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Found 34 results

  1. Hello Reborn community. If this is a duplicate thread for Pokemon Full Moon, sorry then and do with this what you would like. I was just looking for fangames and I happened about this one and it looks really cool and interesting but I don't see any information about it here so i made this thread to see what others might think about the concept. http://pokemonmoonversion.webs.com/ is the link if you want to check it out. OLD LINK DEAD!! http://esteban20000.wix.com/pokemonfullmoon new link WORKS It's about a story from the perspective of Luna. Feel free to check the website for more information. Thanks for checking this thread out and can't wait to see what you think about it. EDIT: EPISODE 6 released very recently and is up to gym 8 now. Have a great night.
  2. Hello all! Are you having a tough time with a Gym Leader? In this thread you can ask for help from your fellow Reborn players as to how to best go about getting over that hump. Please fill out the below information to the best of your ability so that we can know what you have at your disposal. (Format optional) [[Leader you are facing]] --Your current team-- [species] | [Level] [Hold Item] [Ability] [Nature] - Move 1 - Move 2 - Move 3 - Move 4 ((Do this for each of your 6 current party members)) ---- --Other Pokemon you have in your PC-- [species] | [Level] ---- Additional useful info such as money available, items you currently may have if they're relevant etc. (This is completely optional) Hopefully with the advice you get here, you can conquer your enemy and progress forward on your quest!
  3. so i saved in that back alleyway thing where all the Munna are, i saved right by a Munna so i could close the game and reopen until i get a shiny. however when i opened the game again this comes up everytime i select that file kinda a bummer bc i was having fun qvq
  4. HEY sorry to bother does anyone have a spare 6iv froakie? or would anyone be willing to help and breed me a 6iv froakie for pokemon rejuvination!
  5. So I think I’m experiencing a glitch in the mirage tower? For the puzzle all you gotta do is push the piece into the spotlight; seems easy right? But whenever I do that on the 2nd floor it dosent work no stairs or doors are appearing. I’ve restarted my computer and that didn’t work so I don’t think that’s the problem. So is it a glitch or am I missing something here?
  6. Hello everyone! So I recently decided that I want to embark on doing a Mono-Flying run of Pokemon Reborn! Flying is my favorite type and I think it will be pretty challenging consistently through the game considering Gym 1 is Electric, the last Gym (so far) is Rock and theres an Ice Gym about halfway through as well. Definitely think this will be a fun time. HOWEVER, I have a current save file that I absolutely DO NOT want to lose. I am not the best with computers so with all that said, does anyone have any advice for how I can safely have multiple save files without running the risk of losing either of them? Thanks!
  7. Hey everyone, I just caught a Type: Null just now and this is going to be my first time ever having any experience with the Pokemon. I'm attaching a screenshot of the Type: Null I caught. Would need your feedback on the EVs and IVs so that I know whether to continue with this one or soft reset and try to catch a better one. Also, if the EVs and IVs aren't good for this, please suggest a good set of base EVs and IVs for this Pokemon so that I can work on catching a Pokemon with that set. Thanks in advance~
  8. Howdy folks, So I recently downloaded episode 18 and I've run into multiple game-crashing errors and a weird save state malfunction. I do not have the codes for each error, tho if given enough time I'm sure they will happen again and I can then take note. 1. Egg issues - there have been two so far. The first being with the egg recieved from saving the daycare folks. An error code came up and crashed my game. I was supposed to receive remoraid according to the error. And secondly I had an issue when picking up the hypno egg in the slums. When given the option to keep in party or send to pc, regardless of choice the game crashes. Help? 2. At any time I try to take advantage of adding a newly caught pokemon or an egg picked up to my team, the game crashes. Help? 3. For whatever reason when I go to save, even if I've deleted all previous saves, the game writes a current and a previous save state. Where the previous becomes the current Game.rxdata and the current becomes Game_2.rxdata....what is this? Help?
  9. After watching part of a playthrough of Pokémon Reborn and looking into the characters a bit, I am really interested in giving the game a try myself. I downloaded it last night, but when I unzipped the file and tried to play it today, clicking Game.exe does nothing even when I run as an administrator. I've gone into the control panel and made it exempt from the DEP thing as I saw in another topic, but that hasn't done anything either. Does anyone have any other suggestions as to why this isn't working? I'm on Windows 10 if that helps. Thank you in advance, and I apologise if this isn't how to go about such a thing!
