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  1. Where can I farm EVs early game in pokemon desolation?

    1. Mudkip604


      I don´t think there is a direct way to do it i would just look for common wild pokemon that provide the ev´s you want , hp should be easy with all the audino trainers available for grinding

  2. thanks for the warning XD I hope I can make it
  3. Okay thanks, but I'll try to finish this difficulty haha, I've grinded a lot to get here even tho it's not that far in the story
  4. I may have been beaten about 35 times before thinking of changing difficulty
  5. 3/5 of my pokemon are weak to psychic type and one gets one shotted so yeah, I wanted to change my difficulty
  6. okay I guess I gotta try something else to beat Nim then, thanks
  7. i already beat Venam so, where can I find him again?
  8. When I tried to go to luck's tent for the first time after being unable to beat Nim in route 4, he gives me an introduction and disappears... Is it a bug or did he leave town?
  9. Alright... I gotta start again I guess do you know where to find popplio?
  10. can you debug the game? I wanna finish the game with a selected strong team first and then finish without any cheats. If you can debug, can you please tell me how to do it?
  11. Do you know any illegitemate ways to get torchic on my team? I kinda wanna build a team with those 2 starters
  12. So, I started playing rejuvenation and haven't beaten the first gym yet but I kinda want a torchic on my team along with my popplio, how do I get another starter?
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