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  1. So i've had quite a bit of a few bad days, and i think we all could use something to cheer us up, and i've had a bit of fun writing small parodies of scenes in the status thread, but i realize it's a tad off topic so i made this thread. So here's the game, write a joke version of a scene in the game or something involving the cast. The only rules are nothing mean spirited, bullying, or character bashing. So i'll start: Mr. Blakeory: Vitus, we have to talk about the status of your house, finances and what we discovered. Vitus: Look i can explain, the lava pits are for when Marianette start misbehaving and doesn't eat her vegetables. I've got to teach my Marianette discipline, you understand. Mr. Blakeory: uuuhhh i wasn't referring to that, i was going to ask about why you made basic math questions your only security. BUT LAVA PITS? Vitus: Look, my daughter needs encouragement to do her homework. It's been quite hard for us ever since my beloved wife died. " glares at Blakeory ". Mr. Blakeory: errrrr my condolences, but why do you have an army of maids? It's a most unorthodox way of trying to cope wi- Vitus: IT"S NOT LIKE THAT!!! I mean, you see i'm planning on converting my mansion into a game house, sort of like that trick house in Hoenn. It's great fun. Those maids are the entertainment. Mr. Blakeory: oooh, well color me impressed Vitus, i may let you keep your house after all and even visit once in a while. Vitus: What? NO! Also not like that, they host puzzles and other obstacles and games in my new game house. Mr. Blakeory: Awwww.
  2. After Mimikyu hatches and gives the party access to their pokemon a small scene plays where you pick "its dinner time" or "to repent for our sins" and after this I'm teleported back to the island and haven't figured out a way to progress forward. I'm just wondering if there's any sort of workaround or fix for this? I'm on v13 with latest patch.
  3. I'm at the optional Zygarde Complete anomaly battle, and I'm wondering if I gain something from doing it instead of just obtaining the Zygarde without the battle,
  4. (first post here apologies if this is the wrong place for it) So i have just finished post game (to my knowledge) and there were some revealed Lin background details i don't fully understand
  5. I'm on my way through victory road, still close to the beginning, at the part with the strength puzzles. I dodged an icicle crash from Blake and now I'm able to walk through walls on the map? I can't leave the area either. This is version 19.07, no mods installed
  6. I'm making notes about every legendary/mystical appeared. Bold means that they are "operative", important for the storyline's continuation from Chapter 15's end or they are still lefting their own "trace" in the story events., like Nihilego. Normal ones means not known where they are, not important as the Bold ones, or "inactive", like Registeel who is connected to Saki, but she has to stay back for 9 months. Or not important at all, for now. -Mewtwo is a lady named Dranna who seems like serving Crescent, now, but we don't what happened to her; -Suicune's statue is in Empoleon's location; -Shiny Celebi's role maybe is already finished; -Latias and Latios (shiny) are Alexandra and Damien's; -Aelita-Regirock is just the reflection of her becoming """crazy""" to Vivian's curse, but maybe she can create it in the future, who knows; -Angie has still Regice, but it seems like she got separated from "Vitus" and she's nowhere to be known. (Bold maybe?) -Saki got the power to control Registeel and I think maybe she will do it in the future; (Bold maybe?) -Groudon once was caught by Ceria but we don't know where now it's; -Kyogre was once battled by MC to free Amber, Tesla and Madelis, despite there is a strange door near his Dive location. -Jirachi is maybe connected to Star Shards; -Deoxys is Snuggly, "Anastasia's friend" and Nastasia's; -Lake Trio many times appear as statue in many lakes. -Dialga and Palkia are connected to Cosmic Duo and so maybe forms they can achieve; -Regigigas is nowhere to be found, maybe still connected to Nymiera but who knows (Bold maybe?) -Giratina is free since Hospital of Ruin and not known where it is, but theorized Giratina is Griselda (?). Strange, we have both forms in alternative times. -Darkrai has sprites for the Puppet Master's fight in Battlers's file folder; -Arceus once was an original deity, creator of everything, but slipped in three parts by a meteorite. First part died instanctly; second part, Adrest, survived for no much time and adviced Nymiera of his awakening in someone as the Interceptor; third part became Arceus and then the powerful Archetype, which last time we know it was used is by "weak Indriad" to have four children (Erin, Allen, Alice and Maria), due to him becaming soft, Anathea's potion (maybe). -If Zekrom and Reshiram are something, Madame X has the Dark Stone, meanwhile Light Stone is hidden in Kingdom Goodra; appeared in NRs, but as "fakes", probably; -Meloetta is connected to storyline but we got a poor amount of informations; -Genesect is Rhodea's, who finally abandoned her hatred towards Blakeorys; -Xerneas is somehow connected to Nim and Nymiera; Storm-9 is a Xerneas's form in Battlers file folder; -Yveltal seems like connected to Indriad and Melanie, plus Madame X only in the first encounter; -Zygarde 10% can be obtained by MC, since V12 I think. Theorized that it will became his Legendary Partner, thanks to even some similarities with Interceptor's role; -Hoopa is the "girl" in the inner thoughts of Aelita, who helped her, Taelia and Vivian; -Lunala is quoted by a patient's name of the Garufa Inc for Archetype's tests. Not sure is a coincidence or what. -Nihilegos are the first responsables of people turning into stones during Storm-9, plus a scientist in secret League Administration said something about their poison; -Stakataka is a Rift Pokémon, seems the most powerful one: the Xenpurgis; -Clear has a Naganadel, which was disguised as Risa's Jigglypuff; -Kieran has Xurkitree, because he's Kieran; -Other UBs found when "destroying everything" in Storm-9; -Volcanion was in Team Xen's Lab in Carotos, now "free" due to MC; -Diancie is Karen's, but never appeared; -Intense Mode has "MCs" having Mysticals in their team, but it seems like this is only for difficult purpose. If I forgot something, tell me.
