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Found 6 results

  1. Here is how this works. You need a max IV Pokémon that is Male, in this case we have the gift Sylveon. If your Sylveon is female then breed it until you get a male Eevee with max IVs. The destiny knot lets the IVs transfer to children. Egg groups are important here. They basically determine what can breed with what. Most Pokemon have one egg group but some have two. This is the key to allowing us to breed max IVs on any Pokemon. Let's say I want to get a maxed out Gible. Breed the Sylveon with a Pokemon that has multiple egg groups, for example,
  2. Hello all, So being the raging perfectionist that I am, when I saw Pokemon Reborn recently by chance, and saw the extremely impressive amount of work put into it, as well as the mood being quite far removed from most Pokemon fan games, I was immediately taken in by the unique atmosphere it set. Not to mention, of course, the copious amounts of side quests, and hidden details. It was great fun, and I just today got to the end of episode 18. But, as I mentioned previously, when I saw that there were "hidden variables, i:e ways that character relationships could be altered based on st
  3. So it's been a few months since I did anything Ymora related... For those that were around during the Ymora Academy RP: due to personal problems going on I had to step back. Not to mention other stuff that just piled up and eventually we got to the point where Ymora somewhat died. We lost some players and a co-host, but Dobby and I are thinking about reviving this RP since the story is still left untold. And I don't want to let it end like this Now I have been planning to revive this for a few weeks. However some people still showed some interest so I figured why the hell not open this topic
  4. The Point of this thread: Heyo! Hukuna Sensei here!!! I came across a rather interesting Show that while for more Traditional Tabletop RPs I feel may be a great tool for those who wish to Host in these forums. The purpose of this thread is to dump stuff here, and well just talk about it, maybe each of these can be a launching point to a discussion or to invoke thought in would-be hosts ((or veterans)) to maybe think and apply these lessons to their RPs here even if they are more TRPG related. Introduction of the Show and the Hosts of it: I will probably be plopping one here a week to keep t
  5. ~This thread is dedicated to feedback and discussion about CHROMA. Any questions, critique, or suggestions are very much appreciated and will be answered to the best of my ability.~ CHROMA ~http://www.pokemonreborn.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=11674~
  6. Burgatory “Welcome to Burger Palace, how may I he—” Upon seeing the approaching customer, the cashier’s methodical greeting is lost to an eerie silence. Standing there is a man dressed in an obsidian suit and fiery red tie. A mane of raven hair sprouts down to his shoulders, spiked everywhere like a blanket of thorns. Thick horns protrude on either side of his head, acting as his unworldly crown. Slithering from under his coat is a black snake-like tail with an arrowhead tip. Eyes of hellish gold look upon her, a fanged smile crawls across his lips. “Yes, you may, Ellice Carter” the de
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