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  1. You can reset for different ivs/shiny/gender etc but yeah its the same mon
  2. In v12 there used to be a mod you could download that made it way more easy to breed, find items from the itemfinder and it would let you mine rocks until you found every item by just paying, does anyone know if this is still possible in v13?
  3. Thanks, i found arbok and mankey, but i found arbok in the dessert and not in the sewers.. maybe its only in the sewers before it becomes the water center
  4. Im trying to catch every pokemon thats available, and i cant find any of these for some reason, they arent in the spots they used to be
  5. The Final ability is defiant (the best one imo)
  6. Secret shore u can find wild gastrodon im pretty sure? Train it up and give it storm drain:) that helped me a lot, also sturdy togedemaru with nuzzle is decent
  7. I can’t find a shellder/cloyster, does anybody know where to find them?
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