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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  2. .................................................................................................................... Nobody:............. Not a single person:.......... Commander:....Let's give an update on something I'll regret saying in the future So you know how Reborn is officially going to have an Easy and Hard mode, guess what Redux is not going to have? If you ever think I'm going to make an easy mode, you clearly don't know me. I have gone beyond space and time into the dark abyss of insanity to the point nothing is going to get easier. Well neither of these are technically official but...I feel like people will be really, really happy with this since it technically has been on the table but I just was only going to do it for E19. Just makes things easier....but more work. So let me break down what the two modes most likely will be: -Master Mode: First off, I will answer the question everyone is thinking: no. There isn't a mode dedicated to master fights. Gym leaders are not affected by this mode and will be the exact same difficulty regardless of which mode you play on. What this mode will do is adjust everything else to be much, much more difficult compared to what normal Redux is. Random trainers won't changes but your friends like Cain, Blake, and good ole Sigmund won't be holding back as much so prepare for some shocking changes as I won't have to hold back as much given people choose to do this. In reality, this is just me buffing every boss who isn't a leader given I have to put something in those new slots. -Xtreme Mode: I haven't finalized this mode, but I kind of want to do something made for NG+ but at the same time leave it open ended for the masochists. Basically all this mode would more or less do is take all those postgame fights and adjust them to be fights in the main story. I may adjust all the mon levels down to level 5 in NG+ so that people can play with some old faves or make some new ones. Think of this as a lightly tested bonus instead of the ultimate challenge. Also the name is a play-on of the X-league Also god help me when I get that new PBS trainer text. I'm going to have to undo everything I did so that I can redo it in a way it can be redone to do this. In other words, I'm making mac and cheese shapes out of spaghetti. There's a lot of little things to do on my plate as you can see BUT I can't promise any release with the new AI. Just that I may be working on Redux in the shadows now that I have a much, much longer list to get done...including that follower mod which one day will get done. Just not today.
  3. I've said this before, but I honestly don't say it enough. I was really just joking given I did all this work but I have said it and I will say it again: Pokemon Reborn is Ame's creation first and foremost and I will always respect that decision. If she asked me to stop Redux or hand over anything I did I would do so without question. Pokemon Reborn is the Reborn dev teams as it should be. They ultimately have the final say in what they do. Not that I agree with every decision, but just want to make sure people understand that. But let's just put that all aside and say putting the normal Redux fights (aka the touch up of the normal fights) I do. Would that be the best possible decision to make? The fights are all more or less harder so on the surface it would make sense, but not everything perfectly matches. Many of the fights in Redux skew more towards the original designs than towards their current visions. That creates a clash of ideas and maybe some things could be too difficult curving the balance the wrong way. Redux is an intentionally flawed game. I try my best but some things just don't work out no matter the time and effort. It doesn't mean someone is wrong erring on the side of caution when it comes to an outside source. I know ya'll aren't happy with that answer so let me get into the other one: I personally think not willing to change teams up since characters only have 6 mons is a stupid reason, but one I understand. It's stupid because nobody would be able to tell and it's easy to counter argue in a logic sense. They can swap mons at any time and it's hard to believe leaders only have 6 mons they use in their entirety. But in terms of making things more difficult it makes sense to keep all the mons the same. It's a time saver and you know mons are stronger since you can increase their stats and have better moves. It's a safer more logical approach to this. It's less of a risk and gives a more guarnteed challenge for those looking for it without going overboard or needing to test the hell out of it. This isn't something about being lazy, but being practical because I have plenty of stories of testing nightmares. The infamous Armadia took a day and a half of testing. It's a time commitment that not a lot of people have especially someone who worked on the stuff I don't want to. At the end of the day, it'd be cool to see a Redux fight become an official fight. It'd also be cool if the follower mod or any of the dozen of other cool things also got into the main game. The fans of the fan creators have done work and we've crossed into territory we cannot go back on for better or worse with the modding stuff. Reborn has done a massive implementation because of this which is really all the thanks I feel any of us need. And besides, it's not like I'm not going to end up finishing Redux after what...4 years so no matter what happens with the official one it's not like the clearly superior unofficial one isn't gonna happen...put your goddamn pitchforks away. I'm only kidding. Point is the stuff everyone enjoys will still be there and it doesn't matter if it's official or not. Just that I'm dying on the inside trying to figure out how to work with these new modes. Stop making more work for me.
