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  1. Hi! Another delay, I'm sorry! Here's the status update: I now have more regular time to work on altforms, but not as much time overall. Before I'd spend a few days working on it a lot, then a few days off, now I'm spending a couple of hours per night on it. Mapping was going very quickly with the earlier work pattern, but is not so quick with the new one. Mapping is allllmost done. I tried to cut corners and keep it minimal for purposes, but I also didn't want to make something terrible or end up in a situation where people don't want to update for shorter travel to the wild areas. For the last few maps, I think what they're intended to be would have been lost if I'd tried to do them quickly and basically. What am I talking about? I'm saying I had to make some new tiles, some just recoloured, and some from scratch because I couldn't find anything suitable elsewhere. Here's a sneak preview! Which leaves eventing and teambuilding to do in July. I'm really hoping to get it out by the end of next month, but it seems like every time I give a timeframe it ends up slipping. Probably by the end of July, though.
  2. Hi! So I'm onto the mapping, events and teambuilding now. Leaving the sessions to fix gen 8 code until after that, it'll be the last thing to do before about a week of testing to catch bugs. Reason being: I've heard that a gen 8 public project for reborn/rejuv versions of essentials is close to being released, and it would be more time efficient to use better code from that, and have a little extra time to work on the rest of v0.6's content. As it is, I'm leaving out a bunch of stuff I'd like to include in the Altforms mod so that I can get the new version out sooner, it's been quite the wait already compared to previous versions, and add the cut content back in over 0.6.X versions. v0.6 is, after all, only a tenth over halfway. Still looking at a release towards the end of June!
  3. The original forms are supposed to remain, yes! The other forms are mostly acquired by using Arceus Plates along with evolution or breeding, at least at present. Some are available in the wild, and in the next version (probably coming next month) most will be available without Plates. It does not work with the randomiser, I'm afraid. Both mods modify the same file, scripts.rxdata, and would need a combination mod made. Otherwise whichever you add last with overwrite the other. I absolutely intend to work on this after the next version releases. Add another couple hundred Pokémon to the randomness! Quick update on the next version for folks since I'm posting: AI is done, pending testing. Adding the new altforms now, currently at 40 out of 69 done. Absolute coincidence of numeration. Then I'll have a couple of sessions trying to get moves and abilities that weren't working correctly to work, then it's onto the mapping, events and teambuilding. Anything that's not working correctly at that point may likely stay that way until the next version of Rejuv releases and I have access to some compatible code - Reborn uses an older version of Essentials than the Essentials Gen 8 project, so a lot of the code for that doesn't work. I think late next month seems a likely release time.
  4. Alright, status update time! It's May!! Since last time, I've updated the tm.txt with new Pokémon and new TMs (and TRs, which will be TMs in-game), including for old Pokémon, including all the ones dexited! Which is thanks to the TM/TR listings for those Pokémon being leaked through Pokémon Home databases. I've also added in the new items and new Plate + Ability Interactions, and I'm partway through updating the AI - which is a much larger task than I realised, but this whole thing has been a learning experience. Some new altforms have been coded, most still need to be. The count for new forms is now at 60. No wait, 61. Not including sprite-only form differences. Including some 8th gen altforms. Not the starters, though, they'll be coming in v0.6.1 (or .2+ depending on bugs). Speaking of bugs, I'll also be putting it through a week of testing before releasing! Because with so many changes being made, there are surely to be a lot of bugs, and I think it'd be best if I stomped a few on the smallscale first. I'm hesitant to give an estimate on the time of release, since it keeps slipping. Healthwise, scans are on hold as non-urgent until the crisis eases up, which could be a long while. Frustrating but, non-urgent. I work a bit each day, if it's a bad day, I work on something simple. Once I have the AI done* and I feel like I'm in the home stretch of adding maps, events and updating NPC teams, I'll make sure to post an update. *Haphazardly cobbled together from what came before.
  5. Hi! I thought I should reply on this subject here instead of the altforms thread. An issue with implementing gen 8 into Reborn is a lack of space to accommodate all the new Pokémon and TMs/TRs - part of why I decided to try to implement gen 8 into altforms is that I'm already adding in new areas that would have enough space for new item rewards and Pokémon. Some of the new areas will have more gen 8 Pokémon than altforms, some will have more wild altforms than gen 8 Pokémon. For keeping them bundled together, it's mostly to reduce the amount of work I'd have to do with either rebalancing the entire game twice for two sets of additional Pokémon, one with new moves and abilities and TMs/TRs and one with new mechanics, as well as keeping two sets of new maps to accommodate keeping everything accessible in-game. I don't have as much time as I'd like to work on this kind of thing. It's also worth mentioning that the Essentials gen 8 content is for Essentials 17.2, whereas Reborn uses a much older version, with a lot of mechanics coded differently and necessitating a lot of adaptation and rewriting to get things to work. It's also not entirely finished, and I've helped out a little where I could. That said, if gen 8 with altforms is too far from some folks' tastes, I am keeping my changes separate enough that I can more easily create a gen 8 standalone mod afterwards. But for now, it's much easier for me to work on one combined mod.
