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  1. Sure, Contrary Smugleaf was a perfect match! Also, don't forget Victoria's Pignite! It looked like a proper fighter, compared against the incineroar and suited her way better, as well! Cain is the only rival that his newly acquired pokemon suits him way better (but still suffers from monotonous team with super common weaknesses against ground; his team also needs proper revision). And Shade's Chandelure, i so miss it... Gen 6 team builds were much better and way more suitable, especially to story figures and important opponents! Damn!
  2. I couldn't find such an option in NVidia control panel. But i deactivated Autosaves and the game now progresses normally. If something else comes up, i will first search the other threads, sorry for the extra work i 've put you through (to split threads and link the same thing from another one in mine) Game looks awesome though, good job!
  3. Intel core i5-2430M 2.4GHz (with Turbo boost up to 3.0GHz) NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M, up to2741 MB Turbo Cache 4 GB DDR3 Memory 500 GB HDD
  4. Too many errors and crashes. Unfortunately, it was unplayable for me. Maybe my system is at fault, or something along those lines. Too bad, i really liked the artwork, was itching to play it through...
  5. Where 's the bad news? I see only good news, here! What can be better than dev taking their time and polishing their work, "not cutting corners"? This is by far the best course possible. Anybody with a shred of self-control, would be happy to wait, in order to receive the good stuff in a more completed state. Just hang in there and don't collapse; work needs scedule and breaks. I am already drooling in the prospect of using Galarian forms; i will wait for Slowpoke, until which, Weezing and Sirfitch'd are more than good enough. Cheers!
  6. Apologies, i mean no disrespect. On the contrary, i love this project, it is my favorite happy-time spender (by now, i 've spent even more time playing than i did in generation 2, my favorite ever) and i have gone through it a multitude of times, without ever being bored. It's just that previous versions AI was functioning less... Buggy? Errory? More kinda "properly", or something vaguely along those lines? Sorry, i know you 're doing your best and you 're not even being paid for that, as well as the long, long hours of workload and i am VERY grateful for all of your efforts and collective end
  7. I understand the reasons behind recent AI changes, but the AI behavior is far from being the intended one. While it is perfectly normal (and desirable, even) for enemies to switch out their pokemon, many times they do that in the wrong place/situation. Even important fights like against rivals (cane in beryl cemetery), are "bugged". What i mean: a You spam one certain move, from a pokemon of a certain type (let's use Graveler as an example and its Bulldoze). Enemy switches out on you, but throws a pokemon weak against the move you 've just kept spamming, of poor typing against your
  8. Just don't blame them, too much workload. They 're always busy and word is, they now work on two games simultaneously. They are very friendly people and they actually care, even though lately they seem a bit less community-active. I still remember in ep17 i reported an error with pop up message that would appear whenever you itemsteal from a StickyHold ability pokemon and they fixed it in one day! Moves can a bit tricky, with the generation changes in the picture and whatnot. And we 're talking about ~821 pokemon, here. Unless some attention-to-detail people fave&ma
  9. Specifically the weaker moves at low health are completely misused, since the AI chooses even "not very effective" moves against your pokemon. So, not only it doesn't calculate anything in all actuality, but goes and chooses the worst possible action, as well! And if you are a "switch pokemon" player (not "set"), then you can abuse that newfound AI behavior/pattern hard; your pokemon is at low health, enemy is guaranteed to use its weakest move, you switch into something else and buy time at your leisure (healing items? stalling? whatever?)... At one point, i thought they made the game easier
  10. Will Galarian Slowpoke be released in V13? This is my favorite pokemon from galar (as well as Sirfetc'd and Obstagoon) and i would really love to train one... Spork that already added gen 8 hasn't implemented it yet and also says something like it follows Rejuvenation's development; whatever that means. Are we getting the entire gen 8 roster (minus legends/myths of course), or it is going to be implemented in chunks?
  11. I am trying the new, 18.4.1 version for a fresh new run. The game has evolved a lot and the engine is a lot smoother, plus lagless. VERY nice. AI though... I understand it changed. But it makes me scratch my head in confusion. The biggest turnoff i encountered and still is in play: 1 Enemy trainer pokemon, suddenly launch crappy moves against you, the very moment your pokemon's health drop in orange; not RED, but ORANGE. This IS a "wipeout-prevention", effectively. 9 out of 10 times i find myself in a bind, the enemy fails to finish my mon. Especially if it is well bred
  12. In some old bug reports, there are special mentions for certain pokemons encountering errors in their gen7 movepool, or a specific 1 move issue (cannot go through them, just from the top of my head). The issue i remember well, because i myself encountered it too, is that Mamoswine cannot learn Iron Head from tutor, even though it SHOULD. And there might be other mistakes revolving around certain pokemon and moves that should be learnable from them, too. This specific one about Mamoswine though, has been reported since ages ago, i am actually surprise it hasn
  13. Technician Meowth? Hustle Rattata? Shed Skin Ekans? (+1 for Goldeen)
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