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  1. randomizer can be very unstable yet! i had a little playtesting some months ago and it "should" work fine if you dont change anything about the characteristics of moves, meaning BP/PP and type. if you only shuffle them it should work though.
  2. Heya~ Alright, the next patch is gonna be a huge one (dlc content inclusive), but this time i'd like to have some participants playtesting! there will be two versions (Eevee and non-eevee), whereas the focus will be on the Non-Eevee version which wil be called AllGen when the update releases. So I'd like someone to test the AllGen Version, which needs a new game anyways, cause the pokedex was reordered, and some moves were swapped around. I usually dont do that, but since the past was filled with bug reports that were sometimes mentioned at least thrice over a couple of months, i'd like to take more precautions this time and reduce workload for fixing bugs between two version now! (just like radiation reborn times back in the day...) I will link the download in here. Please check the Changelog to know whats going on! Also, a new /SavedGames folder will be created called /Pokemon AllGen. https://mega.nz/file/n4AHAKBB#1qCVgJC8FSgk7s1bbSZ_Fz-avTxWabgP85JakXSZ1pk Of course anyone can download and play it, but be mindful if you just want to play or playtest! Download the folder completely and start a new game from it. After some time, probably next week, I'll post both version on the front page then!
  3. if you modify the pbs, you have to use the debug function and "compile all data" to make the changes! though be careful with personal changes. okay, seeing that all mons do have a dex number at least excludes one issue. Ill check with your data file later and see if i can find anything!
  4. i probably found a reason, you mentioned you caught the paradox mons, can you check whether you can access the pc and check their pokedex numbers within the box? the very last thing i can suggest is for you to send me your game file if thats alright for you. i can test things better when seeing the issue directly.
  5. Damn, free-time is not on my plate these months! Sorry for not replying for so long! I am currently on hauling over trainer battles for the no-eevee version of the game , as many voted for a more natural gen 9 reborn alternative! i will add a docs that will contain the most important trainer changes with the upcoming patch as well, plus some other minor bug fixes and new implementations! I will look at request-possibilities mentioned here and also try to check the mentioned bugs ! also @TailsDoll2537, do you have additional infos about the error? If i read that right it looks like it happens when opening the game and the game cannot find a certain pokemon species. First thing i always suggest is, try to download the latest full-mod version and see whether the error still occurs (given you didnt do any personal changes for your game)
  6. i understand that point, though i already made adjustments to the game so that custom megas will only be optional to the player, with a specific vendor you can buy the stones. eeveelutions had a more direct impact, cause they were shoved into the dex and were needed for bee's quest and similar, but the custom megas can be completely ignored and won't even be realized if you dont look for the vendor. I'll do it like that cause i dont want to update both version each and every time i release a patch, cause some things were re-ordered in the newer version, and that will take quite some time to port the patches to both versions. I want to focus on one of them more, and as i use the same one for testing and individual playthroughs, id like to have custom megas in there. its selfish, but i will do my best to make them as subtle as humnaly possible!
  7. i also put it directly into the mod for future patches! so with the next update you wont need it as a separatef ile, but for now just keep it!
  8. @TrainGhidoran on the forum here offered me an AllGen Mod version without the Eeveelution fakemon, and also properly reordered the dex accordingly! therefore, ill put a strawpoll here, please make your vote for all who are interested in this! this will ultimately change close to nothing except for a more canonical mod version regarding gen 8/9. it also doesn't mean ill put down the eeveelution version, but i want to mostly concentrate on one version which is preferred ( and update the other not as often except for game breaking issues) Also, eeveelutions surely stay in the Reatomized mod so if anyone wants to see fakemon i guess it could make more sense to play that mod anyways! https://strawpoll.com/e2nard4RpgB
  9. ehh sanctum seems to direct people to the wrong place, my bad on that! he rather means citae astrae, when he mentions the ruinous pokemon you can go there and start the event! a little while ago i adjusted some teams again, she got mega dugtrio later so i removed the mega torterra the last error seems to be due to a missing mod in the /data/mods folder. Mega_Bandaid_v1.2.rb you will need this to work! I'll see to add it directly into the game!
  10. the easiest thing you can do is directly when choosing your starters. were there all starters up to gen 9 available for you? the second matter you can check, are there any sunkerns inside the pokemon censters, for example in the peridot center. the last thing that comes to mind is the doxy trainer right above the fence in peridot (the street left next to the house with the whismur) non-story trainer battles are altered without using the sunkern switcher, and this doxy got a milcery, which would be the sign the mod works otherwise: you just need to download the full mod and play via its own game.exe
  11. New update (3.5a) is out with some bug fixes! ~ Check out the download link on the front page! hm hm hmm. the only thing that comes to mind is: -start the game on an old version of the mod so that you can access everything, this will be necessary else i dont think Ill be able to help! -use debug to empty your item bag if you have errors popping up while inside the bag -and for each pokemon from gen 8, or mons that you believe have gen 8 moves learned, via debug you have to reset the moves of each individual pokemon! this can be very tedious depending on how much you've been using the gen 8 additions! but as you said, the moves and items have been changed around so theres no other way around it that i know about ._.
  12. Map698.rxdata @Unknown101 drag this map into the /data folder and replace! this should fix the Knight vendor for now.
  13. damn! will fix that with a quick patch later. hmm without the doubles mod i have not encountered any of these issue, nor has there been anyone mentioning something similar iirc. i know that dragon darts specifically is still a bit bugged out when use in a double battle, but that might just be all ._.
  14. its in the game now! after beating hardy you can get the appropriate mega stone (voidstone) inside the black hole in the glasswork station! nope! thats not intended lol, will fix that! sure! shiny rate is as always for sprigatito
  15. New update is out! ~ changes can be checked out in the Changelog.txt! also added the most current version into the titel above the download links!
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