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Found 6 results

  1. soooo i beat the garbodor and i ended up stuck like this and the only thing i can do is save my game, i can't move or assess my inventory and it's very annoying, i don't know what happened this is V12
  2. Hi, so I was on Wispy Path and found the Espurr on the swingset and of course started interacting with it. I chose all options, cycled through each a couple times, just generally having fun. I decided to play on the slide, and right when I got to the bottom the game froze and said "Script is hanging" and saved the game and quit. (this happens to me pretty frequently, even mid-battle.) But because it saved right after that animation, when I load in I am stuck in place next to Espurr and cannot do a thing except hit D for quick save. Seems like I'm the only person dumb enough to get this exact glitch so far, so it's totally on me, but I super hope it can be resolved. Thanks! EDIT: Forgot to mention this is on Pokemon Rejuvenation, not Reborn. I couldn't find a bug forum for specifically Rejuvenation. Sorry!
  3. I encountered a glitch where I used Rollout on Rufflet, and then on the second turn of my Rollout, the Rufflet used Sky Drop. From that point forward, I no longer had any way to affect the battle; the menu didn't open up as if Rollout was going on, but neither animation nor text from Rollout were appearing and Rufflet was only damaged when missing my Bibarel with crush claw and receiving recoil damage from the field. In addition, none of Rufflet's attacks were hitting my Bibarel. Because of the aforementioned damage, I still won the battle and there were no further ill effects, but I thought I should report this glitch somewhere. Update: once again I encountered a Rufflet using Sky Drop, but this time it was against my Swoobat. While I can still interact with the menu this time, no matter what attack I choose, my Swoobat does nothing and the Rufflet still misses every attack. Swoobat can't be switched out, and when trying to open my bag, I get the message "Sky Drop won't let [Swoobat] go!"
  4. Hi! So, I was playing chapter 13, and I just completed that part where you control Melia. After that, I was controlling my own character, as usual. It seems that I've time travelled (again), and Anju was there to save the day, again. She said to me to go to the city that there was nearby. But I love to explore everything before doing the main tasks, so I noticed some kind of mansion. I entered it, and there was a door locked, which, for some reason, I had the key for it. And so, it became unlocked, and some dialogue with Narcy (I don't even know sho she is) happened. Then I went to explore the rest of the mansion (I activated some kind of lever that did nothing, but okay), and then Narcy was in the way of that locked door, so I couldn't enter it. But after entering the mansion again, the door was free, so I could go in. After that, Narcy reads some kind of text, and then she passes out (with some memories from a doctor). When she woke up, I was with her, IN GOLDENLEAF TOWN, with Narcissa, which is the future Narcy (I suppose), and she said they were going after some Dafaux (?, I don't remember the name), and that we should go to the Darchlight Manor, and when I was ready, I should talk to her. But when I talk to her, and say that I'm ready, she just says that I need to complete something I have unfinished. Needless to say that I'm lost in so many ways. But, my main concern is: how do I go back to the main story? I can't continue this quest. I also think that I've been caught in the middle of the quest, because I don't remember any Dafaux (?) or Narcy (I dodn't play this game for a while now, but I still don't think that I met some Narcy). So, basically, I'm in a place I shouldn't be, and I'm so lost. I would really appreciate it if you could help me! My backups are a bit outdated, so I would have to repeat a lot of the game if I would just use a backup (and I really don't want to do that Melia thing again). I don't know if this is a known glitch, but I wanted to make sure that the developers of the game know of this bug, because it really is a massive glitch (I think). Thank you for your help!
  5. I have a weird glitch. i had to refight the rift garbodor and i finally beat it. it went to the cutscene saying melia now, im now stuck on the defeated garbodor and nothing is happening and it saved at this point and i have no back ups for some reason. is there anyway to fix this. here is my save file and pic of where im stuck. if this is in the wrong place please let me know where to put it. im new to posting topics etc. 313 - Tyler - 90h 37m - 8 badges.rxdata
  6. Hey guys, I was completing the sticker quest here in Ametrine City, the one where you beat three missingo sticker quest thing. Then when I check my pc my silvally glitch out. Can this be fixed? Need help fixing this guys. Thanks.
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