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  1. tried to reinstall it and I’m on the patch 13.0.5 but it might be my graphics card I’m playing on a laptop I’m not sure if I can fix that or not ill leave a screen shot of the problem and my specs please help
  2. I know she's chillin outside her house but I don't know where this careless woman's key is and i require her services ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Sorry if I broke any rules on posting and thanks in advance for the help. Feel free to berate me if this isn't the place for this post, I'm #new.
  3. I've recently been playing around with PBS to add a little spice into my game (making legendary pokemon have higher stats, adding different type to a few pokemon, etc.). Recently I've been trying to edit Shaymin's sky form and can't find it in the PBS files. Does anyone know where it is locationed/how to change it?
  4. So wanted to ask how do I make the banner this where the character stands with your team of pokemon. sorry if it isnt called a banner new to this game and first time using this website:P. Like this(this is not mine it belongs to someone else) just tell me how to get one pls
  5. I've been trying to reset over and over and analyze what I've been doing wrong in the Radomus gym battle, but no matter what I seem to do, I always have to reset again and avoid being wiped. I've had this problem before, and changed my team to beat those trainers, but I'm having a particular hard time with Radomus. If needed, I have five Ability Capsules and seven Heart Scales, along with a Quiet, Mild, Hasty, Lax, and Brave Mint (all singular) on stand by. Current Team: Envy, the Zoroark, Level 60, holding Quick Claw Ability: Illusion Adamant, 252 Speed and Attack EVs - Foul Play - Taunt - Sucker Punch - U-Turn Romeo, the Roserade, Level 60, holding Meadow Plate Ability: Natural Cure Modest, 252 Speed and Sp. Attack EVs - Giga Drain - Extrasensory - Petal Dance - Sleep Powder Indigo, the Blastoise, Level 60, holding Wave Incense Ability: Torrent Mild, 99 Defense EVs, 252 Sp. Attack EVs, 96 Sp. Defense EVs, 62 Speed EVs - Hydro Pump - Protect - Aura Sphere - Flash Cannon Ms, Jackson, the Gothitelle, Level 60, holding Twisted Spoon Ability: Competitive Docile, 167 Defense EVs, 179 Sp. Attack EVs, 164 Sp. Defense EVs - Psychic - Dark Pulse - Psyshock - Charm Ezra, the Arcanine, Level 60, holding Draco Plate (should probably change) Ability: Intimidate Hasty, 113 Attack EVs, 143 Sp. Attack EVs, 252 Speed EVs - Flamethrower - Crunch - Close Combat - Outrage Monika, the Spiritomb, Level 60, holding Spell Tag Ability: Infiltrator Modest, 187 Defense EVs, 159 Sp. Attack EVs, 160 Sp. Defense EVs - Ominous Wind - Dark Pulse - Shadow Sneak - Nasty Plot For my strategy, I usually try to Sleep Powder Malamar, Foul Play the Reuniclus, survive the Psychic from Reuniclus with Pawn Focus Sash on Roserade, Foul Play the Reuniclus to take it out, and then Giga Drain the Malamar. This will bring out Metagross which I will Foul Play with Zoroark and switch Roserade for Blastoise, Then, I switch Zoroark for Spiritomb and Protect with Blastoise, and then play off of what happens next essentially. I am also going to tag my box of my main rotation of Pokemon. If you want to ask about what other Pokemon I have, or what specific rules I'm playing by, or what items I have, etc etc., I am welcome to answering those questions.
  6. I think the title is pretty clear lol. I'm right in the middle of the postgame (I just finished Lugia/Ho-oh quests) and I would like the rest of battles not thinking on how many Revival Herbs do I use. I know the game's pretty difficult and not using them is difficult, but a bit of help in team-building would be great! So these are the mons I usually have rotating in my team: Others I also have to help when needed: Sp, Attacker Lucario @Lucarionite Sp. Attacker Hydreigon Attacker Mamoswine Attacker + Wall Steelix @Steelixite Skill Link + King's Rock Cincinno And more (?) Also options: (I just EV-Trained Celesteela as a wall -and as my favorite Ultra-Beast lol) and Kartana for attack but with current results I'm unsure of results) Idk if it's something I lack in teambuilding, or if it's just lack of preparation from the player's side, but I just think I need help Edit: I just tried to fight Deoxys' anomaly and yeah, it's hard to try to win competitive battles with just Fake Out, having everything in the opposite side be just faster and stronger than even pseudo-legendaries/Ultrabeasts, so I need that help.
  7. Hello all! Are you having a tough time with a Gym Leader? In this thread you can ask for help from your fellow Reborn players as to how to best go about getting over that hump. Please fill out the below information to the best of your ability so that we can know what you have at your disposal. (Format optional) [[Leader you are facing]] --Your current team-- [species] | [Level] [Hold Item] [Ability] [Nature] - Move 1 - Move 2 - Move 3 - Move 4 ((Do this for each of your 6 current party members)) ---- --Other Pokemon you have in your PC-- [species] | [Level] ---- Additional useful info such as money available, items you currently may have if they're relevant etc. (This is completely optional) Hopefully with the advice you get here, you can conquer your enemy and progress forward on your quest!
