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  1. Reset? You aren't that far into the game, so you can skip all the dialouge by holding the "X" key. Probs will take you like 10 minutes to get back to where you are.
  2. It's in that mountain before Addenfall. You need one of those candies you give to pokemon, then it'll battle you, where you can catch it
  3. Ren says this instead of playername. I don't know if this always happens since on my first run of the game I never encountered this text glitch.
  4. I had this happen yesterday. Reverting to a previous save file should fix it
  5. Soft resetting does indeed crash the game and requires you to reinstall the game, but i've never had my save files corrupt. Also, there's online trading in this game? Thats kinda dope, how do I access it?
  6. Pretty sure you can edit a pokemon's stats (Evs, ivs, nature, levels, moves) using the debug menu.
  7. Get a Graveller with sturdy, if you have a mon that can set up toxic spikes, you can toxic stall by fully healing Graveller everyturn. I think you can buy hyper potions by now.
  8. I think its basically confirmed from the confrontation between Melanie and Melia in Melia's subconscious. Melia wouldn't just overlap Melanie if they were different people Probably not Didn't the hippowdon also get excited when you play as Adrest? Or is it more excited when you play as Aevia?
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