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  1. Its on route 4 as static encounter, but i think i heard that it only appers when you have at least 13 badges
  2. You can find cloyster at goldenwood park with the super rod. It is a pretty rare encounter tho, searched 20 min before i got one
  3. The only bigger one i found yet is the aquarium sidequest in akuwa town. And also found a mini event at sheridan where you can battle crescents gothitelle in a house
  4. It youre going to the next puzzle pls tell me the the solution, been stuck there the last hour.
  5. Absolutly stuck here too, can anyone tell me exactly what to do? Been trying for half an hour an no clue. Thought i have to create a student that matches the colors on the door with his abilitys but no really getting the right combination...
  6. Same here, absolutly no plan what it could be, trying for the last 30 Minutes:3
  7. First of all i will play v13 on my mainfile and once i'm done with story, sidequests and catching all new pkm i will finally start a new playfile on hard mode, really looking forward that
  8. Absolutely hyped for v13, just finished training up some crested mons i'm looking forward to use. Also pretty hyped for starting a new playfile on intense and getting my ass kicked hard once i finished v13 with my mainfile.
  9. Best method i think is to have a pokemon with thief an go to the moonfield in the phasial cave, there you can encounter wild cleffa and sometimes they have a comet shard with them which you can sell for 60.000. i recommend using bufferfree bec it has also compound eyes.
  10. Well in my fangame top 5 would be rejuv, uranium, insurgence, empyrean and desolation, but seems like you have already played all of them. What i really like is pokemon solar light lunar dark, over 300 fakemon and really cool region, but its not that story driven compared to the other games above. My next thing will be pokemon xenoverse, looks really awesome and is already complete, but atm its only available in italian but the english Translation is said to come early 2021, so im pretty hyped for that.
  11. Well for me this are good news, bec like this i will be superhappy when v13 drops and i will be superhappy when 13.5 drops so i'll get excited twice ;) Really take all the time you need Jan i'll wait patiently until the next version gets released and i know its worth waiting :) was hyped for it a year ago, i'm still hyped and i would also be hyped in a year if it should take that long Greetings from Germany
  12. All good things come to an end it seems. My favourites here are definitly alice and allen, i'm still voting for them to be the dark and fairy leaders. It anyone didn't believe that karen is a complete weirdo till now, youre proven wrong with that art. I really captures her wrecked personality. Thank you zumi one last time for your amazing art, it really was a highlight for me the last months, i checked the blog daily just to see if there are any new arts from you. Lookin really forward to see all of the arts in v13.
  13. Well, my votes were Keta, Crescent and a girl i dont want no name, bec otherwise everyone will blame me lookin forward your art
  14. First looks of nymeria and nastasia, nice i like em both! My favourite here is definitly reina, she looks like a troublemaker, but in a good way. Melia looks like shes finally grown up, like that design the most from her 4 designs i think. (But all 4 are definitly great) Love your work zumi, pretty hyped for the next update, really hope for surfer dude and red timetravellady
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