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  1. Well.... let's get right to it. [Eliminate] Nicki
  2. Trying to kill me? How shameful. What do you think that would achieve? It would only prove your guilt even further!
  3. Well, in keeping with Drago's revelations... [Eliminate] Candy If anyone has an ability to stop someone from performing a night kill, aim it at Nicki.
  4. I think we should have lynched the chicken back when I voted to do so, buuuut all you meanies decided to start a bandwagon on me instead. Well, we know who's mafia now. No more third party concerns apply!
  5. I'm somewhat uncomfortable with how convenient all these revelations are, and reflecting on my previous post, I didn't consider third party entities, so really some of these people could be members of a cult, for example. However, I suppose I have no special reason to insist on Nicki, so... [Unvote] Nicki [Eliminate] Astra
  6. So you're saying the remaining mafia are Nicki, Astra, and Candy. The following are the possibilities: 1. You are correct. 2. Alistair is actually mafia. I don't want to believe that, but it seems more likely than you just happening to visit all the mafia members in a mere 3 nights. 3. You, Drago, are lying. Since this largely seems to rely on learning her alignment... [Eliminate] Nicki
  7. A small correction: All 12 survivors voted for Smooth and L'Belle forgot to count Alistair's vote.
  8. It looks like the first people to vote for Smooth last day were Bean, Alistair, Newt, Amine, and Candy, in that order. Since all 11 out of 12 surviving players voted for Smooth, obviously some mafia are are among them, but I doubt the other mafia members would start the bandwagon on him, so I'm more inclined to trust the earliest voters. Conversely, the ones who got on the bandwagon late are more suspicious.
  9. Well, I don't wanna forget to vote, so I'm just gonna say [Eliminate] Smooth If Alistair was roleblocked and I was roleblocked (I have no idea if Smooth is telling the truth; I have no further role) then something else probably happened to the mafia killed. Culted, maybe? Or a doctor protected the target.... although that seems like a hard thing to do. If Smooth flips town I must say I strongly suspect Alistair. Sorry, dearest.
  10. @Alistair It could have been you! But you retracted your vote. =p However, I still suspect you a bit. @Dragoknight Aldo is dead and therefore unlikely to answer your question.
  11. Oooooh well! Looks like I went and killed him! If I held on to that gun for too long there was a real chance I'd die before getting to use it. After all, I was nearly lynched on Day 1!
  12. Not only did he jump on the bandwagon to lynch me without giving a reason, he even stated he was just bandwagoning. It's unfortunate that he wasn't mafia or cult, but I have no regrets. Mostly, I just felt like shooting him for voting to lynch me. =p
  13. Oh. Whoops. Well, that's all I can do for this game. I'm just a normal townie now. Kill me for it if you like.
  14. Well, then. I am a fragile girl, so best to use this boon while I can on the one who gave no reason for jumping on that bandwagon.
  15. I'd like to ask @Alistair and @Dragoknight why they both voted for me on Day 1 then quickly unvoted for me.
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