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  1. I'm afraid you'll have to avoid that battle for now. I'm working on a new version that I'm trying to get out as soon as humanly possible, hopefully in the next week or two. That version fixes that progression-stopping bug. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Hi! The Makeshift Altdex files are up to date! :D Thanks for working on the wiki!! The stats on the wiki entry appear to be for Mega Venusaur. The Spooky form's stats are the same as normal! Though maybe they shouldn't be...
  3. I am not updating the lists on this thread, and there is a wiki but I do not have time to update it. :'3 There's the Makeshift Altdex in the download, though!
  4. thanks for the suggestion! i'll keep it in mind! it's to try to keep it themed around using status! maybe i can find some more moves in that style to enrich the movepool?
  5. Not exactly! A new Memejuvforms version is in the works that will retain casual/normal difficulty settings. No ETA though. Glad to hear you're enjoying it! :D Those are all pretty good abilities! I don't think they need Plate Interactions. The issue with Torterra's ability does sound likely to have been caused by debug. The ability coding is changed in the Alternate Form Pack to allow for more abilities to be in the game. It doesn't seem to be caused by AMB - AddOpt_DebugMenu though, so I'll have to check this out in the AFP scripts. Thanks for the bug report!
  6. Oh whoops! Did you turn off the Altforms at the NPCs? That was the problem my end when testing it, hehe. Definitely confusing to find normal Staryu in a volcano! Will sort that for v0.7!
  7. That's a puzzler! Code seems like it should work, so I think I'm missing something special about fishing somewhere. It should be a Fire/Rock Staryu. In the meantime you can get a Lava Staryu by breeding using a Ditto, a Flame Plate and a Stone Plate. It then evolves into Starmie using a Fire Stone.
  8. Yes! It's in the Makeshift Altdex/PokemonMultipleForms.txt but I'll post the stats here anyway! HP: 90 Atk: 90 Def: 70 SpAtk: 80 SpDef: 70 Speed: 105 Try battling a different Crustle? That might reset that Crustle after.
  9. Yes! Or maybe even more...?! Not this side of Reborn e19!
  10. Yes! There are clues in the sidestory as to which Legendary Altforms I have planned! :D
  11. Then okay, go ahead! Have fun! :D You're welcome! Let me know if you find any more bugs!
  12. My bad! Take this Map350.rxdata file and replace the one in /Data/ with it! Map350.rxdata Hi, I'm the author! Which community?
  13. You can just get the patch from Drive, it's less big. :'3 Is the patch too big for bugfixes? Maybe I can make smaller bugfix patches...
  14. If you downloaded it on or after Wednesday, yes! :D
  15. Do you have the latest patch? I believe this may be the same bug as the Grassy Terrain one fixed recently. --- Re: Debug, it is working for me at least. Do you have the AddOpt from the AMB pack as well? If not, try adding that!
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