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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, merry christmas to y'all and a happy new year ;3 . So, as my title says, i'd like someone to help me out by giving me these 3 pokemon which i love cuz currently I can't obtain them. Thanks in advance Ps stay healthy ;3
  2. Hello all! Are you having a tough time with a Gym Leader? In this thread you can ask for help from your fellow Reborn players as to how to best go about getting over that hump. Please fill out the below information to the best of your ability so that we can know what you have at your disposal. (Format optional) [[Leader you are facing]] --Your current team-- [species] | [Level] [Hold Item] [Ability] [Nature] - Move 1 - Move 2 - Move 3 - Move 4 ((Do this for each of your 6 current party members)) ---- --Other Pokemon you have in your PC-- [species] | [Level] ---- Additional useful info suc
  3. hi yes hello. local anxiety man here. have not progressed far in reborn, longest i've gone is shade. i'd appreciate some help with starters. not very interested in the overpowered ones. more interested in the ones that Are Pretty Good. any other help is pretty swell too, i'm not really good with the field stuff either. restarting because it's easier than picking up from where i left off long ago. thank you very much.
  4. Can someone teach me how to randomize rejuvenation without adding extra rules like nuzlock mode ? Thanks in advance
  5. Hello! So I'm currently stuck on the fight with ZEL in the Devon Corp, and I can't do any grinding thanks to being stuck here. I'm looking for someone to help tweak my team through trade, whether that be grinding, temporarily sending me some new Pokemon, switching movesets etc. I've included natures here, but I'm a casual player so I don't know much about natures or IVs/EVs. I have 9 Pokemon that are trained up for this part of the game, and I'll also include a shot of my box so you can see everything that's available. Murasashi (Hariyama) lv. 76 Guts / Black Belt / Careful Wake-up Sla
  6. I don't know what I did wrong but when i start up my game i can't save. When i try the game says "Save failed" i already tried using the back-up files but have the same results then.
  7. Stuck on a case? Don't know where to go? Post it here! Note: Please consult the walkthrough included in the game folder before posting here. It may answer your question.
  8. Hello there. I am new to Pokemon Rejuvenation (just downloaded the other day) and i had lost the fight to Garbodor once before and when I went back a second time my character walked through the walls and now is unable to move or interact with a bag so I can't use an escape rope. Any guidance would be really appreciated I don't want to lose all my progress up till now. I have noticed that the blue haired character (I believe his name is Erik) is already there when I enter the cutscene, don't know if that's important information to add but it doesn't hurt to share. Thank you for any help
  9. I usually see interactable Pokémon in the map that when talked to they display the message "x is alone and hungry, it doesn't seem to notice you" but i have no idea how to catch them if that's possible
  10. I'm want to make my own trainer sprite for reborn and other fangames, but I don't know how. Would any experienced spriters please consider telling me a thing or two about spriting, or link to some tutorials about spriting for trainers?
  11. I am at agate circus, training for samson, I have a lv60 pidgeot with feather dance, tailwind, wing attack, quick atttack. I know it will learn brave bird in a few levels but when I went into pc I saw a shiny noibat lv36 I caught back in the game. It has a neutral nature and 30 iv sp.at and 29 iv speed. Should I change my pidgeot for a noibat. I can grind noibat but I don't know if I should. Thanks in advance.
  12. I come again with a broken game. NOW im in the fight with rift Garbodar and stuck in a wall so thats a thing and i sank 60 hours into this so im afraid i cant restart again
  13. Is there another way to have a second exp share? I accidentally traded away my exp share when doing a task in 7th street that required an unfezant
  14. Hello everyone! I am sorry I haven't posted in a while. My computer crashed and I was worried I had lost my reborn data. Fortunately I did not however when I play the game, after about 30 seconds or so I receive this error. I did not know what to do so I redownloaded the game and ran it from there and I am having the same issue. Please help, I put so much into my playthroughs and don't want to lost it all! Image below: \ Thanks!
  15. I'm running into an issue where all my Pokemon Centers are giving me this error(attached) Please help! I don't know what I did wrong... even using the unaltered tileset it does this
  16. Hi! Recently sold my old laptop, so I copied the entire Pokemon Reborn folder into a USB drive in order to save my progress. Now that I moved the folder onto my new laptop and launched the game, the game could not find my save file. I looked through the folders for my save files, but couldn't find them there... So now I'm afraid they were saved somewhere else (maybe My Documents?), and I've lost all those hours of progress..
  17. So I wanna do a playthrough where I am a pokemon I chose teddiursa and was wonder if someone could make me a running,diving,biking,etc. for it if you can please reply to me!
  18. Hello people of the Reborn forums, Yes, as you can tell by the title, I've hit artist's block...again. Unfortunately, it is so. The problem I am having most of all is the vs sprite. I was going to use Pryce as a base without the challenging hand to make him look as apathetic as possible. However, it's the hair. It's always the hair. every single time.... I want his hair to be straight style or regular Asian hair, but I have no idea how to go about that? Do any of you know of any sprite that has that or will I have to suffer to make it by hand? Below you will find Pryce with no hai
  19. Hey, So I have a story idea I have outlined, and would love to have someone to talk about it with. I'd like to discuss the main character I have, their Pokemon and nicknames, supporting characters, and ways of interpreting the story elements. If anyone is interested in that as well as possibly reviewing any chapters, please let me know.
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