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  1. 06/01/2024 Dev Blog Happy pride month Interceptors! It's been a minute. Time certainly flies. Like seriously what the hell. Okay, so we have stuff today, a lot of it. so lets get started. To start off, in the Discord we held a pretty big event for reaching 500 members. This involved new team submissions, Aevian form raffles, and a event for one of the forms we revealed in the server, Aevian Meowstic. During that event, we added 4 new teams to the mod, and had an opening for the Dragon's Den field, so submissions for that field are currently open. Additionally, Iron Moth is now available to be adopted to your team, or submitted for your Dragon's Den team. Also, for those who haven't seen the Meowstic Aevian form, here it is! So, event stuff done. We will probably host some more maybe sometime possibly in the future, I don't know yet. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now, trainer sprites! We revealed Ari's sprites awhile ago, and now, we're going ahead and revealing everyone's favourite goober, Solus! You will fight this goober a few times throughout the Overseer story, although you will certainly see them a lot more in the Paragon route. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It's been awhile since I've done a map revealed. As of recently, I've been reworking some of the original maps I made when we first started the mod, as the originals were.... not great... So I've been reworking the intro map, and the Pinnacle. Today I will be showing some snippets of the intro map. This will be the very first location you visit in the mod, and will definitely not have any other importance after what so ever! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ And finally, the Aevian forms. We have two forms to reveal today! One of them is totally not themed around anything at all, nooo. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ That's all for this post! We will see you all in the foreseeable future. https://discord.gg/OverseerFiles
  2. Locked due to casino bots posting malicious links.
  3. Check your deleted bin, if you cleared that then it can't be recovered unless you had backups stored somewhere else.
  4. Can you please provide your code as well.
  5. 05/04/2024 Dev Blog To start off this post, I will be sharing some pretty big news. In terms of team submissions, we have finally filled out all slots team slots for every field in the game (excluding the forbidden three). With that, we have over 130 custom community submitted teams added into the mod! As of right now, we are hosting the final team update phase in the Discord server, which will last until May 9th. With this team update wave, you will be eligible to change one Pokemon on your team, as long as it is not a Legendary, Mythical, Ultra Beast, Paradox, or Silvally Form. After the 1 week is up, submissions and team updates will be closed for good, with Lore and Sprite changes remaining open for the foreseeable future. Thank you to everyone who submitted their teams! In total we received over 300 unique submissions to the mod. I am finally glad to say that Wave 3 is done! I can finally focus on something that isn't adding in new teams. And with that aside, on to the of the post. As of like, 3 days ago, we kidnapped recruited a new spriter from the community Discord server. With people being busy and stuff, we kinda needed some help with the work load. So, with that, please welcome Chrysanthemum to the Overseer team. They've already produced a handful of sprites for the mod, and we will be showcasing a few in a moment. And now, for your bi-weekly Aevian form. This one was designed by Omens, and sprited by Chrysanthemum! Aevian Skiddo & Gogoat Water Type Aevian Skiddo - Amicable and excitable beings, Aevian Skiddo will often frolic along the shorelines with people and Pokemon alike. Aevian Gogoat - Living completely on the ocean's surface, Aevian Gogoats will trot along the waves and are revered by sailors for their ability to calm the sea itself. And finally, something that has also been revealed in the public server already. We will be hosting our next community event once the public server reaches 500 members. As of posting, we are currently at around 455 members. This event will allow you to obtain the exclusive Overseer Aevian forms for your team, as well as participate with other community members! We will provide more information on this event once we are closer to the event goal! As for future posts like this one, I will no longer be guaranteeing a bi-weekly posting schedule. A lot of content that we have been working on contains major spoilers that I really can't showcase too much, without giving away major hints, so! Future posts may contain less information, while still containing Aevian form reveals, and some other general community updates. Additionally, the teasers channel in the public Discord server will be used to showcase snippets of content that doesn't require a full paragraph of text to describe, so stay tuned there as well. As for the next guaranteed post, we have one planned for June 1st, and I am unsure if there will be another one for May, but I will keep you all updated! Until next time! https://discord.gg/OverseerFiles
