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Found 6 results

  1. So in Chapter 15, the choice of the protagonist character in the beginning of the game has a lot more importance. Most people know that it changes some of the events, dialogue, and the battle in the MC's nightmare realm. But I just noticed that it also changes the dialogue for when the MC gives the player the Interceptium Z just before the Puppet Master battle. I really enjoy the details and flavor text, so I want to find out what all of the MCs say. I have been able to find a YT video for Aevis, Aevia, Axel, Alain, and Aero, but not Ariana. Can anyone tell me what she says?
  2. There’s a certain battle theme that plays twice, first at the second battle with Rift Gardevoir, and again in the second battle with The Puppetmaster. It sounds like a remix of Primal Dialga’s theme, but I can’t find it. Anyone know the theme?
  3. Do we know roughly when Rune is turned into the Puppet Master? Is it about a month before we reach GDC, or is it more like a year?
  4. ... Crescent's class in Spotlight City, a.k.a. all the potential Interceptors? I believe one of them uses a Feraligatr, but I'm not sure if all of them have distinct teams or what pokemon they all prefer. Is there a list of what pokemon they all use?
  5. In lieu of a starter pokemon, like the ones their classmates use, Alain uses a custom Pikachu in their Nightmare fight. It doesn't have a special icon or shiny sprite, because I don't think it's intended to be obtained. I'm just going to list the stats anyway. Base Stats: 55 HP, 80 Atk, 50 Def, 75 SpA, 60 SpD, 120 Spe (440 BST) The base stats are incredibly similar to the Partner Pikachu received in Pokemon: Let's Go! Pikachu, with the exception of a higher base HP (55 vs 45). Looks like pretty much everything else is the same as normal Pikachu, including level up moveset and egg learnset. It can also use the Light Ball, which is pretty terrifying considering that 120 base speed. Disappointingly, application of Apophyll Pancakes or a Thunderstone just results in a normal Alolan or Kantonian Raichu. Alain's Pikachu (nicknamed Tazer) seems to be a mixed attacker with Thunder, Icicle Crash, and Brick Break.
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