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  • Crest Suggestions! (CLOSED)


    Have a Pokemon you love, but they're underperforming? Have a Crest idea you're dying to have in game?

    Look no further! This is the thread for you!


    Like last time, I'd like to open suggestions for possible Crest ideas! There are a few rules, though.


    • Crest ideas with just base stat buffs will not be considered. Get creative!
    • Pokemon that are considered good can be suggested, but only if it offers a different style of play.
    • Avoid Pokemon that already have a Crest in game.
    • No Crest that allows for Ash-Greninja or anything similar :]

    That's it! I look forward to your suggestions. This thread will close when we've gotten enough suggestions we like. A warning will be given out before that is done.


    Edit: Gen 8 Pokemon are included in this! Give me your Gen 8 ideas!

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    okay this might sound silly, but I think a throwback to gen 1 with a Tauros crest would be super cool. Recharge moves wouldn't actually recharge if you got a knockout in gen 1, so maybe a crest that would allow this for Tauros? Could allow him to secure KOs easily with Giga Impact. If this isn't enough, maybe it could also increase the damage of moves that uses it's horns, like Megahorn, Smart Strike and Horn Attack

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    Stunfisk (Unovan): Takes no damage from Water-type attacks, and regains a portion of its HP when it's hit by one. Maybe a 1.3x buff to its Special Attack, as well.


    Grumpig: Merges Attack with Special Defense, and ignores the opposing Pokemon's stat changes.


    Drifblim: Burns it, and gives it immunity to passive damage. (Like Zangoose's crest, but with Magic Guard instead of a healing effect)


    Perrserker: Merges Defense and Speed, and its attacks always score critical hits, as long as it has full HP.

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    Deserves one so much ;-;


    Attack and Defense each get x1.25 and any normalized attack (Delcatty w/ Normalize) does neutral damage on targets that normally have resistance against Normal type attacks


    (My apologies if they already have a crest in-game and I just don't remember. I looked up crests in the wiki guide and didn't see a Delcatty crest.)

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    Terrible idea: Venusaur Crest:
    1) The user is unable to switch out, a la Ingrain.
    2) The user slowly gains more HP/ turn over time, a la toxic, but healing. (Possibly only an extra 1/16 per turn?)
    (Ties into the theme of Venu being part-plant and part-poke, the idea being growing vegetation into the ground and growing stronger with time.)

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    1 minute ago, J-Awesome_One said:

    Arbok Crescent. It gets a decent buff in Attack, Defense and Speed. Also can normally/badly poison an opponent if it uses any biting moves.

    Remind me to never meet Crescent in a dark alleyway.

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    • Global Mods

    Y'all already know that my boy Charbock (AKA. Big Snek AKA. Big Chungis AKA. The Purple Menace AKA. Arbok) needs that buff.


    Hear me out here:


    Arbok Crest - Double whatever stat change it does to an enemy (for example, intimidate is a -2). It also gets a 20% increased chance for additional effects on moves (like crunch lowering defense, poison sting poisoning, etc.)


    That's RIGHT! I'm making my boy Arbok a support mon! He will be in my party forever!!! AHAHA!

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    boosts dragon moves by 1.3x & when hit by a move, the attacker takes 30% recoil
    1,5 x Speed & Special Attack and make hidden power have a 50 % too be super effective against the opponent


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    Pyroar crest changes normal moves to fire type moves(like a fire type pixilize)


    Pyroar crest, switches special attack stats with attack stats so we can make it a physical attacker

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    • Global Mods

    What if you made an Archeops crest that does the COMPLETE opposite of what its ability does?


    Archeops crest - when below 50% hp, its stats are increased by 1.5%.


    The same could go for Wishiwashi ^^^. Make the SOLO washi sweep more than just a dream. Make it a meme.

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    Maractus: Automatically sets a layer of Spikes when Maractus is hit by an attack (or contact attack)


    Cramorant: Gulp Missile is always active

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    I don't know if this applies (never suggested a Crest before), but, how about one for Parasect where it can hit Ghost-type Pokemon with Normal-type moves and/or use any Spore-based attacks in Grass-type Pokemon. I'm using a Parasect in another fangame as a "capturer" Pokemon, since it can learn False Swipe, Spore and Stun Spore. But, since False Swipe is a Normal-type attack, I struggle against Ghost-type Pokemon. Would be nice to be able to have a capturer Pokemon without having to worry about Ghost-types like that.

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    • Global Mods
    3 minutes ago, RonomakiK said:

    I don't know if this applies (never suggested a Crest before), but, how about one for Parasect where it can hit Ghost-type Pokemon with Normal-type moves and/or use any Spore-based attacks in Grass-type Pokemon. I'm using a Parasect in another fangame as a "capturer" Pokemon, since it can learn False Swipe, Spore and Stun Spore. But, since False Swipe is a Normal-type attack, I struggle against Ghost-type Pokemon. Would be nice to be able to have a capturer Pokemon without having to worry about Ghost-types like that.

    I think that's a pretty unique idea to be honest! I like it.

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    Cursola Crest: Swaps its offenses and defenses and gives it Sheer Force.

    Sirfetch'd Crest: Aerilate and boosted crit chance (Stick %). *cause Cursola and Sirfetch'd are counterparts*


    Wishiwashi: Always in Schooling Mode.


    Drifblim: Burns and 2x Speed.


    Bellossom: Fairy Stab and Dancer.

    Vileplume: Regenerator.


    Armaldo: Water STAB.

    Cradily Crest: Water Compaction and Special Attack scales with Special Defense.


    Lumineon: Special Huge Power.


    Emboar: Sheer Force.

    Serperior: The lower attack stat scales to the higher one.

    Samurott: Sword/blade moves are boosted.


    Musharna: Bad Dreams and boosted accuracy.

    Gothitelle: Prankster and Serene Grace.


    Slowking: If this Pokemon goes first the attacks' secondary effects, if applicable, have a higher chance to activate.

    Froslass: Its attacks have a chance to freeze the opponent.


    Frosmoth: Fur Coat.


    Xatu: Miracle Eye.


    Mandibuzz: Thick Fat

    Braviary: This Pokemon's recoil moves heal it by half the HP dealt. 


    Comfey: Aromatherapy upon send out.


    Simis (All): Prankster+...

    Simisear: Steam Engine and boosted Special Attack. 

    Simipour: Storm Drain and boosted Special Attack.

    Simisage: Tail moves have higher power and boosted Physical Attack.

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    i thought i had other crest ideas, but the only one i could remember has already been mentioned, while giving the intended pokemon an additional buff (flareon crest, which i would absolutely love). managed to think of at least a few additional ones though.


    pikachu or kanto raichu crest: user's attacks will inflict either physical or special damage, whichever will be more effective. this could kind of be a throwback to the pre-physical/special split days.


    decidueye crest: gives flying type moves STAB


    zoroark crest: illusion stays intact after being hit by the first move


    noivern crest: normal-type moves become dragon-type and/or all physical flying-type moves become special.


    [EDIT] thought of an additional crest idea, so sorry if these have been thought of already!


    lilligant crest: adds dancer ability to the user. when user is sent out, quiver dance is activated regardless of whether or not the move is in lilligant's moveset.


    [EDIT2] oops i did it again


    staraptor crest: gives fighting type moves STAB / gives the user it's alternative ability in addition to the one it already has (adds intimidate onto a reckless staraptor or adds reckless onto an intimidate staraptor)

    Edited by æther
    additional crest idea added
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    Flareon Crest: Switch SpDef with Speed/Contact moves 50% chance cause burn.

    Electivire Crest: 20% in speed/ gain STAB with Fighting(type)moves

    Magmortat Crest: 20% in speed/ Cause Drought upon switch in for 3 turns

    Jynx Crest Crest: 20% in Speed/apply Snow cloack

    Emboar Crest: Gain Rock Head 

    Samurott: Gain 20% in Atk and speed/ Gain Fighting Stab


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    by generation:


    poliwrath: has sheer force.

    alolan ninetales: priority moves fail

    alolan sandslash: when it's hailing, 1.25x sp. def + half damage from fire type moves

    mantine: restores 1/8th of its max health each turn.

    girafarig: after a contact move, 1/4 chance of its tail hitting the opponent for 1/6th the damage taken (inspired by dex entry)

    froslass: under hail, +1 speed

    emolga: 1/4 chance of setting encore on the opponent when hit


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    One that I forgot in my big post:


    Umbreon Crest - Enemies who damage Umbreon take type scaling Poison damage. (inspired from the dex entry)

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    Since he doesn’t have one 
    Gengar crest - When held Ghost Type moves are Effective/Super Effective to Dark Types 

    Also with this Crest, Normal Type moves can hit Gengar but are Not Effective 

    oh and can it give him back his levitate ability 😅


    Nothing too drastic just flipping the script 

    Even tho it’s supposed to be advantageous to Gengar  this doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have risks involve

    This Crest basically levels the playing field 


    Lycanroc Crest - When Accelrock is used

    His Speed and Sp Atk stat are raised, this also makes the move unavoidable 

    This crest also makes/gives Accelrock a huge boost in Power when Trick Room is in play

    (Yes Ik the move priority makes him move first even in trick room, this just boost the  power of the attack, it could even be Super Effective to all types only when Trick Room is in play ) just think of it as an incentive 

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    4 minutes ago, Generic Gamer said:

    i have a few. i cannot guarantee they'll be any good, though.

