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  1. Man, I'm not a coder or video game developer. But I write a lot and I can SO relate to the whole ''wow this chapter I wrote is kinda long, lemme split it into a 0.5'' and the second half is as long as a regular chapter lol. I know the wait is gonna be so worth it. V. 13 was awesome!
  2. thanks as always my dude. you're a legend!!
  3. Thanks. And a special one please, modest nature.
  4. actually, would you possibly have an ev trained shiny charmander?
  5. thanks a lot as always dude!!
  6. ok im on and waiting
  7. yup, i am getting on
  8. Whatever is easier for you, my man. I bought the incubator so it takes one click for me to hatch eggs in game.
  9. I need a Turtwig to complete the starter quest. I cannot for the life of me do that horrible puzzle in the circus. Don't need it to be ev/iv trained or anything, just any regular old turtwig/grotle/torterra or egg you have lying around will do. thank you! We can discuss what you'd like in return if you reply to this.
  10. Would really love an ev trained honedge with 31 ivs in everything and 0 ivs in speed if possible. Shiny preferred but not required. Can offer shiny deino, shiny zorua, shiny charmander, shiny ralts, beldum, feebas, sneasel or other (ask me!).
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