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  1. I can’t recall the answer to this, so I hope you don’t mind me asking: Is it planned to make a follower mod for V13 like there was in V12 of Rejuvenation?

  2. There's a lot of I don't know questions in here but I'm assuming you are referring to the SWM module. On a basic level, the SWM shouldn't be a problem unless a line of coding is missing in the scripts. Pretty sure if someone with some slight coding knowledge took a look they could get it to work but not sure if anyone has interests in porting it over given debug mode exists
  3. Oh boy the moving sprites. Where do I begin with those. I think Ame and O had a theory discussion in that these sprites might be compatible without crashing the game but nobody knows. I don't have the old moving sprite files but it should work if the sprites are named correctly and the previous static sprites are removed
  4. This one was a wee bit tricky to get around since I don't have all the tools to use like I do for Rejuv. Just ended up deleting the trainer from existence letting me get out and refresh the map. You should be good now. Game.rxdata
  5. Most people: upset about their being another Indie direct


    Me: If there is an official direct on Friday, it ain't going to make me as excited as that Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 announcement

  6. I'll try to explain this as best I can since I'm vaguely familiar with how this works. So to swap teams the team file has to be stored somewhere which we'll call team A. Team a = Var1 Team a is supposed to be refreshed and saved over before replacing with a substitute team from the virtual league choices. Team B is set in stone so it doesn't matter and doesn't need to save. What happened after the first fight seems to have skipped refreshing that variable with a new Team which we'll call Team C. So when the fight is done everything goes back to normal and the code goes to say to load the Var1 for your team. So instead of having Team C you'd get the old team back. What happened to team C? Pretty much where team B went. Gone with the wind. And as for what to do, get a backup save. Pronto. There's no way to recover those lost mons otherwise. I opened up my own version of the game...and I forgot mine is as old as dirt. I actually don't have the changed version of the Virtual League as the version I have you fight all 5 battles in a row (with healing). Pretty much looked at it, turned around, and walked away. If someone wants to throw me map 266, I can probably do some kind of fix since I'm guessing it's just missing some call commands. tl;dr: Game bork. Load backup save. Someone remind me tomorrow night and I'll see what's going on. Until then, don't finish quest.
  7. If ye asks, ye shall receive That'll be 5 gallons of Blue Moon Ice Cream at my doorstep by sundown tomorrow
  8. No, I am not kidding. They implemented that into the third game. You actually play a round of baseball. Wouldn't surprise me if it was the sadist who made Christopher Robin's Home Run Derby. Ahem I'm getting ahead of myself and that's more like a little bonus. Not really what this series is about but it certainly makes one hell of a tittle. Utawarerumono Trilogy [Review and Thoughts] Oh boy this series. So I've heard the name now and then and just never got around to playing it. Well more like duology of Mask of Deception and Mask of Truth. I can honestly say I'm so glad I waited as a few months ago the last of the trilogy Prelude of the Fallen came out on the PS4 and I think Steam. I played them all on the PS4 so I'll be referring to that. And I just want to also get something out of the way. One of the translations for the first game is A Song for the Fallen Ones which upsets me so much because that title makes so much more sense and fits with the storyline so much more. I imagine they renamed it to make sure people know it takes place before the Mask games. But before I lose half of you, I will make something clear and if you get into the series you'll thank me later. The game order is: Prelude to the Fallen > Mask of Deception > Mask of Truth Play them in that order. You can technically skip Prelude to the Fallen and start with Mask of Deception but if you do that, then there's not much point going back and playing the first game since everything but some humorous scenarios are spoiled. If you want to be an absolute madlad you can start with Mask of Truth but pretty much mute playing the other two games. I played the games in that order and am so glad I did it that way. And for people who only care about scores. PttF is a 7.5. MoD is a 7.5. MoT is a 9.25/10. I felt it was better than a 9 but some stuff was holding me back from giving it a 9.5 so I decided to meet in the middle. Overall I'd say the series is a good 8.5/10. Where do I even begin with this trilogy? I guess I can start by saying that this series is not for everyone. It's actually a Visual Novel Strategy RPG which I'd say is 60% VN and 40% SRPG if you count the postgame content. For the sake of clarity I'll be using Fire Emblem as a comparison since that's