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  1. I'm not inclined to let the dice choose for me. Let's discuss all the ways we know killing can happen at night. There's the mafia kill, of course. Newt may have fallen victim to that. Then there's the poisoner, who I don't think has successfully killed anyone yet, although notably no one has claimed to be poisoned this day phase. Amine claimed to have a one time use gun, but I think that was a lie - you see, the flavor text on Eric's death mentioned hi trying to "outrun a gun" - could that be a reference to choosing "backpedal"? I believe Eric was killed by the "pirate", so either Amine is the pirate or there was no truth to what he said. As far as other deaths go, if Newt wasn't killed by the mafia (which I doubt he was for the reasons I mentioned in a previous post) then that means either the pirate can target multiple people (both Lykos and Newt?) or Lykos was lying about being targeted by the pirate, who we didn't know existed (That seems unlikely.) or there's yet another killing role out there and Newt was killed by someone else entirely. Either way, that leaves a lot of unknowns, and I would like to clear some of those up, so until he provides an explanation that satisfies me... [Eliminate] Amine
  2. So the "Pirate" role can target two people to play rock paper scissors with on the same night? Lykos said he was targeted, but Newt was killed. That could have been done by the mutineers, of course, but it would be a rather silly move because Newt was a likely lynch target as a result of offering his false claim against Bok.
  3. One death after another! Things are getting really, reaaalllly scary! But, Lykos, you had to play rock paper scissors? Do pirates decide who lives and dies the same way kids decide who has to be "it" in tag? Heehee! I wonder, anyone, is there a common mafia role that makes people play rock paper scissors? I don't really know that much about mafia archetypes. xD
  4. Since we need to vote soon... [Eliminate] Bok That's subject to change if he says something to defend himself.
  5. Eek, this is so scary! I've never been around a murder before! And Mr. Amine is the culprit? I.... Just remember, my family has money, but you won't get any if I die!
  6. Aldo's behavior is strange. Unless he really is just trolling, I think it's highly likely he's somehow affiliated with a third party. He seems to be looking for another member. Perhaps there are two third party players who must unite...? Placeholder vote: [abstain]
  7. I would be most grateful for your protection, good sir! Though I do hope none of you seek to exploit the presence of a lady of my standing. I've never been taken hostage before, but I am more than prepared for that possibility. Before coming aboard, I made the magnitude and reach of my family's wrath abundantly clear to Captain Aliface. So I do hope no one is foolish enough to behave unbecomingly toward me, whether they be a loyalist or a mutineer. All I seek from this little voyage is a taste of adventure, after all!
  8. Well, it seems I've chosen an absolutely dreadful time to take a ride on a pirate ship, though I suppose this little killing game will add to the thrill.
  9. 'Pirate' really doesn't match my aesthetic, but I'll join this little voyage anyway,
  10. It's impossible to cult Miyo, but perfectly possible to lie about being Miyo.
  11. The host never said Fali was Miyo. I'm not revealing which role I got to protect Rika.
  12. I'm not certain whether I had a chance of being culted during the last night phase; I suppose you'd have to ask Amine. I'm assuming all night actions occur at once, but I don't know for sure. I also have no means of proving I'm not cult. I'm not 100% on Fali being Miyo, either - he could be one of the other two cult members aside from Irie and covering for Miyo. But I see no reason at all for Aldo to contradict Fali's claim of Irie (with proof) *unless* he's cult, and Fali is being strangely defensive of him. I wonder if my switch would have bounced if Fali was culted-mafia. It's possible they're both cult and trying to eliminate the last people they need to grasp a decisive victory. Out of all the possibilities, that makes the most sense to me based on everyone's actions.
  13. As town, I can't aim at anyone I think might be the cult leader because if they die, mafia pretty much instantly win unless 2+ of them were culted. If there's a chance there are only 4 cult, we can risk lynching Falirion and bank on there being only 4 cult left, but if we do that we have to play perfectly. I'll say this for the last time. If you actually want a chance at your lynch going through, Fali, you need to shift your vote to someone who started as mafia but who you suspect is now cult. That is your only path.
  14. Oh, someone died and was culted at once, yet were not reported as cult? In that case, cult may have one fewer member. But insanity led others to being culted? ...At this point I'm just confused about the rules of the game. @Falirion The thing about lynching someone who may be cult and may be town is that only mafia has a good reason to do it. Cult obviously wouldn't want to lynch one of their own, and if they all are actually active and place votes, they don't even have to hide their identities at this point; we still wouldn't know which is the leader. If I vote with cult, which I fully intend to do unless you give me a good reason not to, then they're very likely to win. At this point, your best bet is to offer up a confirmed cult member from your own faction then hope you kill the cult leader at night. That's the only way your lynch is likely to go through. ...By the way, if Aldo is culted, does he still count as mafia for the mafia win condition?
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