  10. I want to find my save files, and i can't seem to find them
  11. Nothing I try seems to work, I'm unable to switch between Ren and Aelita. I've loaded a previous save to see if it would fix itself, I even set the controls to default and went back to see if it would change my situation. If anyone can help me with this I'd appreciate it!
  12. hi, so I'm currently on GDC and i just received (SPOILER ALERT) keta's riolu, I'm trying to breed it because i want a non shiny male one but for some reason it won't produce any eggs with ditto nor other compatible pokemon like houndour... please help i really wanna use one but i can't even use rpgxmaker cause i use a mac...
  13. Is it really worth getting a shinx and a M nidoran at the prize corner?
  14. Ive just finished the Water Treatment center below the waterfall, gone back up the Waterfall received Fly and go inside the Gym/house and now i have to fight a double battle against 2 Meteor runts who i can beat easy but then you have to follow it up and vs Fern and blake in a Double battle and im absolutely struggling , ill post my team with there moves any help would be great my first run at the game so any knowledge from exp is good Cheers. Incineroar lvl 73 - Flare blitz, Darkest Lariat, Cross Chop, Outrage Golurk Lvl 73 - Earthquake,Curse, Hammer arm, Fly Golem 73- Earthquake, Heavy Slam, Rock Blast, Stealth Rock Ampharos Lvl 73- Thunder, Discharge, Rock gem, Dragon Pulse Vaporeon Lvl 73- Hydro Pump, Surf , Aurora Beam, Waterfall Roserade lvl 73- Petal Dance, Petal Blizzard, Grass Knot, Toxic
  15. I used the walk through walls mod by Aironfaar and went up too many waterfalls, ended up crashing the game and when I reloaded I was stuck walking through things. Pls help... This is my file: Game.rxdata
  16. Im making my own pokemon game, with my own "Pokemons". I want to remove all the OGs and insert my own only. But my essential/coding skills are scarce, and i dont want to do alot of work, just for the game to crash. So just want to know if i can remove the PBS pokemon files, with the game not going down because of something deeper referring to those files?
  17. So I'm trying to get through this pyramid in Rejuvenation and it seems as though I can't really switch to Ren or Aelita. I clicked A and then I clicked every other button I have and yet it won't give me the option to select a character so now I'm stuck here... Any help would be appreciated, I really don't wanna lose all my progress in this game due to this bug Below is my save file if that can help in anyway to fixing the problem... Game.rxdata
  18. I've searched every file, and there is no save files, only the ones built into the launcher, any help with that? Downloaded files wont work either
  19. While running through Amethyst Cave I was talking to a trainer when my game froze and then said the script was hanging. I reopened the game to find I can't move or talk to the trainer. Game.rxdata
  20. After Karrine gave me a megastone, I tried to walk but couldnt, i can turn, can access menu normally, but cant move. game autosaved so I cant load an older save. I have 75 hrs in this game and I really dont want to start new mode.
  21. Hello there ! I have not played reborn for a looong time, got a new little laptop today and wanted to play again, cause I'm like soooo disapointed with Sword and Shield... So, two problems for now : I have no music And worse, the game can't start the first battle with Cain and crashes... I share to you the message I got: Thanks for your help (sorry for the English, not my native language.)
  22. Whenever I try to start my game, it appears as a black screen and closes in about 10 seconds. I have tried redownloading, restarting my computer, adding to the the DEP list, using other mirrors, and running as administrator. Nothing is working and it said that it has 'Incompatible programming" once when it actually gave a crash report, and I was able to open it once but when I closed it I haven't been able to open it since. Please help me!
  23. Hiya so newish player here. I've been playing Rejuvenation on my Mac using Wine for the past couple of weeks. Well, I'm an idiot and updated to OS X Catalina so now Wine isn't supported and I cannot play Rejuvenation anymore. I'm heartbroken because I don't want to lose my save data- I love all of the pokemon I've caught so far! Since I'm on Mac, there's no outside folder that holds my save data- the only related file is my LastSave.dat Earlier I tried to zip up my Rejuvenation file, send it to my Windows Bootcamp partition and play from there, but when I started up the game, there was no previous save file, I could only start a new game :( I'm at a loss here, I'm not sure what I can do. Any help is appreciated! And to any other Mac users out there- DON'T UPDATE TO CATALINA IF YOU WANT TO KEEP PLAYING. I've also attached my zipped Rejuvenation folder below on the hopes that it'll help Rejuvenation-V12.zip
  24. Yo guys, i somehow managed to lose my xp share i think it was during type null quest. Is there someone out there that wants to show me how to trade me my xp share from an old backed up file back tino my recent save file.
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