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  1. did you delete the save folder? there are back up saves in there that you could use. If you still have them just rename one of the backups to "Game.rxdata" and you should be good to go. If not, then well that is unfortunate.
  2. First thing. This is the Rejuvination forum so your in the wrong place to ask this... But anyway, the answer is this, when you get to the part where you jump down all the ledges, you want to stick to the middle, that is how you get to her if I am remembering correctly.
  3. I dont know that off the top of my head lol. It says what seed it is when you start the fight. It should say that her stats rose because of X seed.
  4. A tip for the future. If you search "Game.rxdata" on your computer you should find the folder where the saves are kept. The game keeps like 50 backup saves by default. You can just rename one of the other saves to Game.rxdata and then load that save instead. This can be used to get out of places if you softlock yourself (so you could use it to go back and grind before you got stuck for example)
  5. TBH I wish it was that way. IVs are pretty dumb. People say they add individuality but that is not really even the case, they just make some mons worse then others, which is not individuality. That would be like if I was playing a trading card game and copied a tier one deck but then randomly decided to not run one of the best cards in it, and instead run an inferior option. People would not say that makes it "unique" they would say it makes it worse.
  6. Specifically you have to do all three neo city help quests, then fight Aya in the gym. Then you should be able to start the quest.
  7. The boss has a seed as its item. It boosts some of its stats. By using roar it will lose that boost and wont get it back since the seed is consumed the first time.
  8. I did this with no items. The strategy i used is to roar the Gardevoir. Yes really. This gets rid of the seed. Then you can also kill two of her flunkies that love to put you to sleep. After that, kill the other flunie then focus down the gardevoir. Having a Pokemon with the magic bounce ability also helps since you can switch it in to reflect the sleeps back at the ralts/kirlias. Edit: you mentioned incinatoar. Is it the event one or the starter? If it is the one from the event it should have fake out which is very useful for getting rid of the angel of death's first turn so you
  9. You can check the field effects by looking at the file in the game folder. It tells you exactly what each field does. Its called field effect Manuel.
  10. I made this "guide" on the forums that recaps the story. Take a look if your interested.
  11. Yeah seems like a bug. The golden items cost like 15-30 and exp all is 30 i think. They just let you use hms without needing the move, and EXP all is exp share from the new games. Not that OP to have for free but still a bug.
  12. Also I would like to put out a theory about who Madame X is. What if Madame X is Crescent? Seems ridiculous, but have you ever seen the two of them in the same room before? Also, both of them are time travelers. Crescent could have seen where the future leads and became Madame X, joining her old enemies. The moment she joined them could also have been when the red haired lady beat her up/brainwashed her. It is a pretty common troupe for someone who becomes evil to say that their old self was killed, an example of this being Star Wars for example, when Obi-Wan says that Luke's Fath
  13. Okay that was about what I expected from the book. It is pretty clear it is written by someone who from the future that wants to stop the world from being destroyed. But here is the thing, the first calamity had not happened yet. Meaning the author could have been referring to that calamity and not the one that is coming in the present. I do feel they are talking about the second calamity thought, but they very well could be referring to the first. As for the savior, well there is only two characters it could be. When I first read the book, I thought it was Melia, but that wouldn't
  14. I think Madame X tried to kill the PC cause they were getting in her way. Simple as that. I am of the theory that they believe their actions are for the greater good and the PC is disrupting those actions. By killing the PC they would be adverting any damage the PC could do, I.E. Sacrificing one life to save many. That is just a guess thought. Also, it would be pointless to stab the interceptor. They can get blown to nothingness and come back. Stabbing them would likely not be very effective... At this point in the story they have basically zero reason (to try) to kill the PC since
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