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  1. what do I do once in seventh street to find the girl that was kidnapped. I can't freaking find the guy anywhere my screen is flashing from what looks like day to night and it's super annoying. what do I do to find the thief.
  2. does anyone have debug mode for desolation if so could you please send me the files needed. thankyou in advance. Jade A. Fenwe
  3. I should have been more clear the patch is not for v12 you need to download v13 since the game engine changed rpgmakerxp does not have a scripts folder the patch is for fixing v13 bugs. open reborn evolved forums home page and go to downloads. download v13 and open it make sure your save file from v12 is saved in one of these locations. gaeren labs GDC apartments kakori HQ v12 is obsolete now and is only used for fixing save files. or cheesing some situations if you have multiple files summary DOWNLOAD REJUV V13 AND PLACE THE PATCH IN THERE. Note: read around the forums to look for bug reports so you get the jest of what is happening with the update and always check for new patches. a patch does not upgrade your game version. PS. I am sending the zip file in another message once I get things worked out with mega because my premium account is acting like it doesn't exist and I just got the bill on my credit score and paid it yesterday (the day I got it) so my account should be back up in a few. I might have to make a free account for this. I can still share the download link and decryption key.
  4. My problem - I tried putting the patch in v12 that's not what you are supposed to do. download v13 your saves are in an alternate location make sure you are in one of these locations when you load a v12 save file in the new version. 2. if you adjusted the size of the v13 interface that crashes the game. you can go load an old save file used in v12 in v12 and manually adjust the size of the screen or you can press ctrl A and that should change the screen size. 3. I get the script hanging every time I open. just hit ok and wait 20 seconds with the game open. It will load if something about the size of you interface shrank slightly you will know what I mean. option 4. I have no idea about how linux version works but linux is generally an operating system used by programmers so I generally still use windows. (even though I do have a basic understanding of java and sorts of crash reports. (the basic stuff) never used linux try my solutions and then ask on discord. Hello this is Jade A. Fenwe with an extra comment. I have no idea how to use linux but these are all the problems I have run into. in game glitches like the prize money issue and others have patches. If you need any extra help contact me on discord but please ask on discord and forums first. My contacts contain my discord and are open for people to message me. contact me IF ALL ELSE FAILS I DON'T WANT SPAM AND THIS COMES AS A PRIVELAGE. (and can be taken away by changing settings) Have a nice day :) Jade A. Fenwe GDC apartments Gaeren laboratory Kakori ranger HQ IMPORTANT NOTICE: Keep a zip file of rejuvenation v12 just in case you need things fixed. I can supply them. I have a zip of v10 v11 v12 and v13 on my pc Contacting me on discord would be best so I can share said v12 zip file if you need to fix v13 crap.
  5. But it did happen we have the neo garden help center requests and several other events. Play the game first and then ask for something that is not already implemented.
  6. Seems rarer than that. I thought it was 1 in 400 but it might have changed as of v13. 1 in 100 just seems too high. Why is it so hard for people to spell shiny (referring to the topic title.)
  7. 7-21-21 Does the file show in the game's BGM folder. Anyway this will most likely get patched later. What does BGM even stand for? Base game music? Jade A. Fenwe
  8. I don't understand is there a god damn video that shows you what to do "I fucking hate written instructions." I am 95% sure I did everything right.
  9. Game.rxdata here's my game save file; it's saved in that room. not sure if it will still be raining.
  10. i honestly don't know just take a picture. I thought I was losing my mind. but it's raining outside... and inside. I don't have anything witty to write so I'll just sign the post... Jade A. Fenwe
  11. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  12. my discussion might help



  13. why do I exist?


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