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  1. Hey, so I redownloaded Rejuv v12 to double check if my version is up to date and I still found the same character sprites with the same name in the same location. Since you say you can see the sprites in your game, they should be in your game folder. Try searching again, but without adding ".png' in your search, just to see if that helps. Alternatively, you can scroll to the files that begin with the letter t in the Character folder and look there. And here are the alternatives you asked for:
  2. Sure, it's in: Graphics -> Characters -> file named "trainer 002_1.png"
  3. Hol' up, Candy's being accused? I'll be her defense attorney if no one else will! Please share your side of what happened Candy ;-;
  4. I would be a Psychic type Gym Leader~ My Gym Team would be: Hatterene Alolaichu Malamar Gothitelle Starmie Gallade Format: Single Battle, Psychic Field and telekinesis pre-installed (all Pokemon (those meant to be grounded included) still get protected from priority moves) Badge: Nebula Badge TM given: Psyshock Gym Puzzle: Player must navigate their way through teleporting tiles- wait that's been done. The entire inside of the gym is imbued with controlled psychic energy, and thus the player can float around a whole maze with
  5. I'm taking notice of a certain reference. Julia hugging Zekrom seems to be highlight of this half-episode for me. Also I can't imagine her glaring. She's always so peppy!
  6. I didn't get the banana split or the cake but I got candy. LyoksHand(s), are you there?
  7. Evi Crystal, I wish to ask where I can get the cake and banana split. Thank you.
  8. What level can you catch Munna at? Munna learns Psybeam at level 11, according to Serebii. If it's below level 11, you can level Munna up.
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