about the only mainline SRPG that most people are familiar with. There's also going to be lots and lots of redacted stuff for the story just because each game quite literally builds off of the rest but I'll try to give you the simple down low on what to expect and keeping the surprises well surprises. Story and Music I suppose I should try to give the rundown of the story. I think the best way to describe it is an Isekai slice of life. Obviously being a Strategy RPG it's much more than that but that sentence alone should tell you right now if you should pick this up or not. The first game starts out with an amnesiac masked man who cannot remember his own name. When he tries to remove the mask, it will not come off. A girl named Eruru alone with her grandmother help nurse him back to help. He is given the name Hakuowlo which was the name of Eruru's father. And so Hakuowlo decides in return to help the village out with their everyday needs becoming a full time resident. The other big thing you'll immediately notice is that Hakuowlo is the only character without ears or a tail which comes as a surprise to him. The second game starts off similar with an amnesiac man given the name Haku who Kuon found and decided to be his caretaker until he could find his way in life. And you're probably going to want to ask me a number of questions which the most prominent one is: what the hell is an Utawarerumono. And unbelievably no, it is not a food based item. The game really, really likes to take its time. You'll pretty much be stuck in a single village for I think what feels around 10 hours. It really likes to go slow and lollygag with man subscenarios which can go from silly ones such as two major generals spitting their tongues at each other to really deep and sad scenes of a character barely suffering from their own actions. You will being doing this for a long while before the main plot decides to move forward. And I have to be honest, it can be very, very annoying waiting for the next battle because it will be hours before you will be getting into combat. I want to say at least 3-4 hours before any of the SRPG gameplay. And that's the beauty of this game. You do so many things that really feel inconsequential letting you build and get to know these characters. And if you don't care for these scenarios I suppose you can honestly skip them. And now I can talk about probably the only big gripe I really have: the fanservice. I mean I literally said at one point in the first game is, "How did they get away with allowing that in?" Definitely don't want to be playing this when grandma is in the room. By the third game they calmed down with the previness but the second game is the worst contender. It was certainly an unnecessary amount. Though I am okay with keeping the male fanservice where it is. Those scenes were great. That alone with some of the character tropes can get a bit on your nerves. That's one thing I liked about the first game's cast a bit more since they were more down to earth and not completely defined by some trope like the second one. Especially Nekone. Nekone is more annoying than Eruru, but those probably are the only two I think I had issues with. And now we have the cast which honestly I ended up liking most of them by the end. Except Eruru. Bloody healers who are only good at dying. Aruru the shy, spoiled child is one of my favorites because her brain is incomprehensible. Also easily the best hide and go seek player ever. There's also characters like Karalau who is the embodiment of thirsty. She also punched the head off a soldier in the anime. There's also Ougi the shadow who knows everything. There's a lot that I could unload here but the reason why the third game is so high is because all of those pointless moments and silly mini-adventures really do have a massive payoff at the end. You get attached to them and even when you know what's going to happen the writers know exactly how to pull your heartstrings. It really sucks that the voice actor for Haku died recently. He did such a good job with the role. Speaking of loses. The composer for this series died recently as well. The soundtrack has few songs but all of them work rather well. Especially the final boss theme which is just beautiful. It really gives that ancient Japanese feel to the games and while I wouldn't call it the greatest of all time, it definitely served its purpose very, very well. The graphics are a bit dated looking more like PS2 styled ones, but I enjoyed them. The 2d art is really well done. There's a lot of uniquely designed characters with the 8 pillars having some of my favorite designs. You take one look at Vurai and question if he even has a soul. Which is ironic given the plot of...nevermind. And there is one other big gripe before I get to gameplay. The game's lore order is a bit of a jumbled mess. The best way I can put it is that there are two different sets of lore. The first one is about the land in front of you that they spend a lot of time developing Tuskur and Yamato and their way of life. The other one is shrouded in mystery which they try piecing together bit by