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  1. That fight is awful, I did it when her super Mega Laser move was completely broken, on Set mode, no items, and the only way I could think of to win was a Sheninja with a seed (literally unkillable except by the crested Bastiodon). Stalling out three of her Pokemon to death was both time consuming and not fun... So yeah Crested Bastiodon seems broken, since it can kill an untouchable mon.
  2. I think the options are -Madame X - she can time travel and is in the ruined timeline with you, she claims she was thrown her when she tried to stop the change but she could just be lying, she does seem to be following Melia around without doing anything, since she is shown to be hiding near the Arceus Statue during ch 15. -Anathea (soul) - Her soul was with us at this point so maybe that counts? -Adrest - Adrest is a separate being that was a part of you so maybe they count? This brings up the question of why the other parts of the MC don't count, but that could be explained as them simply being fused together, and hence, being one entity, while Adrest is still separate. EDIT: As for the ribbon, probably just a simple mistake, since the ribbon changing is never mentioned, and the ribbon is only really brought up to have Melia get all sad that Venam got her a gift before getting stoned.
  3. Did you mean EVs? IVs are what are given to the Pokemon at birth/on capture, EV's are gained by fighting stuff. You can reset EVs with berries that can be bought at the lost camp, you need to save a lot of the missing children first, then one of them will sell the berries. If you did mean IVs then your options are -Use Debug (IE Cheat), I typically do this after destiny knot, ditto and breeding are all available to me, since at that points it just saves me from the many hours of breeding. -Breeding, requires ditto, destiny knot and a daycare to be done effectively. Very time consuming to get max IVs with this method, a full team will probably take upwards of 8 hours or so (and then you have to level them up/EV train them!) -Wait until after the 12th(?) gym and then you can get them changed to max at the Hospital in GDC, this is pretty expensive from what I understand, and very late into the game...
  4. Maybe? I think it will probably happen at the very tail end of the game, making two separate routes would be a lot of work, I feel like only the final few fights will be different, I.E. in evil route you probably fight Melia, while in normal/good route you would fight Madame X. The raid on Team Xen HQ wont be for like a month in game time (if I remember correctly), I imagine the betrayal will happen during the raid, since the baddies say they to act normal until the time is right. The next two chapters will probably be preparation/complications before the raid. I imagine the raid will happen in the final chapter. Maybe after the elite 8 fight even, (or elite 7 if Karen is dead lol). That is just my guess thought, but I doubt the betrayal will happen in the next version, since that would mean the game would end early, or the Devs would need to make two separate routes for each of the remaining chapters, which would be a lot of work.
  5. Nah. They don't do anything because they think you have a better chance of winning. They say this explicitly in both routes. I doubt it will be any different, the bad ending is supposed to be having you be a secret betrayer, so it makes sense the game would stay the same until the betrayal happens.
  6. I am not sure? Can't you just surf on the lava with lava drift?
  7. There are no changes. I did the bad ending path in V13, and Venam hated my guts, but believed in me regardless. I think Erin did too. What does change is the scene where the group talks about the time reset thing. People who like you will come to your defense, but if they hate you they will just say "..."
  8. Same thing happened to me in .04 version. So yeah it is bugged, you will just need to load a back up save. If you intentionally picked the bad option to try for the
  9. You need to go to the top of the mountain. The Kyogre fight is optional.
  10. It wont get para hacked but the speed is still reduced. You should outspeed after paralyzing it. Then you just have to knock it out before it wipes you out. You can also just delay doing this fight until later. The only useful thing you get from it is so if you don't plan on using that mon then you can just wait it out.
  11. You can try playing without items (potions and such are banned, held items/pokeballs are fine) and on set mode. Makes things much more challenging. For actual challenge runs, some people do mono type runs, you can also do a challenge using only low tier competitive Pokémon for example, or maybe only using gift/event mons?
  12. She gives you a Yacht and a big room! That means you have to love her and are evil for not doing so, yeah that makes sense! Like really she tries to buy your love lol, its kind of weird when you think about it...
  13. If you do all the events that give bad ending points then that gets you up to 95 points, then you just need to make one person hate you, or have slightly low karma, and you would be good. Tesla is probably the best person to make hate you, since she gives 20 points, while the rest only give 5. This lets you have a bit of padding to your bad ending points in case you run into a bug or something (for example, when I played, the "Hand it over" option in the ruined timeline softlocked the game, meaning those bad ending points were impossible to get).
  14. Damn someone already suggested the lord and savoir... Well I will leave this comment here for anyone who still needs help. Yeah that thing completely destroys this fight and makes it a complete joke. It can easily solo the entire fight with Purify into Toxic + Recover (or items if you allow them) spam. Chesto berry helps to so you don't get put to sleep t1. Then you just have to get somewhat lucky with the boss missing lovely kiss (it is only I think 60% accurate without the field). Then just toxic her twice and watch her die. The gift Sylveon can pretty easily finish her off if the GOD of pokemon somehow falls...
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