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  1. Hi, it’s that time of the year again. As you’ve already heard, Reborn’s Summer Special Party is round the corner! It’s a nice little event for community interaction, where people chat, listen to music, and play games with each other. During this event, we have this little popularity contest where we elect 3 categories of winners (called royalty): Ember King Midsummer Queen Sunlit Sovereign Now, keep in mind this is for fun, and is not meant to be taken seriously. If you don’t win, no issue! You’re still a valid member of the community! Coming back to the royalty elections, they’re based on votes, where y’all are going to vote for candidates you’ve nominated. Normally, the three categories are supposed to accommodate men, women and enbys respectively, but it’s not a hard and fast rule, so nominate whoever you want for whatever category you want! You can nominate multiple people, as well! To nominate, just reply to this post with something along the lines of “I nominate X for Y category”, and I’ll regularly be updating the list until voting day, which will be announced later. Also, do tag the people you’re nominating, both to make my life easier and to let the nominees know you appreciate them :) NOTE: To keep things interesting, you cannot nominate last year’s winners. This means @chxxo, @Azzie, @Ruby Red, @Posty, @Marcello, @Ceratisa and @Cerise are out of the race. (don’t worry you’re still royalty in our hearts uwu) With that said, nom away!! Current noms as updated last: Ember King: @Ikaru @Caz @BlueTowel @Kingoflife24 @Huggyboo @ARandomName @Brave @Joker @Hexagoen @Hat'n'Clogs @Jan @Haikuna @Azeria @Kaito @LykosHand @Seal @Hellscythe @Adam. @BlessedBudew @FlygonFreak @Lenny_Is_MidKnight @G O O S E @Abyssreaper99 @TurtleBear @andracass @Joker @Aaron @ Sav @Marcello @smeargletail @Khrona @Juniper @MelonLord @Storm @J-Awesome_One @wcv Midsummer Queen: @crimsoncrim @crystalwolf99 @Dreamy @the_phantom_eyes @Starry Knight @cicada @yume @lilyawaka @Zumi @SailorMercury @Candy @Caimie @Dragoknight @Cad @Walpurgis @the_phantom_eyes @andracass @Amethyst @ Kyra @Yumi @SailorMercury @𝒞𝓁𝑒𝓉𝓉𝑒 @Juniper @Sayia @mimi Sunlit Sovereign: @crimsoncrim @Robin @Amethyst @Hexagoen @Swampellow @A¹¹ @ZEL @Seal @andracass @Kingoflife24 @Alex @Cad @Bellona et Pax @SailorMercury @Ikaru @Azeria @MelonLord @Khrona @Winter @Juniper @Rendolf @Kixur @Awesome Takos @Gardevoir98 @SilverAngelus @Haikuna @Storm @Hat'n'Clogs @ARandomName
  2. Hellscythe

    an apology

    and i oopsty but yay ferris wheel! it looks great uwu
  3. Heyy happy birthday!!! I hope you'll have a wonderful day 😄🎂

  4. Rookie of the Year: Newt Dorkiest Dork: Nicki Profile Picture Perfection: me, obviously Emoji Excellence: Punch Pointedest Pointdexter: Mindlack (this nom is in good faith since I've seen you help out a lot of people in office hours and it's really appreciated) Wonderfullest Wallflower: IceCreamSandWitch Most Likely to be Adopted by a Staff Member: Yume Most Likely to Never Give You Up: Brave I-It's Not Like I Wanted to Win or Anything: Posty (such a tsundere, honestly) Award Award Award: Every staff member ever (for working so hard to keep this community a great place to exist in uwu)
  5. Furfrou crest: Scales Atk with net Def (ie including the fur coat bonus) Additionally, stacks an ability on top of Fur Coat depending on its trim: Normal- Scrappy Deputante- Cute Charm Matron- Friend Guard Dandy- Guts La Reine- Queenly Majesty or Intimidate Kabuki- Serene Grace Star- Power Spot Heart- Infiltrator Diamond- Bulletproof Feel free to change any abilities if required, just wanted to put the idea out there
  6. goldenleaf revamp looks amazing! also regina is blessed
  7. I get this error when vivillon uses the move powder: Exception: ArgumentError Message: wrong number of arguments (0 for 1) PokeBattle_ActualScene:3709:in `index' PokeBattle_ActualScene:3709:in `pbAnimationCore' PokeBattle_ActualScene:3682:in `pbCommonAnimation' PokeBattle_ActualScene:3680:in `each' PokeBattle_ActualScene:3680:in `pbCommonAnimation' PokeBattle_Battle:4083:in `pbCommonAnimation' PokeBattle_Battler:4959:in `pbUseMove' PokeBattle_Battler:6044:in `pbProcessTurn' PokeBattle_Battler:6043:in `logonerr' PokeBattle_Battler:6043:in `pbProcessTurn' after this nothing happens and the battle continues on as normal
  8. so excited for my first experience with the game uwu thank you so much for reviving the project
  9. nomming @Ojama Yellow for all three categories cuz why not :] for real though, nomming @chxxo for ember king and @cicada for midsummer queen
  10. I wasn't expecting the rift mon artwork, keep up the good work! You have everyone's support P. S. all of them are babie, this batch and all before them
  11. yeah ubuntu is basically debian so it should be fine
  12. which one do you use? i've been playing on lubuntu and nothing's gone wrong meaning it'll work for ubuntu and its derivatives if it's another family of distros entirely, i can't really guarantee it but it's supposed to work
  13. shot -> shit thanks wendel's autocorrect
  14. hehe buoi thank you for your hard work!
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