  4. Do you want me to give you the Redux doc because at this point we both kind of did the same thing? But on that subject... Give Julia a stunfisk. That thing alone cause more hell than even a Heliolisk. Give them the true meaning of ragequiting.
  5. Hahahahahahaha! Good joke. They usually do something every year for the past 13 years being one of the most aggressive on pirating and fan content. Pokemon is the worst contender. It ain't so much if Reborn will be taken down but more of a when which we are fortunate they haven't done anything to the point we are probably the safest yet. There is new management in NoA so maybe they stopped wasting money on it but TPC is still the same song and dance. Hard to say.
  6. I looked at the error and it has nothing to do with mods. It is a map error or more specifically a trainer text error with a missing trainer. Very easy fix that if Ttar wants to send me his save file I could get him to that exact spot to resume if needed give or take 100 Exp on each mon. I'd probably just skip the fights and adjust exp by hand saving before Solaris. Error messages make it easy to pinpoint problems. Fixing them is a different story. Map or text file errors like this are super easy and itd take me an hour to get him exactly right before the error message or depending on my musings do the actual fights. Lazy method would take 5 minutes though.
  7. Why on earth does nobody PM when it actually matters. I do this kind of stuff all the time so please for the love of god PM or DM or call a demonic ritual to summon me when you aren't sure about something. I gladly will help but...and this is going on from the previous mention: Mods are their own thing and I disagree with using them when originally playing the game. Not because of a morality or playing a fresh experience but because anyone can post anything and nobody knows how much testing is done. Believe me, I have to spend hours upon hours testing stuff but glitches come out of the woodwork to the point it is near impossible to figure out what to fix sometimes. That includes bloody lag which I still can't figure the cause of. And a system where a typo would cause crashes under the most obscure conditions. Crashes happen and mods certainly can add to their occurrences. This is why testing takes so damn long. Anyways, I have gotten a bit behind but bug me if you guys need me to do anything. I've done my fair share of map and script editing and my share of nightmares. This is like a nothing to me.
  8. I'm a bit off topic but I just want to say that yes, this absolutely is true. Doesn't bother me but feel like we could get into quite the discussion if I get carried away. You have a lot of good points. But the things I want to point out... It isnt as common to talk about recycling systems in RPGs since 90% of the time they all use the same core mechanics with a few alterations. Fighting games it goes for a bigger discussion. Anyways, the best examples for Pokemon like games done right are Digimon and Persona. Both have the same core concept as Pokemon but you'd be out of your damn mind to say they are like Pokemon. TemTem definitely scoots quite close to the Pokemon line. Not necessarily a bad thing, but should be allowed to be compared to Pokemon. Ah yes I can't day I'm quite familiar with how the term is used but from my guess it originally was used to label communities who did absolutely disgusting things from constant harassment from anyone outside the circle to straight up throwing porn in areas children could get into. Seen some pretty messed up communities though only from an outsider perspective not really being part of one. Of course words get watered down like crazy. "All fandoms are cults" is one of my favorite things to quote because of how this whole thing works. Someone tell me I'm wrong in this instance but you got a whole bunch of stupid teenagers talking about stuff. There's the group who thinks they are better than everyone and call people struggling that they suck, those who cannot find fault in the game and lash on the people who criticize, people who hate the game for the sake of hating it, that one guy who tries to ruin everyone's fun, and people seeing all this acting like it is the worst thing ever labeling it as too "toxic" to be around, and most people who just want everyone to shut up and enjoy the game. Also the constant battle of people complaining about the game demanding fixes if it is one using online capabilities. The game has only been out for like a week. Things will start to settle down over the next month or so. Also I still have no idea what TemTem is other than it looks like FlyFF tried to make SuMo.
  9. That...is debatable if it should even be considered an RPG. Earlier ones were more of a sandbox module and quite bare bones even for the times. There is charm to that but it really is the odd duck. I can't say much on Temtem as it honestly holds no interest to me but I can throw the towel in on RPG subjects that seem to have popped up today. Let me just address a couple of them: Random encounters and high amount of battles is more of an old school thing. Games didn't have a lot to develop off of so those were there to slow down the pace. In reality it more likely is more of an annoyance in Temtem than an actual fault but it grinds down to patience. Not everyone can take an hour to get to the next exciting thing. It depends on tastes really but it is filler when it grinds down to it. RPGs are notorious for filler leading to ridiculously long games. Now for stuff being difficult. I'm going to take a stab and say Temtem is too easy if that's the worse thing on there. But Temtem gave me the impression it is about the online experience so it is hard to say how good the game is when we only see a bit right now. But a boss being obscurely hard is not uncommon. Makes you feel like a champ when you when.
