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Found 38 results

  1. Hello, I'm looking for a Lileep or Cradily to complete the Pokedex, but i can't mine a root fossile. Can someone trade me one ? Username : Bastos Thank you in advance !
  2. looking for these pokemon or their evolutions: pancham jaw and sail fossils tynamo elektrik murkrow whismur & exploud
  3. I love reborn, and I want to play it to its fullest. But after hours of rerolling trying to get at least a 5iv ditto at the 7th I find myself going nowhere. Soooooo.....Could someone please help me out with this one? I Just want to breed. My ID is ''vinipasa''. I'll be online all day waiting on the "wait for request" screen. Thank You Very Much!
  4. Is there another way to have a second exp share? I accidentally traded away my exp share when doing a task in 7th street that required an unfezant
  5. I've pulled every single hair out of my head trying to look for the Root, Armor and Skull fossil. I also forgot to pick up Azurill or the Sea Incense before the restoration. If anyone could trade me Lilleep, Cranidos, Shieldon and Azurill it'd be greatly appreciated. In return I could give you 4 Axews with 2-3 perfect IV's, each equipped with a valuable item to sell.
  6. Can someone trade me a Abra please? Would be really thankful ^^
  7. Hi, my first post by the way. I've been breeding Ralts for a whole day now to have a Gallade but I can't seem to get any IVs in attack stat. Thanks for the help.
  8. I need a wingull for charlottes gym, any level will do any stats! i can give you shiny chingling or shiny bellsprout but i need a WINGULLLLLLL PLEASE HELP ME!
  9. If anyone has a spare electrizer I would appreciate if you could give it to me.
  10. What the title says: I'm tired of running around Route 2 to get mobbed by Bouffalant. Any Karrablast works, so thanks in advance!
  11. Can anyone trade me a good iv male ralts.........I am willing to give a good iv beldum I just wanted to avoid so much time in grinding so i think a traded one with better ivs is good than a breeded one...So plz can anyone give me a male ralts
  12. Mangolo19

    Focus Sash

    Hello, im looking for someone who is willing to trade me a focus sash, I can offer a helix fossil in return. Unfortunately I already used the ones found early on in the game and I am still not in the stage I may buy them, thus my need for a trade
  13. Need it for breeding purposes, willing to trade any Pokemon out of the boxes, Dark background are all shiny, light background come form wonder trade. (Pokemon Reborn)
  14. I’m looking to trade for a Gengar or haunter thats around levels 32-37.
  15. Hi! As the title says im looking for a jangmo-o. Is anyone willing to trade me one? My username is Rejsingbil
  16. Aviagon

    Gligar (?)

    Hello! I'm just looking if anyone has a gligar to spare? IIRC they're only obtainable on the latter half of the game and I kinda wanna go through the whole game with it haha I just need a regular one with acceptable IV's, it doesn't have to be perfect ^^ would be nice too if a razor fang could be included Thank you so much!
  17. Can anyone trade me a Mudkip with good (20+) IVs and an adamant nature? I'll gladly a few perfect IVs if you're feeling generous. Thanks
  18. Hi! Im looking for a jangmo-o, is anyone willing to trade me one? Thanks!
  19. I was attempting to trade between two save files on the same computer, and the trade went through on one side, while the other account was stuck on 'waiting...'. As a result I have the same mon on both save files, and lost the other one I was attempting to trade. Not sure if I can repro, but am trying to currently!
  20. WELCOME TO YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD DRUG POKEMON DEALER - Da BReedeR!!! PS: POKEMON IS MY DRUG Hi Guya! sorry for the trouble, I will be out for a week, I will try getting to all of you as soon as possible. SO I GUESS I WILL BE OUT TILL NEXT SATURDAY Note: Please Tag me using '@eigengrau' so that I can respond to your messages faster as I will get a notification. HI MAYTES!! WELCOME TO MA PAGE!!! I Have some good IV MONS that I have bred, I generally keep only 5 normal ones and how many ever shinies I get while hatching:- I Generally do not ask anything in return unless you are generous to provide me something nice or something if I am in desperate need of it These are the Current lists of pokemon that I have with their following egg bred moves:- *NEW BUGS and WATER MONS(Shell Smashers) BRED!!!!!* ALSO I DO REQUESTS FOR ANYONE WANTING ANY PARTICULAR MON( Have to be patient for this as it might take sometime for me to breed you your particular mon with items, egg moves and shine) NEWS: Well recently I have come to know of the infamous so called hack where Simipour who can learn Thief, Fling and Recycle is able to steal items from other trainers and obtain them after the end of the battle by recycling it. Anyone who wants a simipour with those moves can ask me for one Riolu (Phy and Spl Attackers Available) and Gible (NEW) GRASS TYPE: FIRE TYPE: WATER TYPE: BUG TYPE: 2 NEW!!! ELECTRIC TYPE: FIGHTING TYPE: NORMAL TYPES: GHOST TYPE: PSYCHIC TYPE: DRAGON TYPES: DARK TYPES: STEEL TYPES: FAIRY TYPES:(NEW!!!) FOSSIL POKEMON:(*NEW!!*) // For people trying to complete the dex or for competitive battling all are perfect 6ivs NOTE: MY DM is cluttered so can you guys please try avoiding sending me DMs and request here please. ALSO if you need a particular item you can request that as well. I shall try gifting it the mon. Click the spoilers to see what type of mons I have:- Your Friendly neighborhood Da BReedeR!!! -MAKE PEACE AND LOVE, NOT WAR!!! PRAY FOR THE FALLEN SOLDIERS AND CIVILIANS WHO HAVE FALLEN PREY TO THE EVIL POLITICIANS SCHEMES
  21. Hey I'm playing pokemon shielf and looking for someone to trade me a natu I don't have much to offer but I can throw you s hitmontop
  22. Hi guys, Can anyone trade me a dratini with a quick claw i am stuck in charlottes gym and need a quick claw to get through
  23. Hi if someone could give me a pokemon with perish song that would be much appriciated
  24. i am looking for a female kirlia, ralts is fine too. nature doesnt matter. can give a shiny spheal and/or muk in return
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