bit. It didn't all click for me or actually a number of people until you see it fully spelled out in order (or the wiki page) where it all suddenly makes sense. I can't say much else but it doesn't ruin the enjoyment but maybe scratch your head about a plot point or another as many of them are brief and you have to connect the dots yourself. Gameplay And now I get to talk about combat. It's a barebones basic SRPG in the first one but by the third one it gets to be rather complex. First game you basically have a set of characters each with different movements and elemental types though none of that really matters to much. Each has a pretty basic role from being nuke, tank, mage, or the one and only healer who cannot do anything but heal. What real interesting is that exp is gained by damage and opponents level not by killing them. The first game you have a pretty small map with the goal of clearing 4-8 enemies. The main trick to the first game is that you dish out and receive damage based on where an attack is targeted. The back does the most while the front does the least. At the end of every action you set which way you're character is facing. You also have this gauge called zeal which pretty much once it hits 100 you can unleash your ultimate attack and more or less knock out an enemy. Unless you are Mr. OP lance unit, it does take a few turns to build up. You also have a team attack special called Co-op attacks with usually are better for groups of enemies which and cost less Zeal for both (70 for the attacker and 50 for the partner). The only other thing to note is that you have consumable items in the first game to heal whenever. All-in-all the first game is pretty barebones. There's actually one defense map, one escape map, but most are pretty much route or defeat boss. They do try to make it interesting by throwing destroyable objects out of the way for good items. You also pretty much have to deploy your lord, Hakuowlo who is a pretty decent attacker but while there isn't permadeath, if Hakuowlo dies it's game over...unless you rewind to a previous turn. Pretty much an infinite Mila's turnwheel. Pretty handy for when you screw up. The animations at least look nice and there's a small zeal bonus for timing your attacks right in Legend of Dragoon styled timed hits. The second game pretty much took the structure and scrapped everything bad about it. Your characters can't control what way they are facing which is okay since only one character (*cough* Ougi *cough*) even has an ability related to it. Healing items are replaced with equipment which are rewards clearing objectives on maps which range from dodging abilities to reducing damage from certain elements. Picture skills from Radiant Dawn more or less. Characters come with their own skills again but a lot less of them have random buffs. Also, magic attacks don't have a use limit per map. The most significant change is that characters have about three options each turn. Basically when you have an attack or healing move there are a set number of actions you can do called chains. This count can go up to 5 plus a final strike one. First game they all more or less only had one. This cast has three or more. And instead of timing the actions right to get more zeal, you get crits which deal more damage and give more zeal. There's also one more mechanic that really helped make the game more difficult. Whenever your zeal hits 100, you go into overzeal mode. This lets you take an extra turn along with your stats getting a slight buff. Each turn you stay in Zeal mode you lose 50 Zeal and if the counter goes down to zero you exit out of it...unless you use a final strike which ends it immediately. The fact that enemies can use this as well makes them more dangerous and found my units dying quite a bit more. Not too often but way more than the first game which really only the healer I rarely needed died...a lot. The maps also were a lot more interesting as they played with more mechanics beyond beat up the enemy such as some retreating to another part of the map midway through. The elemental chart also plays a greater role as you do way more damage and take significantly more. Also Haku may be much weaker than Hakuowlo but goddamn he makes up for it with an amazing heal skill. Then we have the third game. You lose some abilities you start out with but regain them all through leveling up. More enemies have counters with is retaliation for hitting them with certain attacks. They added more crit times called hidden crits. Status effects are more prevalent, and abilities that will make you internally scream. The game isn't too hard but I certainly had a few shares of game overs having to retry all over again. Especially what would be the equivalence of 3-13 archer sniping my ass from a cliff. The man may as well have a brave bow launching four javelins in a row at me. Yes, the man launches javelins with a bow. Don't question it. I really ended up loving the combat in Mask of Truth. The game really loved to throw curveballs at you often with the goal completely changing halfway through. There also would be side objectives