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  1. In the hair salon with the Liligant in it, in east gearan city. It's the lady in the right-most salon chair.
  2. Anyone got any idea where I might get a Galarian Darumaka please.
  3. The way I screamed at that old fart for not demanding a Zebstrika, which I had. Anyways, you can catch Toxel in the grass of the West Gearan Sewers basement before you fight the Rift Garbodor.
  4. Thanks. I think some karma god up there took pity because right after I finished my rant here I managed to beat it somehow, with a max revive on hand.
  5. This thing seems literally impossible to kill even 12 v. 1 with Melia by my side. Like it's defences are sky high, 3/4 of its moves are HP draining or recovery moves. It gets massive boosts from the field, its ability AND its item. I managed to use Pyukumuku to change the field and it INSTANTLY brought it back with a Sludge Wave. It 1 shots most of mine and Melia's pokemon. I've tried using Knock Off to get rid of its black sludge but it hardly helps. I've tried paralysing it and for 5 rematches it didn't get paralysed one single time the whole fight. I've tried using Earthquake and while it d
  6. Should I delete the patch 13.0.1 files when I download the 13.0.2 files in the main rejuv folder. I'm not sure how patching works, I'm sorry. I'm encountering a soft lock with the rift garbodor in the west gearan sewers so I was just confused and someone said it got fixed when they patched the second update properly but I'm not sure what 'properly' means here.
  7. Should I delete the old data and script files and so on that the new patch file has. I'm not very tech savvy I don't wanna mess this up.
  8. Hey. I'm having the same issue. I did download the verion 13.0.2 patch into the main rejuvenation folder, but I'm still having the issue. Can I ask what you did to solve your problem
  9. Help. Please. Stuck in West Gearan sewers. This happens soon after we first enter the sewers with Melia and Venam. After discovering Volta and her crew when Erick tells us to make a break for the stairs and our access is denied, and Garbodor comes up behind us. As soon as Volta jumps out of the room I was just in the game freezes. I can't do anything other than save [by pressing D on my keyboard]. I've checked it twice, both times the same thing happened. Please help. Game_2.rxdata
  10. Sorry for the multiple threads. I had to load a backup save file to get myself unstuck from valor mountain and ended up getting stuck again at a different spot. Luckily I had last saved right after saving Amber and Tesla and managed to just re-load back there. But can someone please just tell me how to get to the top of this cursed mountain....This part is so miserable with all the dead ends and getting stuck over and over again due to game design.
  11. There's already a thread on this, but I'm kinda stuck inside Valor mountain because I missed a cutscene with Melia and Venam which I didn't know I had to do and for some reason I was still able to get into the mountain and go in quite deep before having my path blocked and the way back blocked as well. Am I just stuck here forever by game design or is there some way out of this mountain...I'm stuck in the room under the Xen base where the Heracross is. There's a tree blocking my way out.
  12. Hey, I'm stuck in the same scenario. Haven't done the cutscene yet but am stuck inside the mountain with a tree blocking the way out of the Xen place. Am I just stuck here or is there another way to get out of the mountain....it seems like bad game design if I'm just stuck here....
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