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  1. I really wanted to start out my game with a beldum because it's one of my favorite pokemon, and I heard that you can't get magnemite at the abandoned power plant anymore. Would someone be open to trading with me?
  2. Thank you so much! It worked but now it won't trigger the cutscene that's supposed to happen. I just fought Cera and groudon. But now the cutscene that triggers when I go to the Resort isn't working!
  3. For some reason I'm glitched behind the waterwall in Sheridan. I can't move but can access items. I've tried removing the most recent save with such luck. Is there any way around this or do I have to start over? I really don't want to as I just beat Angie.
  4. I’ve been trying to fight Angie for hours and I haven’t been able to beat her please help! All Pokémon are level 50 Swampert - Rock Slide -Bide -Muddy Water - Mud Bomb Mawhile -Stockpile -IronHead -Crunch -Play Rough Luxray -Crunch -Baby Doll Eyes -Volt Switch -Ice Fang Arcnanine -Extreme Speed -Flame Charge -Rock Climb -Close Combat Throh -Circle Throw -Wide Guard -Bulk up -Helping Hand Copperajah -Iron Head -Iron Defense -Dig -Strength
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