for a better piece of equipment for doing something such as koing all enemies before the boss. Often times it'd be some random sniper in an obscure hard to reach place. The maps may look simple but these ones always some kind of "but wait...there's more" and even by the final map they still managed to find ways to throw me off my feet. Also holy shit that was one hell of a final boss. This third game also has the most elaborate postgame in the series having some very difficult fights along with some of the weirdest ones you'll ever see in a SRPG. There's one where you beat up flying plates of food to rescue your man from a yaoi fanfiction come to life. I wish I could say I was making that up. Conclusion I kind of went into this series not knowing what to expect and I came out of it rather amazed. I know there's the Zan game and the anime but it honestly does not really replace the game trilogy experience but if you do need to cut down then watch season 1 of the anime and play the mask games. Season 2 really butchered Mask of Deception and didn't even bother to include what has to be one of the most important scenes in the game. You can really only experience this trilogy for the first time once. And I can honestly see why the VN database has Mask of Truth as the third highest rated VN on their site. Is it perfect? No. But it's actually those imperfections that made some really impacting scenes for me. If you can make me an emotional wreck by the end, I think that's a 9. If they do happen to make a fourth game continuing the series, I'll definitely buy it. I think the first two are around 40-50 hours while the third one I hit the 60 hour mark at the final boss. Each is definitely a full fledged adventure.
  9. You might want to check your settings. I know sometimes the backup saves system is defaulted to 0 in which it doesn't create backups
  10. I think I'll just honestly start by saying your changes have not gone unnoticed and I will say this one did show interest in me because I've actually dealt with some issues because of the things you're trying to fix. Turns out when calculating every move 1,000 times for a certain battle does tend to brick the AI causing it to halt. I can't really add much since you kind of answered everything in your post. But...can I just say something about the last part: I don't think any of us would argue that guy had any right to really make an account to make a tangent about the dev blogs. Maybe he was a long time fan of Reborn and these posts sort of released a bunch of bottled up frustration. There's better ways to handle it but sometimes our emotions get the best of us. Maybe he's just an ass who can't take a slight bit of criticism. The point is you don't know. And rarely do things get resolved with petty arguments as it just makes them angrier. I'm not going to say what to do or how to handle them. That's up to you. Maybe you should be the bigger person or maybe give them a piece of their own medicine. That won't be the first and that certainly won't be the last person to say something that puts you down. It's something you accept will happen when putting yourself into the public with work. I and probably a number of other people have had their own experiences and even light hearted stuff can feel a jab in the gut. I get it. I really do. People make it sound really easy to ignore or get over. Everyone learns how to handle it differently. I've learned how to find amusement in it. Helps put in perspective how harmless it really is and how silly it was getting so worked up about it. Also makes me realize people are reading the things I say, but that certainly is a me problem. This got a bit too sentimental. Especially because the OP is using Shark Tale pics. That's a movie that should be dropped to the deepest deaths of the earth to be forgotten for all eternity. No person should ever be exposed to such horrors.
  11. So I probably should have said something earlier but it probably is pretty clear I'm putting Redux on an indefinite hold for the time being. Just for reference I pretty much up and quit when the Gen VII implementation happened which really did drain the life out of me when I revived the project. I think the best way to put it is that many of these changes Reborn is going through are starting to become concerning for me. 18.3 was fortunate since most of the areas I worked aren't affected by what changes were made. But now we're dealing with update and fix after update and fix. There might be a point where things that took forever to fix might break again. And then that'd possibly mean I completely wasted my time on something I have to scrap. I doubt I'm going to straight up abandon it when I'm that close to finishing but I could gut some stuff to save my sanity. Party System is going to get changed into outfits for example. It's more like I could just remove all the extra stuff and mostly keep the fights since those are super easy to port. There's just a lot of "I don't know" right now which is why I think it's better to sit and wait. I think it was pretty obvious but I figured I may as well actually say something.
