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Found 22 results

  1. Hello, I was trying to plant a berry in Pokemon Snakewood, south of Fallarbor Town, and my character completely froze. I cannot move at all, all I can do is use the startup menu. Of course I was dum and tried saving the game, turning it off and back on, just to my amazing horror that my character still cannot move. How can I fix this, he is just chilling between the berry soil and the mountain. Someone send help please!!
  2. For some reason I'm glitched behind the waterwall in Sheridan. I can't move but can access items. I've tried removing the most recent save with such luck. Is there any way around this or do I have to start over? I really don't want to as I just beat Angie.
  3. I'm terribly sorry if this has been done before, I searched and didn't see it. I'm currently stuck in the room with Amber, Melia and Erick (the one where each of you have a gamecube controller talking of a battle), now, Erick walks down to the sofa and the game glitches / crashes. Is there a way to get around this? I made this account just to ask, and I'm not very forum savvy so any help would be really appreciated as I've poured hours into this game.
  4. Heyo I'm stuck outside outside Grand Dream City, and now it's in lockdown. After the fancy party got bombed, I used fly to leave GDC without getting on the Team Xen aircraft. I've tried re-entering through train from Gearan and route 9, flying in and walking through the gates. Does anyone know how i can get back in?
  5. soooo i beat the garbodor and i ended up stuck like this and the only thing i can do is save my game, i can't move or assess my inventory and it's very annoying, i don't know what happened this is V12
  6. Hi! So, I was playing chapter 13, and I just completed that part where you control Melia. After that, I was controlling my own character, as usual. It seems that I've time travelled (again), and Anju was there to save the day, again. She said to me to go to the city that there was nearby. But I love to explore everything before doing the main tasks, so I noticed some kind of mansion. I entered it, and there was a door locked, which, for some reason, I had the key for it. And so, it became unlocked, and some dialogue with Narcy (I don't even know sho she is) happened. Then I went to explore the rest of the mansion (I activated some kind of lever that did nothing, but okay), and then Narcy was in the way of that locked door, so I couldn't enter it. But after entering the mansion again, the door was free, so I could go in. After that, Narcy reads some kind of text, and then she passes out (with some memories from a doctor). When she woke up, I was with her, IN GOLDENLEAF TOWN, with Narcissa, which is the future Narcy (I suppose), and she said they were going after some Dafaux (?, I don't remember the name), and that we should go to the Darchlight Manor, and when I was ready, I should talk to her. But when I talk to her, and say that I'm ready, she just says that I need to complete something I have unfinished. Needless to say that I'm lost in so many ways. But, my main concern is: how do I go back to the main story? I can't continue this quest. I also think that I've been caught in the middle of the quest, because I don't remember any Dafaux (?) or Narcy (I dodn't play this game for a while now, but I still don't think that I met some Narcy). So, basically, I'm in a place I shouldn't be, and I'm so lost. I would really appreciate it if you could help me! My backups are a bit outdated, so I would have to repeat a lot of the game if I would just use a backup (and I really don't want to do that Melia thing again). I don't know if this is a known glitch, but I wanted to make sure that the developers of the game know of this bug, because it really is a massive glitch (I think). Thank you for your help!
  7. I have a weird glitch. i had to refight the rift garbodor and i finally beat it. it went to the cutscene saying melia now, im now stuck on the defeated garbodor and nothing is happening and it saved at this point and i have no back ups for some reason. is there anyway to fix this. here is my save file and pic of where im stuck. if this is in the wrong place please let me know where to put it. im new to posting topics etc. 313 - Tyler - 90h 37m - 8 badges.rxdata
  8. Hello! I just recently started up Rejuvenation and am loving it except for one issue. It's crashing every time I try to encounter a wild Pokemon with the error: Script 'PokemonEncounters' line 331:NoMethodError occurred. undefined method 'blackFluteUsed' for nil:NilClass I'm on a Mac and have the most recent version downloaded. It wasn't doing this from the start, this started occurring when I entered Goldenwood cave and will not stop anywhere now. Everything else works perfectly and I saw another post about this that mentioned a patch, but I was unable to find that patch if there is one. If someone's able to help that would be amazing
  9. Does anyone know how to unbug a game or know why Spiritomb won't appear in Rejuvenation? It's really kinda upsetting cuz he's my penultimate perfect team member.
  10. So I don't really know what happened or where to post this but I'm playing Rejuvenation and I got to kristiline town tried to follow melia and venam to the tm shop and a cutscene of Ana looking for Dylan started then the town returned to normal, not frozen anymore it acted like I beat angie I guess, so I went to the church and saw melia and venam went outside and it was all frozen again I went back to kristiline town to see if I could go to the tm shop and do that part of the story but I can't and if I try to leave the town and go back to the church the game says follow the gang, but their not anywhere and I accidentally left auto save on and now I can't do anything I think so any advice on fixes or if I'm just being stupid and missing something obvious would be much appreciated thanks in advance.
  11. i got in a house at dream district in pokemon rejuvanation and i cant move my characterm funny thing is that the moment i steped into the house the autosave saved the progress , and now i am stuck in that house, anyone can help?