    Samurott: uses any Slashing or Sword move in it's first moveslot when it's sent out, a la the Castform Crest. otherwise what could also work is Gale Wings, but with Slashing/Sword moves.


    Spinda: While it is on the field, all Pokemon who are confused have their speed cut in half. it should maybe do a bit more than that.


    Leavanny: Freshly fallen leaves are hard to burn, and Leavanny Drapes itself in leaves every day. so, Fire Attacks deal no damage to Leavanny, and instead give +1 Special Defense


    Gigalith: The Pokedex Entry states that Gigalith Shoot lasers, but Gigalith are infamously poor at actually doing that. so, why not make the Crest swap Gigalith's attack and Special Attack?

    Vespiquen: Queenly Majesty and +1 Priority on the "Order" moves. basically, Vespiquen invoking her title and moving before all y'all.


    Throh: Whenever it uses a contact move, the enemy is put under a "Bind" effect, meaning preventing the enemy from switching out for 2-5 turns, and Residual damage similar to Bind.

    Sawk: All Contact Moves from Sawk Automatically remove enemy Screens, like Brick Break.


    Primape: Permanent Rage. every time it's hit by an attack, it's attack raises 1 stage.


    Chesnaught: Protect and Spikey Shield effect allies in Double battles, but only on the first usage.


    Greninja: has a 10% Flinch Chance on an attack and Water Shuriken hits Five times, but both of these effects can only be used on the first turn Greninja is sent out. (This one is probably the most underwhelming, but it's the only effect i could think of that fit the "Ninja Surprise Attack" Fluff.)


    Delphox: Copies the effects of the first Status Move the enemy uses (If the enemy pokemon uses Substitute, Delphox uses Substitute. if the enemy uses Thunder Wave, Delphox uses Thunder wave on the opponent. this is like some kind of "Spellthief" effect.)


    Hitmonchan: Punching Moves heal half the damage they deal (This attempts to make Hitmonchan an Endurance Boxer.)

    Hitmontop: Give it Dancer (Hitmontop is based off of Capoeira)

    This is actually impressive 

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    Gen 3

    • Swampert crest, Moxie and summons rain for 3 turns on switch in.
    • Sceptile crest, Adaptability + Super Luck.
    • Blaziken crest, Technician if Blaziken doesnt have Speed boost, if it has this crest doesnt have any effect (or can act as a worst leftovers). (its here for the same reason infernape got a crest)
    • Absol crest, Fairy stab (just the boost, this doesnt make it dark/fairy) + Dark Aura.
    • Flygon crest, Bug type steelworker.

    Gen 5

    • Klinklang crest, Boost atk and speed for weight reduction. (so it could spam autotomize)
    • Galvantula crest, Immune to entry hazards + setting up sticky web increases the user spatk by 1

    Gen 6

    • Talonflame crest, Gen6 Gale Wings.
    • Aurorus crest, Invert it's weaknesses. So it would have a 4x resist to fighting / steel and 2x resist ground.
    • Tyrantrum crest, Defense = Special Defense. (its here for the same reason infernape got a crest)
    • Noivern crest, Aerilate, Speed = Atking stat.
    • Gourgeist crest, Flare Boost + atk and special atk are switched.
    • Trevenant crest, Regenerator + Hustle

    Gen 8

    • Cursola crest, Soundproof (so it can ignore the perish body side effect) + special atk = defense (or spdef = def if its too op).
    • Sirfetchd crest, leek effect. (its here for the same reason infernape got a crest)
    • Falinks crest, Intrepid Sword + Moxie for speed.
    Edited by Lowie
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    I'll go with the one idea I thought of previously:


    Golurk Crest: Boost it's speed and Atk by 20% and makes Phantom Force always be a 1-turn move instead of needing to charge it.

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    Here's some ideas of mine

    Weavile Crest: Switches the physical attack stat with special attack, and like Rampardos Crest one per battle allows Weavile to survive on 1 HP (while it may not be the best, most people have focus sashes on Weaviles so there's that. For the special and physical swap, Weavile may not have many special moves, but the ones it does have are pretty cool.)

    Aegislash Crest: Averages out attack and defense stats (Meaning all of Physical/ Special attack and defense are now base 95) with an ability like either disguise or ice body. 

    Duraludon Crest: gives special defense a times 2.3 boost, and if encountering a Tyranitar boost in special attack. (The special defense is basically just to make it an actual psudo legendary. While the added bit about Tyranitar, is because when Duraluldon was released... it mentioned that the two had a rivalry of sorts.

    Flygon Crest: special attack scales with physical attack, and changes ability to punk rock. (Yes... I'm basically creating mega Flygon from Pokemon Insurgence)


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    (Sorry about the english, it isn't my native language)


    I think a Crest who turns Ambipom into a Special Attacker could be really interesting. Ambipom can learn some really interesting special moves, such as:

    Grass Knot, Solar Beam, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Shadow Ball, Swift, Uproar, Water Pulse, Hidden Power (which can be anything), Dream Eater, Shock Wave and Mud-Slap (which can be useful for supporting roles, or with Z-Move)


    And if it isn't enough, he also can learn Nasty Plot by level up, he has a lot of coverage options and a way to buff his SP.Attack, but it's all useless with his Special Attack Stat being so bad.


    I think a Crest like Typhlosion's could fix that, or a Crest that just swaps the Special Attack stat with the Attack stat.

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    So there are a few ideas I like (added more)

    Krookodile Crest: Give Krookodile strong jaw and keep the other ability it has, (like moxie or Intimidate) also increase attack by 10% and accuracy boost by 20%
    This has a lot of Pokedex entry inspiration, but that isn't all, I like krookodile

    Excadrill Crest: Make all contact moves be supereffective against steel types and increase speed by 20%
    The Pokedex entry shows the metal on him can bore through steel plates and he can go 90 mph underground, so it would make sense for the speed up

    Primarina Crest: Make sound based moves deal extra 33% and have sparkling aria have a 10% chance of charming/attracting the enemies, (not allies) also buff defense and speed to 80
    Primarina is my favorite water starter and should deserve to get a little extra boost

    Incineroar Crest: Give it moxie and increase defense to 110
    I really don't like Incineroar that much, but it is apart of the 7th gen starters so I guess I should do this

    Decidueye Crest: increase speed and attack to 110, and let spirit shackle shoot 2 times but decrease the power to 60
    Decidueye is supposed to be quick and have good sight, I chose these so he can be better at what he does, shooting arrows and getting further away so he can shoot more

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    Pyroar Crest
    Increases Pyroar’s base Speed and Special Attack by 25%. Normal-type moves hit for neutral damage on all types
    (and maybe apply a 20% power buff like Normalize?)


    Pyroar really really suits Melia, but it sucks. I think something like this would help her in Double Battles especially. (Hyper Voice spam!)


    Arcanine Crest
    Halves the damage taken from physical attacks.


    Basically just Fur Coat. A lot of people forget about Arcanine’s defensive capabilities, and this + Intimidate would be a fun combination.


    Wynaut Crest 
    Applies an automatic Mirror Coat if opponent’s Special Attack is higher or an automatic Counter if the opponent’s Attack is higher upon switch in.


    This one is more of a meme but I couldn’t resist. I love the Wobbuffet line but they aren’t very fun to use in-game. Hopefully this would remedy that.

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    Oh boy, time to rack my brain.

    Grapploct: Double user's SPE in Inverse Field(works like tailwind).  After user attacked, the opponent is wrapped and takes damage.


    Frosmoth: +30 SPE.  Set up Dual Screens when enter the battle for the first time.


    Malamar: Topsy Turvy receives priority.  Opponent becomes confused when user switches in(works like intimidate).