  8. I have 14 badges and I haven't found any of these items, and the information I look up about them online is outdated. I'm not sure if they're just not available at all, available later, or if I'm able to find some now and I'm just dumb Is it possible for me to find any of these items? If not, I'm willing to breed some mons in exchange for them :')
  9. I have been trying over and over again, to beat Crawli in Pokemon Rejuvenation, I don't know what do to. If anyone can give me advice on what Pokemon to use and where to find them, I would greatly apperciate it, also for some reason my Jolly Talonflame with 147 Speed doesn't out speed his Galvantula, I don't know why either. Again, what Pokemon should I get to take on this Gym and where can I find them.
  10. Okay so I'm gonna attempt to write a Reborn Fic with characters who may have some wierd lineage going in here. So we have our MCs, two pairs of siblings wanting to go to Reborn to do three things, Kickass, Tell a good friend about Reborn and checkout where there "Dad" lives. I say dad loosely because technically said Father is someone canon Their Mama is an amazing writer of suspense and maybe a more mature genre for specific people looking for something... Anywho meet our Two Bro & Sis Combo Mallory Elise Brooks & Neville Issac "Zero" Brooks Mallory or Mal for short is your average shy girl with a love for Pokemon Caretaking. She also has a great hearing, Plush collection, and a slight Psychic Connection to Dreams. She has a sweet heart, and tends to go feral over three things, People she loves, Pokemon, and Sweets . She may have a crippling addiction to Sweets. This relates to her Trainer Class Sweetheart She would start off with an Egg and a Chikorita named Daikon (She will name her Pokemon after Food and Friends) Also she may end up crushing on A Certain Sleepy Boy with a Chatot Okay now to Zero He is of course usually formal and simple but likes to make chuuni leveled quotes. Calling himself a Wielder of a Dark Spectral Curse . He tends to overdramatize but always shows a kind heart to anyone with effort. This is reflected by his Trainer Class Dramatist. Surprisingly by everyone apparently by Mallory this isn't even his True form! He starts off with his Trust Partner Rook the Pawniard and his starter will be Vanitas the Froakie. Both characters will go on a journey destroying the plot and being general amazing kids. I will keep some things and change a whole more. So I have two reasons for opening this Thread One to gain Suggestions for Pokemon and such that they can get. Two is to get your opinions and if any changes you fear. Forgot to mention I will include several Mega Formes from Several other Fangames so if the fic does release you will know the special things they have. Well what do you think? Comment and I'll try my best to reply. Ty <3
  11. To whomever is reading this, I recently started playing Pokemon reborn and I needed a good ground pokemon to defeat the electric gym leader. I am sorry I don't have any good Pokemon to trade in return. If possible, Please trade with me. Offering me a good strategy also helps. Thank You.
  12. Hey! So I was trying to play Reborn like I normally do, but this screen popped up. It won't let me play the game. It might be because I'm on Game-z. But can anyone help me please? I'm about to finish the game so I would appreciate some help :) My picture is really bad...
  13. I keep hearing that there's a heracross in this place but I don't seem to be able to find it, Anywone know if this is true and if so, where to find it?
  14. Hey! I chose to not hand the diamond over and my last save file is apparently in the try again/game over screen. When I choose to ‘try again’ my character appears on the throne and can’t get out. Is this a bug or did they just fuck over my save for choosing wrongly? (If someone could tell me how to choose another save file from the folder that could fix this I would appreciate it too)
  15. The wiki page of route 2 says that burmy can appear on lowrate trees with headbutt, I have not a clue on how the headbutt mechanic operates here, but all trees I checked appear to be highrate, because they have caterpie encunters which would be impossible in lowrate. Anyone know how I can find these evasive low rate trees?
  16. It's says on the wiki that sneasel is an event encounter on Evergreen Forest but I can't find it anywhere, I am currenly at 5 badges is it possible to get one before the sixth? (without taking into account the mystery egg cause RNG.)
  17. I see a lot of people asking to trade or battle each other on the forum, but when I look up when it’s unlocked in rejuvenation, there’s nothing relevant. Sometimes I see people saying since it was made with rpgmaker they can’t have the servers for it
  18. Hi all, I'm new to Rejuvenation and have decided to play it on mobile via JoiPlay. Earlier today, I was grinding in the Abandoned Sewers after having caught a rare shiny Geodude there when the game crashed, causing me to lose two hours of grinding and said Geodude. I was hoping someone could instruct me on how to edit my save in order to get back what I lost? Can't get story progression back but the Geodude and levels I can. Was all quite disheartening. Thanks!
  19. So i just evolved my Swablu into an Altaria, and of course its kicking ass already. However I want to make it even more buff with dragon dance for obvious reason. But when I looked online, Altaria learns dragon dance through a tm and i couldnt find any mention of a dragon dance tm online. thought id check here
  20. I have a save file on my windows computer and got a new macbook recently. I want to continue playing rejuvenation on my mac but I don't want to start over. Is there a way to play rejuvenation on my mac using the save data from my windows?
  21. Hey guys! I've started a monolocke ghost run and I just realised that the only ghost pokemon I know that I can encounter aren't until goldenwood...correct me if I am wrong and please let me know if there are any places I can get ghost types, I currently only have a rowlet because well, it evolves into a ghost type.
  22. Hey so i was recently making a new account on microsoft and i couldn't find a way to move my data so i emailed myself my reborn save but now it won't work on my new download of reborn on my new acc this is the file
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