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  1. Ghost resists Normal completely, so the Scrappy is already implied.
  2. 16 hours ago, andracass said:

    shaymin crest: punts posty

    jirachi crest: spoils the ending of reborn


    Is no one gonna talk about these? lol

    (Didn't want to keep the crests thread off topic, so I brought this here)

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    2. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      I was simultaneously laughing way too bloody hard and kicking myself for ever expecting Cass to have posted anything serious in that thread the whole time I was reading it. Absolutely ridiculous, in all the best ways~

    3. SilverAngelus


      Autumn, the ones that were bolded, italicized, and underlined were good suggestions.

    4. andracass


      they're all jokes

      but some of them are good

  3. Remind me to never meet Crescent in a dark alleyway.
  4. Delcatty! Deserves one so much ;-; Attack and Defense each get x1.25 and any normalized attack (Delcatty w/ Normalize) does neutral damage on targets that normally have resistance against Normal type attacks (My apologies if they already have a crest in-game and I just don't remember. I looked up crests in the wiki guide and didn't see a Delcatty crest.)
  5. No moves necessary! Rejuv now has Golden items for HM replacements! To use them, you need the respective HM and badge. You can get Golden items at the Chrysolia Hotel Casino for AP points.
  6. I guess Luciano choses to live in darkness. Either he closed the lights, or the map/overworld background didn't load right. Funny enough, this didn't happen the first time I got to his apartment. Only after Mordecai's breakout.
  7. There's an event Absol at Route 4 (east from Calcenon, where there's a waterfall) that I believe knows Play Rough. You need an Ill-fated doll for the event to occur.
  8. The lesson of this chapter: Don't bring a 23'00" Green Dragon on a stealth mission.
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