  12. Hi, so there's something that has been bothering me so much, but I haven't seen anyone talk about it probably because a lot of people don't have the setup I have. But basically my situation is that for some strange reason, I tried to use Charm on Geara's Krookodile in Terajuma Jungle with my Prankster Meowstic, but it keeps failing. The thing is that this is not the first time this has happened. I think the last time it happened, I still used my Prankster Meowstic, but it was in a different terrain and with a different trainer (I think it might've been with Madelis in Blacksteeple Castle). I ruled out terrain since I get the same result from different fields. It couldn't have been some hidden immunity and passive move because no such thing was up. I'm wondering if this is a glitch or if this was intentional, and if it is a glitch, how do I fix this? I hope someone can help because other than grinding up my pokes to the level cap, I don't see an easy way to beat Geara with the team I have. Plus, I am recording videos of this on Youtube, and I don't have time during the week to record. I'll probably find some way to beat Geara, but I feel that this problem will come up again later on. Also, funny thing, Charm worked perfectly on his Persian, so I don't know why it didn't work for Krookodile. And again, none of this pokemon has moves that negates stats drops, nor did he ever use such a move. If he had a seed (which he didn't), I would've seen it go off, but nothing like that happened. Hoping someone can answer this. Thanks for the help!
  13. Bruma


    I've heard that weedle can be found in the glitch world wasteland area, but now that I'm here, it hasn't shown up after an hour of farming. Is it still there? Just want a clown nosed caterpiller for my team... how am I supposed to beat Terra.
  14. I was playing Rejuvenation V10. I got destroyed by the Garbodor and placed at the yacht outside. I went back to the Distorted Path and this happened... I saved after I healed and I'm confused.
  15. In rejuvenation v9.1 i am having a problem in the bug gym. There arent all of the ariados in the gym theres only 2 and it says i cant cross. I have also tried resetting and that wont work either.
  16. I walk down these stairs in Blacksteeple Castle and the game walks me straight into the wall, I can't escape from the wall. What do I do?!
  17. Basically I'm fighting the Dimensional rift gyarados and it is literally impossible to beat with my current team. The battle goes as follows: I click literally any attack -> the gyarados outspeeds every one of my pokes -> 6 earthquakes -> crushing defeat. FeelsBad.jpg. Normally I could just take that L and go catch some other Pokémon or train or something, but lucky for me the game locks my sorry tail in the dimensional rift so the only option I have is to battle the gyarados until I beat it. Since there's no way to leave until I win and DEFINITELY no way to win, I honestly have no idea what to do. I guess my journey is over? Is there anyone who can help me out on that one? I have no idea what to do. It's basically just me standing against a brick wall at this point, which is even less exciting than it sounds. Requesting assistance
  18. Hi guys, I was playing Rejuvenation and things were getting pretty interesting. I'm at the part right after you beat the groudon and get the magma stone. I got magma drift and headed for Valor mountain, but couldn't continue because of a canyon like blockade in the 2nd floor basement. I looked around a bit and got to the scene with Venam trying to stop Melia from leaving the villa in the resort. But when i entered the villa, i couldn't find Venam anywhere. I looked up a play through (courtesy of Mystic Linx) and an event happens on the second floor with Valerie and Venam that isn't happening in my game. Can anyone help? Shaman
  19. Ok, let's start with some background info. Hi i'm Kalzone, I've been playing Reborn for years now and I've been a member of the site for about a couple months now. I'm into Fine Dining and long walks on the beach, yadda yadda yadda, lets get to the good stuff. So a few weeks ago i decided to start a new game file on Reborn, in anticipation for E16. Now because i'm a total Pokemon Pro, I was resetting at my starter to get a shiny Torchic with speed boost and good IVs (a lot to ask i know but the RNG did decide to favour me eventually). In the middle of this endeavour i encountered a rather amusing glitch. After reloading my save because i got a crap Torchic, I attempted to try again and see if i was lucky. I pressed Z where the Torchic pokeball was located, but i got this message "This Ball contains a Pokemon for new trainers. You may only take one." I instantly knew what had happened so reset my game again but received the same message. I then created a new save and shelved the other one. Until now... I've been super bored recently and since completing both Reborn and Rejuvenation (well as much as i can), I decided to play through the game with NO POKEMON and document the process here on the forums. So i don't really know how I will do this, I'll probably just document key events of the game and anything that becomes really challenging (I have no clue if finding a wild Pokemon crashes my game or not). So you guys tell me what you think and that'll dictate whether i get lazy or not. Edit: Before you guys ask, when i get into a trainer battle it just skips to the dialogue afterwards acting like i won.
  20. So I was watching this video that this guy got a magickarp because right now I'm trying to get one and so I go to the fisherman room I beat him then I go in the room nothings there then I go to the main center I talk to him I paid him money he didn't say want the pokemon for 4k? instead he said pay me 500 so I did then a thug ran off stole the pokemon then I went to that little house at the top of reborn city where the old man is and the gate that is closed So i beat the thug and then he said I have to pay him so I pay him again. Then he doesn't give me the pokemon instead he leaves the building and now I can't find him in the town do you have a clue I don't think this is a glitch but i'm really confused right now
  21. I apologize if this has been done before, but while the website was down I went and compiled all the songs in the .BGM folder onto this file, along with where to find the original artist. It's not completely done, and I need some help finding most of the city themes, but its something. Enjoy!
  22. I have finished episode 10, so I decided to go around the map to find hidden things, I found Simon in the cementary of Beryl ward, I talked to him, but after he finishes his speech, I cant move anymore, does anybody had the same problem? I will appreciate all your comments. Thanks
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