    Noctowl: Swap HP and SPE and receive Psychic STAB.  All user's moves are 100% accuracy.

    Edited by Halcy
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    Flygon crest: Bug type moves are boosted by 50%

    Lucario: Gets a boost to aura and pulse moves

    Cinderace:  Swap attack and special attack

    Garchomp : Gains stab on Rock moves

    Zoroark :  illusion stays even if hit

    Sceptile: Swap attack and special attack

    Weavile : Gets technician

    Hawlucha :Defence is boosted when hit

    GOLISAPOD : Emergency exit activates at the end of the turn

    Gengar : has levitate

    Palosand: gets sand stream or sand spit

     Intellion Gets focus energy at the end of the first turn when sent out 

    Alolan ninetails :summon arura veil when sent out

    Scizor :reduces fire damage

    Syther reduces rock damge

    Haxorus : gains tough claws

    Incineroar:Gains fighting stab


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    Cinccino crest:Multi-strike moves do 30% more damage and and each hit has a 20% chance to flinch


    Golisopod crest:Regenerator and reduces damage Golisopod takes by 20%


    Flygon crest:When it enters the battle it summons Dragon's Den field for 5 turns

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    This part can be applied to both Appletun and Flapple, actually. Whenever it reaches a certain HP (75% or something), the pokemon gets a random berry, ranging from a simple Oran Berry to even a Yache Berry. If the berry is used, another will generate after it goes below the target HP, or wait a turn or two for it to regenerate, allowing for moves like recycle to be of some use.


    Appletun Crest: Significantly decreases damage from Ice and Fire type moves and removes the ability to get frozen or burned. 


    Flapple Crest: When this Pokemon gets its stats lowered, attack is raised by two stages accuracy is raised by one.

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    Bellossom Crest: Gains Prankster

    Hitmontop: Gains a weaker verison of Friend Guard

    Ambipom: Gains Defiant

    Octillery: Gains base 65 Technician and boosts defenses slightly

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    Here's one that really needs it:

    Chatot Crest: Take 50% from Sound Moves, deal 30% more with your own Sound moves and Decrease the speed (or some other stat, maybe Spec def?) of any pokemon hit with a sound move from the holder by 1 stage.

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    Some ideas i had for some mons that have niches but are mostly outclassed and such. 

    Sandslash Crest: After using a Ground or Steel Type move , the mon gains an effect like gulp missile but with -1 speed on hit. (Mostly a reference to how the spikes of and claws of Sandslash can fall off)

    Alolan Sandlash Crest : The mon gains a 20% chance of freezing if a mon makes contact with him ( Reference to the pokedex entries too)

    Poliwrath Crest: Gives Water moves priority if the mon Hp is above 75%

    Politoed Crest: Dry Skin effect

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    heres some crest ideas i think would be cool and move sets i think will be the best to use them to thier full potantioal
    Bellossom Crest: Users phisical attack stat is raised by 1.3% and has 50% accrucy boost to all its moves .
    Ability: Chlorophyll  
    EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
    Adamant Nature  
    - Leaf Blade  
    - Drain Punch  
    - Play Rough  
    - Sleep Powder
    Reuniclus Crest: Swaps users phisical attack stat and speical attack stat, users punch move have a 1.2 attack boost (baisicly iron fist).
    Ability: Regenerator  
    EVs: 248 HP / 252 SpA / 8 SpD  
    Quiet Nature  
    - Zen Headbutt  
    - Drain Punch  
    - Knock Off  
    - Ice Punch
    Carnivine Crest: Users speed is doubled under sun and grass moves do 1.3 more damage.
    Ability: Levitate  
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe  
    Adamant Nature  
    - Power Whip  
    - Synthesis/Swords dance (when tm is avialble)
    - Sleep Powder  
    - Knock Off
    Cacturne Crest: The user switches its defenses with its attack stats and resists bug.
    Ability: Water Absorb  
    EVs: 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 SpA  
    Rash Nature  
    - Leech Seed  
    - Spikes  
    - Destiny Bond  
    - Spiky Shield
    Girafarig Crest: The user replaces its normal STAB with dark type and changes its normal moves to dark type, the user gains the abillity prankstar.
    Ability: Sap Sipper  
    EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
    Timid Nature  

    - Nasty Plot  
    - Hyper Voice  
    - Psychic  
    - Thunder Wave
    Komala Crest: As long as the user is asleep its speed is doubled and all moves that effact dreams (such as: dream eater, nightmare, etc...) fail. (this crest can activate by komolas ability Comatose)
    Ability: Comatose  
    EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
    Adamant Nature  
    - Zen Headbutt  
    - Knock Off/Swords Dance (when tm is avialble)
    - Return  
    - Sucker Punch
    Flygon Crest: User gains bug STAB, users move have a 1.3 accrucy buff (baisicly compund eyes) and its speical attack stat is raised by 1.5.
    Ability: Levitate  
    EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
    Timid Nature  
    - Bug Buzz  
    - Earth Power  
    - Fire Blast  
    - Dragon Pulse/Draco Meteor (when tutor is avialble)
    Chatot Crest: Users sound based moves gain a 1.5 buff  and gains 10% speed and spatk buff, but theres a downside, all other non sound based moves chatot uses do half damage
    Ability: Keen Eye  
    EVs: 252 SpA / 252 Spe  
    Modest Nature    
    - Boomburst  
    - Nasty Plot
    - Chatter  
    - Roost 
    Swanna Crest: When the user is hit by an electric move its speical attack and speed stat are both raised by 1 stage (lighting rod and motor drive combined).
    Ability: Keen Eye  
    EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
    Timid Nature  
    IVs: 0 Atk  
    - Ice Beam  
    - Surf/Scald (depends on if you want more damage or the chance to burn)
    - Air Slash  
    - Roost
    Kecleon Crest: User sswaps its speed stat with its spd stat and kecleons attack stat is buffed by 1.5%
    Ability: Protean
    EVs: 252 Atk / 252 SpD  
    Adamant Nature  
    - Sucker Punch  
    - Ice Punch  
    - Knock Off  
    - Drain Punch

    Edited by G O O S E
    Added more Crests and useful movesets
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    Leavanny crest: The offensive coverage of its attacking moves is inverted (so for example, its bug type moves hit fairy types super effectively, but psychic types not very effectively).

    Hitmonlee crest: Its kicking moves are boosted by 20%, and all of its kicking moves besides high jump kick now bypass all accuracy checks at all times.

    Hitmonchan crest: Its punching moves now always hit twice, with the second hit doing 0.25x damage on the second hit (ala parental bond but for punching moves only)

    Crobat crest: Doubles the power of not very effective moves (so basically gives it tinted lens)

    Masquerain crest: On switch-in, summons rain for 4 turns.

    Zoroark crest: Its damage output is boosted by 1.3x while it is disguised as another pokemon.

    Xatu crest: Casts future sight on switch-in.

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    Based on Pokedex entries:

    • Umbreon Crest: While low HP or under a status effect, badly poison every other Pokemon on the field (including partner pokemon).
    • Espeon Crest: While under the sun, power up Psychic-type moves and allow them to deal super-effective damage to Dark-type Pokemon.
    • Flygon Crest: While in a sandstorm, Dragon, Ground, and Bug-type moves are powered up and never miss.
    • Eevee Crest: If the field effect changes while Eevee is on the field, Eevee transforms into an evolution that matches the new field. Eevee changes back when it faints or switches out (like Ditto).
    • Arcanine Crest: Raises speed and attack whenever a Fire-type move deals damage.
      • Or: Fire-type moves deal more damage as speed is increased.
    • Aggron Crest: Every time it takes damage, defense is lowered and attack is raised.
      • Or: Swap Def. and Sp.Def whenever Aggron uses a physical/special move. 
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    Tbh I want a Decidueye Crest although for that however I dont know what the crest's abilities would be. Decidueye is lacking in speed and sorta attack. So maybe something relating to those flaws?

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    Ok that's a stupid idea that I like to use in my Draft League match.

