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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^🍰

    1. Vinnie


      Thanks man, I'm trying!

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  2. Threw in a bit more information in the OP.
  3. So this is what we've got from the 9:00 EST Premier on 6/24/2020. Pokemon Unite, in other words a Pokemon MOBA(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). I might edit a write up in here later about how the gameplay actually functions, but for now the big details are that Tencent the company that owns Riot Games the creator of the MOBA League of Legends is involved. The gaming studio provided by Tencent for the production of Pokemon Unity isn't Riot however, but one called TiMi Studios. The game is to be released on the switch as well as on mobile with cross functioning between both. Here's some other information that I've dug up that wasn't mentioned in the videos below. — Last year(2019) it was announced in July that TPC and Tencent were collaborating on a game together(with Tencent's TiMi Studios being the ones behind development). TiMi Studios was likely chosen for this project due to their experience with creating mobile games(and going back into 2016 mobile x switch games such as Arena of Valor). — The primary reasoning that this was made a completely separate announcement from the announcements made last week is likely due to the fact that some of the games that were a part of last weeks announcements are banned in China. Seeing as how TiMi Studios is Chinese(not to mention Tencent, the company of which they are a subsidiary of is also Chinese) and the fact that this is a MOBA game, which tend to be extremely popular, it makes sense that this announcement would be separated from the rest in order for it to be allowed in China. Apparently a big benefit from having Tencent as an ally of sorts is achieving a degree of control within China itself. There are a lot of Chinese "bootleg" Pokemon games, as well as anything that's infringing on Pokemon's intellectual property that's utilizing servers hosted in China. [Take this with a grain of salt, this is a personal experience and I may not remember things correctly. For example, many, many years ago I played a Pokemon "MMO" called Pokemon World Online. It had been taken offline due intellectual property reasons, but it began using servers within China to stay online, and this protected it.] Reference: https://old.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/hf6p56/many_people_seem_to_think_pokemon_unite_was/ — A bit about Tencent and why we shouldn't support Tencent or organizations involved with Tencent(Provided by @Zro567)- TLDR for this image; Tencent is a large conglomerate with considerable influence over numerous companies and organizations(owning large shares with them). Tencent is responsible for large amounts of censorship within China, and is pro-CCP. ——— Thoughts on the first Pokemon MOBA? [Legit can't think with the commotion in the discord, figured a topic would make it cleaner.] The Premier The Advertisement Video I'll drop my own personal thoughts down here in a spoiler just so others can have their own thoughts in peace without any influences.
  4. That I don't actually know. I would assume so since for the most part the mining items in Rejuvenation seem to mimic those in Reborn. I don't recall struggling or soft resetting for it a whole lot. RNG is RNG though, so you could also get unlucky when hunting for it.
  5. There is. You get it through mining. I've gotten one from it myself, and you can also check with the item guide here-
  6. Yeah sure. It won't be anything flashy(for now) but I'll put that, the solution for grabbing the rare candy, and grabbing Ditto up there. Edit: It's done.
  7. This looks like a lot of fun actually. Also shiny smeargle is justice.
  8. Feel free to ask if someone can trade you one through the online functions. You may still also be able to Thief them off Paras(in E18.1 I believe it was possible, unsure of 18.2).
  9. Yeah I'm definitely gonna second this. Changing the field against Narcissa without a Normal type is rough anyways, since there's a good chance she'll spam Spectral Scream which would change it right back. There's a ton of ghost moves that can turn the Blessed Field into a Haunted one, so that shouldn't be too bad either.
  10. This isn't by any means perfect, but try using this spreadsheet here- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zbFBBm_MvNeWb-d7uswVMZCk_NUU76idjhKXEEjjcGg/edit#gid=666509645 It has the locations of every pokemon organized by gym leaders.
  11. 2018 E3's Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer was pretty good. Also The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Breath of the Wild was a big hit. Persona 5's trailers as well honestly.
  12. Man, I don't know how I feel about Rorim. I want the crazy old disco dad to go big but I feel like if he actually was an E8 member it'd be way too shoehorned in. Dylan seems likely although his story seems to lend more towards the fact that he might be former E8. He feels like someone who's already made it big and has settled down. Alexandra as champion also definitely makes sense. Besides the chatter she had with Venam where Venam basically trash talks the champion of the region, Ren also mentions that she's crazy strong. Even at 12 badges, her abilities at that time supposedly far out class ours. Random thought on Nim/Lorna. What if she was some sort of filler E8? If Alexandra is the champion, she could potentially have the sway for that. Alexandra wants to keep an eye out on Nim/Lorna, so even if N/L is more of a rival type, they still have the E8 position just by virtue of connections. If the league is challenged infrequently enough, then it wouldn't be an issue. So by end game she may experience enough to grow into a legitimate full fledged E8 member. How that would work with everything that's going on is beyond me, but it's a thought. Karrina would also be interesting due to her dynamic with Karen as was mentioned earlier too. I feel as if at least one spot is going to be filled at the last minute.
  13. Feeling really old school.
  14. Shame on me, I forgot the springs were a thing. Anyways, I'm going to go ahead and find the topic for the location spreadsheet and post some corrections. I have other corrections I'd like to mention there regardless.
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