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  1. That helpfull tip btw, fixes just about everything related to save files. (I'm talking about save data errors.) most in game glitches need a patch.
  2. Did you correctly Install the back up? Their should be a guide that says how to do that in the resources tab. That is how you fix most fatal errors.
  3. not many people who read this will understand. You probably hav not played Starbound. Have you? Starbound is basicaly terraria but better. You can visit other worlds inside a near infinite number of solar sytems. Each blip of light on the map is a star that you can visit. Instead of one world it's an entire universe. You can also install mods of steam or the chucklefish forums to enhance the storyline or enhance the sandbox feel of it. I could go on forever about how great Starbound with Frackin' universe installed is. I could go in even longer if you said a single thing about JRR. Tolkein's w
  4. I HAVE A THEORY. A GAME THEORY FLORIN IS THE FLORAN FROM STARBOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAIT, THAT MUST MEAN... FLORA IS NURU!!!!!!!!!! I'm a FUCKING Genius! Disclaimer: This post is clearly meant as some sick and totally untrue joke. I had this idea while lying in bed trying to go to sleep last night. I was clearly delerious and possibly however unlikely, had too many castelia cones and was on a sugar high. Lastly congradulations you wasted 3 mins reading this. I suppose you could at least check the proof. But hey, that's just a theor
  5. Side quest sounds better. Don't have to do a bunch of work modifying a timeless masterpiece. Could just make it one in a series of looker quests in the v13 after story. I guess similar to XY maybe. Good thought though I hope something like this gets added all we need to do is get Jan or someone else to see this and go "hm this guy is the Da Vinci of our time." (Just kidding I'm not clairvoyant, but please do consider this as a viable side quest series) Jade A. Fenwe
  6. I'm pretty sure capitalization is a thing. What windows are you running I might not be running the newest w10 update. Things may have changed. (do you have multiple save files?) Ps. I'm using windows it may be something with the type of computer you are using. I'm not sure. I'm running Rejuv on my throw away and not my main computer. I would capitalize it just in case. another tip: if you are having troubles beating a rift or are stuck in the past you can always use a backup without deleting your OG save file. Just put it in a folder in your home screen or downloads. don't put a G
  7. SUS ... I mean S0S, I need assistance again Vitus's Gardevior is broken. her health points are not as bad as frosslass (which has a whopping 1000 hp... I think) Rift Gardevior is some serious broken crap. I need someone to give advice. Team: Shiny Lilligant (it's back) Shiny lucario, Shiny Sharpedo, Sylveon, Incinaroar, Mawile.
  8. Make sure you name it Game if it's your first save file or, Game_2 if it's in the # two slot. remember to capitalize game. Example Game.rxdata, or Game_2.rxdata and so forth. Hope that helps. usually if you name it incorrectly It hides all your saves. the newly named file should shoot up to where the old file was. depending on what version of windows you're running. 99% of the time people forget something in the name. Hope this helps, (need to fix something on the thread) Jade A. Fenwe
  9. yup absolutely right. always revert to a back up or redownload rejuv. that usually fixes most problems that flex seal can't. I like trains... Jade A. Fenwe
  10. When I played chapter ten, I was really hoping while on the train we would have something similar to Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express. Now I'm not asking you to read the book. Watching both the old movie or the new would do to get an idea of what to program. I was really disappointed, but "You can't change the past." I was hoping however unlikely it may be, chapter 10 could get a rework. Anyone else who agrees or disagrees may comment here, but please be respectful. Fun bit of trivia: In Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door, a whole chapter was based off the b
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