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  1. Alright, I'll give you a hand. Timezone is CET, same as Lykos'
  2. For the record I'm not even guilty, I just can't win with town anymore because of Cupid, despite still being town-sided. I can win with no one besides Cupid and Nicki. Oh well. This game's outcome was decided by virtue of Drago's role existing, and mafia forgetting to submit a kill when it mattered, so bye mafia, we hardly knew thee. [Eliminate] Nicki
  3. [Eliminate] Eviora @Candy @cupid we're gonna need a hand here
  4. Matt's lie about his own role is interesting. His "luck" with investigations makes a lot of sense now. I admit I'm not really sure how mafia was supposed to win (in the traditional way, at least) with a role like this around. Even if he couldn't directly claim who was scum, there were ways around it and he demonstrated that perfectly. Oh well. Nice shot Bean, I'm not sure why you did it but somehow that deprives mafia of a potential win condition. I don't think it'll matter much to how the game's going to end, so I'd like to know who Cupid is?
  5. That's crazy luck, but apprently Drago really did find all mafia members. I'm town, so I can confirm that. Candy and Nicki have different alignments than me, which means they're scum, and so is Astra if he shares Nicki's alignment. However, I'd like to spare Nicki for now. A third party, cupid-like role had the brilliant idea of pairing me with her, so if one of us dies so does the other. We could sacrifice me in order to get rid of her, but I'm the Doctor (you're welcome Drago) so maybe town would like to keep me around until all mafs are gone. I'm fairly confident that claiming my role is okay, because mafia won't target me if it means losing one of their already dwindling members. Shoot me and you lose Nicki, folks. Let's lynch Astra first. When he dies and flips maf, he confirms Nicki's guilt for all to see. In turn, that confirms my innocence, and my innocence confirms Candy's guilt. We still have the answers we need, and I don't die needlessly. [Eliminate] Astra
  6. Interesting revelations. I'm town as they come so, can confirm Candy is either maf or TP. Good lynch target for the next day. Feel free to off me if Smooth flips town, at this point it's pretty certain he won't.
  7. Probably shooting myself in the foot by saying that, since coincidentally no bodi was discovered, but I was roleblocked last night (@ newt's question about anything weird happening to us). So there ya go folks, there's at least one roleblocker in this game. Possibly two, if both town and mafia have one, which is often the case. I don't really get the whole Drago vs Lykos situation. Looks like town infighting to me. Especially in Drago's case, he feels like one of the towniest players imo. Not sure about Lykos, pretty much neutral reads on him so far. [Eliminate] Smooth because the whole Japanese speech ploy increasingly looks like an easy way to hide in plain sight and guarantee that not everyone is going to pay attention to his posts.
  8. Alright, you know what's great? Seals. You know what's even better? Getting to know your local Seal! Please ask our friend @Seal anything you'd like to know about him! This round of AMA will last for as long as someone feels like asking questions. I'll start with a couple questions of my own. Hi Seal! 1. Where are you from? 2. You've been a member of our club for quite a while. How did you find it/ what drew you to it? 3. What are your hobbies?
  9. Sorry kinda forgot about this, I'll post an announcement in the server later and then we can start from there!
  10. If anyone had an info role and enough knowledge to warrant exposing themselves, me thinks they'd have done it already. Unless they're afk. I don't encourage anyone who has a valuable role like that to take any risks. Anyway, I'm going to trust my guts and hope for the best, probably not going to post again today because busy. [Eliminate] Seal
  11. does this mean it coulda been me D= Seriously tho, I guess that's metagaming but I would say I trust Evi's intentions on that one. Gunning someone down in retaliation for a lynch attempt is... well, something she would definitely do, especially if the person is slightly sus for whatever other reason. Just a gut feeling, but Drago feels towny enough as well, as far as I can read. Is it bullikos time? or should we bulli Candy, whose last minute vote yesterday was kinda strange? Talk, you two. Candy especially since she hasn't said anything yet
  12. same I thought it had to be absolute majority for abstain, in order for nobody to be lynched
  13. A most pertinent question! Allow me to give you... The Answer I found your Bean vote somewhat strange. It seemed uncharacteristic of you to vote someone off simply because they're too chaotic. Not having voted for anyone yet myself, I thought hey, why not pressure Evi! I withdrew my vote when people started to bandwagon, because I didn't really want you out yet. But that bandwagon itself was an interesting phenomenon! Please note that my slight suspicions against you still stand, but they're just that for now: slight. On an unrelated note, Aldo's role reveal reads like a vanilla townie, which sucks because having vanilla townies is generally not great for us. I hope not too many of them are around (I still like you, vanilla friends, it's just that your role is useless).
  14. Bandwagons form so easily on D1, it's wonderful! But it's too early, yes, far too early... I must confirm something tonight first, dohoho. The dragon speaks the truth. Let the dice god decide, between the great mastermind and the chaotic poultry. We must give all dark forces a fair chance of making it past this first day. [Unvote] Eviora [Abstain]
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