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  1. I can’t recall the answer to this, so I hope you don’t mind me asking: Is it planned to make a follower mod for V13 like there was in V12 of Rejuvenation?

  2. Most people: upset about their being another Indie direct


    Me: If there is an official direct on Friday, it ain't going to make me as excited as that Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 announcement

  3. If ye asks, ye shall receive That'll be 5 gallons of Blue Moon Ice Cream at my doorstep by sundown tomorrow
  4. I think I'll just honestly start by saying your changes have not gone unnoticed and I will say this one did show interest in me because I've actually dealt with some issues because of the things you're trying to fix. Turns out when calculating every move 1,000 times for a certain battle does tend to brick the AI causing it to halt. I can't really add much since you kind of answered everything in your post. But...can I just say something about the last part: I don't think any of us would argue that guy had any right to really make an account to make a tangent about the dev blogs. Maybe he was a long time fan of Reborn and these posts sort of released a bunch of bottled up frustration. There's better ways to handle it but sometimes our emotions get the best of us. Maybe he's just an ass who can't take a slight bit of criticism. The point is you don't know. And rarely do things get resolved with petty arguments as it just makes them angrier. I'm not going to say what to do or how to handle them. That's up to you. Maybe you should be the bigger person or maybe give them a piece of their own medicine. That won't be the first and that certainly won't be the last person to say something that puts you down. It's something you accept will happen when putting yourself into the public with work. I and probably a number of other people have had their own experiences and even light hearted stuff can feel a jab in the gut. I get it. I really do. People make it sound really easy to ignore or get over. Everyone learns how to handle it differently. I've learned how to find amusement in it. Helps put in perspective how harmless it really is and how silly it was getting so worked up about it. Also makes me realize people are reading the things I say, but that certainly is a me problem. This got a bit too sentimental. Especially because the OP is using Shark Tale pics. That's a movie that should be dropped to the deepest deaths of the earth to be forgotten for all eternity. No person should ever be exposed to such horrors.
  5. So I probably should have said something earlier but it probably is pretty clear I'm putting Redux on an indefinite hold for the time being. Just for reference I pretty much up and quit when the Gen VII implementation happened which really did drain the life out of me when I revived the project. I think the best way to put it is that many of these changes Reborn is going through are starting to become concerning for me. 18.3 was fortunate since most of the areas I worked aren't affected by what changes were made. But now we're dealing with update and fix after update and fix. There might be a point where things that took forever to fix might break again. And then that'd possibly mean I completely wasted my time on something I have to scrap. I doubt I'm going to straight up abandon it when I'm that close to finishing but I could gut some stuff to save my sanity. Party System is going to get changed into outfits for example. It's more like I could just remove all the extra stuff and mostly keep the fights since those are super easy to port. There's just a lot of "I don't know" right now which is why I think it's better to sit and wait. I think it was pretty obvious but I figured I may as well actually say something.
  6. Never in my life would I imagine that a Rubber Band would be one of my favorite Paper Mario characters

  7. It may have been possible I messed up the wrong ZEL fight which only has a single mon in a double battle that may be the issue. I'll take a look to make sure
  8. By off chance do you only have one Pokemon. If not, try redownload/reextracting the game
  9. Honestly at this point I'm just thinking about disabling it entirely since it seems to be causing clashing with other features. I'll make a skeletal system to be used for E19 so that it doesn't go to waste but I think it's for the best to just drop the project instead to focus all the other aspects. Is this the Taka only one or one of the other two. That's the only one I have a guess on. I'll take a look at this thing and tinker with it to see if I can replicate this.
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    2. Ojama Yellow
    3. DemICE


      inb4 the fish dies before it finishes the game

    4. Candy


      Well fishie takes a heck lot longer to clear the events but yah Pokémon might be beatable without any sort of strategy 🤔

  10. Excuse me while I just scream. This event has not only cause me so many issues, but some of them are completely explainable with my only guess being that it's cause by fast forwarding through the text. Just try going through it without speedup or text skipping and see if it works. I may try to replicate it later but I'm guessing it has something to do with the follower system clashing with other systems.
  11. Oh uhhh that's interesting. I have an idea what might have caused it but not idea how that happened. Send me the save file in a PM and I can fix it.
  12. Last night I watched Hamilton. I really liked it and some of those songs are stuck in my head.

  13. It's hard mode only as an easter egg to see if anyone could find it. You'll get it later from the Kadabra Furniture quest instead of the Exp Share
  14. "If you want to keep using your card, press 2"

    (Presses 2)

    "You have now disabled your card. To get a new one please call this numb-"



    Sum up my morning. 

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