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  1. I can confirm there are various levels of "voting power" in the game. I understand why people would think there's something behind Drago's apparent slip-up (it's a reasonable assumption to make), but he did roleclaim after that, and strangely enough nobody picked up on it or asked for more information. Kombu Infinity is a monster with seaweed tentacles. If his power is related to that, I'm assuming it could be some form of restraining/roleblocking. @Dragoknight did you visit anyone last night? Or were you only doused? I don't think we should lynch him yet so... [Eliminate] Dragoknight (Yes, I promise it does make sense for me to do that.)
  2. Hi sorry I kinda forgot about this for a day. I'm alive and well, presumably nothing happened to me last night? (at least I didn't get any system info) and I don't know where to place my vote yet but I'll try to get some first reads later.
  3. Well, since Fali is cursed, how could it not be in the game? if not literally Cthulhu in the usual sense, at least a very similar role. That said... the dead should stay dead. Come on, this game already had nearly 30 players at the start, if we keep reviving the third parties we'll be here for months. [Eliminate] Nano
  4. I think I know how I survived, but I can't answer your question without compromising my own safety (especially since there *are* people who want me dead apparently) and idfk why I was targeted either thanks, I have double vote too I think
  5. which isn't proof that everything you're saying has to be true at best it proves that your intentions are genuine with regard to town's interests also I'm very interested in the visit you (and newt? how does that work?) claim to have paid me as far as I know nothing bad happened to me, which is great, but still I'm very curious
  6. @cicada why are you cthulhu smh we have to lynch you now and aldo too and everyone else only the bread shall remain more seriously that's all well and good, but we still only have Aldo's word to lynch Nicki unless... @Newt you seem to have been cthulhu'd, could you use votes like Falirion did to tell us who you visited?
  7. Evi's list is obviously wrong. As much as she likes to mess with us and even if she felt like gamethrowing, Evi wouldn't actively hinder people who depend on her to win the game. I wonder if she's a townie who's having fun or a random TP who's having fun. Either way, she's having fun.
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