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  1. Hi! Glad you're enjoying it After Reborn City's restoration, you cannot get into the underground network of tunnels from Reborn City - they sealed it all up! You can still access them from Isolated Farm (via Route 1 -> North Aventurine Woods), Route 2 (into Northern Undernet) and Route 4 (by Rock Climb into Northern Undernet's icy crevasse). There's also a shortcut unlocked in Southwest Undernet from near the Isolated Farm entrance to near the Undernet Digsite entrance.
  2. The EEG has been suspended, again, due to the pandemic. I'm exploring new medication options, though, which may help. At the moment in the stage of weaning off of one before taking another. It sounds like the Totem you're missing is...
  3. Ah! Another thing I forgot to do: Add hints from Verity about those ruins. Here's the hint: The next hint would be: Then: And finally, after getting inside: The Wooloo song is a hint as well! The Spiritomb sound while you sleep unlocks a new area to come in v0.7 - It was cut from v0.6 to save time, and it looks like v0.7 will be coming sooner than expected since Crown Tundra is also. The TM inaccessibility is an accident. I'll get that fixed for the next version! I hope that helps! If not, let me know and I'll walk you through it.
  4. Thanks! I'm not sure right now, to be honest. There is a Memeforms-style Altforms mod being worked on for Rejuvenation, but I know that level of difficulty is not to everyone's taste. Personally, I'd still like to do something. I have an idea for a sidequest island that I think would be a lot of fun, as a way to get wild Altforms in Rejuvenation. The but is, I'm not sure when I'd do it. I'm in limbo while some irl stuff is going on, waiting to start a new project to make some money once that stuff is settled, and Reborn Altforms and the wiki still need a lot of work. I'd like to say yes, definitely, but I don't know what the future will look like by the time I can work on it. Working on v0.6 has taught me that everything takes longer than expected in these kinds of projects.
  5. Hi! I'm glad you're enjoying it! Nonstop? Please remember to take care of yourself also! Sorry about the bug - I accidentally left a map-check in the evolution code! For now, you'll have to take it under the Grand Stairway to one of the floors with Unown, at night, to evolve it. The at-night part is intentional, but I forgot to mention it. Huh, maybe the map part was intentional too?
  6. Sorry for the late reply! Locations in spoiler below! Ah! It would help if it had sprites, but it's the usual thing with this mod for graphics to lag behind a bit! I've been pretty busy, but hopefully I can get back to at least sorting placeholders for everything soon.
  7. Could be interesting! I'll note it down and look into it as a possibility for a new v0.7 form! Glad to hear you're enjoying it! I had a look through the code and don't see any reason for an Ice Larvitar to have Sand Veil. It definitely should have Guts and Snow Cloak as its abilities. Are you using v0.6.5? Are any other forms displaying incorrect data? I can confirm that Ice Tyranitar is primarily Physical in offense, and Space Tyranitar is primarily Special in offense.
  8. But MOST IMPORTANTLY that I forgot to say is THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE FEEDBACK! I love this stuff! It helps the project grow and improve! My hand is pretty much alright now, it's my brain being a pain... --- Main (V0.6.5) (ONLY for Windows, until I get around to freeing up upload space) (.zip, 566 MB) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vI-Wq2M6fjReBjA6767YahfmCpfa-CPl/view?usp=sharing (Google Drive) Extract and play from Game or Game-Z. Patch (V0.6.5) (for Windows, Linux and Mac! Reborn E18.4.1 ONLY) (.zip, 94 MB) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o0SBBVcpaArPGoR9Cd2WtoqsJwaa3iyM/view?usp=sharing (Google Drive) Extract into Pokémon Reborn game folder, overwrite and replace files when asked, play. v0.6.5 Bug Fixes Lead Pokémon with Cute Charm or Synchronize should no longer cause an error and crash when encountering wild Pokémon. The items that fall from the Giant Steelix should no longer float over the chasm tauntingly. The Rock Climb in Secluded Jungle should now work correctly. Ser Verity and Ana should for serious no longer unnecessarily block paths now, and you don't even need to ask them to move. Orbeetle now correctly learns Psychic at level 36, and After You at level 40. Tweaks Wandering Spirit + Spooky Plate interaction now provides a 34% damage reduction on hits taken instead of Leftovers-like recovery, to better suit the ability. The Giant Steelix is now a bit slower. New Sprites Spooky Caterpie Egg Spooky Paras, Parasect, Egg --- Fixed 'em all in v0.6.5! Download the patch and it should all work now, I hope? Not sure which NPC that introduces the entire crew is causing problems, so I had a look around the whole digsite and tweaked some.
