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  1. Heyyy happy birthday!! I really hope you will have a wonderful day as you really deserve it 🤗🎂

    1. Hellscythe


      Hey thanks, Lykos! Hope you have a great day too 💙

    2. LykosHand


      You're welcome! And thanks a lot, i really appreciate that ❤️

  2. The nomination period has ended, so this thread has been locked. Thank you to everyone who nominated people, and to those who got nominated, best of luck!
  3. hi guys i've edited the description of the 'all eyes on me' award so if you've got any candidates for the new definition feel free to add them into your posts
  4. Hey guys! It’s time for our second party of the year, the Winter Revel! This event is held a little before Christmas every year, and it’s a much bigger event than the Summer Special. In addition to some different events than the Summer Special, we also have a bigger member poll for this party. This time, you’ve got not 3, but a whopping 41 awards! We’ve scrapped some awards from last year, renamed some more, and there are also some new entries! As usual, there can be multiple nominees for every award, and you don’t have to nominate someone for every single award; just nominate people who you think deserve a certain one. Please refrain from putting in ‘<blank> for everything’ nominations since it makes things boring :( Also, we’re making one little change: Winners from the last two years are not eligible to be nominated. We’ve taken this decision in the hopes that there will be a bit more diversity in who gets to win (as you’ll see, there are a lot of the same people winning most of the awards). I’ll be listing the winners along with the awards. Nominations are open as soon as this post is up, and entries will be accepted until Dec 16th. To nominate someone, write something along the lines of ‘<blank> for <blank> award’, and if possible, tag the person. If you don’t know their forum account, just post their Discord username, and I can look their account up. Dec 17th will be dedicated to voting for the winners of each award, and the winners will be announced during the party on the 18th. Now before you nominate anyone, just a quick reminder that these awards are just for fun, so don’t feel bad if you didn’t win one! If you’d like to refrain from being nominated, just let me know by posting on this thread, or reaching out on Discord using modmail. Anyway, here’s a list of all the awards this year, with a description and prior winners (warning: long): 1. Member of the Year The big, the classic-- for the member who’s made the biggest splash with the sharpest shine! Past Winners: 2020: Ceratisa 2019: Specific 2. Rookie of the Year For the most upstart and standout member who arrived this year! Past Winners: (well technically it’s not possible to win this award twice but I’ll list them anyway cuz why not) 2020: Ceratisa 2019: Azzie 3. Comeback of the Year For the most beloved member who returned to us this year after a long absence! Past Winners: 2020: Caz 2019: Arkhidon 4. Carmen Sandiego For the face since missing in action that we’d most want to see in the crowd once more! Past Winners: 2020: Maelstrom 2019: Caz 5. Sugarpop Sunbeam For the member this year who's been sweeter than any candy store could hope to be! Past Winners: 2020: Crimson 2019: Azzie 6. K-K-K-Kawaii For the super-cutest member who's been around this year! Past Winners: 2020: Azzie 2019: Bibs Honey-chan-senpai 7. Auspicious Auth For the most helpful staff member who’s been around to help out this year! (this is definitely not a thinly veiled performance review.) Past Winners: 2020: Posty 2019: Azery 8. Smelliest Auth For the staff member who, regardless of conduct, most desperately needs to take a shower! Past Winners: 2020: Posty 2019: Azery [NEW!] 9. Most Esteemed Modder (branch of Most Helpful Content Creator) For the member whose mods have rescued you through sticky situations and/or made your playthroughs much more fun! Past Winners: 2020: Cass 2019: DemICE 10. Memer of the Year For the member who’s posted the freshest, most crispy clean memes this year! Past Winners: 2020: Caz 2019: Bibs 11. Dorkiest Dork [redacted] Past Winners: 2020: Bibs 2019: Amethyst mrgrgrgrgrrr [NEW!] 12. All Eyes On Me For the member who has the most commanding and prominent presence in the room! No Previous Past Winners 13. Profile Picture Perfection For the member who’s had the best avatars around this year! Past Winners: 2020: Bluetowel and Ruby 2019: Bibs 14. Craziest Conspirator For that one person who just knows, man. Past Winners: 2020: Bibs 2019: Hycrox 15. Emoji Excellence For the member whose emojis are just Past Winners: 2020: Punch 16. Archbishop of Banterbury For the member with the best banter on the block! Past Winners: 2020: Brave 2019: Azery vs Bibs… FIGHT! [NEW!] 17. First Class Coach (branch of Most Helpful Content Creator) For the member whose videos and walkthroughs have helped you get through various tricky battles and puzzles! Past Winners: 2019: DemICE [NEW!] 18. Helping Hand For the person who’s always ready to assist people with their game issues! note: this might include the game of life too :) No Previous Past Winners 19. Pointedest Poindexter For the biggest NERD this year! Past Winners: 2020: Cass and Azery 2019: NERDcello 20. Hippest Himbo For everyone’s favourite himbo/herbo/thembo! Past Winners: 2020: Posty 2019: Jan [NEW!] 21. Beaming Boomer The one who makes the most of their twilight years with good spirits! No Previous Past Winners 22. Coolest Clown in Town For the member who’s the entire circus all on their own! Past Winners: 2020: Posty 23. Most in Need of a Hug For the member who just really needs a hug right away! Past Winners: 2020: Ceratisa 2019: i need a hug :c (ame is this u) 24. Supportive Cinnamon Roll For the member who is an actual cinnamon roll and always tries to support others! Past Winners: 2020: Ceratisa and Azzie [NEW!] 25. Celebrity Pet Superstar For the member who has the most glamorous pet! (if you know, please name the pet along with the owner!) No Previous Past Winners [NEW!] 26. Crowning Chaos Gremlin For the member who’s a being of chaos you can never predict! No Previous Past Winners 27. Loveliest Lurker (used to be Wonderfullest Wallflower) For the member whose presence is quiet, but beloved. Past Winners: 2020: Yume [NEW!] 28. Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss i still don’t get this meme No Previous Past Winners [NEW!] 29. Manipulate Mansplain Malewife i still don’t get this meme either No Previous Past Winners [NEW!] 30. Enchanting Challenge Run For the member who’s done probably the wackiest/insane challenge run(s) of Rebornjuvensolation or other Pokemon games! No Previous Past Winners 31. Most Likely to Become Auth For the most helpful member who should totally be on the staff team! Past Winners: 2020: Bluetowel 2019: Specific 32. Most Likely to Take Over The World For the member most poised to overpower society as we know it! Past Winners: 2020: Cass 2019: ICSW 33. Most Likely to Start a Religious Cult For the member you’d most quickly offer your soul to in a ritual of deepest darkness! Past Winners: 2020: Cass 2019: Specific 34. Most Likely to win the Reborn Hunger Games For the member who’s most likely to escape the wrath of Tree! Past Winners: 2020: Zumi 35. Most Likely to win Third Place it’s in the title smh Past Winners: 2020: Ikaru 2019: Hellscythe 36. Most Likely to Never Give You Up For the member who would never let you down, run around or desert you! Past Winners: 2020: Bibs and Azzie 2019: Kyle 37. Most Likely to be Impostor For the person who’s the most sus out there << Past Winners: 2020: Bibs 38. Most Likely to be Adopted by a Staff Member For the member who’s most likely to find a new parental unit in Reborn’s staff team! Past Winners: 2020: Cerise 39. I-It’s Not Like I Wanted To Win Or Anything B-B-Betsuni katte hoshiku nakatta kara ne, b-b-baka! Past Winners: 2020: Cass and Nicki 40. Cna’t Spel Awrad Fro teh mwmbre hwo jsuy cna’t emflisg! (translation: for the member who just can’t english!) Past Winners: 2020: Lia 2019: Plok 41. Award Award Award Award Award Award award award award award award award award award award award award award award award award Past Winners: 2020: Jan 2019: ICSW
  5. Shoutout to hewaje ( @Octocat ) for the pfp!



