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4 hours ago, Fervis said:


Pokemon Generation 8 + Eeveelution Mod




Hi Everyone!~


This is gonna be my second Mod so far! Maybe you have already heard of my Uranium Mod here, but that's not what I'm here for!


This time it's gonna be a fairly simple mod! Generation 8 with additional Eeveelutions!


I generally put most of the uranium mod out of it to create a whole mod focusing on generation 8 Pokemon implementations (and eevees) until a more comprehensive Gen 8 mod is available! (I heard there is one WIP)


This means:

  • All Generation 8 Pokemon, Moves, Abilites and so on.
  • Gigantamax made into Mega-Evolutions
  • More TMs and Move Tutors
  • Legends of Arceus Hisuian Pokemon inclusive!


There are minor changes to battles, mostly having one Pokemon switched for a Gen 8 one. Otherwise there were no deeper changes than this!



There will be an Excel file within the downloaded folder with a rather rough overview of all Gen 8 Pokemon Locations, Items, Move Tutors and so forth!



For the Eeveelutions:

In my previous thread here I more or less gathered all ideas I found and published them there. However, it became a bit rough to look at so I'll redo it here for a better overview!



First: Eeveon - Normal Type

Design Credits go to MirthfulArtist!  (Sprite by me)


  Reveal hidden contents

Eeveon.png.2ff06a7fd97226c9a6d08664428746ab.png                         1478456382_EeveonBack.png.e399b4bcf31992f6b9fe0c51990ff208.png


Name: Eeveon
Height: 1.2
Weight: 27.0
Type: Normal
Stats: 130/95/65/110/65/60
Abilities: Adaptability, Protean
Dex Entry: It is able to adapt itself easily to its surroundings, always having a trick up its sleeves for every situation.



Level-Up Moves:

  Reveal hidden contents

Evo. - Tail Slap

1 - Work Up

1 - Helping Hand

1 - Tackle

1 - Tail Whip

3 - Sand Attack

6 - Growl

9 - Quick Attack

11 - Bite

16 - Covet

20 - Fire Fang

20 - Ice Fang

20 - Thunder Fang

22 - Charm

28 - Baton Pass

32 - Tail Slap

35 - Last Resort

38 - Trump Card

40 - Agility

44 - Assist

49 - Tri Attack

53 - Slackoff

57 - Thrash

60 - Earth Power

64 - Extreme Speed

73 - Stored Power




Second: Maneon - Fighting Type

Sprite and Design Credits go to Cachomon!


  Reveal hidden contents

Maneon.png.b40e4b37f3d0bce3510e62b6cffc71f4.png                    107706831_ManeonBack.png.a3221ed5a712b3cdc6283af22da00bf3.png

Name: Maneon
Height: 1.1
Weight: 28.0
Type: Fighting
Stats: 110/130/95/60/60/65
Abilities: Scrappy, Stamina
Dex Entry: Maneon is an excellent fighter, always seeking out greater opponents to test its own strength.


Level-Up Moves:

  Reveal hidden contents

Evo. - Low Sweep

1 - Rock Smash

1 - Helping Hand

1 - Tackle

1 - Tail Whip

1 - Bite

5 - Sand Attack

9 - Stomp

14 - Double Kick

17 - Endure

20 - Takedown

25 - Storm Throw

28 - Meditate

32 - Submission

33 - Crunch

37 - Bulk Up

41 - BlazeKick

45 - Bounce

52 - Play Rough

60 - CloseCombat

73 - High Jump Kick




Third: Hawkeon - Flying Type

Design Credits: Eleanor Brick (Sprite by me)


  Reveal hidden contents

Hawkeon.png.af5204d9239e457f491ab04edc7d526a.png               1002069772_HawkeonBack.png.7e8e57120b950513f42ab0a9a64dce2a.png

Name: Hawkeon
Height: 1.4
Weight: 19.2
Type: Flying
Stats: 110/60/65/95/65/130
Abilities: Serene Grace, Gale Wings
Dex Entry: With its wing-like ears it is able to create strong gusts of wind and can stay in mid-flight for hours.


Level-Up Moves:

  Reveal hidden contents

Evo. - Gust

1 - Air Cutter

1 - Helping Hand

1 - Tackle

1 - Tail Whip

6 - Swift

11 - Charm

14 - Gust

17 - Agility

20 - Icy Wind

26 - Air Slash

30 - Whirlwind

36 - Roost

42 - Body Slam

47 - Brave Bird

53 - Tailwind

59 - Hurricane

62 - Feather Dance




Fourth: Bristleon - Ground Type

Design and Sprite Credits go to Kiiro-Nee san


  Reveal hidden contents

Bristleon.png.721209914c999561afa4383dd4c7c783.png              984492315_BristleonBack.png.64ae7e0a898b45d74825b170e2dd5513.png

Name: Bristleon
Height: 1.0
Weight: 24.0
Type: Ground
Stats: 65/95/65/60/110/130
Abilities: Guts, Sand Stream
Dex Entry: The dark brown part of its brush-like tail can be hardened. With a quick, fast stroke, it can cut rocks.


