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  1. Yeah, as mentioned earlier, you need to use Leaf Stone into Regional form of Misdreavus which can be found in Sheridan Wetlands.
  2. Just use false swipe and reduce HP into red bar and catch mons for 500 or 1000(if blue beam) essence.
  3. Encountered right now from a blue beam 2-star Rift Den near the exit into Wispy Ruins. Note that if you got blue beam and didn`t encounter Ditto, you can restart game, anyway it will be blue beam but other mon. First one usually is Rhyhorn-1star, then second goes Ditto.
  4. I have 15 badges but I dunno if that chasing miniquest depends on badges.
  5. It isn`t related to day-time, and tbh I don`t know, what chance has blue beam to appear after throwing rift fragment, but it`s not 50/50, I`m sure.
  6. Most of rifts will be with red beam, so blue beam has a some chance to appear but it has more chance to have shiny pokemon.
  7. IIRC, the Den where lies exit from Wispy Ruins
  8. Corrupted cave in Mt.Carotos (enter from Waterfall in Sheridan Arena, then right elevator in the room where castle or smth big at the top) No specifics, it`s overworld encounter.
  9. Btw, I think, we have all list of available Aevium-forms atm, so many thanks to all who helped! ;)
  10. Since we`ve had all Aevian forms and evolutions in v13, I(and not only me) tried to find Xen Waste..... And finally, got it. Some days ago, I`ve asked about that rift but didn`t receive an answer, so I`ve decided to investigate myself. You need to have 15 thousands of Red Essence which can be farmable from Rt.4 Rift-Dens.(don`t worry, that essence don`t decrease if you throw it). When you get it, go to Sh.Wetlands and throw it. You will find Beldum there. Note: HE HAS TAKE DOWN SO FALSE SWIPE WON`T WORK even in acc decrease cuz of Clear Body ability. You can defeat it and g
  11. Do we have a Galarica Wreath(for evolving slowpoke into G-Slowking)? If we have, where?
  12. Oh , I see, so location isn`t imporant, very rare encounter chance, thanks :)
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