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  1. Hi! I'm looking for a ditto with good IVs. I've been resetting for days, and I just want to get out of this damn factory. So any help is much appreciated.
  2. i need a litten because the ingame quest for it is broken. I have a lot of pokemon I am willing to trade include a every other starter, gible, bagon, or larvitar.
  3. trade shiny diglet.trumbeak and tyroge (not shiny)
  4. If anyone can spare a Fletchling / Fletchinder / Talonflame, I would be eternally grateful! I have a few shinies that I'm willing to offer in return, including Alolan Meowth and Trubbish. Thank you!
  5. DyausPyta


    Hello Guys, Sorry if this was done in the wrong thread... I would like to request some trade if possible. The pokemons that I would like will be the following: Garchomp, any lvl but with decent to perfect EVS/IVS Shiny Gengar, any lvl but with decent to perfect EVS/IVS Shiny Volcaron, any lvl but with decent to perfect EVS/IVS Shiny Hydreigon, any lvl but with decent to perfect EVS/IVS (Shiny if possible) Electivire and Magmortar, any lvl but with decent to perfect speed and speacial attack EVS/IVS Milotic, any lvl but with decent to perfect EVS/IVS
  6. Hi, I'm searching this Mon and in return I can trade some babies with perfect IVs : Absol (M) ; Justified ; Play Rough ; Jolly Starly (F) ; Keen Eye ; Double Edge ; Jolly A-Vulpix (M) ; Snow Warning ; Moonblast / Extransensory / Freeze Dry ; Timid Togepi (M) ; Serene Grace ; Nasty Plot ; Timid Clauncher (M) ; Mega Launcher ; Modest Scyther (M) ; Technician ; Adamant Doduo (F) ; Tangled Feet ; Jolly Mareanie (M) ; Regenerator ; Calm Cleffa (F) ; Friend Guard ; Wish / Stored Power ; Bold Marill (M) ; Huge Power ; Aqua-Jet ; Adamant Litleo (F) ; Unnerve ; Timid Bulbasaur (M) ; Overgrow ; Bold Charmander (M) ; Blaze ; Dragon Dance / Dragon Pulse / Dragon Rush / Outrage ; Jolly Edit : I finally got one. But if you want some of these babies, you can dm me ;)
  7. I want to trade for a shiny Ralts with any of my shiny you want or anything else.
  8. Hello, since I kinda just got my Ditto in the Story without looking up its IVs, obv it has pretty bad stats. I would need a good IV Ditto for breeding, please. :3
  9. So, I have already gotten both the Solrock and Lunatone one time encounter events, but I must have accidentally traded my Solrock away and now I don't have one to breed a shiny. What I can offer is a mon with ivs of your choice, provided that I have said mon so I can breed it or that you can trade me one of the species you want if I don't already have it.
  10. So I'm replaying Reborn for e19 and I forgot about the Leftovers quest... Yeah I sold my Balm Mushroom... I would be happy to give any starter eggs for a Balm Mushroom or Leftovers!
  11. Looking for a Larvesta - bonus points for an egg. Received one from the mystery egg on an older playthrough that I no longer have access to. I received a Trapinch on this run which I'd happily trade, also have a few others like Turtwig, piplup, Scyther and a shiny togepi I would part with
  12. I got a pinsir from the event and i want to get close combat for him wich is an egg move obtainable by breeding with heracross. If anyone has got a spare one it will be very appriciated!!!
  13. Hi I would like to get a Bold Cleffa (I don't care about the IVs, I can breed it myself if needed). I have some mons to trade if you want : Froakie F (Brave Nature, 31 IV except HP) Torchic M (Gentle Nature, 31IV except 30 IV HP) I don't have many Pokémon for trading, I've just started a new game. Or if you want I can breed : Roselia (Timid) Totodile (Jolly) Axew (Jolly) Ferroseed (Careful) Honedge (Adamant) Abra (Timid)
  14. Doesn't have to have good IVs and can be a fresh file with the Eevee passcode. I don't have a trade partner so I'm just looking to do some early game breeding with one. I'm giving away any of these as a trade so feel free to pick one.
  15. I want to get a Lapras, but I'd rather trade for one than wait a few days to start the E19 rollercoaster, as I want to finish the pokedex sidequest first. I can offer some mons with decent IVs, or shinies like Corphish, Beldum or Growlithe. Or any regular non-legendary one fancies.
  16. Looking for my favorite pokemon
  17. To whomever is reading this, I recently started playing Pokemon reborn and I needed a good ground pokemon to defeat the electric gym leader. I am sorry I don't have any good Pokemon to trade in return. If possible, Please trade with me. Offering me a good strategy also helps. Thank You.
  18. Pretty much the title, Im currently in possession of every obtainable pokemon except Natu/Xatu, if anyone would be willing to trade me one, I'm pretty sure I can breed you anything (Just the pokemon though, no nature manipulation or IV breeding). Hit me up if you need anything, If Im able, I'll be happy to help. Hope y'all have a great day Siewek
  19. Hi I just started the game a few days ago and was hoping someone could trade me a Riolu or Gible or both if possible? No looking for well bred any will do just want the mons thanks!
  20. I am looking for Odd Keystone, in return I can offer: - any pokemon (apart from Ditto or Spiritomb and obviously the unavailable mons) - fossils: skull, dome, claw, root - leftovers - plates, incence, lots of other items, ask for availability Thanks in advance!!!
  21. I just started the game and was wondering can any of you trade me a tyanmo because thats late game
  22. This is the topic to ask for pokemons! Ask here, and our mods and leaders will grant your wish! Occasionaly, if i have enough time, i'll grant your wish myself .
  23. Hey looking for a lvl 35-40 alakazam with confusion that is a fast special attacker for the 6th gym thanks! can give a shiny venonat, or ledian.
  24. hello guys, im just starting the game, and some of my fav mons arent available in early game T.T im wondering if anyone could trade these mons or some or even one of em with me. i would really really appreciate it T.T and i didnt choose froakie cause i saw some posts mostly recommending to choose torchic :( p/s its my first time playing a fan game best
  25. Hello! I'm new here (Except for that one time I posted back in 2016 that I completely forgot about until today) I was hoping to breed a Houndour for my team with Destiny Bond to take care of some of the tougher PULSE trainers, but didn't find out until today just how convoluted that breeding chain is. (Delibird hatched by Inkay hatched by Qwilfish who learns it at Level 53.) That said, none of those Pokemon are available to me at the current point in-game, so, I was hoping if someone could trade me either a Houndour or a Delibird that knows Destiny Bond. I don't have very much to offer in return, besides random Shinies I picked up, or a freshly-hatched Oshawott. Thank you for your consideration! ^-^
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