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  1. Okay the healing thing is pretty good to know, will try to keep as many as possible alive. I already switched rotom to fan form but I can try Wash. Paralyzing the opponents is interesting but my main strategy was to go discharge+EQ so I am not sure how much that will help. I think my rotom has a free slot one its move set tho, so I can try and add it. Lastly, I have actually decided to train up Volcorona since it seemed useful, am also training up a Tyranitar as my sandstorm setter instead of Hippowdon. The real question is how to deafet the Weville in fight two. Whate
  2. Well I went ahead and tried that and got to the third fight... you get healed in between fights one and two but not fight three, and of course they presumably have 12 Pokemon. After many attempts I got to fight three but lost turn 1. Don't really understand how beating that is possible. Any tips on how to play the fight. rather then just what to use? I have tried to Ddance Flygon but tons of the opponents have fairy moves so it seems really hard to even get Flygon set up, additionally the double battle nature often sees Flygon get hit by both enemies and die. Excadrill is somewhat easy to set
  3. This seems impossible I cant even get past the first double battle and according to the wiki there are multiple fights after. Looking for help on building a team to beat this. Note: No Items + Set Mode, so I cant just spam full restores. Pokemon Rotom (ICE) 89 (Special+Speed) Discharge, Dark Pulse, Blizzard, Double Team Flygon 87 (attack+speed) Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Fly, D Dance Arcanine 86 (Attack+Speed) Flamethrower (RIP FLAME BLITZ), Close Combat, Xtreme Speed, Strength Swamert 88 (Attack+HP) Waterfall, Earthquake, Superpower, Rocksmash
  4. Alright I will probably try to switch around my EVs again on Swampert. I personally think the Slyveon ones are fine, Slyveon has like no defense so the EVs are kinda needed there or it just gets demolished by any physical attack. As for Metagross Attack/Speed is what I went with. I went with Flygon for the fly Pokemon (attack/speed). Might consider an actual flying type if Flygon starts sucking. Would consider adding Garchomp now that it is available, but without earthquake I am unsure of how good it will be, also it cant fly so there is that too. Since I am at Titani
  5. I recently beat Ciel and I can now go back to most of the region. During my time trapped in the carnival of hell, I realized that my team was kinda weak, like so weak that every boss encounter took like 30+ resets (to be fair I have banned items and am playing on set mode, but still...). SO I am looking for advice on reworking it. I have already picked out 5 pretty good to amazing Pokemon and would like suggestions on a 6th one, or if I should ditch any. The goal is to hopefully create a team that can beat the rest of them game, so I don't have to grind up/EV train more Pokemon. Th
  6. EDIT; Beat Terra. Blissey was pretty sweet in the fight. Minimize+Psych up (copy +6 Special attack/defense) was pretty nice. Blissey managed to kill like 3 of her mons by herself. I got very lucky to win, Garchamp missed a stone edge which let my Cinninco finish it off, then I managed to crit surf the sandcastle mon, I did no damage to hit otherwise, but crits ignoring status changes made the kill possible. Well poor Blissey is gonna get boxed after the hard carry, sadly, it will do no damage to anything since I don't have toxic :( Added Rules: Set Mode, no items in battle. This ha
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