 4 ter- lmao
  7. I'm pretty sure whatever Comet and Cosmia are doing is related to the stone phenomenon. They invite people to a location via their Nancy disguise and then Nim turns them into stone. Seriously, why is everyone so confused about this? Nim says quite clearly that she came for Lavender and to "do her job", i.e turn her into stone. Lavender was there because of an invitation from "Nancy". Thus, Nim, Comet and Cosmia are working together. Considering the fact that Nim is doing Crescent's bidding, that means that Crescent, Comet and Cosmia are working together. Why? To "get out of the danger zone", as Cosmia says.
  8. Interesting theory, but like, maids have feelings though. Look at angie's maids and at Indriad's. Why would anyone think they don't have feelings?
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