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  1. Sounds nice. Agree with the hard cap and Exp all. I recently went on to join team Exp all after playing many games with it. If done right, it is an excellent way to level up all mons. I have to say I myself had traded over the Exp share by mistake (for the Flygon). so this is a welcome change. Also like the new mining changes. I was getting tired of Everstones and Oval stones lol
  2. I actually like this to be honest. I will finally find a use for all the 150+ mons I bred. Looking forward to some nice and difficult battles.
  3. Storm

    an apology

    Ferris wheel yaaayyyy!!!
  4. For me, just reading these blog posts from you and Cass is more interesting than any progress bars or completion percentages. The game will be released when it is ready. The post was hilarious. I understand about the legend quests too. It will be really hard to have 65 quests for all mons. So I don't care if some of them are like just there. Whatever you decide to do, know that we will always support you.
  5. Storm


    Yveltal having Razor wind as mandatory move lmao. So Azery is now a clown too? Posty having competition. Also called out the mole person as a clown as requested Cass Now, I will be sad if this is not how we catch Yveltal.
  6. I am so excited for this rn. I need to put all my nice perfect mons to good use here. Ep 19 hype!!
  7. So I had done a few categories previously but here is a more comprehensive list. Member of the Year Nominees: Cera, bluetowel, khrona Rookie of the Year For the most upstart and standout member who arrived this year! Nominees: Crim, Arnie, Newt The Sugarpop Sunbeam Award For the member this year who's been sweeter than any candy store could hope to be! Nominees: Cera, Crim, Starry The K-K-K-Kawaii Award For the super-cutest member who's been around this year! Nominees: Kyra and all the kitties on the pawsitivity channel(crim if people) The Ausp
  8. Starry - The Auspicious Auth Award bluetowel - The Profile Picture Perfection Award all the kitties and doggos on the pawsitivity channel(kyra, starry's cats, blue's cats, arnie's cats etc) - The K-K-K-Kawaii Award 90s kid - Memer of the Year bibs - Dorkiest Dork Award sleepy goblin- Emoji Excellence Award Nicki - Archbishop of Banterbury bibs - Coolest Clown in Town Starry - Supportive Cinnamon Roll Cad - Wonderfullest Wallflower Goblin and I - Most Likely to Start a Religious Cult (The Church of Goblin welcomes all) Me sedli - Cna't Spel Awr
  9. Storm

    hi again

    i sure hope cass keeps writing some posts nonetheless. they were hilarious and a good read. glad that you are finally going full steam on reborn. will be waiting
  10. I Would say Reborn is worth the wait. I actually don't mind if Gen 8 is left out. It is good as it is. I started Reborn maybe when Episode 15 was released I think. I picked it back up now and currently playing through. Although the wait is hard, I understand. Lol Gamefreak screwed up there. They were so pressured into yearly releases that the games became sub par. I would say not to add Gen 8 so that it becomes a little easier for you guys. The story is awesome as it is. And as T3RR4 would say RAAAAAWWWWWWWRRRR!!
  11. Storm


    best cat indeed. the floof doesn't seem that old. such a bushy tail
  12. Storm


    Weekly? I demand daily pictures lol. The cat is so adorable. What's her name? That mark on the nose...gotta protec the kitty
  13. These posts actually entertain me. The one with calculating level each time is such a barbaric method that I wonder how it is like that in the first place. And Yes, arrays are the way to go if you know the index. Beats searching a string. Also, regexes are unreadable most of the times if they are complex . Trust me. I have had cases where I looked at regexes I myself created and wondered what the hell it does lol. Keep doing the good things you are and here's to getting a better game. PS: I always wondered(not when I was a kid obviously) how the Pokemon code worked and how all the differen
  14. Hi Guys. I know we got the game-z.exe recently. When I try to soft reset in it using F12, I am getting error. I wanted to soft reset for the starter but when I try F12 I am getting an error. The error is as follows: Script 'Settings' line 97:Errorno::EBADF occurred Bad file descriptor. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.
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