Level-Up Moves:

  Reveal hidden contents

Evo. - Sand Tomb

1 - Mud Slap

1 - Helping Hand

1 - Tackle

1 - Tail Whip

1 - Sand Attack

9 - Baby-Doll Eyes

13 - Quick Attack

17 - Sand Storm

20 - Dig

25 - Tail Slap

29 - Earth Power

33 - Bone Rush

38 - Magnitude

43 - Shore Up

49 - Bulldoze

54 - Iron Tail

60 - High Horsepower




Fifith (half way through!): Zirconeon - Rock Type

Credits for Design: Off-ColorDarkrai


  Reveal hidden contents

Front.png.a2aee87048fd61f508d9fdcea2c3dfe2.png            1324200216_Back2.png.996f799afbc792d26050b49eceba86df.png

Name: Geodeon/Zirconeon
Height: 1.0
Weight: 34.0
Type: Rock
Stats: 130/60/65/95/65/110
Abilities: Lightning Rod, Wonder Skin
Dex Entry: The crystals on its head radiates in various colours depending on its mood. They will glisten softly if it is content and relaxed.


Level-Up Moves:

  Reveal hidden contents

Evo. - Accelerock
1 - Helping Hand
1 - Tail Whip
1 - Tackle
3 - Sand Attack
6 - Growl
9 - Quick Attack
12 - Bite
14 - Ancient Power
17 - Rock Polish
20 - Sand Storm
26 - Shock Wave
30 - Stealth Rock
36 - Signal Beam
47 - Power Gem
53 - Dark Pulse
62 - Aura Sphere




Sixth: Titaneon - Steel Type (My favourite!)

There were no names associated with this design, if anyone may know from where please tell me!

Sprite Credit goes to Badman#6291 form our Reborn Community!


  Reveal hidden contents

Titaneon.png.b5c21ec57d099867274b5619c2c461fe.png              897724903_TitaneonBack.png.92ba24e15d785050ccce0803fc91c19d.png

Name: Titaneon / Battaleon
Height: 1.1
Weight: 25.3
Type: Steel
Stats: 65/110/130/60/65/95
Abilities: Defiant, No Guard
Dex Entry: A formidable fighter using its sharp blade-like tail and claws. Its body is armored with very light but sturdy metal for attack and defense.


Level-Up Moves:

  Reveal hidden contents

Evo. - Metal Claw
1 - Helping Hand
1 - Tackle
1 - Tail Whip
1 - Sand Attack
6 - Metal Sound
12 - Bullet Punch
16 - Bite
21 - Hone Claws
26 - Take Down
30 - Autotomize
35 - Crunch
41 - Iron Tail
45 - Double Edge
50 - Swords Dance
54 - Play Rough
60 - Iron Head




Seventh: Ephemeon - Bug Type

Also no associated name for credit, however I found it here


  Reveal hidden contents

Ephemeon.png.f96062108b7d037d6eea128681c6c55b.png            284535618_EphemeonBack2.png.87a3ce780ae7c9b2e70f6710998e2633.png

Name: Ephemeon
Height: 0.8
Weight: 17.2
Type: Bug
Stats: 60/110/65/95/65/130
Abilities: Technician, Tinted Lens
Dex Entry: A swift and fierce hunter. They can vibrate their wings at supersonic speeds. Their Stinger-shaped tails are used to battle or intimidate foes.


Level-Up Moves:

  Reveal hidden contents

Evo. - Twineedle

1 - Bug Bite

1 - Helping Hand

1 - Tackle

1 - Tail Whip

1 - Infestation

8 - Fury Attack

14 - Rage Powder

19 - Fury Cutter

23 - Silver Wind

28 - Pin Missile

34 - Dual Chop

41 - Bug Buzz

46 - Signal Beam

50 - Sticky Web

56 - Lunge

62 - Quiver Dance

68 - Fell Stinger




Three left! Eighth: Toxeon - Poison Type

Credits: Dazed Flame

Sprite Credits go to The archived Eeveelution Thread


  Reveal hidden contents

Toxeon.png.871f955dfc7d24e79ac18c17eb2629a9.png             1874222094_ToxeonBack.png.331e892f745b56bee3c1ef0e2ef34334.png

Name: Toxeon
Height: 1.0
Weight: 27.2
Type: Poison
Stats: 95/130/65/65/60/110
Abilities: Poison Touch, Corrosion
Dex Entry: The poison it emits can even melt steel. The tails are used to prevent prey from escaping.


