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  1. Oscarus is right in that this field needs better balancing, but this is also really cool Seems like something Giratina would love to hang around in!
  2. While I do not know how to change the keys for the aforementioned reason, I do know that Q/W has replaced PgUp/PgDn in v13.
  3. I think that's Byxbyzion? And perhaps you should check your Pokedex to confirm that you've truly caught em' all.
  4. Ember King: @LykosHand @Q-Jei Sunlit Sovereign: @Ice Cream Sand Witch @Candy Midsummer Queen: @cicada (Nicki) @Angelkitsune
  5. My favorite is definitely Decibel~
  6. Thanks for giving this underrated Pokemon some love
  7. To be fair, she had to keep her status as a Xen exec a secret. And the game still has a lot of content to go, lol.
  8. Absolutely love this~ This is written so well and I also feel that @Candy and @Evi Crystal would appreciate this story too! (Just note that it contains spoilers for the whole story, as VoidlitAudino mentions)
  9. I'm glad you get to catch your breath now! Best of luck with Starlight now~ P.S. Those wallpapers are amazing! The artist(s) have my thanks and a great job from me!
  10. Wishiwashi in a trick room setting.

    Really fun when on your side.

    And not-so-fun when on the other side. I would say to grab a reeeeeaaaaally big net, but I'm afraid they'd just Hydro Pump their way out. Water gun from all the mini Wishiwashis is actually stronger than a Hydro Pump! So good luck when they simultaneously use Hydro Pump, lol.




    I just really dig Wishiwashi :3

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