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  1. Hey! That's my bad, I made a mistake while my brain was melting from health issues, then tried to fix it at a later time when my brain was also melting from health issues. My brain is not melting right now so I'm fairly sure I have this fixed for v0.6.12! Thanks for the bug report! In the meantime, if you have another copy of the Reborn folder (or the zip) you can copy over the shinies for Caterpie and Metapod to fix it, and probably Weedle and Kakuna too.
  2. Glad you managed to resolve it. :) Little bit of news about the update for folks in general: I'm working on a few new sprites to go with the bug fixes and extras coming in v0.6.12, no ETA because I never seem to hit them but it's coming along.
  3. Hi! How did you install it, and what OS are you using? I'm not sure how this has occurred.
  4. Sinistea has two forms that I'm realising really could have done with at least a placeholder sprite for the second one: one uses the Cracked Pot to evolve into Polteageist, the other uses the Coffee Pot evolve into Polfeegeist (Coffeegeist?). The handmixers for Milcery are available in the Obsidia Department Store, Fourth Floor: Consumable Items and Special I.
  5. Yes, I've slated to tune the Vanhanen corridors to be more intuitive and user-friendly. I'll make sure to adjust the lighting too while I'm at it! Meds and recovery wise, I think I've passed the worst of adjusting to a new medication but it's still an ongoing process. I'm feeling better in a lot of ways already, though!
  6. Here you go. :) https://pokemon-altforms.fandom.com/wiki/Vanhanen_Castle_Mirror First part describes the quest line leading up to Vanhanen, the rest is walkthrough for the puzzle.
  7. Great! Yes, it seems those are the only two needing extra code really. Quick Guard checks for priority itself.
  8. Thanks! I've got more ideas than I have time to implement! It's a real struggle! Relatedly, this weekend might be too optimistic for v0.6.12, but I'm going to make it my coding session priority until it's done. It's going to have a little more than just bug fixes. :3
  9. Hi! Yeah, it's pretty much '$fefieldeffect == 2' for Grassy Terrain. I have it coded but untested right now, I don't believe it needs to be in Pokebattle_Battle twice, but it does have an entry in pbSuccessCheck in Pokebattle_Battler for anti-priority effects (Dazzling, etc.)
  10. The Dreepy sidequest should be working fine. That's the one to take down all the Monster Houses then return to the old man at the Onyx Trainers' School. He's in the computer lounge. For the Ancient Shrine (the bugged event), I'm actually going to recommend not changing variables to bypass the event and get in. I'm adding a little something to the event with the bugfix. And more to come in v0.7 too.
  11. Hmm! I had a quick look and found the problem, the event variable stopped updating halfway through the event. I'm not sure how this happened, I'll have a deeper look tomorrow and try to find a solution and a way to execute it from previous saves. For now, the event can be repaired using debug to progress the variable (near the end of the variables list) from 11 to 13, but I can understand not wanting to fiddle with variables. The normal Pokémon are still available as well as the altforms, so you can still use the team you have planned. No Pokémon will disappear when
  12. Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it! Yes, it can be shiny!
  13. It should be that you take your starter from the table, go into the party screen and select ChooseStarter from the menu, then select the same species and it comes up with a form selection menu... But it seems to have been broken with the ability limit tweak. I'm not sure how to fix this right now, so for the time being I can offer two work-arounds: 1) Load v0.6.9 of Altforms to select your starter, then change to the latest version. 2) Use Debug Mode to change the Form of the Pokémon from the debug menu. It's 3 for Charmander (because of the megas). I'm s
  14. Hi! Glad to hear it! Not quite, unfortunately. At the moment there's this post here but it's slightly outdated, but mostly in that it doesn't have everything rather than inaccurate locations. Then there's a little more on the wiki. https://pokemon-altforms.fandom.com/wiki/Monster_House_Hunt https://pokemon-altforms.fandom.com/wiki/Totems https://pokemon-altforms.fandom.com/wiki/New_Areas Plus each Plate page says where their Plater can be found ingame.
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