    But make a Chandelure crest that gave him the Iron Ball effect (so divide the speed by 2) but setup Trick Room as it enter the field (this could be use by Nim/Lorna)

    Other random idea from my past Draft League experience:
    -Drapion crest: give him a focus energy on all his move (making a Sniper set really good). And maybe give some kind of boost in atk
    -Hydreigon crest: Gave it parental bond for each head on special move but the 2 head only does 20%/30% of the first head damage (we still need to fight the dragon gym) 😉
    -Shaymin crest: give 100% accurate Seed Flare with the Serene Grace ability (even on the normal one while still having Natural cure) + a 1/16 heal recovery each turn
    -Garbodor crest : activate a Perish Song but only for the opponent (because of the awful smell) also does 12% damage each turn to every non poison type mon (but this effect can still be pair with status or weather)
    -Lanturn crest: gave it the eviolite effect or give it a 50% boost on every move that do light (so Dazzling Gleam, every electric move, signal beam, psybeam, etc) 
    -Bronzong crest: swap both atk/sp.atk into def/sp.def making it a slow offensif mon (also good on Nim trick room team)

    I might have other idea but latter but that's it for now

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    Forgive me if any of the following already have crests... The puzzles to get them all in-game are very tricky!

    Octillery/Glalie/Bibarel Crest: Gives a 20% chance per turn to erase dropped stats. To be used with moody! (The idea would be most fun on Octillery in my opinion due to its amazing movepool). 


    Mantine Crest: Gives it an effect similar to Cramorant's Gulp Missile, since it always has Remoraid swimming with it (This would outclass Cramorant almost entirely though, so I understand if you would want to avoid that.... Yall are adding gen 8 if I recall?)


    Cramorant Crest: Alright now I feel bad for Cramorant. The crest would, in addition to Gulp Missile's surf/dive bonus, give a similar bonus to Fly/Brave Bird. Cramorant would snag a Swablu in the air 50% of the time that would have the Feather Dance effect, thus doubling Cramorant's awful defense. It could also snag a Castform (!!) in one of its weather forms 50% of the time. Of this 50%, one third of it would be a chance to Snag a Fire-form Castform that burns the opponent. Another third of it would be Castform's Rain form that grants Life-Dew recovery to Cramorant. The final third of it would be Castforms's Hail form that would freeze the opponent. (Gosh I had SO much fun theory-crafting this one!).


    Vespiquen Crest: Buffs base speed to somewhere between base 80-100, and doubles the strength/effectiveness of Attack order and Defend order, respectively. The Attack Order buff would make it a 2-hit move without sacrificing base power.


    Ninjask Crest: Buffs base Defense and base Special Defense to base 90 and gives the hold item effect of Metronome, but nullifies speed boost.


    Dhelmise Crest: Drags the battle to the Underwater Field effect for 5 turns upon switch-in (or maybe 8 turns!), buffs power of Anchor Shot.


    Golurk Crest: Since Golurk has rocket legs (so freaking cool), Brings the battle to the Sky Field effect used in Souta's battle for 5-8 turns, buffs the power of Fly to 100BP and takes only 1 turn (If fly isn't already buffed in this field... can't remember if it is.)


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    Heliolisk crest. Several ideas.

     1. Buffs defense by 1.25 always, but it switches to 1.5 def and spa and spe by 1.2 when in Rain, sun, or sand, depending on the ability 


    2. Switches they typing to electric/water, electric/fire or  electric/ground depending on the ability and a slight def boost


    3. gives it ether Refrigerate or slush rush and hail immunity, and a life orb effect to trade for not having an item.

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    Unown Crest: boosts special attack, and changes Unown's type to match its Hidden Power

    I always felt bad for this thing honestly. It should at least be able to do one thing.

    Shuckle Crest: Trick room at start of turn, swaps Attack and Defense

    Because screw balance, memz are better.

    Haxorus Crest: Adds the Steel type and applies Dragon Dance boosts

    I just like this guy and was disappointed that it never got a mega evolution,

    Marowak Crest: Switches base Attack and Defense, and allows Bone moves to hit Flying type Pokemon.

    How are birds immune to a thrown bone attack? HOW!?


    I don't know if Crests for legendaries are allowed, but:

    Regice Crest: This Pokemon resists fire and cannot be burned.

    In line with its pokedex entry where it will not melt.

    Regirock Crest: This pokemon regains HP from Rock type attacks and Sandstorm

    Also from the pokedex, where it repairs itself with loose stones.

    Registeel Crest: Resistances are 4x, but weaknesses are also increased

    Because I didn't know what to do for this one. The pokedex made it sound indestructible.

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    Well, looks like I gotta try...just one.


    Sylveon Crest: Pokemon that are of the opposite gender gets infatuated immediately (without spending a turn and saves moveslot using attract). The chance it makes the opponent fail to attack would be just like Attract (50%).


    I guess the effect somewhat is of theme of some Pokédex entries. Don’t know if that’s a game-breaking effect.

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    Archeops crest: changes ability to defeatist to reckless. Takes 40 out of special attack to get special defense and defense to 85 respectively.

    Wouldn't it be cool if archeops could be awesome? I think so.


    Bellossom crest:  Chlorophyll is automatically activated upon switching in. Give it a second fairy typing.



    Dhelmise crest: Changes type to steel grass and ability (phantom worker?) to power up ghost moves by 50%. 

    Dhelmise is so cool but I feel it's three typing combination is not as cool as it should be.


    Luxray crest: gives second dark typing. All attacking moves draw from physical attack. 

    Luxray could just be helped a bit and all it learns besides electric attacks is crunch.


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    Gourgeist Crest: This pokemon gets a x1.5  boost to all fire-type moves and is inmune to fire-type attacks (like flash fire, but always active), and it gets a x1.8 boost to its special attack.

    Togekiss Crest: This pokemon attacks with secondary effects are nulified, it gets a x1.2  boost to accuracy, x1.75 to attack and this pokemon's normal-type moves becomes fairy-type (like pixilate, whitout another boost to the move)


    Pyroar Crest:

    If it's a female pyroar: it gets a x1.1 boost to it's speed and special attack, and it's special attack is raised by 1 stage if it attacks and KO's another pokemon


    If it's a male pyroar: Swap special attack with attack, speed it's lowered by x0.8, it gets the effects of fur coat. and sound based moves have +1 priority (i wanted to see if it can be use as a bulky attacker and support mon whit noble roar)


    Also, i'm sorry for my language i'm not a native english speaker, and sorry if the pyroar one is impossible.

    Edited by Blacephal
    I forgot to add one crest, sorry c :
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    here we go again


    Oranguru crest - instruct boosts the power of an offensive move the instructed mon uses by 1.5x, and doubles the effectiveness of stat changing moves
    Passimian crest (Bag Item) - User consumes berry upon switch-in, with new, varying effects depending on the berry. (https://pastebin.com/GeiySTYv - how this works with berries)

    Pyroar crest - +20 base SpAtk, and all of its moves have +2 priority on its first turn

    Floatzel crest - User's ability is activated and gains Normal Typing

    Lunatone crest -  cosmic power raises attack and spatk too, fairy gets stab

    Solrock crest - same thing as lunatone but replace fairy with fire

    (have the last two be appliable to the lunatone-solrock fusion)
    Gogoat crest - Speed and Attack each scale to current in-battle HP
    Eelektross crest - +15 base Atk, and Biting moves, Draining moves and Water moves get a 1.5x power boost (also make eelektross somehow get thunder fang. this thing gets crunch and super fang, but no thunder fang for some reason. fire and ice fangs could be nice too)

    Sawsbuck crest - Boosts the power of head-based and horn-based moves by 1.5x

    Golduck crest - Boosts Psychic-type moves by 1.5x and doubles the effects of Calm Mind
    Yanmega crest - Attack scales with Sp. Atk, and its physical moves are boosted 1.3x


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    As someone who plays only with baby pokemon from the LC tier, I have a slightly different crest-related suggestion in mind: making crests available to the whole evolution line whenever possible. Wouldn't change much for 99.9999% of players so it's probably not worth the time implementing it, but other than that I can't really see Drowzee or Turtwig becoming unstoppable menaces to game balance and it's a change I'd personally love~



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    Well, here is my idea


    Mismagius crest: When sent out you get the effect of destiny bond and maybe a very slight Speed and/or Special attack boost, I don't know how good it would be, or if it would be too strong or not strong enough, i just feel like mismagius could use an extra little kick to make it better in the late game.


    I was gonna give more ideas, but i couldn't think of any others, sooooooo......



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    So I have no idea if this is plausible at all to build into the game but a Ditto Crest.

    Ditto Crest: Ability change to True Imposter

    True Imposter- Can change into any of the pokemon either trainer has upon switch in. (only if pokemon has been seen)

    I.e: If your opponent used Tyranitar but subbed it out or it fainted when switching ditto out you can choose its form to be Tyranitar or one of your other 5 pokemon. If no opponent pokemon have been seen in the battle then it can only change into one of your pokemon.