  7. I was checking the sprites in the game files, and I found something interesting: First, the "little things": -Storm-9 is a Xerneas's form (despite I already discovered that time ago). I don't think it's a coincidence: the statues in Blacksteeple and Nymiera's house, that same mon being the old "icon and one of the mascots of the game" and this now. -Puppet Master is Darkrai's form in both phases (we have two same PM sprites) Now, something that maybe means something or not... Do you remember that Alexandra and Damien have Shiny Latias and Latios? Well. They can't megaevolve them when we battle Storm-9 in the latest chapter...but...if you check the sprites, Shiny MegaLatios and MegaLatias have a strange dark aura, even their colors are darker than their normal shiny forms. Just wanted to talk about it.
  8. I'm currently doing the Forest Restoration quest and I need gather 7 tiny mushrooms. I know Paras/Parasect spawn somewhere in East/Western Gearen respectively, according to the Pokedex, but I don't know the exact location. Where is the exact spot I need to go to to farm them and are there better locations? I know Parasect can spawn in the safari but that's not the best place to farm.
  9. Basically, I am stuck at where you are currently playing as emma and you have saved aelita from her torturing. I had just found the bookcase with the blueprints of the library and decided to go back upstairs as I could not find what else I needed to do. So I went past the guards and tried to go into Neveds room but I was greeted with ''Can't go this way. Neved might be at the pinnacle." So obviously I tried to look in the other room and I couldnt find anything. But when I tried to leave the room to go back downstairs Emma just saids ''No need to go back this way." Anyone know how to progress?
  10. In the description for Huey's Nightmare Realm song on youtube, Zumi notes that there's a hidden message about one of the characters (which is presumably Rune) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBN4Q02M10U Has anyone managed to figure out what the message is yet?
  11. how... how do i beat hazuki on intense i get one shotted and the automatic trick room isnt helping
  12. Thorough out V13 when you play as the other characters in the pathways sometimes an option will appear that will give you the option to fight alone or team up with another character for example when Nim attacks Melia, Ren, and Venam you as Melia can team with either or fight Nim by yourself I chose the alone option and there was altered dialogue with Nim commenting on how she gets beat by Melia without help. Does anyone think this option changes anything such as relationships or future plot or was it simply a difficulty option?
  13. What are your guys thoughts on the ending of v13 all the questions that were answered of other characters including the revelation we as the players are otherworldly beings inhabiting the body of multiple souls and are perceived differently in appearance by each character?
  14. So, I discovered and played through Rejuvenation a few months ago. I really liked it for the most part - It's got a lot of nice gameplay improvements over Reborn, I like all the sidequests and how some of them tie back into the main story, and while I think Reborn has the better story and writing overall, I still really enjoyed Rejuvenation's story and got invested in all the main characters. However, my enjoyment of the story dropped off quite sharply at certain points - in particular, the majority of Chapter 14's main plotline. And I've been sitting on this giant rant about it for quite a while, which I've finally decided to get off my chest. If Jan, Zumi, or anyone else on the dev team happens to be reading this, I'm sorry I'm about to be so negative about something I know you put a whole lot of time, effort, and creativity into. Please understand that the only reason I'm so upset about this is that you did such a great job for the most part, and got me really invested in where your story was going up to this point, and I feel like it let me down. So let's get into it. Spoilers for the entire game up to Chapter 14.
