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  1. Am late to the party as i just found out this was out today, it would be sort of rude if this gave the bad end later on lol. I am unsure of what to do, but I guess I will take it and hope for the best. Can always start a new save in the future to get the best ending! Edit: Honestly, is a toss up for me, Crescent notes say perfection is bad, but other people seem to say otherwise... we will see I suppose
  2. I choose to enable to the quest log on my old save from v5, but the only quest that gotta added was one of the pieces quests. Will not having the quests updated in my log break anything, or is it just a tracker that isn't actually tied to progression?
  3. Debug mode is pretty easy to use, just look it up online and you should be able to find the files you need. You just replace the files with those ones and it will easily work and then you can add pokemon from the debug menu.
  4. Z-Celebrate seems interesting, I do have access to that RN. Might give that a try
  5. Trying to decide on the move set for my Sylveon, and am trying to decide between toxic or heal bell. Item: Lefties EV: Defense + HP. Bold Nature. Moves Hyper Voice (pixelate) Wish Protect Heal Bell or Toxic Thoughts? I am in the post game if that helps. The rest of the "main" team is Silvally Dragonite (physical dragon dance) Blaziken Meowstic (Male) Aegislash (Sword Dance not stall) I can always slot toxic on Meowstic and prankster toxic that way then stall with Sylveon?
  6. Found a mistake here, for sticker 5, you don't need to wait until the story gets to that point. Once you get rock smash, you can go back to the slums you use to get to coral ward, and break the rocks on one of the lower floors, this takes you into the railnet, break some more walls and you will get to the place where the missing boyfriend is. This means you can get this sticker before badge 4.
  7. You can evolve the Marshstomp with a rare candy then use a common candy to lower it again. You can grind at any of the breeder trainers in the region, the highest level one you have access to is in Sheriden. Unfortunately, the one with three Audino's in Goldenleaf does not open up until after this battle. Edit: If you got the gift sewaddle in goldenleaf cave, you can use that to sticky web his team, which will be a BIG help.
  8. Yeah when she shows you your room, if you pick "..." you get minus RP points with her.
  9. I am pretty sure it is just a slight story change/fight Flora instead of Florin, that is it really. It also prevents you from accidently picking the option that gives you bad ending points, since you have to expose her for that to happen.
  10. 100% a defensive + special defense spread and nature to one of them. Choose attack or special attack and have the nature lower the one you don't choose and raise defense or special defense for max value. Moves: - Scald/Surf (scald is better but you might not have it unless you got all the stamps) - Substitute (again you need all the stamps) - Dazzling Gleam (coverage option) - Filler, you could try whirlpool here for chip damage maybe?
  11. Yeah then that is why. The early game got reworked, in V12, you went to the sewers then to route 1, then to gym 1, but in V13, you go into the sewers, then gym 1. So yeah, you probably need to start over...
  12. Probably not? How did you even get to route 1 and for that matter, route 2, before Venam? That should be impossible! Are you maybe playing on an not updated version or something? You could load an old save from before you went to route 1, this would at least reduce the amount of resetting you would need to do. You can do this by going into the save shortcut folder, then renaming one of the backup saves to whatever your save file is called, it will need to be renamed to "Game.rxdata" but only if this is your first save, If you have multiple save files then be sure to rename it to whatever number of save file you are on, so I.E. if this is your second save then it would be "Game_2.rxdata" instead. Hope that helps.
  13. Yeah I am pretty sure it is implied that when he got blown to bits, the evil spirt thing left him. I agree that it was done poorly, that sort of thing kind of needs an explicit explanation... As for guns which other people mentioned, they are kind of a pointless weapon when you can instead just using a giant dragon to kill people instead... Not to mention that Pokemon would be considered non-suspicious in public areas while a gun is much more suspicious. In other words a gun is a bit of a pointless weapon to try and use. And yes, non-shadow pokemon DO attack people. Melia attacks people multiple times with her Pokemon, she doesn't kill them, but you probably COULD.
  14. You need to go to Axis High first. The game tells you to find Melia and ERIN, erin is at the northmost part of the city, so go there first.
  15. Yeah, there should be a way to change it for sure. But there is no way to have natural hidden powers unless you make it random.
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