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  1. Ah, bit late to finishing up my nominations but woo! Better late than never and I found out we can nominate more than 1 person per category so heeeeeeere we go! For Sugarop Sunbeam I'd like to nominate: Chxxo, especially for making me admit to being a gud (but also no u chxx) For Carmen Sandiego: Mael, cause he's cool For Auspicious Auth: Abyss! Being so cool, approachable and generally helpful is how I even got into the community at all and it's a blast, so thank you abyss For Craziest Conspirator: Both Bibs and Ame2... they know. For Most In Need Of A Hug: Taka-Im
  2. Woo \o/ I'm not the first long post lmao For Rookie Of the Year, I nominate: Hmmmm............... tough choice but I'm gonna nominate.... Crim, for being blessed and wonderful For Comeback Of the Year, I nominate: Sini! For Sugarpop Sunbeam, I nominate: Nicki! (Big shoutouts to Crim for being blessed and amazing and open to listen too though!) For the Kawaii award, I nominate: Chxxo!! For Auspicious Auth, I nominate: Starry (I wanna say Cass & Abyss too tho, shoutout to Cass for lobby and especially rando shenanigans) For Smelliest Auth, I nominate: Brave! For C
  3. Terrible idea: Venusaur Crest: 1) The user is unable to switch out, a la Ingrain. 2) The user slowly gains more HP/ turn over time, a la toxic, but healing. (Possibly only an extra 1/16 per turn?) (Ties into the theme of Venu being part-plant and part-poke, the idea being growing vegetation into the ground and growing stronger with time.)
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