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  1. time to bust out the old sprite canvas again in celebration for this day :)))

  2. i've been here in reborn since ep9(?) and it feels very surreal that we're reaching the twilight era of this game. even e18 feels like a lifetime ago already so i'm very excited to see the finished product! i cant even fathom how much work you all have put into this game throughout this decade and id really like to send some support for all your hard work!!!
  3. daily reminder to stream swipe by itzy

  4. idk if zombies are meant to be legitimately stupid in skyrim in terms of pathfinding and combat but somehow that is both fitting and irritating considering it's... well, a zombie

  5. beep boop i am alive :>

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      thank you! just remembered that i saw your status update about coming out and good for you too! happy for you x

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      This friendship of yours is touching!

  6. May I ask where these TM's are? TM12 - Taunt TM53 - Energy Ball
  7. how? literally how. how is there a fairytale dimension smackdab in the middle of the desert? even after episode 18, i still can't wrap my head around it, especially since adrienn doesn't say anything about it other than it's pretty then again adrienn isn't really a paragon of "normal" considering what they've been through
  8. title says all. do you guys integrate HM users to your actual in-game team, or do you use an HM slave? what's your favorite pokemon to use for HMs if you actually keep them in your team? especially fly users?
  9. serra's monologues about life-changing decisions and the whole theme of mirrors that can't be fixed again is very relatable, that and corey's monologues about how gruelingly unfair life can be amaria is also noteworthy, as the reactions towards her last episode really shows how different people can act when they're falling apart
  10. I'm having troubles fitting in a starter for me too, honestly. While I do have lots of starters that I like, I don't really consider any of them as Aces, and often, I can find a better Pokemon for their role or in terms of favoritism. Whimsicott is a really good Pokemon to use, especially if it's in Misty Terrain or the like. Priority Nature Power is nothing to sneeze at, and Prankster Tailwind can make a fairly impossible fight into a cakewalk. (Looking at most of Episode 18's battles) Does Misty Terrain amplify Cosmic Power even further? That's a pretty cool strategy. A bit too stall-ish for me, but nonetheless, a viable strategy. Intimidate + Snarl is a really cool idea though, I like that. But maybe I'll use it for my Luxray instead of Arcanine. Also, quite nitpicky, but if you managed to have a Grass type to spread Toxic instead of Empoleon, it would be a cool FWG core, though that might mess up its compatibility with your Clefable. What set do you run for your Silvally? It's a cool Pokemon that no one has as an Ace yet, so I want to try using it. That said, Hyper Offense is fun, but either they get sweeped or you get sweeped. Often I have something with Tailwind/Trick Room/Sticky Web to make sure my team outspeeds the other. E18's battles definitely warned me there.
  11. Interesting! I honestly really like Salamence, and I think he's the perfect Fly Pokemon but sadly Heather already has one as an ace. That said, I'm intending to use Naganadel someday too, but that someday will be in a very long time. May I ask what specific roles you have for Clefable and Rotom-Wash, since they're both mostly just walls?
  12. Is there any way to get a full-31 IV's Ditto in the game legally? Can it be done through breeding, or force-resetting? I have next-to-none experience with Pokemon Breeding, but I know that Destiny Knot Ditto could be a big help for creating a perfect team, so I'm interested in getting one.
  13. Do you use these Pokemon for Reborn too? Legendaries aren't available in the game after all. Hyper-offense can be tricky in Reborn, especially in the late game because of fast attackers + fields. My Gengar and Weavile probably have return cards to the Pokemon Center now. Sticky Web + Set-up is a very good combo though. Yay, someone who agrees. I just don't like using Exclusive Pokemon because well, it removes the exclusiveness. Then again, Zero and Luna both have an Umbreon as an ace, and on a minor degree, Aster & Eclipse share a Lycanroc with Hardy, though all three use the three different forms. The rhyming thing is pretty unique though, haven't tried that before, but it really does fit the player, similar to the rival themes in normal Pokemon games.
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