  10. Hey @Amethyst why didn't you tell me you made a sequel to the game even if you never finished the first one But for reals
  11. Chapter 60 of the Rejuv Run is up. And with that, I am free from an almost 2 year long gag.

  12. Dear Computer: stop restarting overnight Sincerely: A guy sick of writing the same thing over twice Okay, I didn't get far and this chapter isn't long but I've been a bit distracted. But let's just get this show on the road. And for the sake of my sanity and getting this chapter done, I'm not doing Frenchera. Maybe I'll edit them in afterwards but that's something easy to do over time then holding a chapter up. Actually, that isn't a bad idea. But let's just get this done in a night to prevent this problem: Chapter 60 Ze End of Za Geara What? I like my puns. Anyways, I'm just going to talk about two of the stupidest pieces of news going around. It's like so stupid. Well I have three pieces of news I want to talk about but the one is a really good thing and ties into this whole mess having to do with Pokemon. I'll just give you the short version: Oh my god will the fandom just grow the fuck up? Let me just start with Sword and Shield. I think people have a right to be upset about the base game as it was rushed. They had to meet a deadline and couldn't design everything they wanted to so it can be interpreted as a half finished game. I'm mostly talking about all the standstill moves and the weird design choices like the frozen ladder. And even the wild weather (and especially how bad the online raid system is). Those are very valid complaints and criticisms. They make for some bumps in a product impacting anyone's enjoyment. It's entertainment at the end of the day. It doesn't need to be perfect. Moving that aside I'm just mostly pissed about one of the biggest arguments on why the new DLC is bad. No, it's not the price. Well it's two things now that I think about it: the fact it wasn't in the base game and Pokemon being exclusive to those areas. Let's just start with the pricing. It can't be free. Sorry, but that's an unrealistic illusion people have. A lot of time and labor had to be put in to expand and work on a game so it'd be stupid not to charge consumers for the product. I think they priced it too high and should be $24.99 as it is realistically making the game twice as big. Most people love the wild area and having two more really makes the price valid. If you aren't happy about that there's an easy solution: don't buy it. You don't have to buy something. There's thousands of other games you could invest that money into. If Pokemon has consumed you and you think you have to get it, you have a serious problem. I'll probably wait a full year or so for a complete edition to be released for SwSh before giving the game a try. If not that, it'll eventually go on sale. That's just me. The stupider argument is mons being exclusive to the dlc areas. If you are on this train, I'll ask you a silly question: why go to Universal Studios when Disney World exists? You have to have content exclusive to the new areas or nobody would want to explore them. If it's just 10-20 new mons and the rest can be found in the main hub, then there's barely a point to run around them. It's filler content. Without it, it'd be barren. And most of these mons you've probably used at some point in the 15 years since they've been released and you have some method to transfer them to Pokemon home to SwSh if you NEED them that badly. I think the DLC was a great idea as it lets people enjoy more of a game they enjoyed. I don't see any "bad practices here" other than the pricing being a little bit too high. Next thing I want to talk about is this "Tem Tem" thing or whatever it is called where people make it sound like it's Pokemon's apocalypse. Every PokeTuber out there could jump off a cliff and Pokemon would lose like $100 in profits from it. There have been Pokemon "knockoffs" and like since Gen 1. It's actually an RPG genre usually referred to as a monster tamer RPG. Digimon is a classic one and Yokai Watch also is. I'm trying to think of the GBC series that was almost a straight ripoff of Pokemon. TemTem is running off the MMO thing which it's hard to say how long that will last. Could shut down by the end of the year. Point is Pokemon is going anywhere. A good example to show this is the Final Fantasy series who dominated the RPG genre for a long time (do you see how many people are hyped for that FFVII remake?) Final Fantasy's downfall was Final Fantasy. They just made a one infamously hated game and it just sunk to being in the middle of the pack but now we have lots of RPGs getting changes to stand out and thrive. As long as Pokemon delivers what the fans want, they'll continue to dominate. The last thing is simply talking about the Mystery Dungeon Remake. That's how you make a remake. The graphics alone are worth the 60 bucks for me. Or is it 50? Nintendo has muh money. Oh, now I remember what I was going to talk about. Nobody asked for a Mystery Dungeon remake. But they did it and I feel a lot of people are happy about it. They could have done a port and they'd make a ton, but they went the extra mile. When you go the extra mile, it shows and often is rewarded. I'm not throwing dirt at anyone but I saw a couple more Fan-games using Rejuv's tilesets pop up. A certain someone got a little upset about someone using straight up maps from Rejuv as well. The