    I understand this is a potentially game breaking ability and I would say it can't be used against Madame X or other special 1v6 battles but otherwise would be fun.

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    I may be buried in the comments but my only suggestion is a Luxray crest

    luxray crest: in electric terrain It’s speed is doubled and 1 atk boost 

    since luxray can learn eletric terrain on lvl up it can be more viable in movesets 

    luxray isn’t that fast to so while in electric terrain it can be more useful

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    I don't know if you guys are taking gen 8 but I want to give one for orbeetle.

    Orbeetle crest: Orbeetle's defences are buffed by 1.3 and now it takes 25% less damage from super effective hits (basically solid rock)

    Plus light screen and reflect will last as long as orbeetle is on the field otherwise they will last 5 turns



    If this is too overpowered. Orbeetle will do 10% less damage on neutral hits and resistant hits. And critical hits against this pokemon will ignore the solid rock like boost


    Hope  this gets added!

    Edited by sayar
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    Pikachu Crest, Increases Base Attack, and Base Special attack to 100, and effect speed boost but lower HP, DEF, and SPDEF

    Eevee Crest, Increases Special Attack to 100, and Speed to 100, Protean ability with some unique moves (Good even be cool with the Transform Eevee



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    Samurott Crest gives a boost to cutting moves by 33% and increases base speed by 25%.


    Octillery crest- Speed scales with lowering attacking stat. SE Moves do 1.25% more dmg


    Emboar Crest- gives weight based moves a 1.3 power boost.


    Flygon Crest-Sound based moves get a 1.3 power boost and /swaps attack with speical attack and becomes a Bug/Dragon type.


    Noctowl Crest-Psychic moves hit with STAB and speed is increased by 1.2%


    Huntail Crest- contact moves power increase by 1.2 times and dark type moves get stab


    Gorebyss- same as Huntail but with special moves and gets stab on pyschic moves


    Braviary-Immune to all entry hazards. Has a chance to move before a foe if it has higher HP.


    Mr Mine crest(kanto only)- gives mimicry and can learn Nature Power when equipped. 


    Girafarig Crest- bite moves are special attacks now and its specials attack is increased by 20% 


    Tsareena-kicking moves get stab. Speed goes up every time it knocks out a foe. (Max of two times)


    Hitmonchan Crest-Punching move hit three times but lose power after each hit. See the Hitmonlee Crest how the power decreases work.


    Hitmonlee Crest-Striker moves hit 3 times and loses 50% power on the second kick and 33% power on the last kick. Each power decrease is from the previous kick.


    Cacturne Crest: when in Sandstorm its attacking moves get plus one priority except for moves with plus one already ie sucker punch


    Flareon Crest- Gets status at the start of battle and swaps sp attk with speed. Contact moves do 1.25 more dmg.

    Jolteon Crest-Summons Rain Dance on the first switch in and activates lightning rod as its new ability in place of the current one.


    Vaporeon Crest-swaps weaknesses and resistances and swaps sp def with attack


    Appletun/Flapple-get both ripen and their hidden abilities.  Flapple at the cost of ten percent of is attack ingores the accuary drop from hustle. Appletun when the berry is consumed thick that will be doubled. When below 50% a random effect of a berry will activate.



    Magmortar crest-immune to water attacks and reflects one 1/16 dmg back


    Drapion Crest-immune to ground type attacks and has a chance to raise one random stat when hit by a ground move but lowers one random stat as a cost.


    Vikaolt-every time this mon kos a foe its speed goes up by one stage. Attack scales with defense.



    Parasect Crest- Merges Attack and Speed and Effect Spore will activate if parasect hits the opp with a super effective move.


    Unown Crest- whatever letter the unown is you can learn moves that start with that letter.


    Kricketune Crest- Sound moves do 1.5 more dmg and the sounds moves get the effect of tinted lens. Sound moves become physical moves.


    Bellossom Crest- Sets up sunny day automatically and fire moves boost its speed in the sun.


    Barbaracle Crest-contact moves have a higher chance to lower defense and land a critical hit. 


    Furfour Crest- defense is raised by a stage when hit by a fighting move and recovers 1/16th hp.


    Swasbuck Crest- each form gives a different ability and it loses its primary typing for a new type. Also summons the weather according to its type.


    Spring Form-Rain Dish. Water/Grass. Replaces Last move with Life Dew


    Summer Form-Leaf Guard. Fire/Grass. Replaces Last move with Blaze Kick

    Fall Form- Effect Spore. Keeps typing. Replaces Last move with Trop Kick


    Winter Form-Slush Rush and its Ice/Grass. Replaces last move with triple axel


    Eiscue Crest- Always in Noice Face mode no matter what. Takes no dmg from first contact move.


    Swallot Crest- Can use Blech at any time and the effects of stockplie, swallow and spit up are doubled. When sent out for the first time gets the effect of one stockpile.


    Seaking Crest-Speed is increased by 30% and get type changes when a new move is selected.


    Zebstrika-Gets STAB on Fire Moves, and can't be burned.


    Marowak- Bone moves never miss, and do 1.5 more dmg and may randomly hit for additional Fire,Ghost,or Ground type dmg.


    Salazzle Crest- poison attacking moves ignore type immunities. Physical moves use speical attack stat for dmg. 


    Mightyena Crest- All biting moves do 1.5 more dmg. Speed scales with ATK.


    Swoobat- Physical Attacks use SP ATTK stat.


    Tropuis- can randomly at anytime get the effect of a random berry.(Max use of 3 times in a battle)


    Espeon-Can hit dark types for neutral dmg with psychic moves but takes 1.25 more dmg from dark types


    Umbreon- when hit with a contact move the foe might get statused and might get locked out of that move. recovers 1/16th hp.


    Kecleon-see sivally


    Vespiquen-gets Queenly Majesty and order moves are plus one in priority. First contact move will fail on Vespiquen


    Milotic- When sent out gets the effects of Aqua Ring and has a 10% of healing a status condition at the end of every turn. Defense uses SP.DEF stat.


    Electivire-gets fighting type as a secondary typing. Punching moves do 25% more.


    Luxray- gets dark type for second type. Stab moves have priority.


    Oranguru-can summon one of the three rooms. When in any of the rooms that Oranguru set up it can only take direct damage.


    Passimian- When it knocks out a foe it can copy its ability. Ignores other abilities.
















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    Have more to add lol
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    Gigalith Crest: gives a Solar Power buff (increased SPA in sun), but maybe more powerful and certainly without hp cost (and maybe activate it in some fields as well)
    Reasoning: the Pokedex says Gigalith can fire powerful energy blasts when the sun is out, and it can learn such moves (like Solar Beam), but its SPA is too low to use them

    Edit: or just swap attack and special attack, that can work too

    Edited by SL the 3rd
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    • Global Mods

    Furfrou crest:

    Scales Atk with net Def (ie including the fur coat bonus)


    Additionally, stacks an ability on top of Fur Coat depending on its trim:

    Normal- Scrappy

    Deputante- Cute Charm

    Matron- Friend Guard

    Dandy- Guts

    La Reine- Queenly Majesty or Intimidate

    Kabuki- Serene Grace

    Star- Power Spot

    Heart- Infiltrator

    Diamond- Bulletproof


    Feel free to change any abilities if required, just wanted to put the idea out there

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    Girafarig = The Weird giraffe with a great type dual type

    swap it resist and weak meaning it only weak to psychic (like torterra crest immunity not change) and change a physical move to special boost it sp by 20 percent (note this pokemon has a great name trick so it should get more love! even pokemon insurgence give it a mega evolution!)


    Palossand = The Sand castle who need to be bulk

     water compaction boost special defence too somehow i think this is too op and it get water ressit  (note i think this pokemon look really cool but no actually use it so i choose it)


    Musharna = The kind of pinky dreamy theme drowzee?

    i really like when dr jenkel use a mega musharna so 

    i got a fairy type ressi (ressit to bug dark fighting immue to dragon but not weak to steel and poison) which mean it only weak to ghost dream  eater alway work (note i like this pokemon for a long time and wish it get fairy type too but no it not even a dog with intimidate get it)



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    So, Beedrill itself has a mega evolution yet Butterfree doesn't have anything like that, so I'd like Butterfree to get some love too being it's my favorite Pokémon. 