  6. At the moment it adds a few altforms to wild encounters and adds extra mechanics based on the Arceus Plates, as well as all the altforms available via Plate Evolution/Breeding mechanics. No plots change, but a couple of sidestories are added. Neither are complete and both are subject to minor changes as they're developed - I don't like radically changing a story once it's started being told, but sometimes improvements have to be made. There are a couple of additional maps at the moment, unlocking a door in Vanhanen Castle and a puzzle leading off from it for acquiring a Partner Eevee. The only NPCs with altforms are added NPCs that can be entirely skipped without any notice. In fact, they're too easily skipped, and a common problem people have is that they never knew there was a sidestory because the only non-optional reference to it occurs during the ticket sale at the very start of the game! In the next version, I'm changing the game a little bit more, but trying to avoid impacting any of the pre-existing story. Some NPCs related to the altforms mod sidestories will approach the player, but will still be able to be skipped if preferred. Many NPCs throughout the game will have relevant altforms added to their teams. More areas will have wild altforms, but a majority of them will be found in a set of new areas connected by a network of underground tunnels, featuring a hub area, accessible from various points spread around the region.
  7. The mouse mod does break, unfortunately, with an error related to there being no mouse. No idea if a touchscreen mod is possible, but I would've thought so.
  8. Still not a new version, but here's an update on how things are going! Because it's April! 8th gen: Pokémon - All are in (Meltan to Eternatus), except Dynamax because no. Moves - All are in, two don't work correctly and in all probability still won't by v0.6 release (Dragon Darts because it has very complicated targeting in doubles but works fine in singles, Teatime because, well, I don't know why, but not all berries work with it). Abilities - All are in, two don't work correctly and there is some possibility they will by v0.6 release (Mirror Armor is working fine on moves and Intimidate, but I'm having trouble finding a way to more generally identify Ability-induced stat drops (may add MA exception to all relevant abilities, may leave it half-working, I'll come back to it later), and I haven't tried to get Neutralizing Gas to work yet). Items - Not adding all of them, but Blunder Policy, Eject Pack, Heavy-Duty Boots, Room Service, Throat Spray, Utility Umbrella, fossils and evo items are in and are untested. Changes to old Moves - Half are done, still need to update Terrains to reflect the changes, and not updating Defog to remove Terrains. Changes to old Abilities - All done. Changes to old Pokémon - All done. Changes to old Berries - All done. Dream Ball implemented. Still to do for 8th gen: Update AI with new and updated moves, abilities and items. Add new TMs (not TRs though, for balance purposes). Update tm.txt with new moves for old Pokémon. Update tm.txt with new Pokémon. Mapping type stuff for wild 8th gen Pokémon and v0.6 content: 10/24 maps are done, and 2 are WIP. Will probably cut out 2 or 3 maps to save time, those maps being related to legendary Pokémon altforms. Eventing type stuff: Barely started. I hope you're looking forward to chasing Scorbunny around a desert on a bicycle! You have the bicycle, not it. Unless... v0.6 altforms: Sprites for old forms - HUNDREDS OF THEM (at the moment, 228 Battlers and 27 icons with more being submitted regularly!) New forms - 40 listed, many with sprites already, almost all designed but none coded. 8th gen forms - 7 listed, 1 coded, no sprites yet. New items(?!) - 2* *not counting keys and the like Health: Trying to get an MRI and an EEG without getting COVID-19. Nothing urgent, but hopefully will lead to significantly improving my quality of life. That's all for now, I think? STAY SAFE OUT THERE! Or inside. Stay safe inside. And don't forget to eat, and sleep, and exercise, and try to get some fresh air, maybe out the window or if you have a garden. Um. Maybe take up meditation. Discover new hobbies. Be excellent to yourself. Also others. Cats...
