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  1. Could it be that the Pick Up-component isn't properly working? Maybe it was just bad luck, but when I first started my current run with one Pick Up mon in my team, as well as later on with 2 such mons in my team in which I did some 50ish battles, I never found any item. If I tried to run the original Scripts (without any mod) or just disabled the Pick Up mod resulted in me finding an item in literary my first battle. So, is PickupQOL bugged or did I just had terrible luck (I mean, 0,8^50 is basically 0%)?
  2. Yes, Staryu is the only Psychic as far as I know.
  3. About the Team... in my Grass mono I run Reshiram and had to face her in singles (I voted twice for doubles, but she seems to do what she wants in this route). It was still Community release, but her team was: Rotom-W, Ludicolo, Kingdra, Swampert (She didn't use mega), something I forgot from the top of my head and her Lapras. If the Reborm wiki is correct, she should now have a Wishbuckler instead of the Mon I forgot. At least with a Team full of Grass pretty manageable. Anyways, well done with with those 2 leaders. Will be interesting to see how you'll handle future leaders (:
  4. Merry Christmas to y'all

  5. The moment you realize E17 is available, but you still have to finish 2 novels and a drama for university... Where's free time when you need it xD

    1. Chickens


      Free time is an illusion

  6. Meowth carry them for sure and I guess some other as well, but don't quote me on that.
  7. Actually, wild Meowth may carry Quick Claws and can be found from the start. You definetly only have to wait to access them if you really want (;
  8. Breed yourselve a Paras with Leech Seed and seed Garchomp via focus sash or quick claw. Switch to low level Pineco with sturdy and out stall Garchomp (ls should heal enouh to activate sturdy each turn). Boring, but a method which should work too^^
  9. About Wormadam: I think you can get every form before Julia actually. If my memory serves me right, I had all cloaks while training my Budew in my Mono Grass run. I think the underground railnet is the trash cloak and the different alleys sand (or vice versa).
  10. I @Jess Ice attacks easily destroy it. On the glitch field it can handle those attacks relatively easy from physical attackers, but otherwise the fourtime weakness utterly devastates this dragon.
  11. @Gentleman Jaggi Out if interest: Did you used a Compound Eyes/Frisk combo while hunting for the life orb? These two abilities make it much easier to hunt for certain items^^
  12. I'm not completely sure what you have to do, but lets give it a try. In case you have to talk to Melia, she should be in her room in HQ (the room next to Crawli's office, if my memory serves me right). Amber should usually be in Aquamarine Cave in the section with the large amount of water where an island is in the middle (the second room, basically). She should be north of that standing somewhere. In the Depths you should find Melia again, standing in front of a big blue door. If you talk to her there, the storyline should continue, as you have to do this part before Amber is of some use. Did you already finished the events in the Sheridan Wetlands? If not, talk to Augustus to progress. Some time will pass before you can get Magma Drift, though. I hope this somehow helps. as I'm not completely sure what to do at this point.
  13. If you enter this black circle thing behind Angie, you should be ablte to go back to the Church and visit the City (and return to Angie if you're done). Just make sure you don't step on the field initiating combat.
  14. I can confirm this, I just finished the Help Request. Go into the jungle, get the Roggenrolla, and bring it to the NPC in the Pokecenter (and in my case, it only appeared after I had the Roggenrolla with me).
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