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  1. Im looking for an Eevee for breeding but i have no idea where or when can i get one, so im just hoping for any kind soul that breeded a lot of them and doesnt mind sharing one maybe? :,)
  2. So, like an idiot, I gave away the only Rowlet egg in the game for the starter egg quest not realizing I needed to hatch it to complete the dex. Whoops. I'm not planning on using Rowlet so any will do.
  3. I have completed my shiny living dex with all the available pokemon so far, but someone told me you could get a jangmo-o egg in teknike ridge?? So if anyone can trade me one so I can breed for a shiny and be one step closer to fully completed shiny living dex that would be so nice Thanks in advance, I can give any shiny in return, wanted all my shinies with good iv's so have bunch of rejects
  4. I did't realise the Porygon special encounter was a one time thing (surprise, I accidentally fainted it) and I can't go back into the glitch world to get another ahah. If someone could trade me one, possibly holding a sea incense (for Azurill) that would be super helpful ! I have a small handful of shines I'mm willing to part with but overall even just being able to breed another porygon so you can have your one back would be great !!! Thank u so much !!
  5. Hi if anyone could help me out, I'd really appreciate it. This is my first playthrough in this game ( LOVING IT!), but now my mons are just too weak(junk ivs/ natures). I got some shiny pokemon i could trade for it, or something. Looking for a 5 or 6 iv, but im not greedy, any help much appreciated! ALSO SEEKING THE ALL POWERFUL MAGIKARP (i can't find in game anywhere :/ ).
  6. Hello everyone! I have just began to play Pokemon Reborn. I was wondering if anyone can give me a spare Jangmo-o since this pokemon comes very late in the game. I really love this pokemon as my main dragon type. Thank you!
  7. Hi ! I'm looking for a Snorlax / Munchlax, can anyone trade me one ?
  8. I need someone to breed me a litten. Stats don't matter and I'm willing to get an oshawott if you need one. I sided with magma gang so I missed out on this.
  9. This is the topic to ask for pokemons! Ask here, and our mods and leaders will grant your wish! Occasionaly, if i have enough time, i'll grant your wish myself .
  10. Hi I want a froakie really bad so I can complete the starter eggs quest. I'm unable to get the froakie from the pokedex completion quest due to having recieved the 200 reward in ep 18 and updating to ep 19. Anyway, it doesn't need good IVs or protean. I have some cool shinies i can trade to anyone interested.
  11. i just rlly love scizor lol and its to late game
  12. need a turtwig egg ill give u any mon u want(if i have it)
  13. I am looking for a Wailmer. Can someone please help? My username is the same as the name on this post. Thanks.
  14. i can offer any starter gibble or some other pokemon for the trade just ask and i will answer if i have them or not iv don't mather btw
  15. Hi! I'm looking for a ditto with good IVs. I've been resetting for days, and I just want to get out of this damn factory. So any help is much appreciated.
  16. i need a litten because the ingame quest for it is broken. I have a lot of pokemon I am willing to trade include a every other starter, gible, bagon, or larvitar.
  17. trade shiny diglet.trumbeak and tyroge (not shiny)
  18. If anyone can spare a Fletchling / Fletchinder / Talonflame, I would be eternally grateful! I have a few shinies that I'm willing to offer in return, including Alolan Meowth and Trubbish. Thank you!
  19. DyausPyta


    Hello Guys, Sorry if this was done in the wrong thread... I would like to request some trade if possible. The pokemons that I would like will be the following: Garchomp, any lvl but with decent to perfect EVS/IVS Shiny Gengar, any lvl but with decent to perfect EVS/IVS Shiny Volcaron, any lvl but with decent to perfect EVS/IVS Shiny Hydreigon, any lvl but with decent to perfect EVS/IVS (Shiny if possible) Electivire and Magmortar, any lvl but with decent to perfect speed and speacial attack EVS/IVS Milotic, any lvl but with decent to perfect EVS/IVS
  20. Hi, I'm searching this Mon and in return I can trade some babies with perfect IVs : Absol (M) ; Justified ; Play Rough ; Jolly Starly (F) ; Keen Eye ; Double Edge ; Jolly A-Vulpix (M) ; Snow Warning ; Moonblast / Extransensory / Freeze Dry ; Timid Togepi (M) ; Serene Grace ; Nasty Plot ; Timid Clauncher (M) ; Mega Launcher ; Modest Scyther (M) ; Technician ; Adamant Doduo (F) ; Tangled Feet ; Jolly Mareanie (M) ; Regenerator ; Calm Cleffa (F) ; Friend Guard ; Wish / Stored Power ; Bold Marill (M) ; Huge Power ; Aqua-Jet ; Adamant Litleo (F) ; Unnerve ; Timid Bulbasaur (M) ; Overgrow ; Bold Charmander (M) ; Blaze ; Dragon Dance / Dragon Pulse / Dragon Rush / Outrage ; Jolly Edit : I finally got one. But if you want some of these babies, you can dm me ;)
  21. I want to trade for a shiny Ralts with any of my shiny you want or anything else.
  22. Hello, since I kinda just got my Ditto in the Story without looking up its IVs, obv it has pretty bad stats. I would need a good IV Ditto for breeding, please. :3
  23. So, I have already gotten both the Solrock and Lunatone one time encounter events, but I must have accidentally traded my Solrock away and now I don't have one to breed a shiny. What I can offer is a mon with ivs of your choice, provided that I have said mon so I can breed it or that you can trade me one of the species you want if I don't already have it.
  24. So I'm replaying Reborn for e19 and I forgot about the Leftovers quest... Yeah I sold my Balm Mushroom... I would be happy to give any starter eggs for a Balm Mushroom or Leftovers!
  25. Looking for a Larvesta - bonus points for an egg. Received one from the mystery egg on an older playthrough that I no longer have access to. I received a Trapinch on this run which I'd happily trade, also have a few others like Turtwig, piplup, Scyther and a shiny togepi I would part with
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