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  1. That's the ideal surroundings for a tiki bar. I feel thirsty for exotic summer coctails, even though summer is gone.
  2. Sad for the pause... But on the other hand, Starlight looks nice, interesting and promising, so wishing for its success would do. That and everybody suspected that, from those regulars in here; now it's merely worded and made official. Nobody from the true fans will nag; on the contrary, they will support you, cheer you up and wellwish for the project. I will plead you to not incorporate gen 8 though, because movelists and abilities change, reducing the fun factor a bit, even though that's nothing when compared against Gengar losing Levitate and many other previous nerfs, due to new generation (7) rules. Instead, i will urge you to polish up the gen 7 and correct the various issues still persisting. Especially the errors in movelists and moves learned; one readily available example, is Move tutor being unable to teach Iron Head to Mamoswine. Reborn is just about perfect, with a fully functional and well ironed out (hopefully), generation 7! Adding Meltan-Melmetal though, i won't say no to that! Cheers!
  3. I saw a new expansion coming with interesting concept, so i gave the free trial a go. I played a little bit in its early life, wasn't too fond of or hooked to it, then was severely disappointed in Cataclysm and quit. But i really liked the mechanisms up until and Wrath of the Lich King, while i hated Cataclysm changes a huge deal. Now, i found myself in Battle for Azeroth and it downright irritated me, like a big portion of other players. That level scaling is !@#$. The gameplay mechanism changes annoyed me, especially to crafting (no first aid anymore), itemization (new stats and functions, removal of items like casters can have Staff OR Wand not both, hunters have only one weapon not melee + ranged etc), atmosphere overall. But i liked classes (monk = interesting, new classes for races that did not have) and some other things. Can anyone say if that horrific scaling is going to be a thing in the upcoming expansion, too? I remember i could pass through grey mobs without them attacking me, or soloing a dungeon at +20 levels, but now such things are nigh impossible. I honestly hate what they 've done with the game.
  4. There is an easier method. But is manually done and takes lots of time. Unless you want only few pokemon with their shiny sprite. Go to the game directory, search in folders until you find the pokemon and player pictures. See the difference between the two type of files (shiny and normal) and simply rename them. The shiny picture must end up in the same name as the normal one and vice versa.
  5. Kenneth

    Zorua help

    You need to beat the leader after Corey, first. Then, visit at night time with clear weather (clean overworld), the Beryl Ward Rooftop. Next stop is the small maze in Upper Peridot ward, right next to the factory in front of which you met Fern for the first time. Finally, enter the empty house right next to Magma hideout. Beryl Ward Rooftop can also give you an electric pokemon, if you visit in day time, with sunny weather.
  6. I am interested in EP16.1 too! The AI changes dumbened down gameplay a lot. Even from 18.2, which supposedly fixed AI, i still very much prefer the behavior of 16.1! And the teambuilds of enemies in it, thereoff. I lost it, because at some point, i sent my laptop for maintenanace and the guy replaced hard drive and graphics card. Until the last version of the game is out, which is said to change everything from engine, to AI and other stuff, i would prefer the 16th episode environment by a mile. I cannot stand enemies almost never using recovery items, ralts and beldum pushback, pointless switching all the time and worst of all; enemies using weaker moves, when your health is orange (this destroys the game's difficulty/challenge and makes player wipe-outs almost impossible).
  7. Kenneth


    Cat! Is it dignified like mine? Will it touch your nosetip with hers, or lean her cheek forward for you to kiss it?
  8. Natu on the Jungle Totem, you say? It requires: a Night time. b Clear weather c To NOT carry an Ill fated doll on you; not a single one! d It to be seen in the overworld screen, sitting atop the totem; it isn't fought like the other 3 pokemon In Citae d' Astrea, there are wild Natus too, beside Xatus. Gastly is what tortured me, beyond belief. I missed the "you should interract with cable" part and was struggling pointlessly, trying to find it there. I even thought that i momentarily, accidentally encountered it, didn't notice it run away and it vanished, or something! Had to receive a tip from a forum member, before i was ultimately able to claim my own! Gible is hard, but not like the rest... It only needs some precision and/or luck Beldum is big OOF! Hands down. It even requires you to black out and lose a battle, because at more recent game versions, glitching the game with moves like teleport didn't work, while riding that Tauros. And a bigger oof, than in earlier versions too! Since it now requires you to progress much further into the game, before you can have a go at capturing it! Tynamo is another lousy stinker, at least for me. Its 1st form is limited timed event (before restoration, i think?), the second form isn't in the wild (i think?) and the 3d form has a lousy 1% encounter chance, in diving spot grasses beneath Azurine lake (i think?).
  9. Choose Fennekin with Magician ability and soft-reset until it has satisfactory stats. Early item hunting pays off extremely well (in starting area and near it, there is BlackSludge, SilkScarf, QuickClaw, BrightPowder, special encounter holding Sitrus Berry, etc). Get a Caterpie line with Compoundeyes and a Noibat with Frisk. Spoil yourself beforehand, regarding events and special pokemon encounters, conditions (weather, time) and whatnot. That is a complex feature of the game, requires attention. Early event pokemon should have Pickup (like Zigzagoon/Pachirisu). Go after pickup items, such as Choc Icecream, Pokesnax (mandatory for encounters etc). Early item-hunting and pickup utilization will get you a really nice boost here; don't forget to check gen7 held items chart and Reborn's unique pickup table for referrence! For pickup to work best, save game, fight one wild outside or a daily trainer battle in main hall and if you get nothing, reset and repeat. Special event pokemon later on, have a small range of egg moves. Soft-reset until you get the one suited best for whatever it is you need it. Learn your fields well and combine the two. Example: Later on, at night, there is a special electrike. It can have Flame Burst, which is great because it both has a high Special attack and it sets fields ablaze; but it can also have crunch or ice fang instead of this great move. When you progress far enough, you get a warning about being unable to return for a long time and the area changes. Stay where you are and finish EVERYTHING there is to the game content. Plus, prepare for hard battles ahead before going on. This might be the best time for breeding and designing a team. Some leaders use tricky moves that will make it impossible to beat them and the pokemon launching them might have priority for a reason, even. For moments like those, moves with high priority and flinching exist (meowth learns one pretty early). To shut long term threats down. Don't shy away from using recovery items, even spamming them. Remember to trade a lot and visit the lottery frequently! Max Revives and Full Restores are nothing to scoff at! Pay close attention to the relationship guide! And note down the branching paths and different routes, plus the consequences of your choices! If you need anything specific, just shout. And if you need a specific pokemon, use the forum section to ask for trade! Good luck!
  10. If you bother to get the Heracross from the huge riddle in that forest, Radomus is a goner. Just prevent him from using Trick Room. If you also go back to EV train it, then he never even had a chance, the poor guy. Slap on it the item raising accuracy of moves slightly, from inside the Route 1 shelter and there you go. Both him and Luna will never know what hit them.
  11. Braixen = Gardevoir = WoW Chandelure = o_0
  12. Kenneth

    Gen 8 Sprite Pack

    Thank you! You 're being too nice, you 'll spoil us!
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