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  1. @sliversky48 Also whoops, zipped it up before remembering I need to sort a bulk image fix for mkxp's quirkiness with indexed pure black. Next time! Main (V0.6.11) (ONLY for Windows, until I get around to freeing up upload space) (.zip, 567 MB) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IBkRfwtzddXGQVpmv2GOPtSkTv0Wa9Kj/view?usp=sharing (Google Drive) Extract and play from Game or Game-Z. Patch (V0.6.11) (for Windows, Linux and Mac! Reborn E18.4.1 ONLY) (.zip, 94 MB) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tSm9TM8IgqafDzad9tYshftOXbG691jM/view?usp=sharing (Google Drive)
  2. Hi! I'm glad you're enjoying the mod! :D This appears to be a bug with Light Ball (and similar items?) in Glitch Field! I'll try to get a fix version out over the weekend for you. :D
  3. Whoops! I forgot to update the PBS download for the latest version! You'll need the v0.6.10 PBS files! Here you go! :D PBS Files (For modifying Alt Forms for personal use) (.zip) PBS (Altforms v0610) (439 kb, .zip) (Google Drive)
  4. Thanks! I keep forgetting to make sure they're all converted! I'll try to make sure to do it next version!!
  5. Hey, so, not working on altforms at all made me sad! SO!! I'm working on it just on weekends now. And I've put together a small update! Yay! New sprites and bug fixes~ More updates if more bugs, otherwise time to work on v0.7! Main (V0.6.10) (ONLY for Windows, until I get around to freeing up upload space) (.zip, 567 MB) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZuIcOSAjPsrNEu410cUpuctN7lyrYhbJ/view?usp=sharing (Google Drive) Extract and play from Game or Game-Z. Patch (V0.6.10) (for Windows, Linux and Mac! Reborn E18.4.1 ONLY) (.zip, 94 MB) https://drive.
  6. Hi! This is an Altforms sidequest item! It only exists in the Altforms mod.
  7. Hey! So here's some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Memejuvforms has been released! Memejuvforms is like Memeforms in Rejuvenation! Check it out here! The bad news is that I've put off trying to find a way to generate some income with learning programming for too long and now I really need to focus on that until finances settle into a decent place, so I won't be able to work on Altforms until then. I hope to be back to working on this project as soon as possible! I have a lot of ideas I'd still like to realise, as well as polish up exis
  8. I made a wiki page for it! :D Here you go: https://pokemon-altforms.fandom.com/wiki/Vanhanen_Castle_Mirror I hope that helps!
  9. There's a list on the wiki, which is WIP. https://pokemon-altforms.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Alternate_Forms For images, the easiest way to check them all out would be to look in the Graphics folder in the Patch download. Eventually they'll all be on the wiki, but progress is slow.
  10. Glad you're enjoying it! :D I'm unable to replicate this error in the latest version. I did have to fix it during testing, though, so it's odd that it's reappeared. Are you using any mods? Ah! Thanks to TripleHHH for helping you with this! I knew I'd forgotten to do something... I'll make sure to make the book re-readable once picked up in the next version. Mechanically, they're generally full on changes similar to Alolan and Galarian forms. Graphically, they range from having no new graphics to slight changes to recolours to edited sprites to custom sp
  11. v0.6.9 Bug Fixes Pixie Ponyta can once again learn moves and should not constantly Struggle in the wild. Happiny and Sneasel Plate Evolutions into Pixie and Ill-Wind forms should no longer cause crashes. Galarian Mr. Mime sprites should now display correctly. Alolan, Hybrid and Floral Vulpix should now consistently have the correct abilities. Defossilised Fossilised Galarian Fossil Eggs should now be given without crashes. Potential Softlock in Secluded Jungle if exploring without Surf has been fixed. Tweaks Lopunny now learns Return on evolution, Snow Lopunny learns
  12. v0.6.8.2 Bug Fixes TM116 (Weather Ball) is no longer in both Hidden Slopes and Southeast Undernet, only the latter. Abandoned Mine now correctly has wild Pokémon. Southeast Undernet now has Pokémon in the water. Alcremie can now evolve without error. Sweet Kiss Candy Shop no longer gives out Sweets for free. Main (V0.6.8.2) (ONLY for Windows, until I get around to freeing up upload space) (.zip, 566 MB) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CD6Jd_lZVbeAgD4eWek2AZv4Ao-uxEJ2/view?usp=sharing (Google Drive) Extract and play from Game or Game-Z. Patch (V0.6.8.2) (for Windows
  13. Hi! I hope you have a good time playing it! :D At the moment there is only one out of six title screens that is modified to indicate that it's Altforms. The game chooses one of the six at random! As for why, I've been trying to decide what kind of title screen modification to make for Altforms, and it keeps slipping back in the schedule. I think the next big version, v0.7, will be a good time for it. There will be enough sidequests to form a theme. :) And from a theme, a symbol. Yes! Please credit the artists and where the art is from! If you can, please contact the a
  14. They should all be doable at any point in the story, but from different means. You'd need to use RPG Maker XP to edit and compile the scripts. You can add a new form for a Pokémon in PokemonMultipleForms in the scripts, check out Alolan Vulpix for a good example. Then TM/MT exceptions are set in PokemonItems, to say which TMs and Move Tutors it cannot learn. Adding new TMs for a form starts in tm.txt in the PBS, which needs RPG Maker XP to Playtest and compile into the game. They're added by species. It's slightly different in Rejuvenation - TM/MT except
  15. Hey! Glad to hear you're enjoying it! Wow, what a bug! I made sure to test it within RMXP, but I should have tested it outside of it too! This is a pretty serious bug so here's an update to fix it! Main (V0.6.8.1) (ONLY for Windows, until I get around to freeing up upload space) (.zip, 566 MB) (Mega Upload, coming soon) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eAEsNN80NWKTPF45YD1A5GFXx5RAlkoP/view?usp=sharing (Google Drive) Extract and play from Game or Game-Z. Patch (V0.6.8.1) (for Windows, Linux and Mac! Reborn E18.4.1 ONLY) (.zip, 94 MB) (Mega Upload, coming s
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