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  1. Storm


    best cat indeed. the floof doesn't seem that old. such a bushy tail
  2. Storm


    Weekly? I demand daily pictures lol. The cat is so adorable. What's her name? That mark on the nose...gotta protec the kitty
  3. These posts actually entertain me. The one with calculating level each time is such a barbaric method that I wonder how it is like that in the first place. And Yes, arrays are the way to go if you know the index. Beats searching a string. Also, regexes are unreadable most of the times if they are complex . Trust me. I have had cases where I looked at regexes I myself created and wondered what the hell it does lol. Keep doing the good things you are and here's to getting a better game. PS: I always wondered(not when I was a kid obviously) how the Pokemon code worked and how all the different abilities, moves etc fit together. Well, now I know after reading all the dev posts. I assumed they were stored as jsons haha.
  4. Can confirm that this fixes the SR issue.
  5. Cool. Thanks so much. Can you share what the issue was? Being a developer I like to know these things. Debugging is fun.
  6. Hi Guys. I know we got the game-z.exe recently. When I try to soft reset in it using F12, I am getting error. I wanted to soft reset for the starter but when I try F12 I am getting an error. The error is as follows: Script 'Settings' line 97:Errorno::EBADF occurred Bad file descriptor. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.
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