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  1. So let me just give you some context here. I'm assuming this uses the same code structure that I'm familiar with. So this issue was brought up roughly 2 and a half years ago and...I kind of completely forgot about it because there was a godawful coding fix which fixed this. Which is likely why it's never been fixed for any other game using it. But for context, base essentials only allows EV gains under 2 conditions: if a pokemon is max level (usually 100) or it gains 1 or more exp points. The problem there is that a level cap is neither of those...causing this problem. It's pretty much goes unnoticed...unless you're EV grinding. Just letting you anyone reading this you probably aren't crazy and this is just a little bug with the system.
  2. My best guess is that the game just doesn't detect the save file due to the multiple save system (which matches up to your story with Rejuv due to both implementing the system recently). Try looking for the save files in My Computer/C:Drive/Users/[Your Name]/Saved Games and you should see one labeled as Pokemon Reborn. In that folder you should look for one labeled with your name and a set number of badges. There should at least be one backdate. If you don't find that see what you can find labeled game. Label this one Game_2. When you open your game instead of clicking continue try clicking other save files and see if your save comes up then as slot 2.
  3. Sounds like the scripts are missing. First, have you extracted the game? If not, do that. Second, check the data folder and see if there is a file named scripts. If that's missing, try redownloading the game
  4. I'll at least clarify a couple things since the history of Reborn is rather muddy and even that I don't have the full history book on. I don't know if this is like a final essay or just like a short quick one so I'll just be brief. The game itself is based on an actual league using a battling simulator called Pokemon Online in which challengers registered 6 Pokemon to take on 18 leaders in a live Roleplay like scenario. The community built around it had so much fun and it was so memorable that the idea of creating a game based on it was something in the talks but nobody really figured it be a possibility. The current admin running the league, Amethyst, had quite a bit of experience with RPGmaker and within 3 weeks created the first episode of Reborn. Eventually, a full storyline was drafted for what would be a many, many years process to make the game what we know today. Reborn's popularity started to increase due to its ability to subvert expectations. Back in the day, fan-games were almost nonexistent and hacks were limited to what they could do. There were two fan-games that stood out: Suzerain's Pokemon Zeta & Omnicron and Amethyst's Pokemon Reborn. The two were compared so much it drove both communities insane calling it a can of worms topic. A lot of people found Pokemon games to be boring and just way too easy or simplistic. What hooked a lot of people in was all the people complaining about the difficulty. That along with mature things like suicide being in the game really shocked people. It was unheard of to do this things. These facts were lost over time or watered down which I'll get to in a moment. There are two pretty iconic moments in Reborn's history past the point of the game. One happened a bit after I shortly joined. A Youtuber named Shofu created a Let's Play of this fan-game in which is many videos of him getting flustered and downright rage quitting while struggling to get through this game. This attracted a lot of people to the game which back in the day was called the "Shofu Era" which brought on a lot of key members which some of them are working on their own fan-games. The other one is when someone posted a meme on Gizmodo about making the choice for the starter, something most Rebornians felt when entering that room. This attracted so many people to play the game, the site managed to crash. Now back to the game itself. You talk about the game being difficult and forcing you to make use of features such as EVs. This is actually, incorrect. Pokemon Reborn forces you to change your perception of how to play the game. It's often why the words "unfair" are used to criticize it. Most games before Reborn pretty much you could breeze through a leader pretty effortlessly taking no more than maybe 2-3 attempts. Any struggle could be easily conquered by simply leveling a single Pokemon to a really high level. In fact, the mainline games favor training one over many Pokemon creating an imbalance. Reborn is one of the first fan-games to pioneer stopping this style with it's infamous level cap system. It doesn't stop there. Many people would just pick up really strong mons to plow through. But Reborn interesting enough brought up in the story that Pokemon are scarce and that "elite" mons weren't going to be something you go out and find. In other words, it felt like it was a punch in the gut. What's really funny is that the solution for everything due to a lack was a certain Pokemon named Gyarados known as the Janitor to pretty much resolve all issues and struggles. Pretty much got snapped out of existence due to that. There was a delicate balance but it worked and taught people to appreciate when good things like Shadow Ball came. In fact, this core idea promotes the whole exploration aspect early on in the game. To get anything better than just junk, you had to run around doing monotonous stuff but the reward was really rewarding. Talk with a random trainer standing on a piece of grass? You get a decent item to get a Budew. This was a learning process but people eventually adapted. In fact, Pokemon Reborn can likely be completed with 0 Exp/EV growth. It's a game that pushes you to get good and push through whatever methods you believe are needed. Then we get into the second most controversial topic about Reborn: Field Effects. This is pretty much a split opinion. Some people think it's good and some people think it's bad. People like it because it's different and adds more uniqueness to the game. Some people think it's unfair and added another layer of frustration since it's always in the favor of the opponent. I actually lean more towards it being poorly done because the mechanic was meant to be something to be able to make advantage of...in the span of 5 minutes. It's a great mechanic and well done, but not so great in Reborn. That's just my opinion though. Now for the most controversial topic: the story. There's barebones info on the story itself but a majority of the criticism and disdain for the fan-game comes from the story itself. Pretty much another double-edged sword. You can find valid criticisms on this beyond "Lol, so edgy". I lot of people remember it for the dark elements for both good and bad reasons and honestly kind of makes it stick out. In the end though, it really did inspire quite a number of people from many fan-games hosted on this site and I believe Suzerain's Pokemon Insurgence as well. That's probably well more than whatever info you needed but I figure someone else in the future may ask to write a report and may as well have something to reference back to. I don't have a lot of my sources off-hand since this is just info I've gained over the years but if you need any direct stuff I probably can find it.
  5. Oh uhhh that's interesting. I have an idea what might have caused it but not idea how that happened. Send me the save file in a PM and I can fix it.
  6. I probably should have done that a while back but the codes to put spoilers just does funky things last time I tried. Hopefully a new page will come up one of these posts fixing the problem. As for the other thing, you're probably right but god I hope not. What'd happen if I caught and released it then? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh god so much stuff has happened since I last updated the run. People be sick of the virus, protesting along with burning the world, and top that off with the absolute hellstorm that came about from a certain video game sequel. I'll start with the game. I had zero interesting in the last of us 2. I never was going to run out and buy the game and the first trailer really turned me off. It looked like a stealth game with a plot I had zero interest in. 7 years later I become interested in it because Sony decided to play politics and the sheer amount of backlash for the shitty things they've done. I hope to god this is a wake-up call to Sony that they can't just push people around and expect people to just take it. Probably won't but a man can dream. I can't really formulate an opinion on the game itself. And now for some good news. So Hamilton came out on Disney Plus and I loved it. Not a fan at the start but by then end I'd easily watch it again. Favorite song from it was "Wait For It". Really recommend watching it if you have Disney Plus. Desolation V5 also came out recently which I'm playing. I'm going to write a full post when I get through the game but if you kind of at least want to know my impressions so far. The game is a little rough around the edges but overall a rather interesting experience. I have a couple pointers for some minor issues I had but I haven't really found that much harsh criticism. I don't think hitting the second gym is late enough to give a good opinion but it does swing on a more positive side. Also been playing Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen which is a surprisingly fun Visual Novel/Strategy RPG hybrid. Not sure if I'll make a post on that one but yes, sometimes I choose to play video games over other stuff. I have at least 3 years worth of backlog. Anyways, let's get this...chapter on the road. I just remembered what it's about. Help me. Chapter 62 We're Past that Point My god, I started this run 3 years ago and I barely got anywhere. I mean it's not like I'm in a rush since the game still has a ways to go but it does feel like I could move a bit faster. It's probably because I'm bouncing around doing all kinds of stuff compared to what I used to. Redux has to get done, play through deso, work out, family bounding, I have a full time job, and sometimes I want to do other stuff besides work like play a video game or honestly talk with people. I've been able to do a lot more since I work from home right now but I imagine that'll come to a halt eventually. Even with the larger workload, I do feel a lot better. Sure I can't do as much as I could but I don't feel like I'm at a point where I can't do stuff which is honestly something I was afraid of. Now we can all suffer, while I suffer figuring out subcaptions for this forgotten history at one point was called a run.
  7. Last night I watched Hamilton. I really liked it and some of those songs are stuck in my head.

