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  1. to learn to leave Melia in math class I think that's a question for the speculation thread, not necessarily here.
  2. Head all the way south till you're in the Port area. Then head north like so: You'll run into the building straight from there. Talk to the book on the table to start the event for Majira's First Key.
  3. How long is Vanini's dress that she was able to provide a blanket of a disguise for Pikachu?
  4. He got an award for being the most prestigious owner of sore toes *Reference:
  5. I agree that Beldum may be the hardest Pokemon to find in Reborn so far. But I should tell you that the method to obtain Beldum wasn't actually intended in the game. Rather, it was a method discovered on its own somehow, and Ame decided to keep that method. ( @Alistair I believe you told me this once, would you please fact check this? Also hi ) Also I think Mew used to be in the earlier versions, but that was probably just a glitch.
  6. And there we have it. I've experienced all the story of Pokemon Desolation so far. I don't have the words for it, but know that this is green for @Caz, @Ruby Red, and @Posty for a good reason. And for Lilith. Bless all of you. 💜

  7. I can hear you! OwO I wanna see this space kitten
  8. I'm right here! I'll keep this watch ongoing (Raion)
  9. I was in a battle. My Flygon was paralyzed and thus didn't attack for one turn, but the opponent Clawitzer didn't do anything that same turn. Completely skipped out on any action.
  10. Just finished Ghost Trick:Phantom Detective and itfewvdbfniryvfudvh

    If you've ever enjoyed Ace Attorney, you're gonna love this one

    *cough cough @LykosHand *cough

    ...excuse me.

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      Prolly the same doggo in an alternate universe 


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      These games were made by the same creators, so berry likely!

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