  9. Hi! TL;DR: How can I increase the Ability limit without breaking the game? I couldn't work it out in a timely manner, and may work around the issue by combining identical abilities with different names. While testing new Abilities for Alt Forms v0.6 with 8th Gen, I reached Ability #256 "Steely Spirit" and discovered it was blank. I checked Ability #257 "Wandering Spirit", and it was Ability #1 "Stench"! So I asked on pokecommunity for advice on this problem, and Vendily (<3) pointed me towards a thread where the problem was in the Compiler assigning but one byte, or 256 entries, for the Ability index. So I edited the Compiler, changing def pbCompilePokemonData 's optionaltypes={ "BattlerPlayerY"=>[0,"i"], "BattlerEnemyY"=>[0,"i"], "BattlerAltitude"=>[0,"i"], "EggMoves"=>[0,"*E",PBMoves], "FormNames"=>[0,"S"], "RegionalNumbers"=>[0,"*w"], "Evolutions"=>[0,"*ses",nil,PBEvolution], "Habitat"=>[7,"e",["","Grassland","Forest","WatersEdge","Sea","Cave","Mountain","RoughTerrain","Urban","Rare"]], "Type2"=>[9,"e",PBTypes], "Abilities"=>[29,"eg",PBAbilities,PBAbilities], "HiddenAbility"=>[40,"eggg",PBAbilities,PBAbilities,PBAbilities,PBAbilities], "WildItemCommon"=>[48,"*E",PBItems], "WildItemUncommon"=>[50,"*E",PBItems], "WildItemRare"=>[52,"*E",PBItems] } to optionaltypes={ "BattlerPlayerY"=>[0,"i"], "BattlerEnemyY"=>[0,"i"], "BattlerAltitude"=>[0,"i"], "EggMoves"=>[0,"*E",PBMoves], "FormNames"=>[0,"S"], "RegionalNumbers"=>[0,"*w"], "Evolutions"=>[0,"*ses",nil,PBEvolution], "Abilities"=>[2,"EG",PBAbilities,PBAbilities], "Habitat"=>[7,"e",["","Grassland","Forest","WatersEdge","Sea","Cave","Mountain","RoughTerrain","Urban","Rare"]], "Type2"=>[9,"e",PBTypes], "HiddenAbility"=>[40,"EGGG",PBAbilities,PBAbilities,PBAbilities,PBAbilities], "WildItemCommon"=>[48,"*E",PBItems], "WildItemUncommon"=>[50,"*E",PBItems], "WildItemRare"=>[52,"*E",PBItems] } in order to match later versions of Essentials which don't have the same Ability limit. I also changed the # Ability entry in PokeBattle_Pokemon to use pbDexDataOffset(dexdata,@species,2) instead of pbDexDataOffset(dexdata,@species,29) and changed all the fgetb to fgetw, but it didn't work. Full #Ability code before and after in spoilers below. Abilities still worked correctly, but each Pokémon had two instances of its first Ability, and four instances of its Hidden Ability, which occurred in both the debug menu and when catching a sample of wild Pokémon (8 Abras, 3 had Synchronize, 5 had Magic Guard). So I tried just importing the whole section from Essentials v17.2, code spoilered below, and changing self.fSpecies to @species in the pbDexDataOffset because Reborn doesn't have fSpecies... But this just straight up broke Abilities, with Pokémon having blank Ability entries and lists. Frankensteining bits of each together accomplished nothing either. So I cycled back to looking at fgetw to see how it differs from fgetb, read up on arrays a bit, and I can see that they differ in more than just byte sizes, so I'm not sure how to go about changing the code to increase the Ability limit. I was recommended to work around it rather than try to change it, so for now I'm folding Libero into Protean and Propeller Tail into Stalwart. But I thought I should ask, is this an easy problem for anyone to solve?
  10. Not a new version, but here's an update on how things are going because it's March: Delays! Work and health issues have cropped up again (not coronavirus but if that makes its way into this house there'll probably be even more delays), and I don't think March is at all likely for a new version release. I'm going to aim for April, but I'll definitely have to cut out some of the planned content and release it after v0.6 - I'll be including them in v0.6.X versions.
  11. Not yet. I'm not sure how much work would be involved, so I don't know how long it'd take. Alternate forms in it are handled slightly differently to Reborn, so it wouldn't be a clean copy-over. I do have plans to: It'll be the focus of version 0.7. I'm currently working on version 0.6, which includes new altforms, some more balance changes, new plate interactions, 8th gen Pokémon, moves, abilities and some items, 8ish new areas accessible from after Florinia's gym with 8th gen wild mons and wild altforms that are unlocked throughout the game, and team changes for NPCs to include 8th gen mons and altforms where appropriate. That'll probably take me until late March, with importing the 8th gen stuff to save time. After that I'll probably spend a couple of weeks or so working on sprites and bug fixes before any new forms and adapting it for Rejuvenation, aka v0.7. So maybe April/May?
  12. General Kenobi! Hi! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it! There is a deficit of Meadow Plate transformations, so expect at least some new Grass-type sun users in v0.6. I think I can come up with a non-Grass-type sun user or two too!
  13. No trainers have been edited to have alternate forms from the mod as of v0.5.12.1 - but this is changing in the next version. Currently only the additional trainers added have any alternate forms on their teams. In Memeforms the alternate forms have been added to many characters.
  14. Thanks! It's meant to be Dragon/Fire, and that's on the Memeforms side - it was too powerful and was replaced with the Dragon/Ghost Moon Salamence in Altforms itself. I'll let Specific know!
  15. Hi! I would but I'm also updating to add in Gen 8! I think I'll get everything out sooner if I keep it to one update! The original plan for v0.6 was to add in several new areas to the Reborn map containing wild Alt Forms, but this is slightly revised to include wild 8th Gen mons as well as some wild Alt Forms. The first will be accessible from after the 2nd Gym, and more are unlocked throughout the game! I'm estimating a release date of sometime around February/March! It's a lot of content! There will also be a series of v0.6.x versions afterwards to add more new Alt Forms and sprites!
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