  8. I tried testing it and everything ran perfectly fine on my end. I made a save with V12 just to see if this fixes it. Not sure what's causing the crash. Just rename it to Game_3 (I have no idea why I have all these saves fixing files). Game_8.rxdata
  9. There currently is no debug mode. Typically it is up to the creator if we can even release mods or any features like that. Give it a month or two and I'm sure one will come around though.
  10. So I discovered something rather humorous happened when I was trading for the Budew...it came out as an egg. A very mysterious egg. Budew is not supposed to be an egg. In fact, nobody so far has experienced this scenario so it'd be easy to believe I screwed up my game. I tinkered a little bit and...lo and behold I was able to get a normal budew and working backwards I found something crazy to be the culprit. Something in a million years you'd never guess could cause this...a Pokesnax. Most people probably won't experience this glitch as Pokesnax aren't obtainable under normal circumstances. I don't even remember how I got one. My only guess is that I picked one up using Pickup as it is still an obtainable item from the pickup list which...was what my Zigzagoon was doing. This doesn't really break the game but if you are experiencing anything weird, I'd check your bag for a Pokesnax and remove it since it's linked to a lot of placeholder code. I'll try looking more into where that Pokesnax came from in the meantime.
  11. It's hard mode only as an easter egg to see if anyone could find it. You'll get it later from the Kadabra Furniture quest instead of the Exp Share
  12. "If you want to keep using your card, press 2"

    (Presses 2)

    "You have now disabled your card. To get a new one please call this numb-"



    Sum up my morning. 

  13. So according to a voice-mail I got, my name is Craig and I'm an apartment designer.

    1. andracass


      hi craig

    2. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      An... apartment designer? Of all the architectural subsets it could've been, you got saddled with being an apartment designer? I guess it kinda fits a name like Craig, but still... 😓

  14. There are many secrets in this game

    Many in which drive some peeps insane

    Why we try to cheat in a really good game?

    Just sounds like crap and it makes you look lame!

  15. My thoughts in a nutshell: Really was a stupid idea to make an 11 minute video out of just that.
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