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  1. If you haven't gotten them yet, just message me, i have both.
  2. Kenneth


    The Doxy who fights you, right upwards from lower peridot pokemon center, when talked to thrice, gives you a free Incense. Budew can be found on Clear and Sunny (not sure about the latter, but it is very rare anyway) weather, in Northern Peridot, walking on the wall. If you miss it, don't worry, since after Restoration you can find it and Roselia, while walking on Obsidia Park grass patches. But please, be careful about talking Budew, round these parts... Some people want to kill it with fire Higher ups, too
  3. Are you the guy with Dragonite 1st in party slot? I tried to battle you, but it got stuck forever at Waiting... Had the same problem before with somebody else, too. Don't know what's the deal with it, exactly. Nice eruptions, though!
  4. Kenneth

    LOL random XD

    Heatran for starter and Kabutops instead of Ratata, even with random moves, was pretty devastating. Quite fun, really. But as others already stated; if moves weren't random(ized), that would certainly hit the spot!
  5. Wait at trade i am in and requesting you for one
  6. People, why do you hesitate to trade a rare item to somebody in need? You can merely backup your save and after the trade is done, restore the one right before the trade. This way you lose nothing and you help a forum bro. Don't be stingy!
  7. Your online username? I can give you mine
  8. That is completely normal for an otaku and/or a hikikomori. As if virus never happened at all. I myself bought a number of games on an online service (not Steam)... Found the chance i always needed to finish through and through all of Reborn's current content (especially the complete pokedex sidequest) and i undertook the task, of finishing a visual novel. On the rare breaks inbetween, i play with animals at or near my house and trim my garden from useless green. Now everybody shall know the hidden pleasures of being an otaku, a hikikomori, a sloth, as well as learn to appreciate the small joys of life (or the absence of one, thereoff). Somebody should never take anything for granted, though. Human is by chance at the top of the food chain and nature could change that at any moment. Nobody is untouchable. We must always be humble, considerate and silently contemplate, our "advancements".
  9. Breed a roggenrola and hatch the egg in 7th street. The recipient accepted mine that way.
  10. Kenneth

    Mega Z ring??

    Breed a roggenrola and hatch the egg in 7th street. The recipient accepted mine that way.
  11. Why not mega-Altaria? Fairy is the failsafe choice anyway and dragon gets a boost, in that field...
  12. 1 Teddiursa event is time-locked. After beating Julia, it disappears. Urasring though is available in the wild, but much later. Especially regarding Teddiursa chase, there is a bug. If one of its possible locations is the small garden, then it vanishes from the game completely. To prevent that, save at the start of the chase and check all possible locations, one by one. 2 The old man and meteors can happen at night only. It is time locked too; after destroying the Tanzan Meteor base, it can no longer be triggered anymore. You only need to talk to meteors in the museum once and they disappear. Then, you go to fight them, inside tanzan mountain, right before the tunnel that leads to their base (this can happen before someone getting abducted for quest and the entrance opening). Then, return to old man for a fossil. That fossil can also naturally be found, later into the game, so no pressure.
  13. Sorry, my mistake. The Iron Head tutor is in 7th street, the former peddler of pokemon. Still, Mamoswine says "Not Able" when the Iron Head is chosen.
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