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  1. This event is optional you can actually skip it. The only reward is If you really want to try the event maybe load an earlier save from before you entered the mountain? Like maybe something broke. You can find your saves by searching game.rxdata in the windows search bar, don't exactly remember how to on mac. Anyway, move that file somewhere else, then rename one of the other saves to game.rxdata. Then try to enter the mountain again and hopefully this time it works? Not much to suggest other than that.
  2. Is it possible that you missed some sort of event you needed to do on the way there? Or maybe you need to interact with something in the room first? I went the other path (not handing over the stone, so I am not sure if things are super different) I looked at the 100% guide did you get the emotion power from Crawli yet? Maybe that is needed? 7 Edit: Did you use it to make the room icy? This is needed to fight it according to a post I read. As for the room specifically the guide says to do this "Head up and talk to Venam/stand in the circle, then head up for
  3. I believe it is stated that if a maid stays alive for long enough they start to be more humanlike, meaning rather then just vanishing upon death they leave a body, have blood and so on. Maybe this could also apply to emotions?
  4. Maybe? You can find her in the Nightmare world which would imply she is not dead, but who knows? Regardless, even if she is dead, the past version of her is still alive meaning we could still see more of her.
  5. I think one of the main issues that make Crescent hard to pin down is the fact that she is a time traveler. We have no idea in what order we are meeting her ever. What meetings is she still part of the stormschasers during and what meeting has she already left them in? The context of WHEN she comes from is hugely important to determining why she did certain actions.
  6. Well Florin can be dead and Flora can be jailed/on trial/holding a Coup depending on the player choices. Also you can be crazy and do this during the Pyramid event, which in that case both Flora and Florin would be unavailable regardless of your choices. As for Specter? It is probably because the league is stinky or something idk. That is fair. I would like to state one thought I had was that maybe Crescent wants to resurrect the god from the story Nymeria tells. Now I know this sounds insane but here me out here. It split into three parts, we got Arceus, Melia/Erin/Allen
  7. I still think that Crescent wants to protect the MC. Claiming credit for saving the MC's life is a way to get them to trust her more. As for the stone thing, I see a way it could be considered beneficial to the MC in Crescents eyes. Essentially the MC needs badges to progress but Crescent wants them to stay out of it and tells the repeatedly to do so. By having gym leaders turned to stone, she could theoretically prevent the MC from progressing at all, and in her eyes that is what is best for the MC. Also, I don't think that Crescent only cares about the MC because it is convenien
  8. Yeah I noticed I spelled it wrong. Have fixed it since then lol
  9. If you go to a dive spot in the Honec Woods you can meet the best character in the entire game. There is a pretty lengthy side quest involving them. I should also say I meant RIP like sad for them that I wont cover it, not to imply that they die, FYI, edited the main post to reflect this. EDIT: From what I understand you need to do a lot of sidequests to open this up. Specifically all of the Neo City Help Center Quests and fight the new Poison Leader. So do that first if you have not.
  10. Yeah the box was pretty clearly for Rhodea. What was in it? Who knows! Valaries Amnesia is clearly the work of the doctor, same with everyone else (like Adam). He was trying to do the same to Braxien. Nymeria seems to think the MC is Adrest, so maybe your a reincarnation or are literally the same person? You have some repressed memories of that house in the city for example... Crescent is trustworthy if you only care about the MC. If you care about anyone else then she is clearly not trustworthy. She sent Nim (or w/e they are called now) to turn a bunch of
  11. I did not think of the technician tbh. I guess it factors down to if you want healing or slightly more dmg (I believe magical leaf will have 15 more base power). Definitely an optional choice, it basically just comes down to if you think the healing will help or not.
  12. Seems reasonable but I would not replace Giga drain, it is pretty good and almost certainly better than magical leaf. As for lucario's last move, I think it gets some ground type moves which can cover its fire weakness, you could also try some sort of set up move over power up punch, but that might just be me.
  13. First things first obvious spoiler warning. Secondly, I am writing this mostly from memory so I may make some errors, please let me know if you see any mistakes. I believe it is mostly correct but I might have made some errors in placement of events. This guide is also only for the main story not side quests (So it brings me great shame that this guide wont be covering the best character in the entire game; Goomink). Also, there will likely be grammatical mistakes, sorry about that. The point of this guide is to help people who need to remember what happened in the sto
  14. I looked around and I am not certain if this is the same bug, but from what I saw loading an older save file can solve this. You can access your saves on windows by searching game.rxdata in the search bar. Take that file and move it somewhere else, then take one of the other files and rename it game.rxdata If you load a save file before the glitch occurred it might work properly. It is worth a shot at the very least.
  15. It wont appear in the normal game folder. If your on windows search game.rxdata in the search bar and that should take you to where the saves are. Then move the game.rxdata somewhere else and rename one of the older saves to game.rxdata. Then you should be good to go!
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