  15. If you could save one character in this game, who would it be and why? Me personally
  16. Taka's on the run from his old team and the woman who's corrupted everything he ever knew. Romi's looking for a Gym Badge, a Key, and answers. What happens when they end up as travel buddies through a large, confusing desert? Hijinks, probably. This is my 2020 Camp NaNoWriMo project, a sort of pseudo-novelisation of the Tourmaline Desert portion of Reborn. Except AU, because it's also a prequel to my other AU fanfic, which I will eventually stick in this thread once Tourmaline Travels is completed. (I wrote out of order, it wasn't a brilliant move on my part, but in my defense the other one was supposed to be a oneshot at first. Anyway.) I'm planning on posting a chapter per week until it's completed. Assume spoilers for everything up to and including Titania's Gym, and also be warned that I'm not holding back at all on the cheesiness. Cheesy is fun, read at your own risk. Without further ado... Index: Ch. 1 (Day 1) Ch. 2 (Day 2) Ch. 3 (Day 3) Ch. 4 (Day 4) Ch. 5 (Day 5) Ch. 6 (Day 6) Ch. 7 (Day 7) Ch. 8-10 (Days 8-10) Ch. 11 (Day 11) Ch. 12 (Day 12) Ch. 13 (Day 13) Ch. 14 (Day 14) Ch. 15 (Day 15) Ch. 16 (Day 16) Ch. 17 (Day 17)
  17. Byxbysion Ward "In memory of what this place was, so that it may never be again." a content addition mod by AiedailEclipsed In the Episode 16 release of Reborn, we see Reborn City brought up from its previously squalid conditions and into a bright and shining new era. Well. Most of Reborn City. Arguably the area most physically affected by the machinations of Team Meteor -- inadvertently at that, -- is the Byxbysion Wasteland. It is a festering pit of filth and toxic waste, unable to provide refuge or home to most city residents in a time when they need it most. And during the player's absence and subsequent return to the city, many surely thought that we might see a restored Byxbysion area. Unfortunately, no -- during the development period, Ame did contemplate giving Byxbysion a fresh coat of paint (read: completely and totally gut the place and start over) like the rest of the city, but the effort required would likely have drastically pushed back the release date even further. We can see nods towards in-game acknowledgement that the Byxbysion area is the next major project to be undertaken in restoring the city, but it likely wouldn't be something that we could ever actually get to see. Well, I decided to change that. What this mod aims to do To put it simply, I aim to add in the Byxbysion Ward mentioned within the game's files. I plan to do this very, very carefully so that it could hopefully be able to be "dropped" into any current Reborn game and picked up without noticing any in-game weirdness or conflicting with the core Reborn game information. In order to do this, I've "set aside" the last 25 maps that can be created in an RPG Maker XP game in order to avoid conflicts with the core Reborn game for as long as possible (if it may ever happen). In addition, any events that will be created will be leaps after the current Reborn switches and variables. I'm hoping to minimize my impact on the core game as much as possible, in respect for what Ame has created, while adding my own flair and creating an experience congruent with the world it inhabits. I will also only be utilizing previously existing Reborn assets (minor edits to those not withstanding). What this mod will NOT do This mod will not add encounters of any kind that would happen before the "canon" location is available to you (ie, you won't be able to find a Scyther in the tall grass or through a gifted encounter). Further along those lines, you won't be able to find or buy items that would otherwise be inaccessible to you within the limits of the current canon game. Frequently Asked Questions Screenshots Click here to follow along with development snapshots arranged by date! Progress Report Change Log
  18. Episodes Season 1 Introduction Hello everyone! First thing I want to say to the developers as well as everyone else responsible for Pokemon Desolation is that this game is amazing and I got really into the storyline so far! Anyways, it has really inspired me to write a roleplay run similar to the others I have seen throughout these forums for other games. So, I give to you my Pokemon Desolation roleplay run. This is the story of Celestia, an orphan with a heart of gold that is balanced out by a healthy amount cynicism. One defining aspect of her character is her fixation with the many fairy tales and legends that are told to children. She especially seems to have a fixation on the idea of the Gallant Hero. Of course, she knows better that there are no true knights in shining armor, but one can at least contribute to making the world a less awful place. Right? Prelude Excerpt from a Diary entry a few years before the cruise to Celia City Excerpt from a Diary entry written the day before the cruise to Celia City The Team
  19. Ok, so I managed to get past the whole Amelia ordeal and I've been doing some stuff in Blackview and working on some sidequests, the gang war has started and I saved right before I go fight Scarlett on top of the skyscraper, problem is that she just straight up wipes my team if I get to her Cincinno (WHICH CAN APPARENTLY MEGA EVOLVE NOW!). Now I wouldn't mind this if it brings me back to the last healing spot, instead, it plays a cutscene of Shiv fighting Nova and then it's suddenly a black screen with the normal Blackview music playing in the background. Still lets me open my menu but I can't do crap. Any solutions?