  9. Fixed some more bugs, tweaked a couple of altforms and added some new sprites. Main (V0.6.4) (ONLY for Windows, until I get around to freeing up upload space) (.zip, 566 MB) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G34Hp98Yrj0GBKD9Tj9YyJIZZyGV92kf/view?usp=sharing (Google Drive) Extract and play from Game or Game-Z. Patch (V0.6.4) (for Windows, Linux and Mac! Reborn E18.4.1 ONLY) (.zip, 93 MB) https://drive.google.com/file/d/102COUyCwxXBQEFUPFieAYFR9gxDGsNpp/view?usp=sharing (Google Drive) Extract into Pokémon Reborn game folder, overwrite and replace files when asked, play. v0.6.4 Bug Fixes Bob should no longer disappear if you lose your battle with him in Obsidia Ward. ZMoves should no longer give error messages relating to pbEffectAfterHit. Pokémon will no longer try to evolve after every battle, regardless of result. Skorupi and Drapion (and forms) now correctly learn Poison Fang at level 9. Rattled now works correctly with Intimidate. Tweaks Insect Drapion base stats change: -10 Def, +10 SpAtk. Insect Drapion level-up movepool changes: Toxic -> Taunt, Cross Poison -> Throat Chop, Crunch -> Lunge. Draco Serperior Ability change: Dazzling -> Multiscale. New Sprites Spooky Caterpie, Metapod, Butterfree Dread Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, Mega Gengar Shiny Flame Infernape --- I'm glad you're enjoying it! I'd been putting off tidying up the Battlers folder for a while, so it's been a good reason to do so. I've fixed and added sprites where I could. I still managed to miss one though, the incorrectly named Beedrill shinies. 882 doesn't have a proper sprite yet because it's a tougher one to sprite. I'm not sure how to go about spriting it at the moment, so it has a placeholder recolour. 888_2, 889_2 and their backsprites are so the player will still be able to enjoy those legendaries changing form during their attack animation while using those signature moves. I've taken on your suggestions to tweak Insect Drapion's level-up moves and given it access to Lunge, and changed Draco Serperior to Multiscale. Bug Buzz on Alt Escavalier is a remnant of normal Escavalier's level-up moves, so it's retained accordingly. It does still get Megahorn by breeding and (unavailable) TM. I don't think Long Reach would suit Insect Drapion very well. It can still make use of Sniper, but I will see about tweaking it some more in a later version. Dazzling I am intending on adding a Plate Interaction for. It's simpler now that only Psychic-type Pokémon have it. I'll also look into tweaking Light Ball with Partner Pikachu! Yes, I'd noticed it too but wasn't sure what had caused it and there didn't seem to be any harm in keeping it in. After investigating, it turned out to be caused by Galarian Farfetch'd's evo method calling for an evo check after every battle! So I updated that code and all was well once more. I updated it with a custom shiny just for it! Took me long enough to get around to it.
  10. Can you confirm that normal Pokémon Reborn 18.4.1 Fruit Edition works correctly for you, please? I don't have access to a Mac to experiment with, and I can see no difference between Altforms v0.6 and 18.4.1 Fruit Edition in PokemonLoad.