Level-Up Moves:

  Reveal hidden contents

Evo. - Poison Tail

1 - Helping Hand

1 - Tackle

1 - Tail Whip

1 - Sand Attack

9 - Acid

14 - Quick Attack

19 - Bite

25 - Poison Fang

29 - Acid Spray

34 - Poison Gas

39 - Cross Poison

41 - Toxic

45 - Poison Jab

49 - Venom Drench

54 - Acid Armor

60 - Gunk Shot




Ninth: Kitsuneon - Ghost Type

Awesome Design Credited to OnyxBlock

Sprite Credits: Kriyanceldt


  Reveal hidden contents

front.png.dd64d36417ce9905f4092c1bc1b3e231.png           1902449368_KitsuneonBack.png.d0f441cb8d762f265e379a1c3d4d96be.png

Name: Kitsuneon
Height: 1.3
Weight: 27.0
Type: Ghost
Stats: 60/65/65/110/130/95
Abilities: Prankster, Magic Guard
Dex Entry: Kitsuneon are gifted with high intelligence and strong spiritual powers. They are notorious of playing pranks, but also punish those who derserve judgement.


Level-Up Moves:

  Reveal hidden contents

Evo. - Ominous Wind
1 - Helping Hand
1 - Tackle
1 - Tail Whip
1 - Sand Attack
6 - Baby-Doll Eyes
12 - Shadow Sneak
16 - Lick
21 - Grudge
26 - Draining Kiss
30 - Will-O-Wisp
35 - Hex
41 - Curse
45 - Night Daze
50 - Destiny Bond
54 - Shadow Ball
60 - Nasty Plot




And the last one! Drekeon - Dragon Type

Design by Mykel Ryan (Sprite by me)


  Reveal hidden contents

Drekeon.png.4dc9bb093f7a21e485c322badc0cf209.png                 762907530_DrekeonBack.png.f519278bcc5b9562d7071f1461ec5c4e.png


Name: Drekeon
Height: 1.3
Weight: 26.0
Type: Dragon
Stats: 95/60/65/130/110/65
Abilities: Marvel Scale, Multiscale
Dex Entry: Drekeons scales are hard like diamond. It is said that its scales contain magical powers to create miracles.


Level-Up Moves:

  Reveal hidden contents

Evo. - Dragon Rage
1 - Helping Hand
1 - Tackle
1 - Tail Whip
1 - Sand Attack
6 - Baby-Doll Eyes
12 - Dragon Tail
16 - Swift
21 - Recover
26 - Dragon Breath
30 - Calm Mind
35 - Scale Shot
41 - Wish
45 - Dragon Pulse
50 - Glare
54 - Dragon Dance
60 - Clanging Scales



Disclaimer: Those who were reachable I got their permission to use their designs! If anyone, for whatever reason, may change their decision, I naturally will replace them with other design as long as I can find them! 


Downloads and installation:

Google Drive:




PBS Files for personal use:




Bug Report:

Please report all bugs you can find related to abilities, move incompatibility, crashes etc. in the comment section or by contacting me in the Reborn Discord in #Reborn-Mods Channel!



Have fun!



Credits (notice me for additional mentions):


  Reveal hidden contents

Contact me for any missing credits given!

"Pokemon Essentials":
Poccil (Peter O.)
and all its contributors.


8th Gen Cries
Pokecommunity - Zeak6464, WolfPP, REALMUGEN

Meltan & Melmetal Sprites
Smogon - G.E.Z., leParagon

Meltan & Melmetal Icons
Smogon - Ivy

8th Gen Sprites
leParagon, conyjams, RadicalCharizard,EventHorizontal, G.E.Z., KingOfThe-X-Roads, Crocovyle, InvoluntaryTwitch, mjco, Cynda, zlolxd, Blaquaza, PumpkinPastel, Smeargletale, Khrona, Andracass, Amethyst, Janichroma, Zumi(Honnojis)

8th Gen Icons
Smogon - RadicalCharizard, leParagon, Kalalokki 

Hisui Sprites
KingOfThe-X-Roads (Deviant Art) https://www.deviantart.com/kingofthe-x-roads/art/Hisui-Pokemon-Sprites-889273130
Carmanekko - DeviantArt (Typhlosion Front Sprite)
Fenix#6592 - Discord Community (Typhlosion Back Sprite)

Party Sprites
Arclart (Deviant Art) https://www.deviantart.com/kingofthe-x-roads/art/Hisui-Pokemon-Sprites-889273130

Gigantamax Team Icons
"Someone Dead#0222" - Reborn Community

Gen 8 Scripts (Mirror Armor, Alcremie Evolution)


Eeveelution Ideas, Designs, Sprites etc.:

Eeveon - MirthfulArtist
Maneon - Cachomon (Deviant Art)
Hawkeon - Eleanor Brick
Bristleon - Kiiro-Nee san (Deviant Art)
Zirconeon - Off-ColorDarkrai (Deviant Art)
Titaneon - Design unknown, Sprite by Badman#6291 (Discord Community)
Ephemeon - Design unknown (found at Aminoapps - Eeveelution Community)
Toxeon - Dazed Flame (Reborn Forum - Archived Eeveelution Thread)
Kitsuneon - OnyxBlock (Design), Kriyanceldt (Sprite) (Deviant Art)
Drekeon - Mykel Ryan (Youtube)


Special Thanks to Amethyst and Andracass and all other developers!