only thing I'll say is not to lose sleep over it. People know Full Moon uses assets from Reborn and Rejuv but it hasn't impacted the two games. And some of you have just heard about this game for the first time. Anyways, you can't stop it so it's best to turn your head and think of it as free advertisement. Let me make one thing clear: I think everyone should be protective of their assets. It's really crappy when someone rides off of your work for asspats and praise. That's why copyright came into play. But do you see the name "Pokemon". You're stripped of all your rights and ownership of all of those assets because they infringe a property. I don't remember how the whole mess works on ownership but someone could literally take a fan-game, change the name and claim ownership of it. You can't do anything about it and it sucks. I mean website owners can because they own the websites, but that's a different story. It's stealing stolen goods in a sense. Whew, well this was an off-topic trainwreck. Now back to the part nobody wants to read: (Well this is...something) You know, I never saw this the first two times but that plain red in the background is ugly. It just doesn't look right. My guess it's a texture thing since everything has edges except that. Also just noticed the red lava underneath the rock edge right below the Mandy OC. Just go left 4 squares from me and you'll see it. I'm not going to gripe much because mountains are awful to build from experience. I hate them so much. Not as much as Venam, but it certainly is a close second. So something like that is so, so easy to miss and make. (And let's get out of this hellhole. This is the thing of nightmares right here) I'll be adding the Frenchera stuff over the next week so just look for a comment on the bottom saying I'm done....fuck it I'll just stay up all night and do it. (Well his mother owns ghosts so I imagine he has a traumatic background) (Ze fool waz zu. Zu could of zut ze lipz and move to ze zeleporter, but no. Zu had to be ze zitch zat cry to ze baby. Only ze zupids cry to za baby) (Zeaking of babies, Zetta here zall be crying like one when ze Madame X ez done with zim. Ze traitor ez ze fool az well.) (I imagine Zetta is so done with this mess. He lost his only friend) (Zo if ze wine ez drunken and finished, Zwei zall leave and head to HQ) (That can be arranged) (Hi, I'm the man of your dreams. You dreamed of me so I have come) (Zose lipz zar moving but zeir ez no baby to zeak to. Zave zu ze crazies?) (Zho no! Zi have ze crazies. Ze bacon baby ez not bacon. Ze madness, zit conzumes me) (Zere ez only one ezplanazohn. Zu zar an angel zent from ze heavens to reap my zoul. Ze Geara zees zat ze teaming with ze devil may zave not been ze best of ideaz) I probably said this before and if so, it still stands. If by some miracle someone takes Rejuv's script and makes an abridged version as a mod, I will write every single Geara line in it in this style. (Zi juzt ezplained it zu dumb Az) (Oh whew, a break. Pardon my French. It needs some work) (And now the trifecta of characters I hate is here) (Zu muz be afraid. Be zery afraid) (And now we come to the fun times) (By early she means 10 years instead of 100) (You know, her ribbon makes it look like she's always angry...not that she isn't) (There's only one thing I know what that means and it certainly isn't meant for children) (Did I say I was bad with French? If not, I'm bad with French) (Ze madnezz, zit ez zeading. Zop it! Zu muz leave before it zreadz more) (Zi zee zu zall not leave. Zen forgive me, but zi muzz uze my chicken waifu warrior to zlay zu) (Well I'm pretty sure I'm the only adult here...so probably not) .........The realization Geara is one of the oldest characters in the game when you think about it. (..........Am I the only one that thinks that name is stupid? This is coming from a guy who named a Numel Fiery) (What ze zuck. Ez zat ze zame monster zat we took many yearz to find, but not really becauze zwei zole it from zum old guy) I've always wondered if that part of WLL was canon. I miss that game already. (I know Mewtwo can talk...this is still weird. Should've named him dude. "Hey Dude, go beat them up") (...The Mewtwo I know would sleep in a cave beating up anyone who bugs him.) (Yeah...I don't think that's a good idea) (..............Okay, this definitely is not the Mewtwo I know) Mewtwo is a popular Pokemon so I get the inclusion but popular mons are always the biggest risk. A lot of people are a fan of the movie Mewtwo which is what people have the impression of him being like. His character is all about being strong if not the strongest. Look at all the material he's based off of (not sure on the Manga though). Though when googling what Dranna is, I got Dr. Anna. Guess someone was busy getting their medical license. (Zu zon of a zitch! Zu run away like a big chicken you are. Zi want za divorze) (.........) (Ew! Ew! Ew! My head needs to get out of the gutter right now. That's one thing I don't want to imagine right now) (If she's turning him into a man, I'm out. I'm jumping back into that lava pit) (Every time I saw something regarding this it just goes down worse this rabbit hole. So Imma stay silent for a moment) (Well this isn't what I meant when I thought she was going to fuck with Zetta) (Ze wat? Ze mind. It cannot comprehend what zas happened) (Zetta waz za baby all along. And ze had me fooled) (...well okay, I guess that