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  1. I stopped playing the game for a while and got myself back into it. I remember beating Angie but now I dont know where to go. Venam tells me she will look after Melia while im gone but idk where I need to be going. Ive tried going to ketas villa and nothing happens. Theres no one there. Am i missing something?
  2. So I am at the part where you have to meet Victoria and the DJ dude in the Underground Railroad but I don’t know where. I see the red door but I don’t know how to unlock it. Help please.
  3. I had this bug where in the place where you get your starter, the mart there, I wanted to buy some potions but when I did the like the text wouldn't appear. It was just blank, I could still buy the potion. I just wanted to know if there were ways to fix bugs like this? Bugs in general.
  4. Bin momentan in der "Devon Corp?" mein Problem ist ich schaffe den letzten Gegner nicht und ich bin jetzt stuck im Gebäude und kann nichts machen, meine Pokemon´s Overleveln sich langsam hier. Möglichkeit raus zu kommen gibt es nicht. https://pokemon-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Devon_Corp Gegner ZEL ist nicht machbar für mich
  5. I went to route 2 to get a dedenne for the pokedex but after running around small grasses in both route 2 and other places, I can't get any encounters.
  6. I recently started over Rejuvenation v13, and somehow haven't been able to maintain a balanced semi-stable team, being forced to train or even breed new mons for each big challenge. I realize this is somewhat inevitable, the game's difficult and all that, but I would like some advice in how to build a semi-stable team to go through the game. Specially now that I'm at the point I'm about to enter Mt Valor and the Geara/Zetta battle is around the corner... Thanks in advance, current level cap is just before Amber, so around lv 55. Already trained pokémon (which I change constantly for each big battle lol) Somewhat trained (like candidates to be included): I know I lack certain types and lean to others lol I tend to favor event or significant pokémon
  7. I am currently facing Adrienn and I dont hv any poison type pokemon and I spent almost 10hrs trying to level up my other pokemon which i thought will be good against him. thn i learnt that poison types do well against him, but i dont hv any. So, a bulbasaur would do good since it has a grass type as well, or any other high level poison types please. i'll trade what i can.
  8. Hello all! Are you having a tough time with a Gym Leader? In this thread you can ask for help from your fellow Reborn players as to how to best go about getting over that hump. Please fill out the below information to the best of your ability so that we can know what you have at your disposal. (Format optional) [[Leader you are facing]] --Your current team-- [species] | [Level] [Hold Item] [Ability] [Nature] - Move 1 - Move 2 - Move 3 - Move 4 ((Do this for each of your 6 current party members)) ---- --Other Pokemon you have in your PC-- [species] | [Level] ---- Additional useful info such as money available, items you currently may have if they're relevant etc. (This is completely optional) Hopefully with the advice you get here, you can conquer your enemy and progress forward on your quest!
  9. I need a Litten or a Rowlet pls. I am short of grass type pokemon n i think trading pokemons is a better option cuz they gain a boost in EXP. and I need Litten cuz i joined the magma gang n I learnt that litten will b given by team aqua leader after everyone got their jobs, so.... pls help me. Rowlet would be better. I can trade A. Sandslash, Bronzong, Abomasnow, etc...
  10. I’ve been trying to fight Angie for hours and I haven’t been able to beat her please help! All Pokémon are level 50 Swampert - Rock Slide -Bide -Muddy Water - Mud Bomb Mawhile -Stockpile -IronHead -Crunch -Play Rough Luxray -Crunch -Baby Doll Eyes -Volt Switch -Ice Fang Arcnanine -Extreme Speed -Flame Charge -Rock Climb -Close Combat Throh -Circle Throw -Wide Guard -Bulk up -Helping Hand Copperajah -Iron Head -Iron Defense -Dig -Strength
  11. I'm terribly sorry if this has been done before, I searched and didn't see it. I'm currently stuck in the room with Amber, Melia and Erick (the one where each of you have a gamecube controller talking of a battle), now, Erick walks down to the sofa and the game glitches / crashes. Is there a way to get around this? I made this account just to ask, and I'm not very forum savvy so any help would be really appreciated as I've poured hours into this game.
  12. I have no idea of how exactly the statues have to face each other and no idea which door is suposed to open after completing the puzzle, i've tried many combinations and after every try i check every door in the house but nothing new happened (got a random silk scarf while walking, dont know if it means something).
  13. Upon picking up V13 and launching the game, I was prompted in the menus to choose shift or set. Thinking I could change it in the options menu, I chose set to see how difficult it was. However, now I seem to be stuck on set - changing it to shift in the options menu doesn't work and I'm struggling in Melia's route quite a bit. Does intense mode necessarily have to be played on set or can I change this back?
  14. Hey, I'm in Goldenleaf town right now and I am at the point where team Xen is hunting the pokemon center disguised as ghosts. I defeated almost all of them, but the "ghastly" is giving me a bit of trouble. Every time the fight with this trainer starts up, my game crashes. I've tried a few times, but I do need help. Please. I'll attach the file and the error message. Game_2 - 32 - Clay - 21h 13m - 3 badges.rxdata errorlog.txt
  15. Im on the questline after the 5th gym where you are saving the orphanage children however everytime i finish saving charlotte she has me move and then im frozen in place and cant access by bag either. Is there a way to fix this
  16. Hello. Im trying to beat Radomus but this battle is almost impossible for my actual team. I searched yt and I see, that many people have more high-level(60 in this case) pokemons in their box. I don't know if they really grind so much, is there any way to quickly train pokemon needed for some fights at this point in the game or I must grind a lot of time to get needed pokemon on enough levels? Thanks in advance for reply
  17. title says it all....i pressed all blue buttons but still can't progress anywhere! any help so onto avian forms i still don't know how the hell does avian chandelure evolve? where to find avian lapras, mismagius or ampharos!
  18. Hi, so after I beat the kimono girls and watched the scene with Erin and Alieta my character was whisked into a cut scene and then found themselves in Sheridan village . Is there a way for me to get back to Grand Dream City, its been a while but last time I checked story wise we couldn't get there and I'm don't know if this is a bug or a feature.
  19. So I am in quite the predicament here, I have been trying to do the starter egg quest and recently I’ve been having troubles with breeding my cyndaquil. Whenever I try to breed it with my ditto it says they don’t like each other, which means they won’t breed. But another thing is that my cyndaquil is male, so there is no way for me to get a cyndaquil without a ditto. And from what I saw there is no other way to get ditto. I need this egg to complete the quest, can anyone help me?
  20. The Sirius fight at Belrose mansion is too difficult. I have fought, lost and reset for like 20ish times now. please help me. I am generally finished by his minior. Shell smash minior along with no armor completely destroys my team. when i did manage to defeat minior using fake out, the tyrantrum and golisopod destroy my team. I will cry now :D
  21. I didn't do a single Hidden Library quest on my rejuv save file and I've completed V12. No library means no Karen at Alamissa, no Karen means no incantation and no incantation mean you can't open the doors to zygara castle. And that means that I can't get all the crests, because if I'm not mistaken, some crests can be found in the castle, and I'm lookin to get a dusknoir crest for my almost perfect iv dusk. Is there any way to get into Zygara without doing the Hidden Library quests, and if not, is there any way to change the game's code or something to make it think that I've already done the quests?
  22. I'm want to make my own trainer sprite for reborn and other fangames, but I don't know how. Would any experienced spriters please consider telling me a thing or two about spriting, or link to some tutorials about spriting for trainers?
  23. So I wanna do a playthrough where I am a pokemon I chose teddiursa and was wonder if someone could make me a running,diving,biking,etc. for it if you can please reply to me!
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