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  1. I think I understand what Ali is doing, and so I will also raise as follows. [eliminate] Drago. I kinda got asked to vote so I'm rushing. It also makes sense.
  2. Logically speaking, an Arsonist-type role would either be Mafia or Third Party. EpicMafia lists it as a Mafia role. I'm not sure if there's a TP variant, but such a variant exists on Town of Salem.
  3. [eliminate] Lía. [reveal] Psykana. Apologies for not posting much over the past few days. Like others, I’ve been with family and on Discord, and kinda forgot about the forums for a bit. I believe we still need to figure out who to give the gun to. I also believe there are at least four(?) confirmed townies that we should give it to, Aldo obviously being one of them.
  4. Nick actually gave a really good site to use, stop being lazy bones. *folds arms menacingly, probably looks like an angry Jigglypuff*
  5. [eliminate] Nano. For now. I'll come back later with a better vote if I have the time and there is a better vote.
  6. My reasoning behind my reveal vote is simply due to the fact we can figure out if it’s Cthulhu or witnessing someone’s death. But if that’s a dumb idea, then...
  7. I’m going to do this just so we can confirm whether or not it is in the game, like we should have done since Fali got cursed. [reveal] Cthulhu.
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