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  1. Due to a numerous amount of bots posting on this thread, it has been locked.
  2. Latest version is Episode 19, but yes, you can shiny stones in mining.
  3. The story is not complete yet. There are a total of 12 gyms.
  4. This is most likely due to your save file not being converted to E6, if it was an save from E5, please follow the conversion process, shown on the download page.
  5. Please ensure that you are on the latest version of the game, as this has already been patched.
  6. All 3 are intended to be incompletable, and will be finished in later versions.
  7. You need to follow the save file conversion instructions to access episode 6 content. Go to your bedroom in the Cellia Manor, and interact with your bed.
  8. Hi, I had a look at your save file, but was unfortunately prompted with an error that usually indicates that your save cannot be converted. I will leave it for someone else to have a look at. Additionally, is your save file from an older version of the game that pre-dates Episode 5 (E4, and older)?
  9. Could you please provide some more details, as well as the save file you're playing on, and game version?
  10. No, not currently. You can change your game time by changing your PC time as a temporary solution.
  11. If it's when you're talking to the NPC that you're standing in front of, update to the games latest patch, which is 6.0.10, and confirm that you're on that patch by checking the version file in a notepad. Once you've done this, load the game, exit the house, and re-enter. I did not experience this crash on my end, so I'm going to assume that this is the fix for it.
  12. That feature has been integrated into the game via the password system.
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