    Butterfree overall is a pretty lackluster Pokémon having only a measly base stats of 395. Most attacks will just tear through it like it's paper. What I suggest is a crest in which buffs Butterfree's powder moves. By that I mean that whenever Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, or Stun Spore is used each of those moves will automatically have priority and 100% accuracy. Although a 100% accuracy sleep powder seems kind of overpowered the moment that Pokémon wakes up Butterfree will instantly go down unless the AI decides to ignore all logic. It's kind of like Prankster too in a way, but it works on dark types and the three moves it works on never miss. 


    I think this is balanced enough and helps Butterfree hold their own in late game, but if you wish to add it without boosting the accuracy of the powder moves to 100% I'd say that'd be fine too. Though then it'd be a pretty lackluster crest to me compared to, say, Meganium or Ledian's crest which is why I highly suggest keeping my original suggestion. 


    (Also I was told that Butterfree is getting a mega cause of Gmax, but I still think this should be added because considering it'll be a mega only one Pokemon can mega evolve at a time meaning there are a lot better options to add to your team instead.)

    Edited by ZappoNinja
    Whether or not Butterfree gets a mega it will likely never be used unless it gets this.
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    Kabutops Crest - Scratch, Slash and Cut are always treated as Steel type, increases power of slashing-type moves by 30%.
    Omastar Crest - Same effect as Rocky Helmet and immunity to defense stat reduction.
    Aerodactyl Crest - Removes Flying type and halves base speed, increases base defense and special defense by 1.5x. Prevents usage of Fly and Sky Drop in battle.

    Glory to gen 1 fossil pokemon!

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    Flygon Crest: Immunity ice moves and 1.5 speed increase, but takes 4x dragon and fairy damage.
    Noctowl: Stab to Pyschic and Ghost type moves.
    Floatzel Crest: Increases speed when hit by electrical attacks
    Decidueye: Grass and ghost moves have +1 priority, however flying and dark moves have -1 priority
    Escavalier: Swap special defense for speed.
    Leavanny: Decreases opponent's speed when hitting a bug attack
    Sunflora: Duplica a velocidade e evasão ao sol
    Milotic: Doubles the speed in the rain and recovers 1/16 of the hp at the end of each turn
    Golduck: Psychic-type moves gain Stab

    Sorry for my terrible English.

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    Heres what i can think of


    1. Garchomp - SP ATK scales with ATK (cause some of its coverage moves are special atk such as fire blast)

    2. Golisopod -  Speed is raised to 2x or emergency exit activates IF the next attack to golisopod will send its HP below 50% or will knock it out also the switched in pokemon will take no damage from the incoming attack

    3. Aggron - SP ATK scales with ATK (Cause it can learn many good special attacks such as thunderbolt, ice beam, flamethrower and surf)

    4. Medicham - SP ATK stat Huge Power ( I Just wanna see a special attacker medicham for once)

    5. Vespiqueen - All order moves always goes first even before protect

    6. Charizard - Immunity to rock moves and stealth rock

    7. Venusaur - All moves that uses leaves gets 20% boost also increases spd stat by 10%

    8. Blastoise -  Mega Launcher for all Special water moves

    9. Sceptile - Overgrow gives grass moves 100% boost instead of 50% and takes 20% less damage 

    10. Blaziken - All kicking moves are boosted by 15%

    11. Swampert - When hp is below 33% Ground moves have 50% boost (Torrent for ground moves you could say)

    12. Slaking - Takes 30% less dmg or Truant is negated

    13. Wobbuffet - Forces enemies to use only attacking moves if none they use struggle

    14. Tyranitar - Takes 50% less dmg from fighting moves (Basically reducing his weakness from it to 2x only)

    15. Wishiwashi - If held wishiwashi is in alone form when sent in battle and goes to schooling form once it has taken dmg (even just one hp dmg) throughtout the entire battle (if spikes or stealth rock is active or weather dmg is taken this is immediately activated)

    16.  Gyarados - Atk & SP Atk is  Equalized ( So i can finally use flamethrower  and surf for this guy) 

    17. Pidgeot - Contact moves that has 60 power or below procs twice ( Aerial ace, Quick attack, etc strikes twice) 

    18.  Dragonite - Gives the other ability (giving it both Inner focus and multiscale)

    19.. Snorlax - Gives Comatose 

    20.  Aegislash - Automatically switches to shield form if it will be attacked

    21.  Malamar - If in battle all stat changes of other pokemon are reversed 

    22.  Zoroark - Illusion wores off after 3 attacks ( Could be useful if the AI takes zoroark as the pokemon he transforms into)

    23.  Kommo-o - Sound based attack moves are boosted by 30% while sound based status moves have their effect doubled ( Such as screech and noble roar)

    24. Goodra - Gains water absorb and causes all water attack moves to slow enemies by 1 stage (Surf, muddy water, etc)

    25. Steelix - ATK and DEF is equalized (Gotta use that extra def stat somehow)

    26. Lucario - If it takes no damage in a turn then it gains the effect of focus power on the next attacking move it uses

    27.  Shedinja - Upon switching in the 1st move it uses is always a critical

    28. Lopunny - Gives Normalize and causes all of its normal type attacks to do normal damage to all types except ghost ( Meaning all its attack will be normal type that deals normal damage and disregard enemy typing but ghost)

    29.  Flygon - Causes flygon to be a Dragon/Bug type instead of Dragon/Ground 

    30.  Walrein - Gives Aqua ring upon switch-in and Sheer cold has 2x accuracy in Hail

    31.  Haxorus - Upon switch-in both Defenses are raised by 1 stage

    32.  Araquanid - The first physical attack against this pokemon is negated (Because its protected by its bubble)

    33.  Hippowdon - Upon switch in a sandstorm brews and lasts as long as hippowdon is in the fight (So he can use his sand force ability. I want the sandstorm gone if he goes down because if its still there then other pokemon with sand force can just sweep the enemy)

    34.  Rhyperior - Rock Wrecker does not need to be recharged (If you think this can make him broken well i think not because a 4x dmg can just knock him out right away or not because of solid rock ability but its still stoppable)

    35.  Dragapult - Disables the first damaging moves used against it

    36. Clawitzer - Improves mega launcher from 50% to 100% boost 

    37. Dragalge - Increases chance of critical hits and/or Turn it into Poision/Water type

    38.  Aurorus - Raises evasion by 2 stages in Hail

    39. Tyrantrum - Contact moves are boosted by 20% (Making head smash kill almost anyone in a hit )

    40. Salazzle - Poison moves have chance to burn and Fire moves have chance to poison enemies

    41.  Abomasnow - Fire moves are negated in Hail

    42.  Beedril - Defense is TRIPLED 

    43.  Gardevoir - Attacking pokemon that makes contact has 50% chance to be infatuated regardless of gender and even if they are genderless

    44. Incineroar - Taunts enemies into attacking him as long as he is in the field 

    45.  Archeops - Negates its ability

    46.  Magnezone - Activates magnet rise upon switching in

    47.  Reuniclus - Trick room activates upon switching in

    48. Camerupt - Eruption is always at max power

    49.  Houndoom - Burn chances are double and Burn from houndoom cant be removed (Dex entry inspired)

    50. Salamence - Outrage ignores the chance of hitting itself in confusion (Dex inspired)

    51. Metagross - If Metagross moves after its target its attack has 25% boost

    52. Shiftry - If enemy moves before shiftry, Shiftry has 50% chance to avoid the incoming attack. Lowers base speed by 20 but increasing both base defenses by 10

    53. Escavalier - if there is an accelgor in battle Escavalier's speed will match Accelgor's Speed (might be good in double battle)

    54. Accelgor - If an escavalier is in battle accelgor will match escavalier's Defense (might be good in double battle)

    55. Arbok - All biting moves poison the foe

    56 Tentacruel - Defense scales with Special defense and attack scales with special attack

    57. Golem (Both forms) - Once knocked out it causes a self-destruct

    58. Poliwrath - Increases dmg of contact moves when raining by 25%

    59. Kingler - HP is doubled upon entry

    60. Shedinja - Requires 2 supereffective hits before going down and makes it immune to status and weather effects

    61. Wailmer - Water spout always at max power

    62.  Bewear -  Gains scrappy for contact moves and ghost type get 50% bonus damage from its contact moves

    63. Drifblim - Burns drifblim and doubles its speed stat 

    64. Golurk - Doubles golurk's speed

    65. Chandelure - Flash fire is activated

    66. Minior - Swaps the effect of its ability ( Shields are down upon more than 50% hp then shield are up when hitting 50% or below hp also removing status effects)

    67. Gigalith - Once knocked out it leaves a stealth rock or spikes at the enemy side

    68. Scizor - Allows it to negate the 1st fire move used against it and doubles its speed after doing so (Works only once per battle)

    69. Heatran - Adds the effect of field changing  fire moves to the field (if applicable) upon entry

    70.  Bisharp - Allows it to negate the first fighting type move used against it and increases its attack stat by 1 stage

    71. Octillery - Upon taking a contact move it lowers the attacking pokemon's accuracy by 1 stage & increases defense by 1 stage

    72. Kingdra - Summons rain as long it is in battle (Like hippowdons')

    73.  Ludicolo - Gains Dancer

    74.  Sharpedo - Always moves 1st in watery fields also gains strong jaws

    75.  Galvantula - Uses sticky web upon entry and other web moves gain priority 



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    my suggestions:


    Raichu: Increase both attack and special attack by 20 and change ability to speed boost. With proper support from teammates it could be a potent nasty plot sweeper. Or you could run a mixed set. Mixed Raichu could have some decent coverage since it can also learn brick break and knock off.


