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  1. Kenneth

    Gen 8 Sprite Pack

    Thank you! You 're being too nice, you 'll spoil us!
  2. Hmmm... Since the dev blog lets us in the fact that Gigantamax is going to be a thing (since sprites exists and all), i really do wonder if Mega Evolve and Z moves will, together, simultaneously. Lots of complexity. Many features. Really, can't wait to play this!
  3. It learns Rock Slide, but from TM. So, forget it at that point (good TMs are late game material, this is the style of Reborn). Use Smack Down, instead. Or if you level it, at 34 it learns Rock Blast. Also, against Shelly, Stealth Rock leading works well.
  4. Question No1: What is the AMA wave?
  5. Kenneth

    Chapter 19?

    Yes, No19 is the end. That is why it is both the last episode and the postgame content in one bundle. Double the size, triple the effort. No, it won't have generation 8 (but Rejuvenation, a similar game, will). Post release, from what they say, the only thing new to be released, will only be fixes; short patches at best.
  6. Kenneth

    Chapter 19?

    Developer is also preparing another game, completely unrelated to pokemon. Hence the "stagnancy" of late. Don't hold your breath. Even if the content is finalized, there is a few months testing time in "waves" (alpha testing, beta testing, public testing etc), before the actual release. It could take any time period from 1-1,5 years in total, under normal circumstances... With Starlight Divide in the picture too, nobody actually knows. From what i 've seen in the past, regarding episode releases, plus calculating recent hazardships of wordwide caliber cutting off sosializing and working together in cramped places or gatherings in general, i would personally estimate early 2021, or even 2022. They want to add proper sidequests for legendaries and content that do their invested time into the project overall justice, after all!
  7. But why Articuno? And Why is the fire gone?
  8. Kenneth

    18.3 beta

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  9. Both Reborn and Rejuvenation, have a high chance to encounter shinies. They are way more common, than in official pokemon games. And all of them are even custom made artwork. Some Reborn exclusive shinies are simply gorgeous! My favorites are Vivillon, Venomoth, Charizard, Metagross and Tyranitar. When you start breeding for stats, breed a lot, so you can get a proper mon in shiny form. Those are all the rage!
  10. At one of the older development posts. The one spoiling end game matches. It had Terra as a combatant. https://www.rebornevo.com/pr/development/records/sh3s-b4ck-r37/
  11. Sure it's optimistic. Terra's return has already been spoiled. From what it seems to be, only Corey and Kiki will be the unlucky enough ones, to stay dead.
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