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  1. You can get a moon stone on the angry dude's garden on Goldenleaf town.
  2. Wrong, I get were you are coming from but, you are trying way too hard on dissing help center side quest. There are other side quest besides the help center quests. For example on Gearen You can do the Buizel side quest, helping a guy by buying expensive pokeballs, saving an Old guy's granddaughter, helping an Old woman search for her cinccino, zumi's side quest,doing venam's secret code, you can even do the ap achievements to gain ap for useful items, etc. while doing help center side quest. Then sheridan you can help someone from getting destroyed by a Solrock, showing someone he's favorite
  3. You know, you could've atleast finished the whole game first before stating a really big opinion with how you blow it into proportions, You dropped it early but you didn't know that the Help center has it's own storyline or arc hence why all of the tedious stuff is done. The good things that you list just made it so you won't look like you are bias on reborn even though you are. It's a side quest, it is optional. I agree that the accept and abandon quest is kinda tedious and very flawed but you aren't supposed to do them in the first place. You should do the main quest but you insisted
  4. Galar Meowth evolves into Perrserker at Lvl 28 on any part of Evergreen Island Edit : Here is my first Perrserker, I was using it as a pick up mon then it evolved while I was on Evergreen Island, she is lvl 44 now cause I use her on the team now
  5. So after the meeting with Crawli on Terajuma, you can access Route 5 and then there is a boat that can take you back to East Gearen. You can finally Unlock the Exp all and EV training cards and 2 more TM (Fling, Low Sweep) on the AP store. So it's not after Angie's shenanigans, and can unlock them earlier.
  6. Her field gives significant boost to her on a high level, and apparently she crits a lot too. How am I supposed to beat her? Making her field a toxic water doesn't do shit. I can't freeze her field with the available mons. Everything outspeeds my team. Every single one of her mons have coverage and on top of that the move whirlpool got goddamn annoying cause of 100% confusion. Then there's the aquabatics another pain in the ass. She was a pain on the other versions but mostly manageable but this is way harder. I'm stuck at Terajuma now
  7. Any tips on how to level on the early game now? I got obliterated on the Rift Gyarados cause my team barely got to level 20. My only high leveled mon was Raboot who was 22. The grind one by one makes my heart in pain
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