  6. Can you please provide a screenshot of the error, and your save file?
  7. The base game doesn't increase IVs for Shiny Pokemon, so you're already going against your "principles".
  8. 20/04/2024 Dev Blog We're back to the forums! The last two posts were done through Google Docs, however, I believe that its safe to return back to the forums, and continue here. I will link the last two Dev Blogs at the end of this post for anyone who missed them. So, what has been going on lately? Well, we're down to 4 cNPC slots left. Once those are filled, submissions will finally be closed for good (unless someone pulls their team from the mod, or other unstated reasons) And for this weeks post, I will be going over some unnamed map teasers, the remaining legendaries, paradox's, and Silvally forms, a new character reveal, and of course, another Aevian form. So let's get to it. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Map Teasers So, I posted two images in the Discord server, showcasing a snippet of some maps I'm working on, and now I'm sharing them here, and not giving any other context! yet More info on this map, and teasers will be given at a later date, it is a pretty important spot in the story however. Now, for actual stuff I haven't revealed yet. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Legendary Adoption Phase Okay, so we're doing this a bit early. Starting today, members with accepted teams will be able to submit a request for a legendary, ultra beast, paradox, or Silvally form, that is not in current use for their team. There will be a specific applications that will need to be filled out in the Discord server. It also should go without saying that new members submitting a team to the mod will have priority over the remaining legendaries. The application will consist of the following question: - cNPC Name - Field & Format (Singles or Doubles) - Previous Team - New Team (With the requested mon) - Why you should have the mon, and how does it synergize with the team/field. Teams that already have a Legendary, or any other the other forms will likely not receive a second one on their team, so keep that in mind. This adoption period will end once all remaining forms have been sent to a cNPC team. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Character Reveal Introducing, the goober, Solus. More often found during Excursions than within the Pinnacle's cities itself, Solus is quite amicable with Pinnacle life and is usually seen going from one task to another. That, or smuggling obscene amounts of GourmetTreats across the Pinnacle... A fair contributor to Pinnacle society they may be, Solus prefers to live in the outskirts and thus when not on the job you may find them in more peculiar places than other story NPCs like Vincent and Melody! They will be more prominent during the Paragon route but will show up a fair few times throughout Renegade as well. Le goob. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Form Reveal I'm starting to run out of forms that I can reveal without major spoilers, so here's one that isn't fully finished yet, but has artwork made for it. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ That's all for this weeks post! The next post will be on May 4th https://discord.gg/OverseerFiles
  9. The game isn't done yet, so who knows what the consequences will be outside of Renegade.
  10. No, if you messed around with debug, walked through walls, or skipped events, then there is a chance you messed up the events. You will need to send your save file for further diagnosis.
  11. This sounds like a sequence break more than anything. Are you using any mods or debug?
  12. Try compiling all, and also send the error if it happens again.
  13. Hello everyone Due to the on going DMCA issue in the fan-game community as a whole, we are moving all content updates to our Discord server for the time being. Sorry for the inconvenience https://discord.gg/OverseerFiles
  14. 09/03/2024 Dev Blog Sleep is calling for me, but I'm still here, so lets get into it. Over all, this post is mostly recaps of stuff I've been teasing in the Discord server, because I really just can't shut up. It's just too much fun! Obviously I'm not just gonna throw teasers and dip though. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Community Events Alright, so we've had a lot of community events going on since the last post. Firstly: We held a vote for a custom Aevian form designed by the community. The votes were for Aevian Sawsbuck, Vivillon, and Aggron. And of course, Sawsbuck and Aggron tied, sorry Vivillon enjoyers. Infernis has been working on the Aggron sprites, and Omens has been working on the Sawsbuck, so expect a full reveal for those once they have been completed. Right after that we started a more "meme" event. People started designing powerpoint presentations for team changes, so we turned it into an event, which is currently on going. Write a presentation on why you should have something on your team, and we will review them, and pick 3 of them. Pretty fun I guess. And on top of that, Infernis is hosting a Showdown tournament in the Discord server, which will be done on the Dawn Showdown page, meaning crests will be included in the battles, as well as some other Rejuv content. Check the Discord announcements for details and the banlist, and contact Infernis if you have questions. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Teaser Content Last week I made a bunch of videos, said nothing, and posted them on YouTube. What were those videos you're asking yourself? Interceptor Protagonists. Yep. These fights will be present in the mod. It is undecided whether or not they will be apart of the main story, or some sort of sidequest, however, I am leaning on Renegade route :) The fights aren't final, and will probably end up having some changes down the line, but they're still fun to watch. Each one has a custom Aevian form from the mod, and 2 are brand new, which I will be revealing in a moment. Feel free to check out the videos here: Aevis, Aevia, Aria, Axel, Alain, Aero. No Ana fight yet, I'm sorry Ana fans! That fight will be made and revealed once we have a sprite made for it. Additionally, all of the Interceptor sprites are made by heretodefyfate on Tumblr, please go check out their page! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ New Forms So, as I mentioned before, we teased two new forms in the Interceptor fight videos. So here they are. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So, nothing too much for new stuff if you've been keeping up in the Discord server. Next post should have something that we haven't shown off yet. See you all then! I'm going back to maps, and team stuff. Discord Invite
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