  12. I think it's better from the creator's mouth and not mine but I believe what you are referring to is the posts Ame talks about disliking the self-insert idea. Let me just start by saying everything I say may be slightly off as I am both going off of my memory and other stuff but hopefully I can kind of clarify this. The reason Ame included a self-insert is that the game was a storyline based around many real time events that happened during the league most notably events during the first season. It's probably one of the weirdest RPs as fact and fiction have kind of blurred together at this point. Ame really did fight all of the gym leaders to make sure they were qualified which did make it into the game. Ame did keep her character to a very minor role due to being a self-insert which can in some people's eyes be bad writing or narcissistic. And you really can tell that Ame doesn't like herself being in the game. She didn't write the story forcefully to kill herself off, but it was more like it was convenient. The story needed a moment to show just how brutal Lin was and it conveniently could solve another gripe Ame had. Two birds with one stone. I think what people have more gripes on isn't actually the death scene which I think was delivered fantastically. I think it has to do with everything else leading up to it. Ame is the champion or pretty much the strongest trainer. Something Pokemon games like to do is build up the character for a big climatic fight. Blue you have this guy who always beats you to the punch and just want to keep beating him down. Lance you meet and he absolutely storms team Rocket and you just feel his power. Steven is there to support and push you forward. The main thing is that they are involved in your journey so you really got to know a few things about them. Ame takes the role of Professor which is the old fart you forget about right away. Suddenly they are broadcasted to actually be someone really important...then they die. It's really anti-climatic when you think about it.
  13. I'm a little bit hesitant to say something as a certain thread really did show how out of hand this has really gotten. I really do think the shit throwing has gone a bit too far. It really does make it sound like Essentials is the worst thing ever built when in fact it's a really good system. It's a massive system made by a few hobbyist which really is a feat and works really well for its primary purpose. And making something from scratch and optimizing things are two things that any programmer should do but one is easier to do than another. I've made things that were nonsensical to someone else with more experience. But at the end of the day there have been some very enjoyable games made from base essentials. Think of it like older cars vs newer cars. They both do their jobs at the end of the day. Let me just tell you that the worst thing I've experienced with essentials is leagues much more tolerable than RMXP issues. Invisible tiles causing the power to walk through walls, events not jumping over to the new tabs, movements failing, movements failing but only if text is skipped, movements failing if text isn't skipped fast enough, tilesets failing to load. Free use sprites in the wrong file format causing them to be glitchy in Game-Z, and many other random whims. My absolute favorite are the event tabs that just YEET themselves from existence. But if you want interesting essentials facts, the follower system has to quite literally be one of the most overkill systems I have ever seen. So the logic is that whatever direction the player moves the character behind will follow and move the same direction. But what if the player is forced to move a certain direction. That isn't built as an exception. No, it just teleports them to be right behind unless it can't then it goes to the North, then South, and so on. It will use this logic when the follower is 2 tiles away, then 3, then more than 3. There is so much code built into this system it actually made my head spin and I don't quite understand everything in it. I've actually torn out a few dozen lines trying to figure out what does what and seeing no difference. And on the flip side it makes for situations like Reborn have quite literally one of the wackiest respawn systems to be ever made. And now you know why Aya is hyper active.
  14. Never in my life would I imagine that a Rubber Band would be one of my favorite Paper Mario characters

  15. First off, the whole thing is random iirc. You'll start with one set of the oasis and when you click on it, try going to the mirage tower each time. It's very tedious but it'll eventually be the right one. It's very tedious since it'll loop but you'll see the tower in the top right when you have the right oasis
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