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  1. It's good that I am waiting to play. I can wait a few more months for this update. When do you see the most probable release date for the new changes? @enu
  2. This has been an interesting read. The whole tech series. It's awesome that you were able to see the commit history and release tagging. Are Git actions functionalities the same as Jenkins or does it give you some more capabilities?
  3. I am excited and happy about this Good luck Dev Team. Can't wait to see another masterpiece!
  4. Ember King: @thisgameishard @CrystalStar@Trooperk@BlueTowel@Seal @BlessedBudew@Hellscythe Sunlit Sovereign: @lukatales @zervixen @lucadea@Ice Cream Sand Witch@Lenny_Is_MidKnight Matty(pocket ban Matty. I give up on searching) Midsummer Queen: @FelicityWivani @Bearadactyl@Starry Knight@Cad@cicada
  5. And then she rests. Thank you Ame and the team for giving us the complete game now. It has indeed been a journey. The wallpapers are amazing. I am in love!!
  6. Cass and the script/ dev team have been working their asses off to make the game behave better, use more efficient structures and so on. The improvement is amazing. Kudos to the whole team. Also yeah, the inner workings of cass is a wild ride lol.
  7. Guess I will be the first one. Ame, Cass and the whole team, congratulations on finally putting the game out. The hard work of the past 10 years have paid off. This game has set the standard for me as to what a good Pokemon game should have. And I am eternally thankful for the same. This game also gave me an awesome community. THANK YOU FOR THE GAME! Now that that is taken care of, take a well deserved break now. (Cass is anyway gonna enforce this). Take care of yourself. We all love you . (I have a more in depth message of Felicity's google doc) - Storm
  8. I am dying at this part.... lmao. Hype hype hype!!
  9. The end is nigh!!! The thing we have all been desperately waiting for. We got out asses kicked in the prev 18 episodes but let us get ready to get our asses kicked one final time as we approach the pinnacle. Hopefully Glass gauntlet will be dethroned as the hardest fight. HYPE indeed!!! To Ame and all the devs, congrats for making it. You have reached the finished line. Congrats and big hugs. The journey has been real and we go for one last ride. >what i'm saying is that this place will be drowning in feels. big waves of "wow holy shit this game is finished." people gushing about how much they like it. (hopefully!) be ready for that too. I know i will be drowning in big feels.
  10. Yes I know but the thing is, it might mess with some other things in my laptop that needs me to be on the proper time. (This might just be me though) So, always better if we can switch time.
  11. I see Pickup QoL. I love it. Also is it a wild debug in its natural habitat? I love this post. Thank God that the fishing speedup is addressed. Love the party status like in Gen 4 but better. The Eviolite thing feels like it should be commonsense and Gf should do it. (Cass for GF head) >people have been waiting for ice beam and earthquake since the middle ages, but in e19 you would have access to those by the time you finish agate. Make EQ the trophy you get for beating the game. :bibs: >move tutors work like purchasable TMs where if you pay for them once then you can teach the move as many times as you want. tutors are slightly more expensive to compensate. Could you elaborate here? Like is it like once per pokemon or once per move? Like if a tutor is teaching Heat wave and I pay it, will I be able to teach it to as many mons as possible or as many times but for a single mon? >coins are also generally a lot easier to get. i've spent so much time just watching people holed up in the game corner grinding coins because dammit they are not moving another inch without getting slugma. Can't proceed without Slugma after all kek Also I am happy we get Quash a lot earlier. >you can just... relearn entire movesets! makes switching them out a piece of cake. Another feature that will make the games so much more fun! >game window stays in the same place when you soft reset This is another thing that is amazing and I always hated while SRing while breeding Also the check items before trade/put in PC I gotta stop listing down each one but these are all amazing features and will make the game much more enjoyable!!! Cass, one last thing, is the Time/Day mod available by default? I believe the nocturnal people that we are need an easier way to get day/morning encounters.
  12. And I thought you had forgotten us on the train. Good thing that I had plenty of snacks. The new updates seems really sick. Imagine if Nurse joy be like: We spent all our money on interior design and so healing will now cost you from now on: Amazing job Crim.
  13. I am currently playing through Rejuv and excited to see this. Take your time Jan and don't burn out. Loving the game so far.
  14. Gotta get dem TMs Same. I have a bunch of mons in mind ready to battle her as it is. The added TMs are nice though.
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