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  1. [unvote] Newt. Crystal was quite quick to follow up on a vote on me, which I could only assume as baiting from Newt. It's quite suspicious given she virtually came from nowhere to quickly place a vote. This is unfortunate, given it could either be that she either wasn't paying much attention and just saw Newt's vote and followed up on it, a simple mistake, or she really is mafia (or maybe a part of the cult) since she didn't really consider looking too much into it. Granted, I might look suspicious right now but I feel like this paints a bad light onto her. If I'm calculating right, we don't have too much time left in the day phase (or I could be 24 hours ahead, and in that case I'll apologise), which means I'd like for Crystal to perhaps explain herself. I'm going to put a placeholder vote onto her for now in hopes she can shed some light onto her behaviour and convince me that she's a member of the village. I need to vote for someone, and I wasn't really planning on keeping my vote on Newt, and so this will be my vote unless I can be convinced otherwise. [eliminate] Evi Crystal.
  2. I'm no criminal, this is just normal Nicki-Newt behaviour!
  3. [eliminate] Newt. No u! OMGUS. I'm simply stating several possible scenarios here. I really don't know which scenario is correct.
  4. Gonna have to make a slight correction there. It’s Mion who becomes insane due to the death of Keiichi, not Shion. But, yes, I think I can agree that Bean has been acting in such a way before Keiichi perished. However, this still tells us nothing. It could be Bean being... well, Bean. He’s so random in every game that it’s hard for me to grasp an opinion on him. He could still be Mion and just be acting weirdly for the sake of it.
  5. After taking a break and coming back to... not a lot, to be honest, and rereading the thread, Bean’s behaviour is really striking me as odd and is actually bothering me. I currently have no reason to believe Mimi is lying about the insanity mechanic, and if that’s how it is...if Bean was struck by the insanity mechanic, like Dive suggested on D1, he’d have probably killed someone by now, right? Unless each case is different, the only day death I’ve noted was when Mion killed Ooishi... There’s...nothing in the role list suggesting there’s a Cthulhu-like role either. Knowing the series, there’s also...nothing that would make someone act like that. Unless Bean is hinting that he’s been culted, but even then... this is bothering me more than it should. With the sheer amount of inactive people, it’s pretty hard to grasp proper reads. I don’t want to start voting off the inactives but we’ll end up losing most of the players in one bulk if we continue to let them be inactive. This is a tricky scenario indeed.
  6. Yikes. I’ve been busy so I haven’t been able to check the thread much, but not a lot has happened besides people voting for Bean and following up on previous votes... There isn’t really much to go off here and I’m not too sure on what to do. Mion killing Ooishi is unfortunate, but it wasn’t super unexpected, given the hints in the phase post. I could do a placeholder vote as well, but I still need to come back before the day phase ends so I can reach post requirements anyway. I’ll probably have more thoughts then.
  7. Can I [eliminate] Bean just for that string of wtf-ery?
  8. Securing my place knowing I won’t get the slot 1 or 15 medium curse.
  9. If I explain Fali’s answer in more detail, can I win an item too?
  10. Either last night’s kill was random or someone just wanted to target Lykos for the lols. Quite unfortunate, given Satoko’s role. She’s my 3rd favourite character so that also stings. I feel like trusting Astra for now, because other than Oyashiro targeting him (which would be kinda silly since it’s an obvious choice, resulting in one of his followers dying early on), there’s simply no reason for him to lie at this point. This is kind of surprising, though, considering it’s usually Nano who claims on D1 LOL. I’ll come back later with some more thoughts and a vote.
  11. I knew the uwu speak was a bad idea smh...
  12. Kinda want to call BS on Newt’s claim because there’s someone he could have visited to narrow down what kind of cop he is. :^)
  13. I’m the biggest weeb ever for some good old Higurashi! \o/
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