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  1. There's a lot of I don't know questions in here but I'm assuming you are referring to the SWM module. On a basic level, the SWM shouldn't be a problem unless a line of coding is missing in the scripts. Pretty sure if someone with some slight coding knowledge took a look they could get it to work but not sure if anyone has interests in porting it over given debug mode exists
  2. Oh boy the moving sprites. Where do I begin with those. I think Ame and O had a theory discussion in that these sprites might be compatible without crashing the game but nobody knows. I don't have the old moving sprite files but it should work if the sprites are named correctly and the previous static sprites are removed
  3. This one was a wee bit tricky to get around since I don't have all the tools to use like I do for Rejuv. Just ended up deleting the trainer from existence letting me get out and refresh the map. You should be good now. Game.rxdata
  4. Most people: upset about their being another Indie direct


    Me: If there is an official direct on Friday, it ain't going to make me as excited as that Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 announcement

  5. I'll try to explain this as best I can since I'm vaguely familiar with how this works. So to swap teams the team file has to be stored somewhere which we'll call team A. Team a = Var1 Team a is supposed to be refreshed and saved over before replacing with a substitute team from the virtual league choices. Team B is set in stone so it doesn't matter and doesn't need to save. What happened after the first fight seems to have skipped refreshing that variable with a new Team which we'll call Team C. So when the fight is done everything goes back to normal and the code goes
  6. If ye asks, ye shall receive That'll be 5 gallons of Blue Moon Ice Cream at my doorstep by sundown tomorrow
  7. No, I am not kidding. They implemented that into the third game. You actually play a round of baseball. Wouldn't surprise me if it was the sadist who made Christopher Robin's Home Run Derby. Ahem I'm getting ahead of myself and that's more like a little bonus. Not really what this series is about but it certainly makes one hell of a tittle. Utawarerumono Trilogy [Review and Thoughts] Oh boy this series. So I've heard the name now and then and just never got around to playing it. Well more like duology of Mask of Deception and Mask of Truth. I can honestly say I'm so gla
  8. You might want to check your settings. I know sometimes the backup saves system is defaulted to 0 in which it doesn't create backups
  9. I think I'll just honestly start by saying your changes have not gone unnoticed and I will say this one did show interest in me because I've actually dealt with some issues because of the things you're trying to fix. Turns out when calculating every move 1,000 times for a certain battle does tend to brick the AI causing it to halt. I can't really add much since you kind of answered everything in your post. But...can I just say something about the last part: I don't think any of us would argue that guy had any right to really make an account to make a tangent about the d
  10. So I probably should have said something earlier but it probably is pretty clear I'm putting Redux on an indefinite hold for the time being. Just for reference I pretty much up and quit when the Gen VII implementation happened which really did drain the life out of me when I revived the project. I think the best way to put it is that many of these changes Reborn is going through are starting to become concerning for me. 18.3 was fortunate since most of the areas I worked aren't affected by what changes were made. But now we're dealing with update and fix after update and fix. There might be a
  11. I think it's better from the creator's mouth and not mine but I believe what you are referring to is the posts Ame talks about disliking the self-insert idea. Let me just start by saying everything I say may be slightly off as I am both going off of my memory and other stuff but hopefully I can kind of clarify this. The reason Ame included a self-insert is that the game was a storyline based around many real time events that happened during the league most notably events during the first season. It's probably one of the weirdest RPs as fact and fiction have kind of blurred together
  12. I'm a little bit hesitant to say something as a certain thread really did show how out of hand this has really gotten. I really do think the shit throwing has gone a bit too far. It really does make it sound like Essentials is the worst thing ever built when in fact it's a really good system. It's a massive system made by a few hobbyist which really is a feat and works really well for its primary purpose. And making something from scratch and optimizing things are two things that any programmer should do but one is easier to do than another. I've made things that were nonsensical to someone el
  13. Never in my life would I imagine that a Rubber Band would be one of my favorite Paper Mario characters

  14. First off, the whole thing is random iirc. You'll start with one set of the oasis and when you click on it, try going to the mirage tower each time. It's very tedious but it'll eventually be the right one. It's very tedious since it'll loop but you'll see the tower in the top right when you have the right oasis
  15. The last Paper Mario I bought and played was Super Paper Mario. Let's just say Sticker Star felt like an absolute slap in the face and a slap in the face that was Super Paper Mario. Let me at least just talk about the fandom prior. You'll see thousands and thousands of people want the TTYD type one back and pretty much exactly that. People make it sound like it's the greatest RPG ever made. I guess I'm the weird one who liked the N64 one more. The setting really is what sells me on that game and the bosses really still stick out in my head. I also played that game when I was like 6. I'll also
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