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  1. damn i defeated the rift chandelre in v12 .... I staled it with burned field so easy
  2. so I am on intense mode. Breeding could work with combusken and fletchling to get multiple mons and i dont know is your talking to breed for 31 ivs.... and one thing my combusken and fletchinder both have jolly nature and 31 speed ivs.. and im scared of this fight i get so destroyed..........
  3. I don't know if you can change but you can play it in v12 version to not have item ban and then continue v13 story from v13 patch. downside of this is you wont have v13 content like mons and maps and items and all that stuff
  4. HELLO REJUVEIANS.... As the title speaks I am doing a mono fire run and am now stuck at keta 1 ( not the spirit one)...... so i've come to the help of my trusty REJUVEIANS. my team : combusken, hondour, litleo, fletchlinder. please suggest me if there is a new mon i can catch and also stratergy to beat him.......
  5. Thanks for the advice everyone i'll start my new savefile and do it ...............THE MONO FIRE RUN...
  6. It is easy to train it ti 45 in kakaori village with the breeder..
  7. yeah it does and don't evolve it till level 45 and you will definetly learn good moves.. make sure it has flash fire too it is helpful
  8. oranguru is in that meadow before kakaori village I guess i'm not entirely sure check out it in on rejuvenation wiki or somethinf.
  9. If you are talking about the gym fight I beat it in normal fairly easily after 10 turns... What I used was Drought torkoal and Lycanrock with rockslide.... just kept torkoal alive and just swept her with heat waves and rockslides... also used arcanine and other pokemon in between
  10. Anyone help me with this https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/56457-valarie-on-intense-v12-mono-fire-run-help/?do=findComment&comment=939200
  11. So hey everyone . I'm gonna start a fire mono run in V12 intense mode , cuz v 13 is having bugs for now. And my primary concern is how the heck do I beat her. I know I can't do this alone so I came to take help of my rejuveians. please give me tips on the strategy, mons, training etc all that kind of stufff
  12. Damn they changed it to toxtricity in V13. It was ZEBSTRIKA in V12 tho.............
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