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  1. Phew! For one moment you got me there, i thought it was about the real Leaks (of beta build to people not being eligible) and there was an incoming punishment to be announced or something!
  2. Has the second wave of beta testing started?
  3. Those who wait patiently, always get properly rewarded! Release whenever ready! Cheers!
  4. I really wonder at what point in the story, we can access the Penthouse from the big mart. Lots of items in there i want to grab. Like the max happiness one.
  5. That's great! Thank you for the hard work. Only gripe is there was no need to change item functionality... With pickup, you are swarmed with all types of repels anyway. I really hope you didn't tamper with their functionality further though, because with their use, you can catch fully evolved ultra high level pokemon, even in areas you are not supposed to encounter them yet (like A-Sandslash, Beartic and Earthquake Donphan in caves underneath Shade's gym). I cannot help but wonder, though. Why do you constantly lower the difficulty, even in an indirect manner? Struggling for resources and micromanaging the poor in-game economy, all while having to face an increased difficulty to all other pokemon games, had always been a selling point for this game. :'(
  6. will we get passwords, for older player models? in the no-shampoo era of reborn? will we get older sprites (aya tongue, charlotter cigarette etc)?
  7. Greatest idea around. Why choose? When we could have both... Freeze isn't so overpowered anymore, anyway, since you can immediately thaw out without spending a single turn, inactive. It was stronger in early generations, somehow. To the devs: Please consider more of adding and less of replacing, if it is new things you want to try!
  8. Some novelty changes or mechanisms, are outright "nerf", compared against older gameplay. I'd like to say NO! Besides, if you don't plan to add the rest mechanism novelties in the game, it's better to keep the old but gold ones in effect, as is.
  9. Methinks Waynolt's mod includes this function. If you have the badge and the HM item, you do not need an HM-slave to perform the move, it happens automatically.
  10. I really hope the release is just in time, before any big calamity strikes. This is one of the games i really have to play, before i am a goner.
  11. Hey, i am a sucker for black color! That's totally awesome! Especially the very first pic, black and gold... Say no more, say no more, i am convinced! YOU ARE THE BEST <3
  12. Whoops, don't expect that one anytime soon. The Trilogy remaster was a major clasterf_k, the likes of which is rare even in the modern gaming industry scene that broken cashgrabs cashing in on nostalgia is the norm. We won't see anything Rockstar related hit the shelves very soon... Unless of course they are itching to completely ruin their decades-old reputation for good.
  13. Every time somebody asks when Reborn next episode release, the release is postponed for two months... :P
  14. I knew it that something major would happen right at the upcoming devblog line dropped! Only 4 days away from my prediction, though :/ Timing isn't my forte but seeing things coming, absolutely is! Cannot wait for beta. Am absolutely getting myself a subscription, right before it drops, so as i can give it a shot first-hand!
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