  20. Pinning down a consistent theme or aesop in Rejuvenation is pretty tricky because let's be real, the plot is a bunch of things that just happen. Certain things pop up, like Crescent attempting to deconstruct the power of friendship after we die, or Spacea and Timeia trying to force Melia to consider the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few but like those are in their own sections of the plot so far. If i had to guess what Rejuvenation is trying to say myself, perhaps it's the value of life? Finding value and worth in it despite hardships or maybe not just life but people and things in it. Now what is the first thing we see after downloading this game? Xerneas as the icon of the game on your desktop, the Pokemon of life. Let's take a look at Nancy, throughout the game, she's called a doll or emotionless, yet she still manages to care for us despite it all, maybe not even being our real mother, but it can't be denied she loved us enough to give her life for us. This is hammered home by Madam X's shocked reaction to this. We teach Maria the value of her life through our interactions with her in the mansion that she is able to stand against Indriad at the end, Sheridan starts the game in decline due to Kenneth's breakdown, yet Aelita sees value in it and it's people, Golden leaf turned racist due to a past tragedy but learn to find value in outsiders after we intervene and move on from the burning tower. Zetta tries to find value in his life as a clone of Melia by trying to bond with her in his own way as a Team Xen member and it's doomed to failure. And after black steeple, i'd say this theme takes a back seat, though there is a bit on Sharlene's attempt at suicide failing and Crescent and Venam's contrasting reactions, but comes back in GDC. Rune is missing and it eats up at Huey but he's still able to function and his friendship with Reina fills in the sisterly void in his heart, Melia is heartbroken at Venam turning to stone that it helps motivate her to try to stop Vivian's ritual without realizing the consequences, Vivian's struggle with her friends over the value of her life over all of the world's, and then later on her reincarnation is able to live, the bad future in it's best ending is able to rebuild after Melanie's defeat, Erin finds a purpose to her life when meeting our group, and joining the adventure despite contemplating suicide which is hammered home by her speech at the ball. Aelita finds value in her own existence even after realizing most of her life is a lie. And speaking of Aelita and her life, we can't go this far without discussing Kenneth and Taelia. At the start of WLL, both are dissatisfied with their lot in life, Kenneth ran away from Kanto using the excuse to wanting to help people, but then gets suckered into being a glorified construction worker, Taelia is basically a prisoner kept from the outside world by Cella out of fear for her safety and others due to her little curse. Both meet each other and improve each other's lives, Kenneth has something to protect and a purpose, while Taelia has someone she can rely on and talk to on a level she can't with Cella. But as we all know, it doesn't have a happy ending, but Taelia assures Kenneth that it was good while it lasted and that's what matters, Kenneth and his conflict with his brother does end with them reconciling despite Deagan dying, and despite Kenneth thinking Taelia hated him, still raised Aelita as his daughter despite the issues hammers home the theme of the value of life. So yeah, i'd say due to being a complete tale, WLL does a better job of conveying the themes of the value of life despite tragedy and certain issues getting in the way of but not destroying happiness. And besides the value of life, i do notice a recurring writing theme, the theme of motherhood is quite prominent in the game. The very beginning of the game is a mother reading a story to her child, the death of said mother and it's effects on the family, Nancy as our mother takes a more active role in the game compared to most mothers, Aelita's mother is gone but she considers the Eldest to be the closest thing she has to one, Ren and Reina's mother is depressed and alone because her children left her and she wonders if she went wrong, Narcy tries to care for Geara because she is his step/adopted mother despite Geara's refusal, Mosely and Maman's whole arc (Maman is even french for Mom) Nancy's sacrifice for us, Tesla's troubled relationship with her daughter despite being universally beloved, and even wanting to adopt us because we are now an orphan, Melia even calls Tesla the mother she never had, Venam reminiscing that her mother realized that she was mourning for Melia's supposed death and tried to comfort her, the bad future's concept that all females are children of Nymiera and that Melanie kidnapped Tesla to be her pretend mommy, Ardrest and Veriya and the latters joy when Ardrest calls her mother. And that's not even getting into my theory that Crescent is our actual mother somehow. Now i have no idea if this theme is intentional or not, but it's certainly something to think about.
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