makes sense) (I have many questions which I don't think will ever get answered about why he looks that way) (Congrats, you're as worthless as half this cast) Seriously, make a list of everything important someone does and then you'll kind of see the redundancy (My name is Melia Montoya. You killed my brother. Prepare to die) (He had no parents...actually, who the hell raised Zetta?) (So Zetta isn't officially dead. Meh. He'll probably be back in the finale to die a hero). (Well that was a nice break from the French). I'm kind of eh on Zetta being a Solosis. I think I'll have to reference Ao no Kiseki on this though keep it rather redacted and explain it best I can. So in the finale of the game when you go back to town, you can walk around and explore it quite a bit. By doing this, a certain plot twist isn't a big shocker as you've come to know their story. Lloyd, the main character, even says it's not a shocker if you dig it all up because he understands why. If it weren't for all those little things, that antagonist really would have been more of a throwaway. Sorry for the vagueness, but I feel Zetta kind of is like that. I don't think this is bad but we don't really know much about Zetta so it's just okay. Some people are all for those big reveal drops that fool everyone, but personally I'd rather have something easy to predict written well leading up to it than a big shocker. I'm just a guy more into learning about the characters than twists to keep me on the edge of my seat. I think one or two major ones is important but twist something too much and nobody knows what's going on. Something I feel is happening to later Rejuv. That's a nightmare waiting to cover. Oh year, I was gonna talk about that later. Write all this down because it's best saved at the end here. (Zi have no idea what ez going on) (Talk about losing a girl you just met) (Yes, please lay off the tight clothes. They reveal everything) (Eh, that too.) (And that's the last we'll hear of these two for a very, very long time) (Oh look everyone is happy...why TF is it snowing?) (Am I supposed to feel something because...I don't feel so...no, I refuse to finish the dead meme) (Father and son bonding time?) (Well that's a hot duo. I have no idea what else I'm supposed to say) (Well it is Sunday today) (Son of a...nobody really died, did they?) (A journey to the center of the earth) (That's the opposite problem from me) (OH GOD NO!) (Eh, fine. Though wouldn't that be my funeral too. I kind of also died) (Gonna be weird attending my own funeral, but we've been through weirder) So that's it. Yeah, I need to find the rest of the images if I made them. I can't remember. Anyways, that pretty much is the climax of act 1. Personally, I kind of hate the idea of acts having to have one big moment supposedly dropping reveals like crazy only for the plot to continue. For me personally, it has to be something drastic for it to change like an entire new world or a plan that has been set in motion. Major changes have to happen. But that's just opinion and not things really for improvement or not. Now, I get to talk about what I called "Genius writing". Let me just start by explaining the human mind or mostly the male side. Something I learned in church, but there's a book called "Men are like waffles, Women are like spaghetti" which let's talk about waffles. They are meant to show structure and order. It has to make sense and it has to flow in an easy way to see and understand. Spaghetti is stringy and hard to see which often gets an emotional response. It's a tangled mess that's hard to understand. Now combine those two subjects together. It sounds like an oxymoron but it's not. You're writing absolute nonsense in a way that the readers comprehend and understand it. Virtue's Last Reward is probably a prime example what this is. So how do you write something like that? It's simply magic. No really, magic tricks are a good analogy. Take pulling a rabbit out of a hat. You know there's a trick to it, but from your perspective, it looks like the man is pulling a creature out of thin air. So the trick to writing this way is to play with the mind. It knows something is there but it can't quite comprehend it and is engaged. You're pulling them along through this illusion and confusion up until the resolution when it all comes together and just blows the viewer away. How do you do that? There's no rulebook anywhere that will tell you (at least that I know of) because it requires a lot of various skills and planning with a little bit of luck. It's not a mystery as a mystery has structure. But that's enough about this subject since most people reading this aren't interested in the writing aspect and play games for the sake of games. I'll make this in a way everyone can understand: The plot of Rejuv was written in a way that it can't back out of anymore. Nobody is going to believe me now, but give it a few years. Rejuv is going to end and it will either end with a rather impressively written ending or be complete hot garbage. Regardless, it's certain to be something people remember. I mean if you're going to do something like that, it's better to do it for a fan-game over putting all of the risk in a game meant for the shelves. Personally, I'm more for down to earth type styles of writing, but I'm never going to say to not take chances or try things that can backfire. You don't grow simply by doing what you know works.
