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  1. So I am stuck at Geara's fight at Wispy tower and I need help. Any suggestions will help.
  2. Wispy path, just west of goldenleaf town.
  3. So I am trying to evolve my linnone into obstagoon but and my computer time marks it at 11 pm at night, but for some reason the game is still playing as if it was still daytime. I was wondering if maybe the mechanics on how daytime and nightime work changed. If so can you help explain them to me?
  4. So I want to figure out how to beat the this battle on my own, but so far I am getting destroyed because I haven't figured out all of Geara's team. So it would be great if someone could list out Geara's team. It would be great and I really appreciate the help.
  5. I know I need the whipped cream and trade to evolve it, but I was wondering if anyone knew the earliest place to get a link stone as of v13,
  6. My favorite change so far was the timeline change of the whole Melia dying. I think that the story just flows better with battling Venam before Melia is chased. It is also much appreciated that they give you the options to travel with the other characters more often, it really saves a lot of back and forth traveling. What is your favorite change?
  7. I think that Melia is Marrianette. Sort of. I think that Mariannette was broken doesn into Melia, Erin, and the two other kids I cant remember their names. Then this makes it so Marrianette would the the architect( or the arceus gift to humanity thingy, can't remember abtual name) and she broke apart.
  8. Do you know at what point in the game? Im currently in goldenleaf town
  9. Does anyone know the new location for Exp All?
  10. Does anyone know what the new location for the Exp All is at?
  11. Well Im not sure about honeedge location but in v12 when I got to play as Aelita I replaced her hawlucha with one of my pc pokemon and I got to keep the hawlucha, but I lost my pc pokemon.
  12. Wow having the chimeco made a darn big difference. The fearow was also pretty good. Thx for the help it was very much appreciated.
  13. So I am fighting Keta on normal mode( reborn style) and I am having a hard time) This are the pokemon I have available, but if you know any pokemon that is good and would help I would be more than happy to train it
  14. What is the best way to train in Sheridan Village and what was your strategy to beating Keta?
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