Trying to evolve an Eevee into Drekeon, I have it holding a Dragon Scale, like the spreadsheet says, however, it's only evolving into Umbreon, any advice for this? 

Edit: NVM it needed a link stone to evo. 

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Another Reborn gen 8 mod? Awesome! After I finished playing the other version, I definitely need to give this one a try. The eeveelutions look gorgeus....


Just a question, and sorry if this is a dumb one,  but what does the "PBS files for personal use" means?

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14 hours ago, DerpyDragon said:

It seems like the ability 2 for Toxeon is Merciless, not Corrosion. (I don't mind it tho)

whoops! Loooks like i didnt update the previous thread! It is supposed to be merciless! :> I'll change that later


19 hours ago, Dred said:

Partner sprites (so far only the sneasel) will be facing you, rather then the opponent.

I don't have any back sprites for them yet! I will update it once i got them, most hisuians should be affected.


7 hours ago, Hakimblue99 said:

Just a question, and sorry if this is a dumb one,  but what does the "PBS files for personal use" means?

PBS contains all the data for pokemon, moves, items etc. and you can for example change moves base power, or pokemon stats as you desire.

so you could have  a magikarp with 2000 attack o.o.

but that's why its for personal use. youo just add it to the game folder, change waht yoou want in the text files and compile it in game (ideally with the debug mod)

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if you are on discord you can ask in #reborn-mods channel!

for starters i can recommend the pokemon essentials website




here an example for pokemon stats, moves etc. if you want to change something there you actually just have to replace, for example, GRASS to GHOST, and bulbasaur would be ghost poison.


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I see. Thank you very much. Another question(I seem to have a lot of these) I notice in the included excel file, it details how to evolve the gen 8 pokemon, the eeveelutions, and hisuian forms. Except for a few, like Hisuian Lilligant and Basculegion. How do you evolve those two?

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Seems like i missed a lot. Thanks for the questions though!

Lilligant is sun stone at apophyll, for basculegion you will need a white striped basculin that has learned wave crash

the white striped form shares the same locations as the usual ones

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I love Gen 8, so giving this a try. Thanks so much for your mods. I have a few questions or observations:

1. Is one of the grooky sprites missing? It appears fine in battle, but from menu it only shows an egg.  Thwacky appeared fine, however.

2. Blipbug should be in Peridot Ward, but I looked everywhere and can't find it. Am I just being foolish?

3. Do the gen 1-7 pokemon get moves that they would only actually learn in gen 8, or are old learnsets unchanged.


Thanks again


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1. Oh yeah, the grookey team sprite is missing. Thanks! I'll add it with the next update.

2. Ahh yeah it should be Jasper ward insstead of Peridot Ward. Sorry!

3. I'm on it! I at least try to have the new gen 8 moves implemented, but some old moves (like blastoise with shellsmash) I'll do later!

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1 hour ago, Hakimblue99 said:

It apeears I have more questions...How do you evolve Sliggoo into Hisuian Goodra?

sorry for that >.<

you have to level up goomy in the water treatment center to get hisuian sliggoo. afterwards evolce ot the usual way while raining.

50 minutes ago, Digger said:

Very nice! Started a new game to give it a go. Does this have the new gen 8 held items, or is it pokemon only?

if you mean like throat spray and such, yes! though some of them were not tested yet but they should be all implemented.

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great, I checked the spreadsheet and didnt see anything about them so I wasn't sure. There are some cool new consumable ones, and Boots in particular could be more useful than usual if they also protect against certain field effects.



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Updated the download link!

  • Grookey now has a team sprite
  • On Regi's map, Regidrago and Regieleki should now work and not cause the issue above!
  • Updated the Excel sheet with additional infos for Evolution¬†methods
  • Added¬†gen 8 items to vendors:

- Throatspray (Agate circus)

- Heavy duty boots, Utility Umbrella, Eject Pack, Blunder Policy (Department store)

- Roomservice (Spyce Restaurant)


(Looks like i forgot to add them to vendors whoops)


Reins of Unity (Calyrex Fusion) and the Rusted Sword/Shield will be added later! Though they SHOULD work, you can debug them if you want!

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