  6. Hi, it’s that time of the year again. As you’ve already heard, Reborn’s Summer Special Party is round the corner! It’s a nice little event for community interaction, where people chat, listen to music, and play games with each other. During this event, we have this little popularity contest where we elect 3 categories of winners (called royalty): Ember King Midsummer Queen Sunlit Sovereign Now, keep in mind this is for fun, and is not meant to be taken seriously. If you don’t win, no issue! You’re still a valid member of the community! Coming back to the royalty elections, they’re based on votes, where y’all are going to vote for candidates you’ve nominated. Normally, the three categories are supposed to accommodate men, women and enbys respectively, but it’s not a hard and fast rule, so nominate whoever you want for whatever category you want! You can nominate multiple people, as well! To nominate, just reply to this post with something along the lines of “I nominate X for Y category”, and I’ll regularly be updating the list until voting day, which will be announced later. Also, do tag the people you’re nominating, both to make my life easier and to let the nominees know you appreciate them :) NOTE: To keep things interesting, you cannot nominate last year’s winners. This means @chxxo, @Azzie, @Ruby Red, @Posty, @Marcello, @Ceratisa and @Cerise are out of the race. (don’t worry you’re still royalty in our hearts uwu) With that said, nom away!! Current noms as updated last: Ember King: @Ikaru @Caz @BlueTowel @Kingoflife24 @Huggyboo @ARandomName @Brave @Joker @Hexagoen @Hat'n'Clogs @Jan @Haikuna @Azeria @Kaito @LykosHand @Seal @Hellscythe @Adam. @BlessedBudew @FlygonFreak @Lenny_Is_MidKnight @G O O S E @Abyssreaper99 @TurtleBear @andracass @Joker @Aaron @ Sav @Marcello @smeargletail @Khrona @Juniper @MelonLord @Storm @J-Awesome_One @wcv Midsummer Queen: @crimsoncrim @crystalwolf99 @Dreamy @the_phantom_eyes @Starry Knight @cicada @yume @lilyawaka @Zumi @SailorMercury @Candy @Caimie @Dragoknight @Cad @Walpurgis @the_phantom_eyes @andracass @Amethyst @ Kyra @Yumi @SailorMercury @𝒞𝓁𝑒𝓉𝓉𝑒 @Juniper @Sayia @mimi Sunlit Sovereign: @crimsoncrim @Robin @Amethyst @Hexagoen @Swampellow @A¹¹ @ZEL @Seal @andracass @Kingoflife24 @Alex @Cad @Bellona et Pax @SailorMercury @Ikaru @Azeria @MelonLord @Khrona @Winter @Juniper @Rendolf @Kixur @Awesome Takos @Gardevoir98 @SilverAngelus @Haikuna @Storm @Hat'n'Clogs @ARandomName
  7. Hellscythe