    Milotic: Has auto aqua ring and gains the ability Magic Bounce. I don't think that i have to explain much here. Milotic would be one of the best special walls in the game.


    Jolteon:  Permanent Increase in special attack by 10 and has auto Magnet Rise upon switching in.


    Porygon-Z: Increase Speed by 10 and every move that has chance to inflict status will be increased to 50%.

    Example: Ice Beam usually has a 10% chance to freeze the opponent. With the crest it will be 50%.

    This is an idea i came up with after i looked up it's concept. Porygon-Z is supposed to be a Computer Virus.

    So why not expand on that concept by increasing the chance to "infect" your opponent ?









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    Electivire : Swap Attack and Sp.Attack stat. Physical moves scales on Sp.Attack.

    Lycanroc : Day : Causes Lycanroc to hit harder against slower foes.

                     Midnight : Everytime Lycanroc crits then his Speed will raise by one stage.

                     Dusk : When Lycanroc enters the battle; lowers both Pokemon's Defense.

    Rotom : Replaces the last move in Rotom's moveset by Heat Wave/Scald/Aurora Veil/Hurricane/Giga Drain when it changes form.

    Jellicent : Everytime Jellicent gets hurt, the opponent will lose 1/6 of it's health.

    Drifblim : Moves with a charging turn will charge automatically.The crest will permanently trigger Unburden.

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    Extra abilities: Aerilate & gale wings.
    (drought/drizzle also seem like fun & viable abilities for shiftry to me)

    Extra abilities: Bad Dreams & Analytic.
    Gains a 1.3x boost in both defense & special defense.
    Parasect now resists both Fire & Flying type moves.

    Future sight causes all moves that target xatu to miss for a single time only.
    At the end of each turn, sp. def is increased by 1 stage.

    Gains a 1.5x boost in both defense & special defense.
    In sunlight, HP increases by 1/8 of its maximum HP.
    Solar power doesn't cause Sunflora to lose any HP.

    Belch can be used even if Swalot hasn't eaten a berry and always poisons the enemy.
    Gains 1 stack of stockpile permanently.

    Extra abilities: Tough Claws & Rough Skin. (Rough Skin acting like a quick counter attack)
    Increases attack by 1 stage upon battle entry.

    All water moves uses the user's attack to calculate damage.
    All normal-type moves are now fighting-type.

    Extra ability: Parental bond.
    The second hit always has a 30% chance to flinch.


    Really tried to make these mons more viable while also trying to focus on the pokédex entries 🙂

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    Luxray: makes it a electric/ghost type and gives a boost to biting attacks
    but sinds it's a ghost type biting moves become special instead of physical


    lanturn(it's so cute): gives it a smal boost to defense and special attack
    and if it's hit with an electric attack it activates charge. i don't know it
    that would be to op with volt absorb lanturn is still pretty slow


    Meowstic: gains the ability of the other gender and makes attract works on
    genderless pokemon 


    Mandabuzz: gives it a boost in attack and stab on bone based moves but the only
    vitamins you can give it is calcium

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    A lycanroc crest that change the pokemon for every form(you could also make 3 versions of it to make it easier)

    Midday form: Gains tough claws and a bit more attack.

    Midnight form: Gains sand rush and a bit more speed.
    Dusk form: Gains no gaurd and a bit more defense.

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    Barraskeda Crest: Summon the rain when switch in.

    Clawitzer Crest: Give him STAB on all move affected by Mega Launcher. Raise Speed by 1 stage if KO another pokemon.

    Hatterene: Summon the Trick Room on switch in and give it a hidden leftovers.

    Kingklang Crest: Plus or Minus is always active. Every 3 turns when he is fighting raise his speed or special attck by 1 stage, or during 3 turns he gains resistance on all his weakness.

    Milotic Crest: Marvel Scale is always active, and gain Magic Guard.

    Rotom Crest: Lose Levitate but gain immunity or resistance against all type super effective on their second type( Rotom-Heat take x2 on Ground type attack). Each Rotom gain an ability like Aerilate from one of the second type of the other Rotom( Rotom-Wash and Mow should't have each other type for ability). And take the better stats of Rotoms (Take speed stat from normal Rotom and the stat of the other Rotom).

    Shedinja Crest: Instead of 1 HP he has 5 and he take only 1 HP by attack,weather,terrain or status.

    Tsareena Crest: Boost base speed by 50% and kicking move have 1.5x power.

    Edited by Kamuisaki
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    Linoone Crest: Paralyse Linoone and his attack is increased by 1 when defeating an opponent (moxie).

    This is obviously for quick feet Linoone. This also work on a Mightyena Crest too.


    For Gen 8:

    Perrserker Crest: thick fat + immune to burn

    Runerigus Crest: immune to dark type attacks and Sp.Def. increased by 1

    Edited by Zigzagoonfan
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    Delphox Crest : Gains Sp Attack by one stage each time when defeating an opponent (including ally). Gives also Magic Guard and Magic Bounce Ability effect.


    Emboar Crest : Instead of receiving recoil damage by moves, it will restore his HP to the user. Gives Contrary ability effect.


    Salandit Male Crest : Doubles Sp. Attack and Speed. Immune to Ground type and every weaker moves (60BP or less).


    Flareon Crest : Sp Def and Speed are swapped. It poisons the user.


    Magmortar Crest : Speed becomes the same as Sp. Attack. It vaporizes Water type moves.

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    Flygon: gives the abilities Sand Stream and either Sand Veil or Sand Rush. If partnered with a Krookodile in a double battle, sound based attacks give the same effect as Follow Me and lower target's speed by 1 stage


    Krookodile: gives the ability Strong Jaw. If partnered with a Flygon in a double battle, bite based attacks ignore damage resistances

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    Vespiqueen Crest: Boost her Order Moves(Defense order double the Defence increases, Healing order heal 2/3 of vespiqueen's maximum HP, Attack order is a 120 Power Move), reduce the damage taken by 20%.


    Avalugg Crest: Give him the Solid rock ability (with the ability he had beforehand), if he attacks after the ennemie, boost his move by 50%..


    Aurorus Crest: Put Aurora Veil on the field for 5 turn if Aurorus Ability is Snow Warning, Boost her Special Attack Stat by 20%.


    Emolga Crest: Boost the move Volt Switch by 50%, recover 1/6 of maximum HP when Drawn Back(Manually or by Volt Switch).


    Delcatty Crest: Boost her Attack stat By 25%, Make Delcatty hits ghost, Steel and Rock type(Normal resistances) neutrally with Normal Moves.


    Electivire Crest: Boost his punch moves by 20% (Like Iron Fist), Transform Normal type Moves into Eletrick types Moves (For the user and the ennemi).


    Toxtricity Crest: Boost his speed stat by 20%, His poison type moves become Sound moves (which can gain the Punk rock Ability boost).

    Galarian-Darmanitan Crest: Put him into zen mode(if he has the correct ability).

    Noivern Crest: Give Noivern the Multiscale ability (with his current ability), his move's accuracy is multiply by 4/3 (1.33).

