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  1. I'll stay in Aquamarine Cave. Thank you.

  2. Are you asking for bug type Pokemon locations? I'll just tell you what I remember off the top of my mind: From what I can gather, Ditto:
  3. I've had the same issue here. What I did was unzip the file on Desktop and then start (right click, open) the game on Desktop. The game launched as it should have and I then (after having closed the game) moved it to Applications.
  4. Why hello there Red Mischievous Fox~

    Happy Birthday to you and I hope your days continues to be a splendid one! 🎂🎉🥳

    1. Baumina


      Thank youuuu! I hope your day is at least as wonderful as mine!

  5. I think you have the option to just redownload the game. Comes with v13.0.2 already, so you don't have to patch. Try extracting the zip file on your Desktop and then move the game to Applications. From there, right click it and press Open. That's what I did when I got the same damaged message.
  6. Right click on the game and click "Show Package Contents." From there, click on "Contents " and then "Game" to get to the actual game folder! You can now patch your game accordingly. As for your save file, you should be able to load that. There's on option in the game's menu (when you start up the game) that says "Open Save Folder. " Alternatively, you can manually find the save location. On your Mac's Desktop top menu bar, click on "Go," hold down your option key, and a Library folder should appear. Click on that and go to the folder "Application Support" and find a fol
  7. This is very much needed and I wholly support this! Thank you berry much to literally everyone who made Rejuv v13 possible! I appreciate you all so much ;-;
  8. SilverAngelus


    Thank you so much for all this! So cool!!! Soon (tm) has now become out later today (tm)
  9. Oh would you look at that, this day came once again and im so happy to say happy birthday in this year too Sol!!!

    I hope you'll have a wonderful day and i will always wish you the best ❤️🎂

    1. SilverAngelus


      I only COMPLETELY forgot about this day till I saw the notification for this.


      Thank you so berry much Mr. Hands! I too hope you'll have a wonderful day!

    2. LykosHand


      Lmao i see, you're welcome Sol! And thanks a lot 🤗

  10. Definitely starting a new run! The game will be all revamped, so I really want to see all the new changes! I even have a potential team planned out!
  11. Vanini reading the book stood out to me the first time. I couldn't help but believe our author was throwing some glorified foreshadowing at us readers~ You're right, I assumed Magearna resided in Silver's room. I guess Magearna's Pokeball doesn't matter. Who needs one when your Pokemon resembles one? I forgot to mention this in my last comment, but that Tania transition sprite is custom, correct? I like it :3
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