    an apology

    and i oopsty but yay ferris wheel! it looks great uwu
  8. Heyy happy birthday!!! I hope you'll have a wonderful day 😄🎂

  9. Rookie of the Year: Newt Dorkiest Dork: Nicki Profile Picture Perfection: me, obviously Emoji Excellence: Punch Pointedest Pointdexter: Mindlack (this nom is in good faith since I've seen you help out a lot of people in office hours and it's really appreciated) Wonderfullest Wallflower: IceCreamSandWitch Most Likely to be Adopted by a Staff Member: Yume Most Likely to Never Give You Up: Brave I-It's Not Like I Wanted to Win or Anything: Posty (such a tsundere, honestly) Award Award Award: Every staff member ever (for working so hard to keep this community a great place to exist in uwu)
  10. Ah, you're missing a core shared library to run the file, then. I'm guessing you're on Ubuntu, so you could try looking for that specific file on https://pkgs.org/, or scouting the Ubuntu forums (which I can attest is a very good information source) for that issue.
  11. Did it just not start when you ran it through the terminal, or did it give you any debug messages? If it did give you any messages, could you post a screenshot?
  12. Furfrou crest: Scales Atk with net Def (ie including the fur coat bonus) Additionally, stacks an ability on top of Fur Coat depending on its trim: Normal- Scrappy Deputante- Cute Charm Matron- Friend Guard Dandy- Guts La Reine- Queenly Majesty or Intimidate Kabuki- Serene Grace Star- Power Spot Heart- Infiltrator Diamond- Bulletproof Feel free to change any abilities if required, just wanted to put the idea out there
  13. it's an issue with rpgmaker itself, it's an old engine so lags happen often if your mac is relatively new though, you could try using the fruit version of 18.4.1 in the downloads page and run the mkxp (newer engine) version, it's much faster
  14. goldenleaf revamp looks amazing! also regina is blessed
  15. nomming @Ojama Yellow for all three categories cuz why not :] for real though, nomming @chxxo for ember king and @cicada for midsummer queen
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