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  1. Wow, that'd be amazing. Granted, I know WLL is a side project for you, so do it at your own pace as usual. Thanks for the response.
  2. Eli and Sharon are absolute moods. Absolutely wonderful artwork as always :D
  3. If your Blaziken had bulk up you could have easily swept her with that alone. Otherwise you could probably send in ampharos, maybe get lucky with static on her mienshao, and set up a rain dance. You could then send in your noivern and spam hurricane for some big damage, that the rest of your team can follow up on.
  4. Everything looks and sounds wonderful. I will miss old route 3 and the surrounding area due to WLL, but the changes look fresh and well designed despite that.
  5. So me and the crew in the #Rejuvenation channel spent like an hour wracking our brains on guesses. Gonna grave bump this to shove the entire thought process here. Points of Reference We met 4 of these 6 members pre-V10. V10 ends at Souta. This leaves 2 members to be met after V10. We know that 3 out of 6 members are Tesla, Karen and Jolene. [Known] Tesla and Karen are characters we've met and known since the beginning of the game. While we know of Jolene, we only meet her personally after Souta(in the Evergreen Trench). This drops t
  6. Old content please! I wanna see some more of the early game revamps :D
  7. Really good as always. This feels like a good theme to some sort of puzzle location, sort of like the Eclysia Pyramid.
  8. Are you checking the alley at night and when it's windy?
  9. I made this a few months back and I completely forgot I had this. I just copy and pasted it from google sheets, so hopefully it looks alright. Would appreciate some checkups on this as well to make sure it's accurate. Also I didn't include potential 1 time steals from event mons(so for example, Lunatone in the Amethyst Cave could hold some stuff). Think the rest is pretty self-explanatory. Left side is the earliest you could potentially steal the items, while the right side is the best odds(calc'd from encounter rates, or how many pokemon in the area might be holding
  10. Someone asked me about a month ago if I'd post what I had. It's not much like I had for Reborn honestly but I kept forgetting. If these are unnecessary you're welcome to delete the topic, or otherwise. You're also free to use these as you may see fit. Mystery Egg Chart Zorrialyn Desert Map Zorrialyn Labyrinth Maps - Floor 1 - Floor 2 - Floor 3 - Floor 4 Aquamarine Chamber Dive Spot Map
  11. Nah, you should be fine. BIGJRA's doc walkthrough says you can find them in Goldenleaf Town during the day time.
  12. Weren't the EVs for Florin's Sceptile messed up a bit as well? I think all the fields got shifted over one or something, if I remember right.
  13. I know I'm extremely late, but please, by all means, take your time with the V13 update. This is a passion project for you, and while it may be frustrating having deadlines set that you're not reaching, at the end of the day you'd much rather release the work when it's your best. Don't let others rush you. I've seen your updates such as the Goldenleaf Town(for v13) and it's beautiful. it is absolutely worth the wait for you and for the rest of us. Besides that, doing as much as you can for V13 will alleviate lots of pressure on your back when it comes to creating the versions beyo
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