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  1. December starts tomorrow, yeesh were did the year go?

  2. Happy thanksgiving to all and God bless.

  3. Hey bud, it took some doing but here ya are. the back sprite for the shiny edit. ^_^
  4. Hey all, so I've been an avid fan of both pokemon Reborn and Rejuvination for a long time now and have played both more time over then any of the main line pokemon games. And while I do love a lot of the ptrotag sprites offered I like to change it up from time to time and edit them for a new feel to the trainer. But, there is one thing I've always wanted to do and that is a crossover play. So what do I mean? Well, for those who know Reborn, Ame is in the game as an NPC and sadly we don't get to really see her in action all that much, yet despite this I've always felt she carried a strong charm about her. Now I won't give any spoilers but do to reason we don't get see any variation sprites for her outside of intro to the game, which means using her in place of the protag sprite in Rejuvination is kind of hard. We have the walk sprite, the trainer sprite from the intro, and thanks to someone else I was able to get my hands on a VS screen sprite. Though obviously I won't be posting it as I don't know if I have permission to do so. But with all that said and done I would really appreciate if someone would help me get at the very least a throwing sprite animation for Ame. I can edit sprites sure but when it comes to out right making sprites I'm just banging my head on a wall. And sure I could try and edit on of the white haired female characters to resemble Ame, she's got a good bit of detail I just don't think I'm capable of recreating. Fishing, biking sprites and surf/dive sprites would be super appreciated as well but considering those are more the ect. sprites that I feel can be done without. I suppose a knocked down/out sprite to as both Rejuv and Reborn like to knock your character on on their butts a good bit lol. And if your feeling the groove for the making of this sprites, maybe even make an alt costume Ame for when the story gives you the option to in Rejuvination. But again, all I really need is the ball throw. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my request even if you aren't planning on doing it. And an even bigger thank you to anyone willing to give it a try. <3
  5. Hermps burfs my favorite merphs.

