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  1. Who do I need to talk in Sashila Village to get the House Key for the Gardevoirite?
  2. I'm talking specifically about Help Quest "Badland Baddies." The 2 Xen Grunts are just too difficult. With the desert fiel lowering my accuracy, and their seeds boosting spped and increasing evasion, I just can't beat it. I tried using Sun and Heat wave but it wouldn't work. This is probably the hardest abttle form me in game so far. Can anyone give me some advice on this battle? I'm also on intense and no items. The mons I have trained up are
  3. If I use a move that changes a Pokemon's ability, like Worry Seed, will it actually work or will it just fail?
  4. I was thinking of running a physical Greninja but now that Gunk Shot has been removed, I;m not so sure. I would like to give it Ice Punch too, but would it be better to just run a special or mixed one? I don't really care about the dark coverage at all.
  5. Is the Gunk Shot move tutor in the game and if yes, where is it?
  6. Can I use Trick or Switcheroo on boss Pokemon to swap items? Say I wanted to Trick a black sludge onto Rift Gardevoir, would that be possible?
  7. So is there anyway I can prevent using debug somehow?
  8. Silly question but how do I change the topic title?
  9. So in the Darchlight Caves, I explored woth Florin and exposed Flora but I was told later I would have a choice to tell Cassandra everything and if I did, Florin would die. When I got there however, Florin told Cassandra everything without me having a choice. Does that Florin is doomed or do I still have a chance to save him?
  10. I just got to the Nightmare Casino and I'm really confused on how it works. Can somebody please help understand what I'm supposed to do here?
  11. Does anyone know where I can get a black sludge?
  12. My Copperajah happened to know strength and I was able to use it on Floria and Terajuma before going to GDC where you would nomally get strength. This allowed me to access events like Litten and Caratos Moutain vendor many chapters early. I don't think this was intended and probably just an oversight but I thought it was kinds cool and wanted to share (sorry if this was already known).
  13. I just beat her recently on intense. The MVP's here were the lead Pyukumuku which used purify to get rid of the frozen dimensional field into just a regular icy field, and trick room Oranguru. From there, Hariyama (in your case Mawile) and Copperajah can handle the rest.
  14. When i put Spice Powder on the Vielplume in the Safari Zone, it wouldn't move away whether I caught it or run away. Is the Vielplume not moving a bug?
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