    Edited by MrLuketa
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    Furfrou Crest: Buffs to its Defence and Attack stat, as well as either secondary Typing depending on what fur cut it has or depending on what fur cut it has, Normal Type moves becoe that type, similer to things like Refrigerate or Pixilate

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    Sun-themed crests:

    (Kantonian)Ninetales crest :     When the sun is active and ninetales is switched in, burn everybody else on the battlefield ( i count 1st turn ninetales with dorught aswell)

    (Kantonian)Rapidash crest:      When the sun is active, boost speed by 2x , attack by 1.75x (could be lower/higher) and evasion by 1.5x (could be lower/higher), but takes double recoil dmg from its moves

                       Bellosom crest:      When the sun is active boost speed by 2x and make everybody else confused (teeter dance)

                       Sunflora crest:       When the sun if active, upon switching in, casts a solar beam at a random enemy, also gains 1.5x Def, 1.25x SpDef and heals 1/8 of its hp, at the end of the turn

                       Magmortar crest:   When the sun is active,  his fire type attacks ignore fire-resistance (so his fire type moves hit everybody at least effective)

                       Centiskorch crest:  When the sun is active, it loses its bug type


    Rain-themed crests:

                       Pelipper crest :       When the rain is active, when pelipper is switched in, sets up tailwind but takes 2x damage from super- effective moves ( i count drizzle 1st turn aswell)

                       Wailord crest :       When the rain is active, super effective moves hits only for effective, switches ATK with Def , switches  SpATK with SpDef stat.

                       Crawdaunt crest:   Switch Speed with SpATK, at the end of the turn, raise Speed, but lower Spdef and Def, in the rain, at the end of the turn, only boost Speed, don't lower Spdef and Def

                       Carracosta crest:    When switched in, uses shell smash, takes 2x dmg from super- effective moves 

                       Jellicent crest:        Cursed body always disables, in the rain sets aqua ring


    Hail-themed crests: 

                       Vanniluxe crest:      When the hail is active, when hit by a physical move lower defense by 1, but boost Speed and SpAtk by 1

                       Lapras crest:           Switches strenghts and weaknesses, when the hail is active, upon switching in, sets up aurora veil (i count  snow warning 1st turn aswell)


    Sand-themed crests:

                       Hippowdon crest:   When switched in, sets up "heavy" sandstorm for 5 turns, uses the move gravity, takes 1/2 dmg from water type moves in the "heavy" sandstorm

                                                      (heavy sandstorm deals chip dmg at the end of the turn, just like sandstorm, but twice)

                       Mandibuzz crest:    Immune to (heavy) sandstorm chip dmg, in (heavy) sandstorm fly becomes a 1 turn move and bone rush always hits 5 times

                       Diggersby crest:     When (heavy) sandstorm is active, bounce and dig become a 1 turn move , boost speed by 1.25x, takes 1/2 dmg from water type moves in the "heavy" sandstorm


    Dual-weather-themed crests:

                        Walrein crest:         When the rain is active, boost atk by 1.5x, and boost the power of biting moves, but takes double dmg from electric moves

                                                       When the hail is active, boost Spdef and Def by 1.25x/1.5x, but lower ATK and SpATK by 1.25x/1.5x

                        Dewgong crest:      When the rain is active, gives priority +1 to water type moves, ignores water type resistance, (can hit pokemon with water absorb)                  

                                                       When the hail is active, gives priority +1 to ice type moves , ignores ice type resistance

                        Druddigon crest:    When the sun  is active boost atk by 2x, but after every damaging move, it must recharge

                                                       When the (heavy) sandstorm is active, gain the abilty contrary, swtich Def and Speed

                        Gastrodon crest:     When the rain is active, switches Speed with Atk and gain serene grace

                                                       When the (heavy) sandstorm is active, muddy water's base power becomes 110 and 100% accurate, and always lower the enemy's accuracy by 1 

    Meme crests:

                         Lopunny crest:       When switched in, Attracts all the enemies regardless of gender

                         budew crest:          When switched in, activates perish song, instantly killing everybody on the battlefield (budew itself aswell)


    Other crests:

                         Gothitelle crest:     When switched in, casts future sight, pychic type moves can hit dark types

                         Meloetta crest:      Relic song, instead of dealing dmg, it protects the target, removes status effects, and fully heals Meloetta, but the move can only be used once every battle

                         Toxtricity crest:      When switched in, casts magnet rise (once every battle)

                         Starmie crest:        When switched in, sets up reflect or light screen, gain prankster

                         Mismagius crest:   When switched in, casts lucky chant and curse (curse doesn't take away mismagius's hp), but mismagius can't be switched out

                         Cresselia crest:      Lunar dance switches Cresselia out, the pokemon sent in is fully healed and protected for one turn, but the move can only be used once every battle

                         Samurott crest:     Cut and slash moves hit twice, when switched in, uses the move glare

                         Serperior crest:     Boost Atk by 1.25x, Tail moves become 100% accurate, when switched in, uses the move glare

                         Emboar crest:       All of his moves do recoil damage, when hit by contact moves or he does a contact move, burns the attacker/target

                         Xatu crest:            When switched in, casts future sight, hazards don't affect it (stealth rock, spikes etc.), immune to physical contact moves 

                         Togekiss crest:      When switched in, randomly boost one of its stat by 2 stages, if there is an ally, randomly boost one of their stat by 1 stage aswell

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    Sunflora Crest - Sets up sunny day when entering the battle, whilst also making its speed equal to its spatk. (By giving the speed Sunflora desperately deserves, as well as applying sunny day upon entering, it enables Sunflora to actually use its abilities and moves efficiently in battle.)

    Kricketune Crest - Gives it +2 atk and +2 speed, whilst also confusing the target upon entering. (Without having the attack and speed to actually be useful in battle Kricketune is unable to pull off many of its moves due to its frail defences, that is also why confusing the target upon entering is useful as it gives Kricketune a chance to get a move off.)

    Lumineon Crest - Gives it +1spatk, whilst also making it water/fairy, as well as allowing it to learn moonblast once the crest is given to the mon. (Lumineon is a mon who really deserves a crest, as it is practically unusable in its current state, by making it water/fairy as well as giving it some sort of fairy stab, this could allow for some variety and power in its moveset as currently it only learns a few powerful moves, that is why moonblast was suggested. As well as these changes, by giving Lumineon +1 to its spatk when entering the battle, it enables it to actually use its spatk stats semi-efficiently.)

    Toxapex Crest - Swap its offensive stats with its defensive stats. (By swapping these stats around it would offer a new way of playing, it would make Toxapex a slow glass cannon, which, when paired with trick room, could be deadly.)



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    Vivillon Crest - +1 to accuracy and sp.atk, whilst also setting up tailwind upon entering


    Pachirisu Crest - Sets up electric terrain when entering the battle whilst also giving it +1 priority while the terrain is active, as well as giving it +1 sp.atk

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    Porygon Z: changes abillity to protean

    Gengar: Abillity becomes leivitate and its special attack increases by 10% whilst its attack scales with it

    Lurantis: it gains chloryphl and a resistance to fire attacks

    Floatzel: it gains sheer force and its special attack scales with the attack

    Marowak: Parental bond with a 10% increase in special def and have the thick club being held with it

    Slaking: changes its abillity to Vital spirit

    Golem: gains Sand stream and solid rock

    Politoed: gives it primodeial sea





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    Crest Cofagrigus. Swaps def and spdef for spatk and hp


    Crest Pachirisu.. Summons electric surge and gets a spatk boost.


    Crest raichu. Gets a physical atk and spatk boost while also, gaining imunity to ground.


    Crest Zygarde. Gains imunity to ice and fairy.


    Crest Relicanth. Swaps hp, def and spdef for speed and atk.



    Crest Liepard. Gains imunity to super effective moves and gets a +1 evasion.


    Crest Typhlosion. (upgrade) Battle field becomes fiery and gets a +2 spatk boost.


    And finally. Crest Farfetch'd Gains +2 atk and speed while gaining tough claws



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    I don't really have much ideas but I'll give it a shot:

    Samurott crest : Blade based moves gains a 25% boost and a +1 priority

    Flareon crest : Defense stat scales with it's special defense stat and recoil moves restores health instead of losing it

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    Here are my probably horrible ideas for some crests:

    Flareon crest: immediately burns the holder upon entry and gives it a ground resistance

    Runegrigus crest: Cofagrigus but physical

    Decidueye crest : contact moves now disable the last move used by the opponent

    Purrseker crest : "claw" moves have +1 priority

    Flapple crest: ignores hustle accuracy drop, but lowers attack by 10

    Appletun crest: becomes neutral to ice moves, but gives it another weakness to poison moves

    Samurott crest: slashing moves (razor shell included) lower the opponent defense by one stage

    Zebstrika crest: adds fire type to its original typing and normal-type moves become fire-type 

    Mr Mime crest: upon switching in, mimic automatically becomes the last move used by the opponent

    Quagsire crest: makes it also unaware of the field changes

    Sandslash/Alolan Sandslash crest: activates sand rush/slush rush upon entry

    Edited by RP900K
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