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  1. Shame. No point then. Ill just use the gift slyveon as a breeding slave breeding friend. Assuming it is still in the game of course...
  2. A great option for this fight is a Sheninja with a Synthetic Seed. It will be unkillable except by the Bastiodon, which will only kill you if you hit it. If used right you can easily take out a few of her mons. As others have mentioned removing the wonder room should be your top priority
  3. There is a shadow ditto now? What do its IV's look like and where can you get it?
  4. I beat this fight with a very cheesy strategy. Basically use a few pokemon with Flash to knock its accuracy down 6 times. You can buy flash in the basement of the hotel in the city. Then send in a poison type. Garbador will struggle to hurt it with only sludge wave, giga drain and drain punch and will miss more often then not. If you allow healing items, just heal whenever you get low. If you do not allow healing items, then simply bring more poison types. Eventually it will run out of moves and start to struggle. Here is an image of me doing this as proof. This is fro
  5. I got one recently. It is only in the Safari Zone. You can find it in the area with the one tile wide path. It is tedious. I also had a happiny in my PC from somewhere, so someone probably gifts you one, but that was so long ago that I have no idea where I got it from.
  6. I want to say first that I really like the story of this game. I even wrote a "guide" that provides a "quick" overview of the story. 1. I disagree that characters do not have motivation. Tons of them do. Melia wants to not get kidnapped. Her friends want to help protect her. Crescent wants to protect the MC so on and so forth. Plenty of characters have motivation. It might seem like they are doing nothing sometimes, but that is really rarely the case. For much of the game they did not really have any direct actions they could take, the bad guys are overwhelmingly stronger than the
  7. I did manage to beat it with much more cheesy tactics. I removed wonder room got her to switch away from Aggron, knocked out the Bronzong then swapped into a Shedninja with a seed to kill her Duraldon, stall out the Corvonight until it ran out of roosts and burned to death and then traded with the Bastiodon. Just had to fight the Metagross and Aggron after which wasn't too bad, took only a few tries once I picked out the team I used. I had no focus sash, so that type of strategies was not an option for me...
  8. It really does not feel that way. I tried boosting my defense against it and took the same exact damage. Maybe it ignores stat changes or something?
  9. I am fairly certain it does shift to hidden abilities in this game but it has been a while, so seems like a bug. Maybe just reset for one with grass surge?
  10. I noticed the same thing lol. Move does not seem to play by the rules
  11. IDK are you EV/IV trained and have a speed boosting nature? The Metagross Definitely is. Could explain why it outspeeds you
  12. This sums up my thoughts on this gym quite nicely! The seeds basically make it so there is literally no counter play. I am still trying to beat this gym right now but everything I have tried has not even come close to winning... Even typeless Sheninja did nothing to help me since the game just bugs out after you stall the AI for like 40-50 turns.
  13. I was asked to post this here so here it is! This is on normal difficulty. I play on set with no items. The fight against Saki does not feel at all winnable. All the other fights in the game felt hard, but I could always see a way to win, but not this time. Essentially her Pokémon take literally no damage but can dish out enough damage to one shot my entire team, I can barely even get past her first mon. The ultra death laser (or whatever it is called) is especially unfun, since it one shots and if I do survive I lose my stats. Even using light s
  14. I have no idea what to do, usually I could see a potential path to victory, but not this time. Spoilers for 15th gym.
  15. I don't think so. The berries are relatively cheap and I don't think you can reduce them in any other way.
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