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  1. My want for this game is way up there. Royal comes out in the west in a few days but I just want Scramble.
  2. Vinnie


    Unaware could work for an ability as well, but Simple is the difference between being +6 in two turns and being +6 in three. I guess if you can live a Blizzard at +2 Special with enough health to tank another one at +4 it'd be worth it though.
  3. Nope, nope, nope. You already took Taka from me in one route, you won't take him in both. To be completely honest though, people do have to die. It keeps the story from being overwhelmed with too many characters, and honestly, if it fits, then that's the fate the character gets. There's no point in avoiding it. Reborn is really good with this, every character has a purpose. I really like the idea of a Cal or Blake dynamic though. Arclight is also fitting, you have to have sacrifices on both sides and like you said, with him being injured, his sacrifice means characters that aren't injured can stick around. Zero is fitting too. His usefulness is fading. The rest is iffy. Lin is the big baddie, it feels natural that she should go down in smoke somehow. Fern is debatable. I know most of us hate him(even I do), but he's a really important and honestly in this day and age, unique archetype. He's not just a massive jerk, he's one without any remorse who will not change. I don't want to see him redeem himself or change too much. Nor do I want to see him die off either. At the most I want to see him maybe supporting the good guys enough at the end because it's for his benefit, and for them that is enough to forgive him for hanging out with the Meteors. Besides that though I want him to stick around, continuing to be his angry, selfish, hateful self.
  4. Vinnie


    Does your Swoobat have the ability Simple? If you give it Amnesia you can set up to max special in two turns(the field combines SpA+SpDef, Simple multiples your stat boosts, Amnesia is +2 Special normally x2 from Simple). With +6 Special you should be able to tank the Blizzards that come your way, and you can most likely sweep her with Psychic.
  5. You can but it's extremely late game. If I recall, Charizardite X, Gardevoirite, Manectite, Garchompite, Galladite, Mawilite, Kanghaskahanite, Mechamite, Aggronite, Altarianite, Beedrillite, Sabelite are all that's in the game currently.
  6. What led you to Pokemon Reborn? There was a video suggested to me on youtube. I don't know where it's at anymore but it was some sort of play on "We are number one" mixed with the game itself. It was a fan edit of the game. I didn't know anything about the fandom of the video itself, but I knew about Pokemon fangames. The video kept getting suggested to me over and over again, and at some point I was looking for a new fangame to play, so eventually I tried it. What do you think about the battle system in the game? I adore it. It's something that was created with hardcore Pokemon fans in mind. It was made for people who want more of a challenge, and despite being a fan creation, I think it's pretty balanced too. Part of making a good game is allowing your game to have weaknesses and loopholes, or rather allowing it to be beatable. The game is challenging, but it isn't so challenging that it restricts your play style to the point where there's only a few solutions to each battle. What do you think about the stories/narrative in the game? It can be a lot to take in at times as there are often a large number of characters involved at once around the main areas of focus in the story, rather than some characters settling down for a bit. Otherwise it's well written. It's dark and even quite edgy. Even the various "companions" of the main character are often a bit gruff towards each other. There's also quite a bit of humor, some of it directed at the Pokemon franchise, and some of it at games in general. I also find the story to be a good blend of narrative and also allowing you to move around and explore. In particular, what do you think about the queer characters in the game, like Cain and Adrienn? I adore them. Adrienn is a bit bland in comparison to Cain, but both of them are wonderful characters. They both add quite a bit to the story, in fact I feel Cain drives the story at some points. I don't see anything wrong with them being "queer" as that characteristic of theirs doesn't define them as characters. There's so many other important details about them in my eyes. Cain is a very wholesome, happy-go-lucky, and up lifting soul who's always ready to help out. Adrienn is very thoughtful, very good at organizing and working with others, as well as planning. on a large scale.
  7. Amoongus is definitely an underrated pokemon. Really great in doubles since there's also Rage Powder(+3 priority that does the same as follow me) and it deals alright damage. It's also crazy bulky and has great longevity with its regenerator ability.
  8. I never realized that people had trouble finding the original Japanese version of the series since people constantly mention how badly the English version was butchered and censored. Kinda sucks.
  9. Done and updated. Added each to their own spots, sort of as a fail safe and there's a line below each giving credit @kingjrcasanova @andracass @Mindlack
  10. Yep, should be this if you're chasing after Aqua gang members. There will be an Aqua grunt a little over to the left of Shelly's Gym, by some garbage cans if I recall correctly. You'd battle them to continue. However, if you joined the Aqua Gang, then you'd battle a Magma Grunt that's hanging out in the Northern part of the Obsidia Ward. That Magma Grunt should be to the right of the grand staircase, hanging out at a tiny road that's busted up(south of the nightclub).
  11. I see, I wasn't aware of that really. It's kind of hard to deal with the amount of misinformation that covers these situations these days :c
  12. I'll bite, it's pretty cool. I'm not sure how each of the stars would take it although I'm pretty sure at the least Billie would go with it. Definitely looks convincing though. It could also be good fan game material althouuuugh dealing with TPC on the issue of intellectual property is tough as it is. If any of the celebs took it poorly, they could bring forth claims of misappropriation of name and likeness. It could bring forth it's own set of issues and what not.
  13. Well then... I haven't played an actual MMO in ages, so I figured maybe whenever I'd find time I'd check out the hype but judging by this thread it's an absolute dumpster fire. I obviously knew there would be issues with the game since it's relatively new. I also figured since it's a MMO it would find itself a dedicated fan base and those issues would probably end up being worked through, but considering someone posted above that anyone that's not kissing their feet on their forums is getting banned there might not be any hope for that. I'm probably going to keep my distance from this for a while. We'll see how things turn out.
  14. It's been another hot minute since I uploaded this. I've pretty much been buried alive by schoolwork. I'll hopefully get time to update all the time stamps later this weekend.
  15. Try using this file. I went ahead and moved your character out of the corner. I just have one minor concern though. The music was a bit weird and it seemed as if the wrong track was playing when I loaded up your file. Has it always been like this? I'm not much of an expert really, so if there is an issue there it's probably beyond me. Game.rxdata
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