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  1. As I'm working on gen 9 I'll be a bit slower than usual with updates. For now I updated the download for: meltan quest and event switches as mentioned above you can also just unzip the attached folder and drag and drop it into your game folder (for less download size) Expanding Force fix, though it actually worked beforehand on my side (remember that the user needs to be grounded on psychic terrain) Also, regarding Gen 9, I ask you all whether you want them right after gen 8 (pokedex wise) or added as is right now, due to the eeveelutions changing the 'canon' dex numbers! Data.zip
  2. They all differ quite much. The usual distribution of pokemon encounters have a defininte percentage and I replaced some original encounters with uranium mons (and gen 8 etc.) so they don't have any specific chance to occur. When looking at ratsy they have a very high chance encountering, but only in obsidia playground (you need the key), or in obsidia alleyways after restoration! I recommend using the magnetic lure when catching new Pokemon, this helps quite a lot!
  3. besides the encounters.txt you can set the encounter rate for multiple forms in the same location, e.g. in the scripts (MultipleForms) you can make alternate forms and original forms having a 50/50 chance of encountering instead of putting them somewhere else
  4. thanks for the report! I will look over the switches and correct them for this version.
  5. @Nikey21 go to page 12 and unzip / replace the script.zip there into your game folder! I will add this to the download with the next update
  6. you don't need a mod for that anymore. You just have to go to a PC with a data chip and put in the password 'weathermod'. With this you can change weather any time. Also, using the password 'unrealtime' allows you to toggle it in the options. if toggled on, you can go into your pokegear and when hitting enter you can easily change the time as you wish.
  7. oh yeah, totally forgot that! with reborn unique terrains, i rather keep hail as it is.
  8. definitely! im currently working on the PBS file for the pokemon, though it will take quite a while to add all the neew abilities/items/tms/moves but when i'm done with the pokemone i'll do a first test (as long as the sprites are finished until then)
  9. Map520.rxdata try to replace this map in the /data folder! I most likely forgot to adjust your character position when entering the new silph co room (which was widened a bit thus placing you a bit more central rather than directly at the door)
  10. I'm not sure right now. I'm thinking about adding these effects to hail overall bt i don't know how difficult some fights may become (blake)
  11. dang it! thanks for the report, will look into this later! edit: what is happening when entering the room of silph? does freeze mean that you are kept in an animation in which other npc cannot move/ you cannot move due to other npcs? the ampharos will be given air balloon, i possibly changed that midway and didn't compile :x
  12. except for the battle bond ( which is actually not in the mod), the changes to the other abilities feel as if they would become less variable.I see that for protean it might be advantagous to stay at a type and still use other moves, but that's actually what makes protean interesting in my opinion. And that other moves only work once would make them quite useless in a strategic battle where switches are necessary.
  13. skeledirge! by far! fuecoco was my favourite of the starters, and i really hoped that its final evo will be great. It definitely hit my preference with stats, type and design! I'm thinking about either adding them as new Pokemon or making them new forms of the Pokemon they are based on. Ultimately that does not really impact players, so we will see! I also intend to make them bosses yeah (solaris might be pleased?), depending on how much of a workload this is gonna be. Thanks for reminding! I will make a txt file for all changes and put it into the download when its done!
  14. came to my mind after posting, would be very unpleasant for your run. It will take a while to do all the files anyways, but as people do not see any problem with a different dex order, it'll probably go into the 'just adding' version
  15. Scripts.zip most likely found the reason for this issue. Unzip the scripts and replace them in the game folder! Hopefully that should work.
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