  11. ...which turned out to not work correctly! So v0.6.3 Bug Fixes An error that sometimes occurred when battling or inspecting Galarian Corsola has been identified and fixed. Arctozolt and Arctosaur now correctly have Slush Rush, not Sand Rush. The entrance to Southeast Undernet has been fixed and no longer deposits the player halfway up a mountain. SpookyGuard interaction no longer damages on change. Belly Drum is now affected by Contrary. Galarian Yamask -> Runerigus evolution is now Location-based and occurs in Central Northern Undernet (the area around the thing). Verity and Ana shouldn't unnecessarily block paths now. If they were before updating, try talking to them again. Tweaks Galarian Corsola now has a third Ability: Anger Point. Cursola does not. New Sprites Shiny Draco Serperior --- Main (V0.6.3) (ONLY for Windows, until I get around to freeing up upload space) (.zip, 566 MB) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xeiM8QTo-oaYwBtsmoLSXs4azw5VRI-4/view?usp=sharing (Google Drive) Extract and play from Game or Game-Z. Patch (V0.6.3) (for Windows, Linux and Mac! Reborn E18.4.1 ONLY) (.zip, 93 MB) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1anba6eg3JM49r6Eky3hk9hc9Jb1p-ylq/view?usp=sharing (Google Drive) Extract into Pokémon Reborn game folder, overwrite and replace files when asked, play.
  12. Thankfully this was discovered in testing! I made an exception for the SpookyGuard Plate interaction.
  13. Late but Blaze becomes Slow Start, Iron Fist becomes Berserk. It is not compatible at this time. I'm not sure if this is because of being based on Reborn 18.4.1 or changes I've made. I cannot give an estimate as to when I can look into this, unfortunately.
  14. New patch to fix bugs and stuff!! Main (V0.6.2) (ONLY for Windows, until I get around to freeing up upload space) (.zip, 566 MB) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zd_N50AimGGL46bR2JC37D3yBz5q5rOm/view?usp=sharing (Google Drive) Extract and play from Game or Game-Z. Patch (V0.6.2) (for Windows, Linux and Mac! Reborn E18.4.1 ONLY) (.zip, 93 MB) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oX-FHUbDdnozQ416ipUp4LzRXgUuctya/view?usp=sharing (Google Drive) Extract into Pokémon Reborn game folder, overwrite and replace files when asked, play. v0.6.2 Bug Fixes Daytime and Nighttime Happiness evolutions are working again. Clauncher can once again Plate Evolve into Flame Clawitzer. Tweaks Flame Infernape now has two Abilities: Slow Start (works great with Flame/Fist Plates), and Berserk! Fist Greninja no longer requires a special location to Plate Evolve. Not a new tweak, but neither does Stone Torterra! Drake Fossil and Bird Fossil locations have been swapped. Dracozolt can no longer be acquired before you can Surf. New Event After receiving your starter, leaving the Grand Hall and heading out of Opal Ward, an event will occur in the street that rewards an Arceus Plate based on your starter! Now you can Plate Evolve it at the beginning of the game! If you can no longer reach the old Opal Ward, an NPC in the Undernet Digsite will give you the Plate instead. Patch Installation Picture Guide For Windows 10 Grookey Event Guide
  15. v0.6.1 with bug fixes and Alcremie backsprites is now available. Main (V0.6.1) (ONLY for Windows, until I get around to freeing up upload space) (.zip, 566 MB) https://drive.google.com/file/d/11f9yRMjl5ZbRyJOBvdo8Wk_Jw5cOKzwn/view?usp=sharing (Google Drive) Patch (V0.6.1) (for Windows, Linux and Mac! Reborn E18.4.1 ONLY) (.zip, 93 MB) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mhlDwYHeCaWrQ7y3cOafRoOPoFO58OTp/view?usp=sharing (Google Drive) v0.6.1 Bug Fixes An error that sometimes occurred when battling Galarian Farfetch'd has been identified and fixed. A few Alternate Form Pokémon would revert to normal forms after battle, which has been fixed. Affected Pokémon: Abra, Slowbro, Tyranitar, Manectric. Electrike bug where it wouldn't Plate Evolve has been fixed. Hybrid Vulpix should no longer randomly be pure Fire-type, but will still change form when presented with a Fire or Ice Stone without the opposing element Plate. Tweaks Galarian Farfetch'd now has Defiant as a third Ability. However, Sirfetch'd does not. New Sprites Alcremie backs. All 68 missing Alcremie backs.
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