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  1. Canonically Labradora was built to be the battle-oriented counterpart of Calcenon
  2. What if the actual Dragon-badge-earning battle is the final round of the tournament instead of the final battle in the gym? It's like the Normal-badge-earning battle does not happen the 1st time the player and Noel face one another outside the Belrose house.
  3. What if field change is redesigned to be no longer permanent? If I remember correctly, in Rejuv new fields will revert to the default one after a certain number of turns.
  4. So Saphira's Dragonite essentially: - Has no Dragon-related weaknesses (Dragon, Ice, Fairy) because of Multiscale in the Den. That means its potential weaknesses are Flying-related, which are Rock, Ice, and Electric. - Has neutral resistance to Electric because of its typing. - Has neutral resistance to Ice because Ice moves' powers are halved in the Den. - Has a built-in permanent damage reduction because Multiscale in the Den is effective regardless of HP (not sure about this) - Can raise Attack and Speed in two stages in one turn because Dragon Dance's boosts are doubled in the Den. - Has Extremespeed to bypass any speed difference So we just throw Rock moves at it? Will the Den field be modified to make Rock moves carry additional Fire damage and thus remove Dragonite's last weakness? Oh what are we getting ourselves into... Maybe I should just cheese it with a Perish Song.
  5. Is Multiscale in Dragon's Den effective regardless of the user's HP? I checked the Reborn wiki, and the only effect listed there is the removal of Dragon's weaknesses.
  6. Could it be that Reborn will adopt the shield mechanism of Rejuv to prevent cheese strategies
  7. Only 7 quests and 10 legendaries remain!! Hype hype!
  8. Only 9 quests and 11 legendaries remain!! So hype!!!
  9. they are actually mangekyou sharingans
  10. That huge tree looks amazing!!! My guess is that scene is a redux for the Beryl or Rhodochrine Tangrowth fight.
  11. I've finished my second Reborn run and I have a Naganadel alive and kicking and waiting to whop some a$$. So eager for E19!
  12. 3 months ago we were at 32/65. Now we're at 47/65. That's an increase of 15 for 3 months. This probably means we will hit 65/65 somewhere in September or October yay!
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