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  1. I think a murder mystery on the train would’ve been very cool but probably as a side quest since I don’t think the story was leaning towards one. A murder mystery in rejuv would be cool in general though but we all know geara did it
  2. That must be where melia got her jumping start
  3. So I should say that I rejuvenation is one of my favorite games ever. This can be attributed towards it's larger than life story, it's relatively endearing (but incredibly expansive) cast, and the fact that it's a fun take on an era of pokemon that has been gone since generation 6. That said, critically, it's writing isn't very good. Characters feel almost completely devoid of a purpose beyond stopping team Xen. Melia for example doesn't necessarily need a reason given her circumstances, but why are Adam, Saki, Braixen, and Valarie invested in the quest of the main cast. (ADAM FLAT OUT SAYS HE
  4. Pikachu Crest, Increases Base Attack, and Base Special attack to 100, and effect speed boost but lower HP, DEF, and SPDEF Eevee Crest, Increases Special Attack to 100, and Speed to 100, Protean ability with some unique moves (Good even be cool with the Transform Eevee
  5. Are there plans to add a bag debug or general debug menu into v11. I need a Light Ball for my starter pikachu and the game doesn't give you one until darchlight manor. The reborn vs has one but rejuv doesn't.
  6. Does anyone happen to have Cosplay Pikachu sprites for Reborn/Rejuvenation. Specfically Pikachu Belle
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