  6. Hey so I gave it a go and overall I do like it. The characters we have met thus far are interesting and the mystery of the bad guys has me intereasted to see the story pan out. I do like some of the regional varients though if I might suggest, maybe make a way for the player to know ahead of time what the RV starters types will be because I chose Oshawotte and when it evolved that made 4 out of my six mons weak to flying types which meant I usually got wrecked hard if I met a trainer with a decent flying type lol. So more things I figured I'd mention is that the weather seems to make the frame rates drop pretty bad for me, especially in Datolite city, it is terrible there and even find the game fewwzing for a few seconds from time to time. Speaking of the city, please make it possible to escape rope from the caves in the lower section. I found myself getting lost far to easy, especially in those low light areas. Lastly, I know you guys altered the learnset for some mons and for the most part I didn't see any issue, I did try to use a Stunky early on and the fact that it didn't learn it's only offensive poison attack till 18 when its supposed to get it at 9, made it nearly impossible to use effecitvly. Other then that though, I still enjoyed the expirence for the most part and look forward to seeing the game evolve. ( Yes that is a pun lol )
  7. No worries, in the end I'm glad I could make something you like. It may be a while before the backsprite is done though lol
  8. You know, I wasn't going to edit Zekrom until you mentioned you looked forward to it , AND BOY DO I REGRET DOING IT. I have no clue why but editing Zekroms' sprite is a biiiiig pain, just the colors didn't like the pain tool for some reason so I had to go in by hand on EVERYTHING. But, I hope you like it lol.
  9. I mean you basically got all I suggested, I'd say just make a work around for HM's cause let's face it, no one likes HM's lol.
  10. Thank you but I'm not looking to really make one. I was just putting this out there to see what other thought of it. Yours sounds really cool though, please keep me posted on that I would love to be a tester for it if you need any.
  11. Disclaimer: This is not me outright asking anyone to help me make this a reality as I know making a fan game like this is a lot of work. If some people who have the skills would like to make this I would like to be included. Just keep in mind that all I can contribute is Story, Dialog, Character Backstory, and sprite edits as my mapping skills are mediocre ( And I only have RPG Maker VX Ace, and MV and while I have fiddled with both I have never been able to produce a full game on my own. I'm putting this up more just to see how people like it. Base Story: Long ago the legend of a pokemon so strong it could pull continents with chains was more then myth, but fact. Regigigas pulled the once doomed region of Villius out of harms way of a massive natural disaster that ravaged one fourth of the world. The pokemon pulled the region for days on end, never stopping, to make sure it and it's inhabitants lived. Finally, Regigigas stopped and let the region settle in a new beautiful climate to adapt, and before going to rest, created three guardians to protect the region. Regirock, Registeel, and Regice, entrusting one to three different humans to protect the region. Geen Venerse, a wise and powerful monk was given Regirock. Celia Harmonia, a kind and gentle priestess was given Regice, and Alexandria Dracolight a noble and just knight was given Registeel. And as Regigigas went to sleep, it became merged with the region, making it even larger then it had been previously and offering much more space for pokemon and people alike to flourish. The people of the Villus Region saw Regigigas as their guardian and would honor it with festivals and more. However, a greedy man by the name of Avernus Byuutox suaght to make Regigigas' power his own and called upon the aid of a dark cult whos name has long since forgotten to syphon the legendary pokemons power into a vessel for his own use. However, the cult had other plans then to help this pompous man gain power and began a far darker ritual. Before they could finish however, the three guardians of Villus arraived to stop them along with their partners given to them by Regigigas. The battle was brutal and the guardians barely made it out alive but not without a loss of sorts. While they were able to stop the inital ritual, a side effect of it's interruption caused Regigigas to awaken and go berserk. The guardians tried to calm the legendary pokemon but it's rage could not be quelled. The three creations of Regigigas banned together in an attempt to do as they created to and protect the region and while the three powers were formidable, they could not stop the ragging titan and were injured so badly that all three were forced into a deep sleep in order to recover. During it's rampage, Regigigas created even more pokemon this time to attack those it command to, creating a Regi for every pokemon type known to man. The three guardians had no choice but to give everything they had to stop Regigigas and while they could not calm or defeat it, they were able to seal it away within the region itself. However, before it was fully sealed it unleashed the last of it's power to find a host so that when the host grew in strength, they would be able to awake it once more. Celia followed the released power and found it had entered a woman who was due to give birth soon and feared that the child would be the intended target, and sure enough when the child was born, they had snow white hair and prismatic colored eyes, something never seen before in the region. Fear rose through the region of this child and this fear lead to sad and rash decisions made by the community. Despite the mother's plea, they took and killed the child before it could grow. The woman grieved for her child day and night and eventually left the Villus Region. The guardians, now weakened and tired, lived their lives for as long as they could and established families of their own. Sadly, this is not were the story ends as many years later another child was born with snow white hair and prismatic eyes, the people were awstruck that somehow this power had persisted and tried to take another host. And unfortunately for this child, their fate would be the same as the first. From that day on, a law was made that should a child like that be born once again, it would be put to death immediately to prevent Regigigas from returning and rampaging once more. Through the years this has happened a number of times, however, now in modern day one such child was born again but the mother had given birth before being able to reach the hospital and knowing what the child's appearance meant, she fled and hid the child away. A mysterious group known as Team Aeon learned of this and reached out to the mother and offered protection for her and the child and she eagerly accepted their offer. And this is were the story truly begins.... So, this story would revolve around a plot were the player character actually actually starts out as kind of part of the "Evil team". This story would revolve around the players choices and how it progresses. My idea is that they early one would be given a choice to either free a prisoner they come across one day or to not. This would start them on the either "Good" or "Bad" side. The player would still get to visit all the locals they would reguardless of which path they took, and their goals would still be relatively similar, it'd just play out a little differently. The gym challenge would still be a big part of it, just with different reasons as to why the player is doing it and also how the NPC'S would react to the player. And additionally, you can make both "Good" and "Bad" choices and swap the path your own at different points if you wanted. And like, the "Evil Team" wouldn't really get all to upset with the player flip flopping for a few reasons: That being they understand the player is still young and indecisive and also they would know that by this point, the player is strong enough that they should be feared. And I'm not saying strong as in strong team composition, I'm saying the person is strong. Being they are granted power of Regigigas, they aren't sure if they even could kill the player at this point if they wanted to. This would tie into the HM system were the player would be able of using all the HM's themselves ( aside from fly and dive which would just have them conjur a Regiair or Regihydro to do it for them ). But this story would actually have an emphasis on exploring both sides a little at least, showing that not everyone on the "Evil Team" are there for bad reasons, and so on. The only fakemon that would be included are all the new Regi types and also Eevelutions that maches all the new types ( a sort of sub plot with that ) Would have some regional Varients, include Mega Evo., and all the standard mons. As far as the number of gyms and such I'm not sure, and feild effects would be nice but I wouldn't even begin to know how to do that. And I'd like to make custom shines to. Oh and of course it's a new region with a whole slew of new faces. So that's my idea. Hope you guys like it.
  12. So idk if I'm the only one with this opinion but I absolutly do not like this part of the game. I find it so teidius and dread having to go through it when I go through another play through as my playthrough's are typically far apart so I don't recall how to do it. Frankly I feel it's a bit of uneccassary padding. But that's just my opinion. Any thoughts on this? Perhaps things you guys have done to make it easier to remember on what to do?
  13. Ohhh I do like a lot of em. Any grass type siny that gives it an autumn pallet is an A+ in my book lol.
  14. Edited the Ana sprite from Rejuvination to make my own. Hope you guys like em, I called her Rina.
  15. Thank you. I had always wondered why Gamefreak didn't make Reshiram and Zekrom's Shinys each others colors. It just looks so good.
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