  13. Commander: The DLC for SwSh looks pretty good I might consider getting it when it goes on sale... Also Commander: The remake of the Mystery Dungeon came looks meh, but how about I give it a go Also, also Commander: March 6th can't come soon enough. Fuck SwSh, this is where my heart is at I have never seen a demo make me go 180 that quickly. I'm literally so sad the demo only goes up until right before Mt. Steel. Like have you ever fallen in love with a game and you have forgotten how much you enjoyed it as it has been too many years when something comes along just to bring it all flooding back like a river? That is this game for me that will always hold a place in my heart. I forgot how much I adored this game and an hour long demo was all I needed to remember. But shoving nostalgia out of the way: this game is actually really good so I'll just break my thoughts down and be brief for the few of you who haven't played the original. I highly recommend going for this one instead. The game starts off with the classic personality quiz. It just feels right being forced to play a certain Pokemon. Last time I got Bulbasaur, but this time I got a Mudkip. And last time I picked Pikachu as a partner, but this time I decided to go with Torchic. I humored myself and asked my little sister what to name the Partner and team so we have Khloe of Team Fireflies...suddenly I'm thinking of Kiseki, but now's not the time. So the story is more or less the same, but let me just talk about the graphics right now as I was "meh" first experiencing it but I have to say that it absolutely is beautiful when you start noticing the tiny details such as shadows being dotted lines. They also made the game more expressive than even Super Mystery Dungeon which so many tiny little things just were absolutely beautiful. I'm literally so mad I can't play this game right now because it is just an improved visual experience from the original material. Now as for the main story itself, I'm not expecting anything different. The story so far was more or less cut and dry what the original one was give or take some very small alterations. There's no secret surprise and the trailer didn't really show much but a few additional pieces of content we may get for the postgame. I do have a lot of hopes, but the original story was good and I really just want to see what visual changes they do on this adventure. It does look like friend areas are coming back and it only has the original 386 like before (maybe a few new ones as well) so I wouldn't expect some massive expansion. Gameplay wise...where do I begin? Well something I noticed at the end is that you can change the protag and partner as well as team names from the save menu which is nice. I noticed a few bells and whistles that came later in the series such as wands. We also may be getting traps a bit earlier since you can see them in the Makuhita training tutorials (you get some really, really nice items going through them). Music is also top notch but going on a more powerful console that's expected. There also is a warp to the bulliten board now...because they could. Anyways, there's three very, very big changes they put into this game. The first is that you can see enemies and items on the map. That will save so much time and being forced to carry a certain item so I say good change. The next is that you can swap leaders by pushing a single button. So I was playing a bit as Torchic. The last one is that there's no weak attack move so you're forced to use PP, however, you can do it to skip a turn without wasting PP. I'm indifferent to that last one as Ethers and Elixirs probably will be needed more. Oh yeah, the Makuhita Dojo changed where it is a timer in a dungeon you can't die to grind like crazy for a single mon. Again, not sure how I feel about that given I only got to play an hour. When I first heard this game announced, I kind of wasn't intending on getting it at all as I played over a 100 hours in the original and collected everything. There was a part of me years ago who yearned to replay this. Picking up and playing this demo made that wish not only come true but like reliving the whole thing over again. I love this game and I only played it for an hour. I haven't had that feeling for a Pokemon game since Black and White 2 came out many, many years ago. And yes, I am getting this game and playing it right away. And I am begging Spike Chunsoft to remake the Explorers of the Sky in this Style. I will pay extra to get that game. I never knew I wanted a remake of Rescue Team, but I will wait impatiently for the next two months. I do recommend trying the demo if you haven't already (even if I'm a bit peeved you can't grind reviver seeds in it).
  14. They did but it seems more like they are just adding areas
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