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  1. I was trying out the battle again today and only Aelita outsped, so now I'm thinking we were both too tired yesterday and kept reading Aelita's turns as the golems; maybe because it calls her regirock or something it was tripping us up or something Thanks so much for all the suggestions though! I appreciate it even though it turned out we were both being dumb
  2. Definitely no trick room happening! Tailwind also doesn't work although I'm not sure if that is expected on this field somehow? I also don't remember this happening when I played (which might be why I don't remember struggling with this fight but she can't do it. So the golems SHOULDN'T be outspeeding everything? I'm super confused then haha. Any tips for beating rift aelita with the assumption that the enemy will definitely outspeed every turn?
  3. Shouldn't a Sableye have been battled in Nightmare City when you meet one of the Kimono Girls in Nightmare City? My friend was talking to a kimono girl in nightmare city but there was no battle even though the V12 guide said you have a battle a Sableye to free her. Did we miss something or has something changed?
  4. I'm watching someone playing Rejuvenation and they're up to rift Aelita; I was really shocked that their speed EV trained Ribombee wasn't going first in the battle (and of course, got knocked out by rock slide). So now I'm wondering if there is a speed nerf I'm unaware of in the battle that I never took notice of before? Ribombee has out sped almost everything it's come up across and I was under the impression the golems are slow, is that wrong? EDIT: We both forgot the level cap was increased after Souta so Ribombee WAS 5 levels under than it could have been for this fight; still
  5. Hello, I was just wondering if there a list of most efficient ways to EV training after you've gone to GDC and no longer have access to Gearen Lab for awhile? Like best places for training in X stats? I did some googling but couldn't find anything on EV training that doesn't involve the training rooms. I know there are some tough battles coming up and I've bred and EV trained a bunch of pokemon but I know there will be access to some good ones after leaving West Gearen. Thanks for any help :)
  6. Ooh, thanks so much for all the helpful tips! :D I appreciate you giving me more to consider for this field and the opponents. Maybe it won't even be as bad as I remember it if Melia has indeed been made more useful XD EDIT: Woohoo, she beat it second try :D First was just her checking out the Pokemon and then she went with a bounce strategy using Mantine and tailwind using Talonflame. Vaporeon was a random pick in her team but it was MVP for moxie gyarados because muddy water lowered its accuracy several times. Thanks again for the suggestions! I love seeing how many different str
  7. My sister is playing Rejuvenation for the first time and she's coming up to the Valor Mountain battle very soon. I remember in all my playthroughs having serious trouble with the double battle no matter what I tried and was wondering if there are some Pokemon I may not have thought to use you guys could recommend as being particularly helpful. One thing I read recently was that bounce changes the field to a sky field; is this true, and if so is it a worthwhile strategy to use? Or was there an MVP or two you would absolutely recommend for the battle? She's playing on the
  8. Oh no; I could have sworn autosave was turned off rip EDIT: Nope; auto save wasn't on. Guess it's just a terrible place to save XD Luckily there were backup saves of just a minute or 2 before so all good
  9. That's interesting; I didn't know that, thank you. However, it's not actually my save file; it's my sister's game but I channel my inner daycare lady to train her Pokemon sometimes because she plays for story and is pretty busy I'm fairly certain she won't want me to lose for her so hopefully she's got an older backup that's not super old XD
  10. Hello, I've got a save file which was saved in between Narcissa and Mosely and now I can't go backwards without the main character running forward and instantly starting the battle: I can move down one step and then move into the grass, but once I touch the stairs MC decides it's battle time and I'm forced into a battle I don't think can be won right now. Any chance this is fixable or will I need to use a backup save file? I've played this game many times and I've never had this kind of issue before; either I can run back any time after saving near a boss or
  11. Hello, I have a question about changing the custom controls; my sister changed the controls of the arrow keys to WASD because that's what she's used to from other games. But then when nicknaming a Pokemon she realised that she couldn't use the letter A or D. I was just wondering why A and D can't be used but W and D can? I would understand if all 4 of those keys can't be used because they're bound to important keys, but 2 of them work and 2 of them don't so I'm a little confused. Can someone explain why A and D can't be used when typing nicknames but W and D can? I exp
  12. Thank you both! I'll have her check the starting menu just in case
  13. Hello, So my sister is going to be downloading Rejuvenation and starting it for the first time () and I just wanted to check something. Does the download here include patches? Or will she need to download the patch in the V12 forum post? I'm ridiculously excited for her to play it and I want it to go as smoothly as possible hehe!
  14. This looks really fun! Those screenshots are very enticing; now I'm debating with myself as to whether or not to try it out now or wait until the next episode is out... Just wondering, is there a speed up button?
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