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  1. Well for me this are good news, bec like this i will be superhappy when v13 drops and i will be superhappy when 13.5 drops so i'll get excited twice ;) Really take all the time you need Jan i'll wait patiently until the next version gets released and i know its worth waiting :) was hyped for it a year ago, i'm still hyped and i would also be hyped in a year if it should take that long Greetings from Germany
  2. Interesting how everyone has completly different results. Obviosly Texen is last one for me, can´t stand this guy
  3. The damage output of my crest feraligtor is insane so i'm pretty sure it stacks. Wouldn't be a very good crest if it just overwrites the ability
  4. I just finished my first playthrough of desolation and i really have to say wow. I'm a Big fan of reborn and rejuvenation, so i decided to take a look at the recently updatet desolation and This was such a great experience, desolation is definitly one of the best fan games out there. I really want to thank the devs for that! The game definitly had some of the hardest decisions from all games i played, Favourite character, definitly Lillith and her ubreon they are dope. If there would have been an option to join the foxes i would definitly have been in^^ seems like sh
  5. I really really like both games very much, but if i had to choose one i would pick rejuvenation. I had 2 major problems with reborn, that made me ragequit the game 2 times before finally finishing it. One was the lack of possibilitys to train up new teammembers and bec of that i just couldnt beat the fighting leader and the other thing were those completely annoying puzzles from time to time (crustle puzzle, heracross and pinsir puzzle for example). Rejuvenation makes both things much more playerfriendly, no annoying puzzles (except maybe the garufan ruins thing,
  6. All good things come to an end it seems. My favourites here are definitly alice and allen, i'm still voting for them to be the dark and fairy leaders. It anyone didn't believe that karen is a complete weirdo till now, youre proven wrong with that art. I really captures her wrecked personality. Thank you zumi one last time for your amazing art, it really was a highlight for me the last months, i checked the blog daily just to see if there are any new arts from you. Lookin really forward to see all of the arts in v13.
  7. Well, my votes were Keta, Crescent and a girl i dont want no name, bec otherwise everyone will blame me lookin forward your art
  8. First looks of nymeria and nastasia, nice i like em both! My favourite here is definitly reina, she looks like a troublemaker, but in a good way. Melia looks like shes finally grown up, like that design the most from her 4 designs i think. (But all 4 are definitly great) Love your work zumi, pretty hyped for the next update, really hope for surfer dude and red timetravellady
  9. I think the best way is on the moon field (i hope thats its name), its located in the cave on route 3, when you take the left exit i think. Put a pokemon with thief and if possible compound eyes in front of your party and battle wild pokemon, sometimes you will steal a comet shard that you can sell for 60000. I did this for 15 minutes and got 4 in this time.
  10. Wow Zumi you're awesome, rift aelita is definitly one of my favourite designs from all new arts till now! I also really like Mosely's design
  11. I really think all terrain users (except the ape as starter) will be obtainable veery late game maybe even in the afterstory bec terrainchanging abilities seem really broken in this game.
  12. Sure you have installed the latest Patch? The whiscash crest was unavailable before the 2nd patch if i remember correctly
  13. So I try rating the crests and bring them into Tiers. I have to say that I didn´t try out all of them right now and I think I will change some of my opinions in V13 once more items are available. So here my opinions S Tier (overpowered): Claydol, Spiritomb A Tier (really good but not op): Bastiodon, Beheeyem, Dusknoir, Feraligatr, Ledian, Meganium, Typhlosion B Tier (perfectly balanced): Empoleon, Glaceon, Seviper, Leafeon, Stantler, Oricorio, Cofagrigus, Castform C Tier: (not that great but ok): Ariados, Dedenne, Fe
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