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  1. There is a solution on the 3rd page of this topic. Im sure you will find it
  2. You need to have Weird Diary while talking to Eric after first time you encounter Garbodor. If you cant get this item using earlier saves you will need to use debug mode for v13 to add this item.
  3. Go to guides and resources and find this line : V13 debug mode + auto speed up in battle
  4. All you need is Weird Diary, if you can get it with older saves its all good if not you need to use debug mode for v13 to add this item. Then all you need is talk to Eric before 2nd Garbodor encounter
  5. Hello i have similar problem like a few ppl here. Game wont proceed after defeating Garbodor in West Gearen and im stuck in Erick's room after the battle. I tried use older saves with no succes. Plz Help Game.rxdata Edit: Solved all you need is Weird Diary and then talk to Erick before second Garbodor encounter. If you cant get it due to earlier saves just download debug for v13 and add item :)
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