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  1. Don't you have to get all the crests to get the dusk crest? Because if so doesn't that make the duck crest unobtainable, since I dont have access to the torterra/claydoll crests. Or is it just all the crests in the zorra labyrinth
  2. I didn't do a single Hidden Library quest on my rejuv save file and I've completed V12. No library means no Karen at Alamissa, no Karen means no incantation and no incantation mean you can't open the doors to zygara castle. And that means that I can't get all the crests, because if I'm not mistaken, some crests can be found in the castle, and I'm lookin to get a dusknoir crest for my almost perfect iv dusk. Is there any way to get into Zygara without doing the Hidden Library quests, and if not, is there any way to change the game's code or something to make it think that I've already done the
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