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  1. Bruh she kept using lovely kiss on my bastiodon so u just put magic coat on that thing and bam she slept herself
  2. As shofu, the big man himself once said, 'this game is literal cheese, I had it on my sandwich earlier'
  3. I'm stuck in the one I'm on so yeah if anyone has started a new save file and has a backup save around the 3rd gym (marionette) I'd appreciate it.
  4. Ok funny story so I'm currently stuck around the 3rd gym in my new v13 run and cant progress. So while I wait for someone on the rejuv support team to fix it, I booted a random v12 save file and I was in darchlight forest, and lo and behold, theres an impidimp running around on my screen. So yeah, interactable impidimp in darchlight forest.
  5. Thanks! I also found a rolycoly in Carotos mountain.
  6. So with v13 out, I'm starting a new game and only plan to use gen 8 mons and the new regional forms such as feebas. Only problem is I'm having trouble finding said new mons, I've only been able to find skvowet. As of now I'm in Sheridan village. Is there any location guide for v13 out yet? Or does anyone remember some new mons locations of the top of their head? Much appreciated
  7. As the title suggests, will mods be compatible with the latest version of rejuvenation? For example, the debug mod?
  8. I dont know how many times this has been asked, probably a lot, and I dont feel like checking, but can some1 explain pls why e19 main and e19 postgame arent separate releases? Especially since all the main stuff has been done?
  9. what language is the scripting in?
  10. another question, just did the fomantis/pansage quest in azurine island, and the woman says this but theres no reward at the grand hall, who do i need to talk to there? talked to the receptionists to no avail
  11. btw i commented on your yt channel where to find larvesta 🙂

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